Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 10 – Recap

Pan Zi talks a lot and causes quite a stir. He doesn’t help the situation much , but he is a greater defender. He fights off all those bad guys. Granny Hou is demanding that Wu Xie and his friends leave , but Wu Xie continues to sit on the seat next to Granny. Granny then says I will tell you the answers if you stay in that seat until 4:30. It is such a weird request and we find out why in a few minutes.

Wu Xie, Chen Cheng Cheng, and High Shao realize that the seat Wu Xie is sitting in is the most dangerous seat in the auction house. Whoever sits on the seat has to purchase the antique no matter the cost and if the person does not have enough money to purchase it he will ruin not only ruin his life , but also that of his family.

Granny is not going to make it easy for Wu Xie to sit on that chair because she gets her hench men to beat up Chen Cheng Cheng, Pan Zi , and High Shao. They also try to pull Wu Xie from his seat , but he is holding tight. Meanwhile Poker Face is watching everything unfold from behind a pillar. When it’s 4:30 the 4 of them make a run for it. Wu Xie tells Granny that she’ll tell him when they meet again.

They escape the hotel and Pan Zi stays to fight off the remaining bad guys. Chen Cheng Cheng  , High Shao and Wu Xie end up in an alleyway.

Suddenly Cheng says that she left her phone . Wu Xie says he will go and get it for her. Suddenly , Cheng sticks a needle in High Shao’s neck and makes Wu Xie unconscious by holding a napkin over his mouth.

When Wu Xie wakes up he is tied up alongside High Shao and sees Cheng standing in front of him. Cheng explains to him that she works for the same boss as A Ning and is going to kill them once third uncle gets her the emerald fish.

Suddenly Granny Hou’s henchmen arrive and Cheng gets worried. She hides them while she pretends that she is unconscious. While she wards off the bad guys and uses some super cool ninja moves , Wu Xie and High Shao escape from their bonds with the help of some nearby shards of glass. Cheng doesn’t seem to be very smart. Cheng realizes that they escaped and calls her boss and tells him that the plan may not begin.

Uncle Three is annoyed at himself for not verifying Cheng’s identity. I’m annoyed with you for not doing that too, Uncle Three. We had to suffer because of your lapse. Wu Xie explains Cheng worked for Ning’s boss, and that’s who actually owned the Warring States Silk manuscript. Turns out the boss’s name is Qiu Dekao.

Wu Xie takes it to Uncle Three and asks him who one person in particular is. Uncle Three names Little Master as Qilin Zhang and says the person in the photo looks just like him. Actually, it looks like him.

Anyway, Fatty and Wu Xie decide to find out about all of this. Wu Xie decides to return to Uncle Three’s house the next day. When he enters with his own key, he finds the shoes at the doorway all messed up, the house a mess, and Uncle Three gone.  

Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 9 – Recap

High Shao is wandering the streets of Beijing looking for antiques. The trio are looking for Pan Zi. Wu Xie finds Pan Zi in his antique shop. Wu Xie tells Pan Zi that he needs to speak with elderly Mrs . Hou. Pan Zi tells him that is not going to be easy , but he will find a way.

Pan Zi manages to find out the location where Mrs. Hou is going to be, but he didn’t get tickets to the event. High Shao made a copy of the tickets last night.

Security guards show up and realize that their tickets are fake. The group is about to get escorted out when suddenly someone comes to inform them that Granny Hou wants to see them.

They are lead to this really fancy restaurant and Pan Zi orders a really expensive tea.

Wu Xie meets Mrs. Hou and she is really rude to him. She tells him she won’t tell him anything unless he brings his grandma.

She also talks about how the tomb families were connected in ways , but that doesn’t make them close.  Wu Xie leaves and he meets the grandson of Mrs.Hou and his fiance.

Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 8 – Recap

The mountain is ablaze with fire after the group has reached the town. It seems that the tomb has been destroyed because the mountain has collapsed. Wu Xie has the only thing they got from the tomb: the silk manuscript. Wu Xie is still suspicious about A Ning’s group and doesn’t understand why they came all this way with no clear motive. Chen Cheng Cheng , Wu Xie , and High Shang also discuss Poker Face and how mysterious he is. Wu Xie believes that he will see Poke Face again.

Uncle Three calls Wu Xie all of a sudden and tells him to quickly come over and not tell Chen Cheng Cheng and High Shang about it. Uncle Three tells Wu Xie that the manuscript is fake.Uncle Three suspects Poker Face. Wu Xie tells Uncle Three that he found an ancient box in the tomb.

Wu Xie remembers the number he saw in the tomb and uses the number to unlock the box. It is calles snake eyed copper fish.

Chen Cheng Cheng manages to convince  High Shang to talk to Wu Xie about the fish. Wu Xie admits that it is odd that uncle doesn’t know about it. The three of them all sneak into Three uncle’s house and cook him dinner to coax the truth out of him.

Uncle Three is suspicious and asks what they want. He finally agrees to tell them about the fish. He first begins by talking about the nine families that were known to be tomb explorers . Wu Xie and Chen Cheng Cheng’s family was a part of the nine families. He talks about the history of the nine families. The nine families at one point decided to pull the largest tomb raiding in history.

Uncle Three talks about Wu Xie’s grandfather and how he left for 3 years. Uncle Three doesn’t know what happened , but he knows that when the grandfather came back he was a different person. Wu Xie is now more curious then ever about  what happened to his grandfather and the the connection with the fish. He tells uncle 3 he wants to go to Beijing to look for answers. Uncle Three says that if Wu Xie goes he will cut ties with him.

Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 7 – Recap

The general who later becomes known as Lu Shang Wang spends half a year searching for treasures for the Duke of Lu, his lord slash love rival. This tomb that they’re all trapped in right now was built on Lu Shang Wang’s orders after he listened to his right hand man, wizard shaman person. Upon the completion on it, the useless handmaiden of the concubine lady finds him and reports the death of his lover. She tells him that she was beaten to death by the Duke.

He is all in a murderous rage, but his wizard shaman successfully calms him down by claiming he can resurrect concubine lady. From his many years of studying feng shui, he knows that the mythical jade exists and has revival powers. Because they gotta protect concubine lady during this whole resurrection process, wizard shaman convinces Lu Shang Wang to hide her in the same tomb where the jade is. While they’re at it, they’re just gunna kill all his men afterwards to keep them from blabbing around. After killing all his men, Lu Shang Wang successfully puts the mythical jade on concubine lady’s body. While wizard shaman whispers sweet nothings to him about her eventual resurrection, he straight-up shivs the guy. Wizard shaman’s whole plan was to use Lu Shang Wang to achieve eternal life for himself through the mythical jade. So, the rotting corpse they found breathing was actually the wizard shaman.

At the end of the storytelling, Xiao Ge alerts them that it’ll soon by nightfall so they best be getting outta there. The three middle-aged guys decide that they still gotta take that mythical jade with them, so they waste a crap ton of time trying to figure how to do it. That jade thirst is real.

Meanwhile, Pan Zi notices the severed head of one of the corpses rolling and the king of the corpse beetles hovering around it. Xiao Ge calls out to them to it’s super poisonous, so everyone starts running around trying to avoid it.

Everyone legit hauls ass up the tree to get away from the bugs. Ah Ning detonates a bunch of explosives in an attempt to kill them, but no go. Instead, the bugs keep on climbing up the tree. Wu Xie loses his footing and slips.

Xiao Ge literally flies down the branches to him, slits his finger, flings some magical blood at the bugs and drives them away. Designated damsel in distress, Wu Xie, gets bitten though and is poisoned. Someway, somehow, everyone gets up the tree in one piece and out of the tomb. Everyone except Xiao Ge  who purposely stays behind.

Only after they set the entire monster bug population, the tree, and the tomb on fire do they realize that Xiao Ge isn’t with them. Luckily, Xiao Ge did make it out of the tomb alive, but disappears off into the woods by himself. Wu Xie are reunited with Chen Chen and High Shao and Ah Ning with her guys. Wu Xie still wants to know what they were looking for in the tomb, but Ah Ning says its a secret.

Wu Xie wakes up the next day after fainting in the woods. While making plans with Uncle Three and Chen Chen about returning to Hangzhou, they hear villagers yelling about a nearby forest fire. They race outside and realize that it’s the same fire that they set yesterday.

Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 6 – Recap

Ah Ning alerts the guys that the corpse covered with the mythical jade is breathing, and everyone immediately backs the eff off. After Pan Zi confirms that there’s indeed a pulse, he and Ah Ning are ready to send a bullet its way. Wu Xie, however, jumps in the way and says they can’t just randomly kill a living person. On the other hand, all Pang Zi and Uncle Three cares about is getting that jade.

Pang Zi discovers a string hanging off the jade armor that could help them remove it more easily, and Uncle Three is all salty that he didn’t see it first. But when he is about to pull on the string, a dagger flying out of the air. In strolls Xiao Ge, shirtless and a dead body thrown over his shoulder.

Uncle Three asks Xiao Ge to explain wtf is going on, and he tells the group that this corpse has already been “living” for 3000 years. If they remove the jade from it, they’re all dead. Pan Zi says that if it’s convenient for him, would Xiao Ge please tell them what he knows about this hellish tomb. He responds by strangling the corpse and kills it. Everything they ever wanted to know about this place and its terrible secrets is apparently in the box lying with the other corpse. Wu Xie finds yet another ancient scroll with the story of Lu Shang Wang and his life’s story.

During one of his tomb-raiding adventures Lu Shang Wang found a casket with a poisonous snake inside. When he killed it by cutting it open, there was a purple gold box lying inside. That night, the snake appeared in his dreams begging him to spare his spirit because he already killed its physical body. In exchange, the snake tells him about the purple gold box and the two treasures within it. He is a stone cold mofo though because he still kills the snake. After this, he gains fame and power throughout the land. Before all that though while on the run from his enemies, the Duke of Lu and his beloved concubine get separated. As he tries to rescue her from falling off the edge of a cliff, the enemies ride up behind him and he gets shot by an arrow. But at this time, his top general  comes storming in with a bunch of soldiers. When the concubine is plummeting off the cliff, the general literally flies down to save her. Turns out the general and concubine were lovers before he randomly disappeared and she ended up marrying the lord.

After their cliffside reunion, the two lovers reignite their relationship. Concubine begs the general to take her away from this place, and he quickly agrees. When they make plans to leave together only to be caught by one of the palace eunuchs.

When the Duke finds out, he immediately sends the general off to find treasures. Blinded by her forbidden love, the concubine is caught completely off guard by the Duke when he calls her out for cheating on him.  She lies and says she was the one who seduced the general. The Duke then lies and says that the general also told him that she seduced him. Concubine lady is all in disbelief and still in love with the general, so the Duke straight-up locks her in her room. Concubine lady thinks she’s being mad smart by writing a secret letter to the general, and gives it to her handmaiden to deliver. This handmaiden proves to be useless when she drops it practically at the Duke’s feet when he comes to visit. He tells his cheatin’ wife that since she misses her lover so much, he’s going to make it a point to have him killed.

Concubine lady freaks out and promises to never see him again. The Duke ain’t having any of it though. Amidst their struggling back and forth, concubine lady slips and falls into the koi pond. She hits her head and blood spills out around her.

Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 5 – Recap

Uncle Three points out to Wu Xie that Pang Zi doesn’t have a shadow. On top of that, he already saw Pang Zi’s corpse lying in one of the tomb’s tunnels. While all this secret whispering is going on, “ghost” Pang Zi is declaring his undying love to the female corpse. All of a sudden, he makes a move to attack Uncle Three and Wu Xie. He gets Uncle Three in a chokehold, but Xiao Ge quickly decapitates the male corpse and Pang Zi reverts back to himself. Xiao Ge declares that he was under the spell of the green-eyed fox.

The so called green-eyed fox is the very male corpse whose head Xiao Ge just oh so casually chopped off. Uncle Three tells ’em that the fox is a human, but his father did a lot of evil crap so his son was born with green eyes and the face of a fox. No time to dwell on the fact that Pang Zi was just possessed because Wu Xie is impatient and wants to open the locked box that the corpses were holding. He decides against it though when he realizes that it might be booby-trapped.

Before the gang can continue walking around in more circles, the zombie is back. While Pang Zi is diligently trying to fight him off, Ah Ning recognizes the zombie as one of her friends who went into the tomb with her. Xiao Ge steps in to put an end to the zombie, but Ah Ning recklessly jumps in. Seeing all the cool kids doing it, Wu Xie jumps into the fight too, but almost immediately gets slapped away, literally, by the zombie. Despite Ah Ning’s attempts to appeal to her friend’s human side, he’s just full-on zombie now. Once again, it’s up to Xiao Ge to save the day.

Wu Xie gets in the way of things, and the zombie is choking the life out of him. When it looked like Wu Xie was for sure a goner, Ah Ning fires a couple of shots at the zombie to kill it. Wu Xie is really confirming his status as the group’s burden when he passes out AGAIN from the zombie’s “poisonous touch.” Xiao Ge somehow knew that there was some herbal medicine, root thing with the corpses that can be used revive Wu Xie. But before he can feed him it, Ah Ning holds Pan Zi hostage and demands that he give her the medicine. Xiao Ge makes her a deal that Wu Xie gets the medicine, but he help her find and save her other comrades.

While Xiao Ge is off on his own to find Ah Ning’s people, the rest of them are still just chilling. Looks like the only way outta there now is to climb up the giant tree. But of course, Wu Xie gets distracted by some lever button thing near the base of the tree. When he presses it, however, nothing seems to happen. A few seconds later, the whole place starts shaking, earthquake style. When that’s all done, they see that yet another casket has emerged from underneath the tree.

According to the ancient script on the casket, this is indeed the one that houses the infamous Lu Shang Wang, the lord who could summon dead spirits. Based on the way the chains are so tightly bound to it, Wu Xie thinks that they were used to keep whatever or whoever inside from coming out. And when Uncle Three pulls on one of the chains, all these weird monster breathing sounds come out from inside the casket. Uncle Three suggests that they open it up to take a look.

Even Wu Xie thinks it’s a super bad idea to open the casket, but his uncle insists on ruining everyone’s lives. Pang Zi agrees that they open it. Outnumbered by the three middle-aged dudes, Wu Xie has no choice but to go with the crazy stupid plan. Demonstrating his incredible strength once again, Pang Zi manages to push aside the huge slab of stone all by himself. But inside, there’s another level to the casket where the cover this time around is made out of solid jade.

After Pang Zi pushes aside the jade cover, they’re finally face to face with Lu Shang Wang’s casket and there are breathing sounds comin’ outta it. Pang Zi finds the switch to open it. When the casket slides apart, up pops the corpse. The rusty metal on it actually turns out to be some mythical jade that has never been seen in real life before. The three middle-aged dudes are legit thirsty over this jade, and trying to remove it from the body. All of a sudden, Ah Ning pulls out her gun and tells them to freeze. When Wu Xie asks her what’s wrong, she tells them the body is breathing.

Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 4 – Recap

After using his magical blood to save Wu Xie from the monster bugs and random zombie, Xiao Ge shows us even more of his medical skillz. He finds a bug buried deep in Pan Zi’s skin, and he straight-up digs his fingers into the wound to pick it out. But thankfully, this bug was already dead and wasn’t poisonous. But before they can even begin to think about relaxing, Xiao Ge hears the laboring footsteps of the same zombie that was coming after them earlier.

While Wu Xie, Pan Zi, and Pang Zi escape, Xiao Ge takes on the zombie all by himself. When they see that he didn’t follow them, the three dudes literally spend 5 seconds whispering his name before giving up. Wu Xie, however, wastes no time in grilling Pang Zi about why he’s here. He claims that after their Mongolian adventure, he followed Ah Ning and crew all the way to the tomb, and was also surprised to see their group here. He explains to Wu Xie that the story he read about the lord with the ability to borrow dead spirits as soldiers was a big fat lie. Even the mysterious room full of coffins was just a setup to thwart off grave robbers.

Weirdly enough, Wu Xie is more convinced by the magic story than this way more logical explanation. When Pang Zi continues explaining about how he got lost in this tomb, they all realize that the place they’re in right now isn’t actually the tomb they’re looking for. Amidst all this confusion, they finally get to talking about is Xiao Ge’s deal. Everyone’s suspicious about why he knows so damn much about the tomb and all its monsters. And right on cue, Xiao Ge reappears around the corner without even a scratch on him.

Pang Zi does a walk-through of the place they’re currently hiding out in, and comes across a severed arm. They figure that the owner of this missing arm was the zombie that attacked them, and was also part of Ah Ning’s crew. Right on that cue, Ah Ning comes running out. Instead of kicking their asses, she’s so weak and injured that she’s quickly subdued by Pang Zi. Xiao Ge quickly knocks her out too because she too has a monster bug inside of her.

Xiao Ge continues being the wizard nurse and pulls the bug out of Ah Ning’s leg. Apparently the bug this time around was mad poisonous because Wu Xie actually got bitten too and passed out. Xiao Ge cuts his finger and feeds him some blood, and Wu Xie almost immediately regains consciousness.  High Shao and Cheng Cheng, for sure, aren’t going to be answering though because they’re being held at gunpoint by the bad guys who’d been staking out the tomb.

Ah Ning tells them that she still has people above ground, and that her orders were to return from the tomb before nightfall. If she isn’t able to, then it’s more likely than not that High Shao and Cheng Cheng will also be harmed. While looking around for an exit, they find one but it’s been blocked by a brick wall. No problem though because Xiao Ge’s here. He uses his magical fingers to pull out some bricks. Pang Zi finishes the job by literally running into the wall to knock it down.

Xiao Ge tells them to get a move on because the zombie is back. To everyone’s surprise, the so-called exit they just crashed into is just a narrow space between boulders that they have to crawl through. It’s not a problem for most of them, but when it’s Pang Zi’s turn. Xiao Ge stays behind again to battle with the zombie and is able to drive it away. When they reach the other side of the boulders, they find themselves looking out at an enormous tree in this open space.

They spot a pair of corpses lying at the base of the tree, and Pang Zi infers that one of them must be the body of the lord with all the spirit-summoning powers, Lu Shang Wang. Pang Zi attempts to climb down via one of the vines, but is startled by the sudden appearance of Uncle Three shining a flashlight in his face. During the happy reunion between Wu Xie and his uncle, he just up and faints again. He goes flying off the ledge, but Xiao Ge is able to grab onto him and swing them both on a vine safely to the ground.

The vine that Pang Zi was using to support himself, however, breaks and he crashes onto the altar that’s holding the two corpses. Uncle Three examines them, and realizes that there’s something inside the mouth of the female corpse. He pushes on the side of her throat to release the deadly darts inside, and out falls a key. The corpse immediately reverts back into looking like a corpse, instead of the pretty lady she just was. They think that the key is used to unlock the box that the male corpse is holding. But before they can test it oit, Xiao Ge yells out to be careful. Hidden inside one of the many twisted branches of the giant tree is a green monster-esque eyeball watching them.

Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 3 – Recap

Uncle Three and Pan Zi successfully chisel their way through the entrance of a room that houses a stone coffin and an altar that contains a headless mummy. When Xiao Ge spots the coffin, he starts making these weird noises at it. Black smoke billows out of it, everyone suddenly kneels and bows, and Xiao Ge keeps on croaking. Xiao Ge instructing everyone not to touch anything, especially that coffin.

The crew continues their flashlight expedition and finds a hole in the wall. Through it, they enter another room of the tomb with seven coffins in there. On the wall, there’s also a story written about a lord from the Warring States period that had the ability to borrow spirits of the dead as soldiers. His body was kept in this tomb after he committed suicide to deal with some drama, and in hopes that he will reawaken someday. The guys examine the coffins for further clues. Pan Zi finds a handgun just chilling on the floor and one of the coffins left slightly ajar. To literally nobody’s surprise, in it lies the corpse of a foreigner with a half disintegrated face. He’s not alone though because it’s lying on top of the original mummified corpse of the coffin. Before they can even begin to process what’s going on here, they spot an intruder following them. Pan Zi immediately whips out the gun and shoots, but misses.

Xiao Ge chases after the intruder while the rest of the group continues exploring like nothing happened. Wu Xie wanders off to a little corner by himself and finds a backpack filled with notes and drawings about the tomb. He remembers seeing something similar in his grandfather’s tomb-raiding diaries. But when he calls out to Uncle Three and Pan Zi about his discovery, they’re nowhere to be found. As he’s relaying what happened to High Shao and Cheng Cheng via his headset, all the coffins already him suddenly descend into the ground.

The coffin with the two corpses suddenly pops open, and they sit upright and stare straight at Wu Xie. When he escapes to another room, the connection to High Shao and Cheng Cheng is restored. He tells them that he’s figured out that of those seven coffins, only one of those houses the “real” corpse, and the others are just tricks.

Wu Xie comes across another hole in the wall, and immediately goes into it. When he finally emerges from the other side of the tunnel, he finds himself back at the entrance of the tomb that he was at earlier.  He takes out the notes that he found in the backpack and discovers that one of them is actually a map of the tomb that shows a secret passage in the walls. Trying his luck with the random stones poking out of the wall, he finds the right one and opens the entrance to the secret passage.

Wu Xie comes across yet another dead foreigner guy that is slowly being devoured by the corpse eating beetles we first saw in the Cave of Horrors. Pan Zi suddenly appears outta nowhere and starts shooting at the bugs at Wu Xie’s feet and yells to follow him. Turns out that he and Uncle Three weren’t mysteriously abducted, but just got lost and separated in this maze of a tomb. Wu Xie and Pan Zi suddenly see the previous intruder lurking around them. They shine their flashlights and see that it’s the guy who assisted Wu Xie and High Shao in their Mongolian desert chase.

Before Pang Zi can even properly explain what his deal is, there’s suddenly a disgusting amount of corpse beetles attacking him. There’s so many of them that the guys can’t fight them off fast enough with their torches. When it looked like they were going to be overcome by the bugs, Pan Zi grabs the other two torches and tells Wu Xie and Pang Zi to get out. Watching Pan Zi slowly disappear into the sea of beetles, Pang Zi contemplates firing the gun at them before Xiao Ge jumps down from a ledge with his hand bloodied to scare off all the creepy crawlers. Xiao Ge tells them all to leave now because he’s coming.  The four of them bolt from the slow-moving zombie, only to get trapped in another tunnel. Xiao Ge turns on his spidey senses and can feel someone or something else coming around the corner.

Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 2 – Recap

Wu Xie talk to the creepy long haired ghost, asking her if she knows where his friends are. The ghost turns around to reveal that she has no face, just hair front and back. Wu Xie freaks himself out and closes his eyes in terror. When he opens them again, the ghost is within inches of his face and envelops him.

Suddenly, Wu Xie awakes to find himself surrounded by Uncle Three and friends again. Apparently Uncle Three knocked him out when he turned around to look at the ghost. Uncle scolds him for risking everyone’s safety by doing what he was explicitly told not to do. The ghost is called Lei, and she wants to use Wu Xie’s yang spirit to escape the cave.

Pan Zi keeps rowing and they anchor by a village. The group asks a little boy to lead them to a hotel, and the boy asks for fifty large. He leads them to the only hotel in the village which appears to be pretty run down. Left with no choice, they decide to take the last two rooms to recoup for the time being.

Wu Xie lays Xiao Ge down in bed and tries to peek at his mysterious weapon, but fails when Xiao Ge wakes up. Wu Xie excuses himself and meets everyone else for dinner. At dinner, a mystery woman starts talking to them and she turns out to be Chen Cheng Cheng. Uncle Three scolds her for a bit, but eventually agrees to bring her on the adventure.

Chen Cheng Cheng tells everyone that she followed the criminals to this village because they are also after the tomb which is rumored to be that of a god’s. However, the tomb is now sealed off by the breaking of a dam years ago. What is strange is that they found over one hundred skulls nearby, just skulls, no bodies. Chen Cheng Cheng also tells them that a group of raiders tried entering the tomb at some point, but couldn’t find the entrance.

The next day, Uncle Three leads everyone on a trip to seek out the entrance of the tomb using their special map. After a bit of walking they spot the old man who led them into the cave earlier. The old man sees them and immediately kneels down to beg for forgiveness, blaming the dead guy for the whole thing. Uncle Three is uninterested in his excuses, but is curious as to how the old man was able to escape. The old man reveals that there is a hole at the top of the cave. After they leave, he would blow a whistle and the dog would push a giant basin over for him. Uncle Three asks the old man to be their guide. On their way, the old man tells a story about how a group of people who asked him to be their guide a few days ago. Apparently they had set up camp not far from the tomb, but while he was sleeping, the group of people disappeared. When he woke up, he saw the woman of the group covered in blood, but nobody else. Because of this, the old man is convinced the tomb is haunted, but Uncle Three doubts the realness of the story.

Finally, they arrive at the criminals’ campsite. Uncle Three deduces that the bad guys are in the cave already and have not vanished like the old man thought. Pan Zi grabs two canteens of gas and they set off for the tomb. Suddenly, High Shao falls into a shallow pit and everyone stops to observe. Xiao Ge breaks silence and states that this is the place.

Uncle Three bents down to investigate and suggests they start digging. Wu Xie is unhappy with that because it will destroy the tomb. Xiao Ge points them to a heep not far off and Uncle Three identifies it as the result of an explosion, meaning the criminals are already in there, likely raiding as they speak. Wu Xie relents on the digging, but demands that he must enter the tomb, too. Some time later, Pan Zi and Uncle Three both pull out their tools to find some red dirt. High Shao wonders why does it look like there is blood mixed in, but no one replies. He happily goes off to build a tent with Chen Cheng Cheng.

Uncle Three and Pan Zi continue to dig and soon enough they find the entrance. High Shao decides that he will stay behind to protect Chen Cheng Cheng, but everyone else go ahead and enter.

After descending a bunch of stairs our heroes find the door to the tomb blocked by a brick wall. This tomb is surprisingly bright, considering lots of lights shining on their walkway. Uncle Three and Pan Zi each reach their hand in one of the two animal statues to press on some button to get the door to open. They descend down some more stairs to find yet another wall, this time with no special statues sitting outside on guard. Just as Pan Zi is about to brute force it, Xiao Ge stops him and tells him that the bricks cannot be broken in, they must be pulled. Xiao Ge grabs hold of one of the bricks and pulls it out. He then inserts a tube to release the liquid inside the bricks. Apparently if they broke the bricks then the liquid would splatter all over them and effectively burn off their skin.

Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 1 – Recap

After getting the tomb-raiding crew assembled, Uncle Three uses his connections to hook them up with a boat captain to help them sail across the lake and to the tomb. I don’t know who made him the boss, but when others suggest maybe taking the ground route since the boat captain seems unreliable. Apparently, this boat captain is the only dude who’s permitted to enter the cave they must get through to get to the tomb because everyone else just up and dies when they try going themselves.

When Wu Xie notices that the boat captain’s dog stinks, Uncle Three makes the conclusion the dog and the captain must eat human corpses. He knows this because him and Pan Zi once came across another cave that was used as a body dumping ground. Because they were too afraid to enter the cave themselves, they attached a camcorder to a raft to see what was going on in there. The footage came back and showed a corpse with only half a face. Uncle Three tells them that there’s an old practice of consuming corpses in order to pass through such caves. Somehow, no one besides High Shao seems all that concerned by this. The boat captain lives up to his creepy appearance when he spends the entire time it takes to reach the cave telling them scary stories about monsters that live in the water. By the time they actually enter the pitch-black cave, they’re immediately greeted by a high-pitched screeching noise. When Uncle Three turns to ask the captain and his buddy about it, they’re gone.

With their boat’s motor also being broken, the guys are floating along until the boat is rattled by something in the water. Xiao Ge casually plucks whatever it was out of the water, and throws it into the boat. The thing he threw just looks like a really big and really gross bug, but Uncle Three gives it a quick sniff and realizes that it’s actually a corpse-eating beetle.

As they keep being pushed by the water’s current, there’s suddenly a glow and ear-piercing bell sound coming from a corner of the cave. Hearing the noise, Wu Xie enters into some sort of trance and is frozen and mesmerized by it. Xiao Ge quickly realizes that something’s not quite right here, and pushes him into the water with everyone following suit. When Wu Xie snaps out of it, he resurfaces and meets face-to-face with the boat captain’s very dead and bloody face.

They manage to fight off the monster bugs and get back onto the boat in one piece, but the horror doesn’t end there. The dead boat captain’s torso floats by them. They capture one of the monster bugs onto the boat and see that the antique bell attached to it was the source of the ringing. Listening to Uncle Three’s very shaky and unreliable logic, the group puts the monster bug at the bow of the boat in order for its corpse-eating powers to lead them outta the cave.

This haunted boat ride from hell continues as they pass by a nice ol’ pile of corpses and skeletons being devoured by the monster bugs. Next up are some caskets made out of ice that are just chilling there, but with no bodies in them. That’s nothing though compared to the ghost waiting to unleash a bajillion monster bugs on them.

Xiao Ge immediately cuts his finger with his sword and flicks the blood at the ghost, which somehow makes it collapse. Wu Xie turns around to take one last look at the ghost, and gets whacked in the head by someone. When he wakes up from the blow, he’s left floating in the boat by himself. A drop of blood drips onto his face, but it’s gone when he looks again. Suddenly, he sees the ghost standing atop the pile of bones again, but the image keeps flickering in front of him. Wu Xie thinks he’s imagining things but when he turns around, the ghost is standing on the boat.