Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 29 – Recap

On the occasion of the farewell, the old man of the Han family has history to speak in support of Hanshangyan. Because Wu Bai has always used actions to support his cousin to imply his father, and the father has also recently learned about the business of Hanshangyan through the Internet, which is not useless. On the contrary, when things are rare, CTF will continue to burn the passion and positive energy of the new generation.

The next one who was leaving Hanshangyan to go to Norway with the team members was the female team leader Su Cheng. In the K&K club, the boys lined up to see off the leader. Originally, the men had tears and did not flick them lightly, but the boys were still young and could not withstand the pain of parting. After Su Cheng hugged each other, she couldn’t help crying. When he was leaving, Su Cheng wanted to leave a LOGO sign here in Hanshangyan as a commemoration.

As it was the plane in the afternoon, Su Cheng went to find someone who was Mi Shaofei, an old friend and good brother of Hanshangyan. The reason for looking for Xiaomi is: as soon as Su Cheng left, K&K lacked a good team leader, and Mi Shaofei was very suitable. And the friendship between Mi Shaofei and Han Shangyan, if Han Shangyan comes forward, it will inevitably make Mi Shaofei feel that it is charity, and Su Cheng, the ex-wife of Wang Hao who has only met twice, is in a neutral position and it is more appropriate to send an invitation letter. After Su Cheng left, Mi Shaofei thought about Su Cheng’s words. Mi Shaofei believes that his current ability is not better than that of the past, but in terms of understanding CTF, and understanding how much family pressure the team members will bear. Mi Shaofei deserves this position as the team leader. Just thinking of this, Mi Shaofei’s father called and urged him to go home as soon as possible. And the grandmother Xiaomi over there grabbed the phone and still supported Mi Shaofei’s dream like ten years ago.

After many considerations, Mi Shaofei came to the K&K club and asked Han Shangyan to eat local pot chicken. While eating local pot chicken, Han Shangyan knew that it was Su Cheng who had handed over the work and went to find a suitable substitute for the team leader. This made Han Shangyan slapped his forehead and blamed himself for not expecting that Mi Shaofei could continue to adhere to the CTF dream in this way and help more CTF rising stars.

After the two brothers had dinner, Han Shangyan took Mi Shaofei to the K&K club to get familiar with the environment. In such an excited situation, taking advantage of the half-day break after the finals of the boys, the two brothers were drinking at the club. After a few bottles of beer, Mi Shaofei lingered on the sofa of Hanshangyan.

After Hanshangyan got up from the dirty and messy floor, he went to the bathroom and took a shower. As soon as he finished changing his clothes, Han Shangyan saw Tong Nian taking Mi Shaofei, who was blindfolded on the sofa, as himself. Moreover, Tong Nian learned from Yaya earlier that K&K’s current strongest opponent is the Buff team. When Tong Nian thought that Han Shangyan was annoyed by this, he was drunk to vent. Therefore, Tong Nian comforted the people under the quilt with distress. This made Mi Shaofei and Han Shangyan no longer pretend to be silent. Tong Nian pouted his little mouth, after a wave of joking between the two brothers.

After that, the boys came back one after another, and because the demo talked a lot about their sister-in-law, Tong Nian, the boss asked K&K to clean up. At six o’clock in the afternoon, which is the meeting time that Han Shangyan explained to Mi Shaofei, the boys also knew that Mi Shaofei had officially become the leader of K&K. It’s just because the boys feel that Mi Shaofei’s personal ranking has fallen out of the top 100, and he is not worthy of being a member of K&K, let alone the leader. Therefore, for the first time, the boys refused to accept the decision of the boss. In order to avoid talking about  Han Shangyan, he had to wait for his cousin Wu Bai to return to the club, and Wu Bai came forward to ease the scene.