Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 25 – Recap

Yaya went to Mi Shaofei, who had just announced his retirement, and saw that the idol had bought a bunch of unnutritive fast food. Yaya used a joke to hide her distress. Afterwards, Yaya knew that the idol wanted to go to the computer to watch the K&K match in Beijing, so he took Xiaomi to a place. In the restaurant, Mi Shaofei, Yaya and Tong Nian, the three of them enjoyed the food while watching the SP’s first team win the victory from the computer. Mi Shaofei is sincerely happy for SP, even if he is the one who was eliminated because of his strength. Yaya felt even more distressed to see Mi Shaofei like this, and began to try to keep Mi Shaofei in Shanghai and insist on CTF from other channels. Tong Nian looked at Yaya, who was saddened by love, and also used the former Solo team to help persuade Mi Shaofei to stay in Shanghai, like Han Shangyan and Wang Hao after retiring.

 Mi Shaofei began the process of being walked by the intermediary to see the house together with Yaya. During the inspection, Mi Shaofei was deeply attracted by Yaya’s actions and words, and almost kissed Yaya involuntarily. After this made Yaya’s heart beat faster, she thought of her friend Tong Nian again, and was still sad for Han Shangyan. Mi Shaofei, who is cute and loyal, prepares to match Han Shangyan with Tong Nian. First of all, Mi Shaofei asked Yaya to be responsible for stimulating Han Shangyan from Tong Nian’s side.

Therefore, when Yaya returned to the dormitory to collect her clothes, she saw Tong Nian packing up Han Shangyan and prepared to return it to Shang Yan. With an inspiration, Yaya picked the K&K jersey of Han Shangyan to take a photo, and used Tong Nian’s phone to post to Moments, saying that he would throw it away. Sure enough, this made Han Shangyan so angry that he kept taking the elevator and eating sweets to vent his emotions.

Because of the uncontrollable feelings, Han Shangyan went to the place where the game CDs were sold, bought a bunch, and prepared to give it to Tong Nian as a breakup gift. When Han Shangyan returned to the club with a parting ceremony, his cousin Wu Bai laughed at paying back the money.

The second step of Mi Shaofei’s matching plan is to use the joy of housewarming to let Han Shangyan and Tong Nian meet again, and take the opportunity to create solitary time for Mi Shaofei and Yaya. Therefore, on the day of housewarming, Mi Shaofei invited Han Shangyan, Tong Nian, Yaya, Wang Hao, Ou Qiang and others, and said in advance that the match was the main one and the housewarming was a supplement. Therefore, when Han Shangyan went upstairs, Mi Shaofei deliberately asked Tong Nian to go down and help open the door. This allowed Han Shangyan and Tong Nian to have a brief exchange and look at each other, making each other very shy.

Next, something minor happened, that is, Wang Hao’s daughter Xiao Ai asked Tong Nian to consider Wang Hao, and the people present couldn’t help but laugh. Except for Hanshangyan, the expression becomes serious. Tong Nian was too embarrassed to go to the supermarket to buy daily necessities for Xiaomi. At this great opportunity, Xiaomi deliberately made a list, causing Han Shangyan to be dissatisfied with Xiaomi calling the girl. Therefore, Xiaomi naturally asked Han Shangyan to help Tong Nian carry things.

In the process of visiting the supermarket, Korean businessmen couldn’t help choosing a bunch of snacks, and that bunch of snacks were picked by Tong Nian on the first day of the new year. It turned out that Hanshangyan had been memorized carefully. After the two bought everything, they returned to Mi Shaofei’s new home and called Xiaomi and Yaya to move things together. After the move, Han Shangyan gave Tong Nian the parting gift he bought to Tong Nian, and said that K&K club has something to go ahead. Staring at him, Tong Nian accepted the gift and asked Han Shangyan to take care of his body and pay attention to safety on the road. But in fact, Tong Nian’s heart hopes that Han Shangyan will stay and eat with everyone.

When Yaya and Mi Shaofei knew that Shang Yan was leaving, Yaya rushed downstairs and logged on K&K’s new official website with a phone in Shang Yan. Under the power of friendship, Yaya said righteously to the gun god Han Shang, Tong Nian bought a server for your club’s official website and made it after a few nights. Han Shangyan was in the car alone, looking at the official website over and over again with his mobile phone, recalling Tong Nian over and over again with his heart, but because of his promise to Tong’s mother, he dared not let Tong Nian have any love illusions about himself. At Mi Shaofei’s house, Tong Nian left before eating because Zheng Hui’s mother had an operation today.

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