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Go go squid episode 27 – Recap

That year, Su Cheng and Wang Hao met and fell in love with each other because of the CTF match, but they broke up peacefully a year later. When Su Cheng found out that he was pregnant with Liujia, Xiao Ai had been in Su Cheng’s stomach for three months. Because he was afraid of affecting Wang Hao’s record and future, Su Cheng did not tell Wang Hao about the incident, she secretly gave birth to Ai. Until two years later, Wang Hao’s Solo team had become famous at home and abroad. But Su Cheng went to Wang Hao because he couldn’t raise Xiao Ai. At that time, the relationship between Wang Hao and Ai Qing was like glue, but they broke up because of their daughter Xiao Ai’s affairs. When the brothers Mi Shaofei and Ou Qiang tried to comfort Ai Qing on the ground that Xiao Ai might not be Wang Hao’s biological daughter, Wang Hao looked at Su Cheng, who was crying into tears, and recognized Xiao Ai as himself.

Hearing this, Xiao Ai realized in a daze that his father Wang Hao had given up his glorious career at that time and his cherished team brother.  Later, Han Shangyan also told Xiao Ai that Han Shangyan once made Wang Hao lie to Ai Qing, claiming that Xiao Ai was the child of Han Shangyan and Su Cheng, and handed Xiao Ai to Han Shangyan to raise him, so as to stabilize Ai Qing. Take Solo team to win the national championship. However, Wang Hao, who values ​​love and justice, is neither willing to lie to Ai Qing, nor is he willing to let his brother Han Shangyan bear all this for himself.

When Tong Nian heard something not far away, he felt that Xiao Ai’s mother Su Cheng had to come forward to deal with the housework. After listening to the young Su Cheng and Wang Hao, both sacrificed for Xiao Ai. Xiao Ai’s attitude towards Su Cheng has also improved. The two mothers and daughters are on the riverside, each treating each other as friends, speaking freely about what they want to know. After Xiao Ai’s questioning and verification, the mother Su Cheng answered sincerely, and what Han Shangyan said before and Su Cheng’s said were matched.

Unexpectedly, there were unexpected events in the sky, and there was a sudden heavy rain. Let Tong Nian, a meritorious minister, still feel bored for a while before he has time to ask Han Shang for a reward. Han Shangyan is about to drive quickly and accompany his former leader Su Cheng to send his daughter Xiao Ai to Wang Hao’s home. In the car, Xiao Ai was also naughty about Tong Nian and Han Shangyan. Waiting for the car to stop, Xiao Ai told Tong Nian that because he drove further in, it was the place where Solo once lived, and Han Shangyan was afraid of touching the scene. And Wang Hao is here to commemorate his past feelings. When Su Cheng held the umbrella and brought Xiao Ai to the door of Wang Hao’s house, Xiao Ai  felt that he was taken care of all the way, so Xiao Ai took the initiative to embrace his mother, which made Su Cheng very pleased. After Su Cheng sent Xiao Ai, he told Han Shangyan and Tong Nian in the car that he wanted to take a walk in the rain.  Wang Hao also cared about his daughter’s body and helped her daughter to dry her hair. Afterwards, Wang Hao, who wanted to eat a box lunch, cooked delicious food for his daughter Xiao Ai.

In this memory-filled zone, Han Shangyan held the steering wheel and never stepped on the accelerator to leave. On the contrary, Tong Nian, who turned his head and followed the back seat, talked about Ai Qing and Wang Hao having gone through the most difficult and difficult days, but they did not come to a good ending. After hearing this, Tong Nian began to wonder how the two met. After listening to Tong Nian’s emotions, Han Shangyan said with dissatisfaction that Wang Hao and Su Cheng had been separated for less than half a year at the time and were in a relationship, but Shang Yan did not have these bad things. At this time, Wang Hao had already inquired with his daughter Xiao Ai that it was Han Shangyan who sent Xiao Ai back. Therefore, Wang Hao went out to try his luck and thanked Shang Yan. After receiving the thankful business words, he drove away bravely.

On the other hand, Su Cheng recalled what happened between himself and Wang Hao when he was young because of his daughter Xiao Ai’s words. In fact, it was Ai Qing that hurt the most, so he asked Ai Qing to go to the coffee shop. There, Ai Qing said that she and Wang Hao were in the past, and Ai Qing had always been angry with Wang Hao, not Su Cheng. Su Cheng didn’t tell Wang Hao about Xiao Ai. However, Wang Hao did not inform Ai Qing about his plans to withdraw from the team after he had Xiao Ai. This was because Ai Qing was disappointed with Wang Hao as his girlfriend at the time.

After handling Wang Hao’s housework, Han Shangyan brought Tong Nian back to the Han family. The old man had a smile on his face because he saw his grandson-in-law again, and he asked them to go upstairs to watch a movie. On the second floor, Tong Nian also saw the bathroom of Hanshangyan and sorted out cat food with Hanshangyan. Only then did Tong Nian know that Han Shangyan had previously said that giving away cats and going to Norway for a blind date were both in a bad mood and deceived Tong Nian.

Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 26 – Recap

Outside the intensive care unit for liver transplantation, Zheng Hui excitedly waited for Tong Nian to inform him of the success of the operation. Zheng Hui took Tong Nian to dinner and expressed his gratitude. After Tong Nian left Xiaomi’s housewarming banquet, Han Shangyan chased Tong Nian to this hospital. When Han Shangyan saw Tong Nian, he found that Zheng Hui was close to Tong Nian, as if he wanted to confess. With a jealous feeling, Han Shangyan pulled away Zheng Hui and looked directly at the stunned kid. Zheng Hui had seen Han Shangyan before and called him Tong Nian’s brother. At the moment of embarrassment, Tong Nian explained that it was not his brother, and Zheng Hui duly called Han Shangyan Uncle Tong Nian, which caused thousands of horses and mud horses in Han Shangyan’s heart to run by. Therefore, when Han Shangyan later had dinner with Zheng Hui and Tong Nian, he deliberately ordered a bunch of expensive dishes when he invited Zheng Hui to entertain him, and Zheng Hui swallowed wildly. And when Tong Nian waited for the dishes to come to the table, he wanted to get rid of Hanshangyan first.  In desperation, Tong Nian had to let Zheng Hui take the lead and go back to look after Zheng Hui’s mother. When Zheng Hui left, Han Shangyan also deliberately teased Zheng Hui to make him pay. Seeing Zheng Hui’s restless and trembling hands, Han Shangyan just said it was a joke. After Zheng Hui left, Tong Nian hurriedly explained Zheng Hui’s life experience and a short story with him. After hearing Han Shangyan, he did not hurriedly mentioned his bumpy life experience from childhood and his unknown sadness.

That night, Tong Nian recalled in the dormitory that he and Han Shangyan walked into an alleyway, and the two listened to the song and danced and looked at each other sweetly. This dream-like beauty actually happened. And Yaya was also in the dormitory. When he and Mi Shaofei were cleaning up their new home, Mi Shaofei asked himself to call Xiao Mi Ge and sent Yaya back to the university dormitory. This damn love feeling makes people want to blush. The two who were also in love, Tong Nian and Yaya also teased each other, and happily took a group photo at this time.

After Han Shangyan returned home, Tong Nian could not spoil him temporarily, so he had to spoil the kitten. When the old man was nagging as usual, Han Shangyan took the trouble to show his kindness to the old man and asked him to list the items he needed recently.  Later, Han Shangyan took the kitty that annoyed the elderly and went to the K&K club.

Later, Han Shangyan and 97 talked about the original SP team 1 and 2 team wanting to win two gold medals, and now the second team captain Fu Ying mentioned to the first team, and this person is comparable to K&K’s Shen Zhe. Therefore, the current SP team strength should not be underestimated.

The next day, Wang Hao of the SP team decided to return his daughter Xiao Ai to his mother Su Cheng, so that her daughter could follow her mother through each subsequent menstrual period and development period. Xiao Ai had misunderstood Su Cheng, disliked Su Cheng, and turned a deaf ear to Wang Hao’s explanation. Moreover, Xiao Ai also hates the hives inherited from Su Cheng, including the need for hearing aids to hear outside sounds. Therefore, Xiao Ai once again ran away from home to Tong Nian’s dormitory.

Soon, when Wang Hao and Han Shangyan learned of this, they all rushed to the female dormitory of Jiaotong University downstairs. After Tong Nian greeted the auntie in the graduate dormitory building, Wang Hao entered Tong Nian’s dormitory and talked to Xiao Ai, hoping to get his daughter’s understanding. Han Shangyan and Tong Nianben are outside, waiting across the window.

Originally, Han Shangyan thought that Wang Hao, as the captain, could handle the affairs of his daughter Xiaoai with a three-inch tongue. But when Xiao Ai amplifies the volume and yells at Wang Hao, it means that Su Cheng didn’t want Xiao Ai when he was born, and Wang Hao didn’t even know there was Xiao Ai. Therefore, when Han Shangyan and Tong Nian rushed to appease, Xiao Ai had broken the hearing aid. In the end, after Tong Nian decided to let Xiao Ai calm down here for a few days, Wang Hao went to repair the hearing aid before coming to pick it up.

Just in front of the dormitory, Wang Hao opened up and confided in Han Shangyan about Xiao Ai. This makes Han Shangyan, who is not a person, a husband, or a father, has a different view of Wang Hao. It turned out that Wang Hao had done a lot of regrets in his life, but he alone did not regret having a daughter like Xiao Ai. In order to let Xiao Ai know more about Wang Hao and Su Cheng, Han Shangyan asked Tong Nian to deceive Xiao Ai. Everything went well, and, as Han Shangyan guessed, Xiao Ai had spare hearing aids.

Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 25 – Recap

Yaya went to Mi Shaofei, who had just announced his retirement, and saw that the idol had bought a bunch of unnutritive fast food. Yaya used a joke to hide her distress. Afterwards, Yaya knew that the idol wanted to go to the computer to watch the K&K match in Beijing, so he took Xiaomi to a place. In the restaurant, Mi Shaofei, Yaya and Tong Nian, the three of them enjoyed the food while watching the SP’s first team win the victory from the computer. Mi Shaofei is sincerely happy for SP, even if he is the one who was eliminated because of his strength. Yaya felt even more distressed to see Mi Shaofei like this, and began to try to keep Mi Shaofei in Shanghai and insist on CTF from other channels. Tong Nian looked at Yaya, who was saddened by love, and also used the former Solo team to help persuade Mi Shaofei to stay in Shanghai, like Han Shangyan and Wang Hao after retiring.

 Mi Shaofei began the process of being walked by the intermediary to see the house together with Yaya. During the inspection, Mi Shaofei was deeply attracted by Yaya’s actions and words, and almost kissed Yaya involuntarily. After this made Yaya’s heart beat faster, she thought of her friend Tong Nian again, and was still sad for Han Shangyan. Mi Shaofei, who is cute and loyal, prepares to match Han Shangyan with Tong Nian. First of all, Mi Shaofei asked Yaya to be responsible for stimulating Han Shangyan from Tong Nian’s side.

Therefore, when Yaya returned to the dormitory to collect her clothes, she saw Tong Nian packing up Han Shangyan and prepared to return it to Shang Yan. With an inspiration, Yaya picked the K&K jersey of Han Shangyan to take a photo, and used Tong Nian’s phone to post to Moments, saying that he would throw it away. Sure enough, this made Han Shangyan so angry that he kept taking the elevator and eating sweets to vent his emotions.

Because of the uncontrollable feelings, Han Shangyan went to the place where the game CDs were sold, bought a bunch, and prepared to give it to Tong Nian as a breakup gift. When Han Shangyan returned to the club with a parting ceremony, his cousin Wu Bai laughed at paying back the money.

The second step of Mi Shaofei’s matching plan is to use the joy of housewarming to let Han Shangyan and Tong Nian meet again, and take the opportunity to create solitary time for Mi Shaofei and Yaya. Therefore, on the day of housewarming, Mi Shaofei invited Han Shangyan, Tong Nian, Yaya, Wang Hao, Ou Qiang and others, and said in advance that the match was the main one and the housewarming was a supplement. Therefore, when Han Shangyan went upstairs, Mi Shaofei deliberately asked Tong Nian to go down and help open the door. This allowed Han Shangyan and Tong Nian to have a brief exchange and look at each other, making each other very shy.

Next, something minor happened, that is, Wang Hao’s daughter Xiao Ai asked Tong Nian to consider Wang Hao, and the people present couldn’t help but laugh. Except for Hanshangyan, the expression becomes serious. Tong Nian was too embarrassed to go to the supermarket to buy daily necessities for Xiaomi. At this great opportunity, Xiaomi deliberately made a list, causing Han Shangyan to be dissatisfied with Xiaomi calling the girl. Therefore, Xiaomi naturally asked Han Shangyan to help Tong Nian carry things.

In the process of visiting the supermarket, Korean businessmen couldn’t help choosing a bunch of snacks, and that bunch of snacks were picked by Tong Nian on the first day of the new year. It turned out that Hanshangyan had been memorized carefully. After the two bought everything, they returned to Mi Shaofei’s new home and called Xiaomi and Yaya to move things together. After the move, Han Shangyan gave Tong Nian the parting gift he bought to Tong Nian, and said that K&K club has something to go ahead. Staring at him, Tong Nian accepted the gift and asked Han Shangyan to take care of his body and pay attention to safety on the road. But in fact, Tong Nian’s heart hopes that Han Shangyan will stay and eat with everyone.

When Yaya and Mi Shaofei knew that Shang Yan was leaving, Yaya rushed downstairs and logged on K&K’s new official website with a phone in Shang Yan. Under the power of friendship, Yaya said righteously to the gun god Han Shang, Tong Nian bought a server for your club’s official website and made it after a few nights. Han Shangyan was in the car alone, looking at the official website over and over again with his mobile phone, recalling Tong Nian over and over again with his heart, but because of his promise to Tong’s mother, he dared not let Tong Nian have any love illusions about himself. At Mi Shaofei’s house, Tong Nian left before eating because Zheng Hui’s mother had an operation today.

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Go go squid episode 24 – Recap

A farewell banquet for the brothers became a banquet between Han Shangyan and Tong Nian. What Tong Nian did to Han Shangyan was both angry and sad, but he couldn’t hate it. When Tong Nian ran out of the hotel crying all the way, Yaya, who had taken care of her idol, was even more worried about the girl Tong Nian, so she immediately talked to her idol and chased after Tong Nian to enlighten her. Han Shangyan walked out of the hotel slowly, and while waiting for his brother Mi Shaofei to feel comfortable, he began to call on behalf of the driver.

In the car next to the Hanshangyan, Tong Nian and Yaya, two girls complaining about the Hanshangyan together, made Tong Nian feel more comfortable and began to worry about the two guys who were drinking too much. Therefore, the two wanted to wait for Shangyan and Xiaomi to come out, and then left. But when Tong Nian saw Han Shangyan, he couldn’t move away. Even if he was so angry that he was crying, and he fell down, Tong Nian still sat down in the back seat after Yaya said, with Han Shangyan on the left and Mi Shaofei on the right.  After getting off the bus, Han Shangyan said seriously that Tong Nian had nothing to do except fall in love. There is too much affection in Han Shangyan that cannot be expressed in this seriousness, but Tong Nian does not know it.

Therefore, after Tong Nian separated from Han Shang Yan, he used loopholes in the dormitory to numb the nerve that missed Han Shang Yan. This led Yaya and other roommates to comfort Tong Nian who was broken in love.

Back to the K&K club, Han Shangyan faced a headache. This matter is more than Mi Shaofei’s retirement and the forced separation from Tong Nian, and it makes people want to spend time on it. That is, not only did the parents of the player kid demo divorce, but the demo mother did not want the demo to continue playing in this club. The reason is that the demo vocational high school graduates, this competition cannot guarantee the future, I hope that the demo will go to the society to accumulate experience, and there will be a good way out in the future. After Shen Zhe, 97 and Su Cheng went to persuade the demo mom to no avail, Han Shangyan waited until he was awake and in a better condition, so he changed into a neat and decent suit and went to see the demo mother of the team member as the club owner. It was dinner time, demo mom waited for a day without seeing the boss, so she couldn’t eat. Hanshangyan rushed to see the situation, so he grandly invited the demo mom to a high-end restaurant to talk about demo work while eating.

At the dinner table, Han Shangyan talked about the dream of the demo in a spirited manner, and the K&K Club is the best platform for realizing the dream of the demo in China. As for the issues considered by the demo mom, there is nothing that a good Party A contract can’t solve. If this doesn’t work, you can remake a copy with better conditions. Sure enough, with the support of the boss of Hanshangyan, the demo mother agreed that the demo would continue to make progress towards the world champion dream.

Work has come to an end, and Han Shangyan is exhausted physically and mentally from emotional matters, and he is exhausted. As a result, Han Shangyan, who was strong in front of Tong Nian, saved the idol’s face and called the husband of Blueberry, which is the husband of Tong Nian’s best friend. In the cafe, Blueberry heard that Tong Nian had been dumped by Han Shangyan early in the morning, and he also knew that Han Shangyan had asked his husband, so he was so angry that he followed. Blueberry wants to see what Hanshangyan is going to make. Blueberry didn’t expect that Han Shangyan, the owner of the Tangtang club, had all his savings at present of two thousand yuan, and this is what Han Shangyan intends to let Blueberry take Tong Nian to eat delicious food, have fun, relax and have a good mood. But when Blueberry took the money to find Tong Nian, the nature of the money changed. Blueberry claimed that this was Han Shangyan that might pretend to be poor and give Tong Nian a breakup fee. When Tong Nian saw the money in the envelope, his face was unhappy. No matter how much money, he can’t ask for Han Shangyan, let alone break up fees.

Thinking about this, Tong Nian got into a taxi and learned from previous experience. She first called and asked 97 this time. She learned that the Hanshangyan team was going to Beijing to compete, and she was waiting at the Shanghai airport at the moment. Ever since, Tong Nian carried the envelope containing two thousand yuan and asked the driver to drive to where Hanshangyan was. At the airport, after Tong Nian found Hanshangyan language, the two talked alone. When talking, Tong Nian’s tears flowed on his face, and Han Shangyan’s tears flowed in his heart. Tong Nian said that although Han Shangyan is not correct about love, Tong Nian appreciates and supports K&K’s attitude towards career. As for the money, Tong Nian must return it to Han Shangyan regardless of his family’s economic conditions or his personal spiritual education. Han Shangyan took the envelope and asked the boys to arrive at the boarding gate early, and arranged a taxi for Tong Nian in 97.

Backstage at the quarter-finals of the China qualifiers in Beijing, Mr. Xiang also mentioned Tong Nian, the girlfriend of Han Shangyan, and wanted to chase Tong Nian recklessly. As a result, even though Shangyan claimed that Tong Nian was no longer his girlfriend, under the sharp eyes of Shang Yan, Mr. Xiang did not dare to move evil thoughts.

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Go go squid episode 23 – Recap

This game is a contest between the SP team and the Taotao team. After introduction by the host, the audience learned that it is not easy for Mi Shaofei, who has retired for many years to be photographed by the SP team. When Mi Shaofei heard this, he was poking his back, implying that Mi Shaofei entered the SP team relying on his relationship with Wang Hao. Because of the previous group matches, Mi Shaofei was ranked outside the 100th place. Therefore, in this group match, Mi Shaofei was determined to win and went all out. After several hours of hard work, Xiaomi finally lived up to expectations and won the Taotao team as the main force. When delivering his testimony, Mi Shaofei was shocked and announced his retirement. Yaya in the audience was crying with joy and was stunned, but still thought that Mi Shaofei was cool.

Han Shangyan, who came to see the results of the game, happened to hear the bad news, just like seeing him retiring from the game. Han Shangyan once again attributed the incident to Wang Hao, who was “have conviction”. Waiting for Mi Shaofei and Ou Qiang to finish the curtain, Han Shangyan rushed to the backstage to find Wang Hao, and wanted to solve it with his fists. However, after Ai Qing’s fight, Wang Hao’s guilt was frank, and Xiaomi, as always, told Han Shangyan that he did not want to join K&K. Han Shangyan began to abandon the nasty thoughts he thought was shady, but he still felt sad for Mi Shaofei in his heart. Because Hanshangyan knows better than anyone else, Mi Shaofei has a dream of a world champion just like the Shangyan of the year.

Afterwards, Mi Shaofei had a good talk with Ou Qiang. As a brother, Ou Qiang was very reluctant but also tried to understand Mi Shaofei. After that, only Wang Hao was left alone to reflect on himself, and Ou Qiang met Tong Nian and asked him to persuade Han Shangyan. Because Ou Qiang knew what Han Shangyan had in mind, the time in this line was deep and shallow, Wang Hao was not the boss, and it was normal that Mi Shaofei could not be protected. But this time it was true that Wang Hao and Ai Qing didn’t know it, and it was Mi Shaofei who went his own way.

One thing that made Yaya both worried and admired was that after Mi Shaofei announced his retirement, he went straight to apologize to the fans outside the stadium.

In addition, one thing that made Tong Nian both melancholy and distressed was that Han Shangyan had just retired from his old friend Mi Shaofei. The mother of the K&K club demo unilaterally wanted to replace the demo and terminate the contract with Han Shangyan.

On the second day, Mi Shaofei went to the company to sign a contract termination agreement with Wang Hao. The atmosphere between the two men was not as good as before, which made Wang Hao very uncomfortable and tore the cold agreement on the spot. Then, the two men returned to business as usual, and there was a goodbye from the buddies. Because as early as before Mi Shaofei came, Wang Hao arranged personnel and paid compensation to Mi Shaofei’s card. Besides the company’s share, Wang Hao also asked Mi Shaofei to double the compensation from his account.

After Mi Shaofei bid farewell to Wang Hao and Ou Qiang, the next day he took Yaya, called Tong Nian, and went to the K&K club to find Korean business language. Originally, both Tong Nian and Yaya were ready to fight. As a result, when the two met, they first met with a smile, and then went to a race to vent. Finally, they pushed each other and pretended to complain like children, making Tong Nian.

When it was time for dinner, the two men and two women sat around the table. Mi Shaofei and Han Shangyan cherish each other, drinking from a small glass of wine to a large bowl of wine, and even the Han Shangyan even sternly made Mi Shaofei not stay in the hotel, and went to stay at the Han Shangyan home. However, this is just a joke by Mi Shaofei. In Mi Shaofei’s cognition, his brothers have to settle accounts. After that, when Mi Shao Fei rushed out of the hotel and climbed onto the bridge, after drinking enough to vomit, Yaya took a box of tissues and rushed out to take care of Xiaomi. Yaya faced Xiaomi’s regret and helplessness, so she could only come up with the support and company of female fans. At this moment, Xiaomi, in Yaya’s eyes, is no longer the image of the illusory idol before, but the image of a man with flesh and blood and self-esteem.

And in the restaurant, Tong Nian heard Han Shangyan say to himself that going abroad is not for work, but for blind dates. Tong Nian saw with his own eyes Han Shangyan looking directly at his own account, and Han Shangyan deliberately did not contact him unreliably. Before Tong Nian made up his mind to walk out of the hotel, he heard and saw that Han Shangyan said bluntly: I don’t like!

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Go go squid episode 22 – Recap

Han Shangyan will go to the headquarters in Norway the next day to report on his work, and arrange a demo of the team members to tell everyone that there is something to call a non-domestic account. But for this, Han Shangyan didn’t even notice his girlfriend Tong Nian, and left without saying a word. But in fact, the night before, Han Shangyan neither dared to respond too enthusiastically to Tong Nian’s WeChat nor went to Tong’s house to find Tong Nian. He only dared to overcome his fear of heights and climbed up the big tree in front of Tong’s house and looked at himself. In the early morning of the next day, Han Shangyan called a taxi and deliberately stopped in front of Tong’s house for a while. He didn’t let the driver drive to the airport until Han Shangyan saw Tong Nian coming out. At that time, Tong Nian bought a bunch of delicious foods and put them in front of the bicycle, and was about to coax Han Shangyan. But after the K&K club, Tong Nian learned that Han Shangyan had gone abroad to report on his work.

When he first arrived in Norway, Han Shangyan went to eat a meal with his stepmother. The long-lost mother and son reunited, and the stepmother talked about the necklace she asked her son Han Shangyan to buy last time, which made Han Shangyan smile embarrassed and said that the money was returned to the stepmother. The stepmother also said with a smile, the necklace has now appreciated. Hearing this, Han Shangyan was immediately ashamed, but the stepmother turned around and revealed Wu Baixie’s secret. That is, Han Shangyan gave the necklace to his girlfriend. For this reason, the stepmother took out a bunch of heirloom jewelry of her own, and let the eldest and big Han Shangyan hold it, and quickly returned to China to propose to her girlfriend.

After rejecting the kindness of his stepmother, Han Shangyan went to find his partner Nanwei, and asked for a budget of one million for the Chinese base K&K based on the gambling method when he first met. Never thought, Nanwei also asked Han Shangyan’s little girlfriend. This made Han Shangyan’s hot thoughts begin to surge again. After leaving Nanwei’s office, Han Shangyan received a call from Wu Bai, so he asked about his grandfather’s current situation and learned about the SP group match on the day of his stepmother’s wedding. Han Shangyan asked Tong Nian hesitantly, but the group of team members laughed along the radio and rushed towards their faces.

Norway at night, with peace and tranquility. It’s like a hotel room in Han Shangyan, with relaxed maternal love in the deserted. After nine years of Han Shangyan’s most rebellious years, the stepmother is finally going from one marriage to another. She also sincerely hopes that Han Shangyan can stand in thirties and become a family. Therefore, the stepmother was meditating in the Hanshangyan room, wondering what her daughter-in-law looked like. Before the stepmother returned to her hotel room, Han Shangyan drew Tong Nian’s pseudo-sketch and stuffed it into her stepmother’s door. After seeing the painting, the stepmother was so happy that she couldn’t talk from ear to ear. Han Shangyan will tell his stepmother that Yanyan will not attend the party on the wedding day. Because in China, the old friends of Hanshangyan have important competitions, and the media has made gimmicks with Shangyan earlier.

At Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wang Hao’s daughter, Xiao Ai, didn’t like her mother Su Cheng, so she ran away from home and turned to Tong Nian. The most important thing is that Xiao Ai wants Tong Nian to exercise his girlfriend’s rights and orders Han Shangyan to let his mother Su Cheng be the leader, not to destroy or break up the relationship between Wang Hao and Xiao Ai. In desperation, Tong Nian called Xiao Ai’s father Wang Hao to let him not worry, and said that in the SP group competition the next day, Tong Nian and Yaya would take Xiao Ai again.

The night before the SP group match, Wang Hao was worried about family affairs, while Xiaomi and Ou Qiang were worried about business affairs. Because of Ou Qiang’s anxiety, he always felt that someone in the team was going to be brushed down. And Xiaomi was notified by Wang Hao before that the person who brushed it down was Xiaomi, but because Xiaomi was afraid of affecting the Ouqiang competition, he deliberately concealed his old friend Ouqiang.

The eighth-finals of the China qualifiers have begun, and Ai Qing has reserved three consecutive seats for Xiao Ai, Tong Nian and Yaya. And at this moment, Han Shangyan just flew back to Shanghai from Norway and rushed to the stadium, wholeheartedly trying to cheer for Mi Shaofei.

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Go go squid episode 21 – Recap

Shang Yan has life experience has been bumpy since childhood. In terms of relatives, the old man has always subconsciously felt that this grandson was plaything loses his ambitions. First, he was wasteful in his career and then blank in his relationship. As for friends, the team members also had an extra cat in the club, only to know that Tong Nian gave the boss Han Shangyan a cat. After a gambling, they knew that the animal that the boss Han Shangyan liked was a cat. One day, the old man learned from Tong’s aunt’s mouth that Han Shangyan had already dumped Tong Nian, making Nian Nian cry like a light bulb. The aunt guessed: Perhaps due to the physical condition of the elders, Shang Yan and Tong Nian let the old man be kept in the dark.

When the old man knew about this, he was furious, went back to find Han Shangyan, and went to visit Tong’s house again in the evening. Tong’s mother doesn’t like Shang Yan since the night of the New Year’s Eve dinner. This is, after the old man entered Tong’s house, Tong’s mother came to the door of the house to talk with Han Shangyan and found out. At that time, Han Shangyan heard a series of absurd things that she had done before and after the New Year before she was not interested in Tong Nian. Tong’s mother examined Shang Yan from the perspective of her future son-in-law, and felt that she was not worthy of the affectionate affection of her daughter Tong Nian.

The old man was in Tong’s house and saw Zheng Hui and Zheng Hui’s mother. He probably understood that this young man also had a great affection for Nian Nian, and that this young man was very popular with Tong’s mother.

After Tong’s mother talked with Han Shangyan, those heavy words made Han Shangyan who had never been in a relationship unacceptable for a while, and she never had the courage to enter Tong’s house again. So, after Han Shangyan made a promise with Tong’s mother, he drove around and went to his brother Xiaomi. The two brothers talked about “absurd things.” And Xiaomi feels that the most absurd thing Han Shangyan has done was not Tong Nian, but the announcement of his retirement ten years ago at the peak of his career.

Originally, Tong Nian was chatting with the old man at home, while looking at the door of Tong’s house, expecting her boyfriend to appear. But Tong Nian didn’t know Tong’s mother’s words, and Han Shang Yan was angry with him, and Han Shang Yan was angry with others, or his own cowardice. When Han Shangyan faced Tong’s mother, she thought that Han Shangyan had broken up with Tong Nian. Because she felt relieved from Tong’s mother, it was difficult to explain. When Han Shangyan faced Tong’s mother’s hope of Han Shangyan, he took the initiative to let Tong Nian stop thinking about it, and did not dare to brush his elders’ face.

But when Han Shangyan knew that Tong Nian was going out to find himself in Xintiandi Bar, but was really worried that Tong Nian would be unsafe at so late, he quickly bid farewell to Xiaomi and Ou Qiang. But when Han Shangyan and Tong Nian met, Shang Yan didn’t know how to deal with this relationship. Faced with Tong Nian scaring himself after his car, he explained in his car that Zheng Hui was temporarily living in Tong’s family, and so on. The misunderstanding is handled in a cold manner. For that cat, Han Shang lied that he had given it to the nanny at home. Tong Nian was disappointed at first, but he was even more worried that Han Shang Yan did not like cats, and that he did not like him. He  treat Tong Nian with cold and violence that he is accustomed to.

But in fact, Tong’s mother, as a kindergarten teacher, became unbearable afterwards when she drank Han Shangyan for her daughter Tong Nian. However, Tong’s father felt that a 30-year-old man would not have a bad psychological endurance just because his future mother-in-law said something serious. But these two old couples didn’t know that Han Shangyan had both died of parents since he was young, and he was raised by his stepmother, and his grandfather also neglected to take care of him. For a long time, whether it was bitter or sweet alone, he made it by himself. Han Shangyan is a man who is extremely lack of love, so he lacks the ability to deal with his feelings.

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Go go squid episode 20 – Recap

Mi Shaofei and Yaya, this first meeting, from the reason why the idol Mi Shaofei quit ten years ago, they talked about the more than one hundred fans who still support Mi Shaofei. Then, these few people played the game together at home, but it was not enough. Taking advantage of this afternoon, meet for a picnic, men and women blowing the wind, enjoying the food, and feeling the surging in their hearts.

When Hanshangyan drove Tong Nian and Yaya back to the school gate, Tong Nian reluctantly ran to the Hanshangyan car window and showed the necklace on his wrist to his boyfriend. Han Shangyan smiled, this girl couldn’t distinguish between necklaces and bracelets, and she was afraid it was not the first time she received gifts from the opposite sex. When Hanshangyan joked that the millions of necklaces were made from local stalls, the joy on Tong Nian’s face did not diminish at all.

When Tong Nian’s senior, Zheng Hui, came to ask for help. After Tong Nian knew that Zheng Hui’s mother needed a liver transplant, he worried that Zheng Hui’s family would be poor. Tong Nian obliged to take Zheng Hui to see Tong’s father who was a doctor at his home. In addition, Tong Nian sent a message to tell Tong’s father that Zheng Hui’s family was so poor that his father Tong, who was equally kind, must let Zheng Hui’s mother and son live in Tong’s house for easy care. At that time, the aunt thought that Tong Nian was still dealing with Hanshangyan, chewing her tongue behind her back, making Tong’s mother wary of this old man, and said that Hanshangyan was deceiving Tong Nian instead of loving. Although Tong’s mother told her aunt that Tong had broken up with Han Shangyan not long ago, the incident was a big blow to Tong Nian, so she asked her not to mention it again. However, Tong’s mother felt that even Tong Nian had dealt with Han Shangyan and hoped that it had never happened, and she regarded it as unfortunate.

Soon, Tong Nian brought Zheng Hui’s mother and son into Tong’s house. Tong’s mother looked at Zheng Hui’s eyes, just like mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law, the more she looked, the happier she became. But Tong Nian felt that Tong’s mother had this tendency, so she cut off her mother’s thoughts, and also mentioned Han Shangyan  he recognized. At this time, Tong’s mother was extremely upset, and she also listed many shortcomings of Han Shangyan , including the fatal injury-age difference. On the Hanshangyan side, when he talked to partner in Norway, he accidentally talked about girlfriend. Han Shangyan is still ready to wait for the finalization, and take Tong Nian to Norway to meet his good brother.

Tong Nian, who has a heart and soul, feels sorry for his mother for Han Shangyan. The young man who was so hardworking and so ideal was devalued by Tong’s mother. Yaya heard of this and said with a smile that a god was stunned by the mouth of the future mother-in-law. When it comes to giving Han Shangyan  gifts, you have to do your best. So Yaya volunteered to inquire about idol Mi Shaofei. At that time, Mi Shaofei was in a low mood, because Wang Hao had just told him that due to his technical problems, he would be transferred out of the first team after another game. But after seeing the news from female fan Yaya, Xiaomi’s expression changed 180 degrees, which made his brother Ou Qiang couldn’t help peeping into the chat box. After a lot of inquiries, Yaya said that he would invite Mi Shaofei to dinner, and Tong Nian also learned that Han Shangyan  like cats.

When Tong Nian went to the K&K club to find Han Shangyan, Han Shangyan had just lost Shen Zhe, and since then, the club has added a young man responsible for hygiene. Han Shangyan was secretly refreshing, so he was told by the kid that his wife was here. So, Han Shangyan went to the front desk to greet Tong Nian briskly. With a glance, Tong Nian is here to give himself a gift. After the two entered the Hanshangyan room, Tong Nian carefully carried the kitten out. When Han Shangyan saw the cat, he immediately thought of the cat he raised for the first time ten years ago, so he was a little sad and couldn’t bear to look at it. However, Tong Nian began to think that Han Shang Yan did not like it, and when he gradually became a little sad, Shang Yan showed no resistance, and later regularly reported the situation of the kitten to Tong Nian.

After giving the gift, Tong Nian felt that he liked Han Shangyan  and was almost out of control. Just as Han Shangyan watched Tong Nian want to leave, Tong Nian first threw himself into the warm chest of Han Shang Yan, then printed his lips on the lips of Han Shang Yan, and finally left the team members envy. When Han Shangyan returned to the room with the cat, I felt a different warmth and happiness from the past. Looking at the letter Tong Nian left to himself, the touch and love are beyond words, and even the memories of the past with Wang Hao and others are beautiful again.

The love of college roommates is always one after another. It’s as if Tong Nian was just sweet, and Yaya was on honey. Looking back, Yaya found that his idol Mi Shaofei was in front of his bedroom, but he didn’t see Yaya in the selfie. The last time it was an accident, the idol saw Yaya, who was unshaven. This time Yaya rushed back to the dormitory with a vigorous step. After ten minutes, they were totally different. When Yaya looked at the chat box with Mi Shaofei again, she realized that Xiaomi had sent the selfie to herself. A feeling of love came to my heart, and Yaya rushed downstairs again, and couldn’t help kicking rough in front of Mi Shaofei.

But it was Yaya like this that made Mi Shaofei’s heart particularly exciting. Xiaomi has set this treat in the university cafeteria. The two of them took the memories of their school days, with the satisfaction of a beautiful meal, after eating the hot pot in the cafeteria, they began to stroll around the campus. Mi Shaofei handed out the ticket for the most recent match that he had prepared to give Yaya early in the morning. Yaya was shy and nervous for a while, feeling spinning in the whirlpool of happiness, and dazed to take it.

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Go go squid episode 19 – Recap

Tong Nian’s friend, Yaya, has been anxious about Tong Nian’s lifelong happiness every day since he knew that Tong Nian was working with an Internet cafe uncle. After chatting, Tong Nian learned that Yaya was crazy infatuated with the Solo team back then, and then he confessed that the gun god Han Shangyan was his boyfriend.

That night, Tong Nian drew on Yaya to have a blackmail with Shen Zhe, 97, and the demo. As a result, Han Shangyan saw that the team members were actually connected to his wife with his wife. The jealousy made the boys quickly shut the wheat off. And Yaya originally thought that Tong Nian had met a greasy uncle who pretended to be Korean, until he discovered that Tong Nian’s target of hacking was the K&K club players, and then I felt that Tong Nian had entered Yaya’s dreams by accident. The circle that everyone wants to enter-cyber security game.

In that black scene, with the emergence Han Shangyan, the boys held back. Han Shangyan and Tong Nian were left alone, and Tong Nian used only daggers to practice funny operations. This couple in love felt happy just looking at the computer screen. And Yaya sincerely feels happy when he sees such a young Tong Nian.

After opening the black, Yaya couldn’t restrain her desire, and asked Tong Nian about Mi Shaofei in the Solo team. Only then did Tong Nian know that Mi Shaofei is an idol male god who has been thinking about it for many years.

The next day, Han Shangyan, who was as far away as Norway, allowed Zhou Shan to enter despite his illness. When Tong Nian sent a message about Yaya, Han Shangyan went to Mi Shaofei to help meet the female fans for his wife. This is the power of love! But there is still a couple that is not going well because of the lack of love. That is, Wang Hao and Su Cheng, former lovers and husbands and wives, but because one of them handled their relationship improperly, their common daughter Xiao Ai only hopes to stay with his father and refuses all the intersection with his mother.

When Xiao Ai rejected his father Wang Hao and wanted to take herself to dinner with his mother Su Cheng, the SP operations director put pressure on Wang Hao based on Xiaomi’s technology regression.

Han Shangyan told Tong Nian that he would be back one day late, and then suddenly appeared at Tong Nian’s fan signing party to surprise his girlfriend, and finally I saw that Xiang Zong was chasing Tong Nian. Use your breathtaking charm to kill the enemy invisible.

Then, on April Fool’s Day, Tong Nian took Han Shangyan, Mi Shaofei and Ou Qiang to give Yaya a big surprise. When Yaya was so excited that she was incoherent, she saw her idol, Xiaomi, whom she had admired for many years. And when Mi Shaofei saw Yaya at first glance, he also had a keen interest in Yaya. Xiaomi is still in the study room of the university, sitting behind Yaya, like the last male classmate who started talking to Yaya. Later, when Ou Qiang saw Yaya and wanted to hug after shaking his hands, Mi Shaofei pushed his brother away.

After a while, a group of people came to Han Shangyan’s home. Yaya has been floating, feeling so unreal. Until there was a force in his body that drove Yaya to ask Mi Shaofei a question. That is, when the Solo team was disbanded, where Mi Shaofei went, this was Yaya’s heart for a long time.

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Go go squid episode 18 – Recap

On the handle of the eavesdropping community, it is Han Shangyan, followed by his cousin Wu Bai. During an evening training session, Han Shangyan overheard Tong Nian talking about his acquaintance with player 97, and he was about to talk about falling in love. Han Shangyan was shy with a trace of leadership’s majesty, so 97 hurry up to train, otherwise 97 will be ordered to retire next. With the obedient step of 97, Han Shangyan approached Tong Nian, and his hot breath made Tong Nian ready to go to the bathroom to clean up his makeup. When he was about to leave, Tong Nian saw his love rival Zhou Shan, and quickly returned to Han Shangyan, which is sticky. In the process of sticking, Wu Bai eavesdropped on the interesting conversation between the two, and Zhou Shan photographed the intimate back of the two.

After Tong Nian left in a boring manner, Han Shangyan went to find Tong Nian while training. Previously, Tong Nian had always supported the work of Hanshangyan, but now Hanshangyan looked at Tong Nian’s plan, and curiously asked Tong Nian about his profession. Following Tong Nian’s eloquence, Han Shangyan learned that Tong Nian’s professional involvement in criminal investigations and his face recognition system helped the police crack more than a thousand cases. Under Han Shangyan’s surprised eyes, Tong Nian brought a little Tsundere and wanted the male god Shangyan to praise herself. In addition to Han Shangyan’s touch and pet, Tong Nian also hopes that Shangyan will show off its network security technology in front of him.

Han Shangyan took Tong Nian to the place where the boys were training and started a game with the 97 players. After the boys and Tong Nian, with one after another admiration, Han Shangyan won without any effort. At this moment, Tong Nian is proud of the technology of Han Shangyan and proud of being the number one gunman in China’s cyber security industry. When it was time to eat, Tong Nian waited until Han Shangyan came, but he was already hungry.

The individual group stage of the first Sanya training camp has begun. Members of the SP team and the K&K team are drawn to determine their opponents, and the final win rate determines the winner. After some competition, the SP team won, and the K&K team only won by Wu Bai and Shen Zhe.

This record does not affect the hearts of the boys who want to relax and eager to try. When Han Shangyan was chatting with Tong Nian, Shang Yan used a special way to let the boys finish their push-ups before going. This made the SP team Ou Qiang, Mi Shaofei and others saw it, and they all felt that it was an absolute strength and an absolute worship in exchange.

In the quiet night, Han Shangyan still has a lot of work to deal with. Since Tong Nian and Han Shangyan were both reluctant to bear each other, Tong Nian moved the computer to Han Shangyan’s room, and the two accompanied them together, doing their own things. From time to time, Tong Nian raised his curiosity, and Han Shangyan also answered patiently. For example: Han Shangyan is accustomed to wearing headphones because the sound in the earphones can make Han Shangyan calm down and think about problems. When Han Shangyan put the earphones on Tong Nian’s head, after a while, she fell asleep. Tong Nian’s lovely sleeping face caused Han Shangyan to feel a little emotional in his pampering, and he touched Tong Nian’s little face without control. And Han Shangyan, who has not rested, waited until Tong Nian woke up, and Han Shangyan told Tong Nian the time and said that he would not sleep anymore and would take the team members to self-training later. Tong Nian was very distressed about Han Shangyan, so he said that he would go there soon.

A group of people on the bus were so tired that they fell asleep with the person next to them. This feeling of exhaustion and mutual dependence will not be defeated by a momentary win or loss. It’s just that the feeling of being tired makes people want to vent. This independent training is Han Shangyan that wants to relax the boys, but before hearing the word relax, the team member 97 expressed his thoughts amidst other people’s daring to complain. After knowing the boss’s true thoughts, 97 and the rest of the boys shook the bridge crazy when they went to play on the cable bridge.

When the kids were happy, Han Shangyan squinted for a while, and when he opened his eyes again, Tong Nian had already completed the game app in order to win Han Shangyan’s favor. Listening to Tong Nian’s introduction, Han Shangyan’s heartbeat was obvious, so he unconsciously leaned forward and wanted to kiss Tong Nian. As a result, the group of boys sorely wailed at this moment, which made Han Shangyan suddenly stunned, and Tong Nian was happy.

In order to resolve the embarrassment, Tong Nian also brought Han Shangyan to the cable bridge where the boys were playing. It is said that it is a lover’s rope bridge, specially made for lovers. When Tong Nian realized that Han Shangyan was afraid of being high, he mischievously yelled at the mountain on the suspension bridge.

But that day was also the day when Tong Nian was leaving Sanya. When Hanshangyan sent Tong Nian to the car, Tong Nian wanted to be satisfied with just a K&K work license there. But who made Tong Nian’s Han Shangyan a person beyond expectations. Han Shangyan took off his team uniform in front of Tong Nian and handed it to Tong Nian. Knowing that Tong Nian would definitely smell Han Shangyan, he had been waiting by the sea, and he pretended to let Tong Nian wash it.

Back in the university dormitory, my friend Yaya began to care about Tong Nian and asked him if he had lost his life during his trip to Sanya. Tong Nian shyly hesitated, and then boldly told Yaya that he really liked this handsome uncle. Based on her veteran experience, Yaya imagined the scene of Tong Nian and a greasy uncle who had nothing to do with her, feeling good that the cabbage had been dominated by a pig. On the other hand, Zhou Shan wanted to take a substitute as soon as Tong walked away. However, Shangyan felt uncomfortable because she was reluctant to bear Tong Nian, and she did not need Zhou Shan’s care.