Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 33 – Recap

In the K&K club, Tong Nian rushed to Han Shangyan and kissed him randomly.  Finally waited until Tong Nian died down for a while, and at that time Tong Nian sat on Hanshangyan’s lap, still hooking Hanshangyan’s neck with his arm. Moreover, from time to time, Tong Nian’s head moved from the front of Hanshangyan’s chest to the front of Hanshangyan. He understand that Tong Nian drank a whole bottle of wine. With a long breath, Han Shangyan moved Tong Nian to bed to rest.  When they walked out of the room, the team members saw the old breathless look downstairs, and they couldn’t help but imagine. The boys ridicule the boss, and the boss Han Shangyan will not get angry, which makes the relationship between the boss and the employees more harmonious.

However, because the residence of Zheng Hui’s mother and son ended, the Tong family was preparing to send off a farewell dinner together, but Tong’s mother could not contact Tong Nian for a long time, so she could only contact Tong Nian’s best friend Blueberry. After learning about this, Blueberry made a decisive call to remind Han Shangyan to tell Tong Nian not to answer Tong’s mother’s call.

But it was so hard to die, Han Shangyan just rushed over and threw on the bed, Tong Nian sat up and connected to Tong’s mother’s phone. Tong Nian still said on the phone that he was sleeping in Hanshangyan, and Hanshangyan was lying next to him, but in fact, Hanshangyan was pressed under Tong Nian. When Tong Nian passed out again, and Tong’s mother had not hung up the phone, Han Shangyan answered the phone and said politely that he would bring Tong Nian to Han’s house later. On the other side, Tong’s mother was so angry that she wanted to go to Han Shangyan to settle the account immediately, while Tong’s father said that Tong Nian was already an adult child and wanted to save her face.

It was night after the time flickered, and it was only after Tong Nian woke up that he realized that he had done absurd things and regretted it. At this time, the Han Shang Yan, on the other hand, smiled playfully with Tong Nian, and asked him to wash up quickly and go to the Han family to plead guilty. After Tong Nian was finished, I saw this man who was going to be his husband, wearing a shirt and a suit, and couldn’t help but sigh.

When he arrived at Tong’s house, Hanshangyan asked Tong’s father and Tong’s mother to sit down and talked about the acquaintance and love with Tong Nian. Except for the words that Hanshangyan was bound to be responsible for Tongnian, the others were all Hanshangyan’s flicking Tong’s parents. of. Because Han Shangyan changed Tong Nian’s love and stalking to him at first sight, it was changed to that Han Shangyan fell in love with Tong Nian at first sight and was infatuated by goodbye in Guangzhou. And Tong’s mother still didn’t buy it, and blasted Tong Nian back to the room to think about it. But Tong’s father comforted Han Shangyan and let Han Shangyan comfort Tong Nian. In Tong Nian’s room, Han Shangyan had nowhere to sit. The reason was that Tong Nianjing hurriedly made Han Shangyan avoid Tong’s mother and came in, but the room was not cleaned. Han Shangyan explained what Tong Nian didn’t understand about the white lie just now. Finally, Han Shangyan told Tong Nian, never question Han Shangyan’s love for Tong Nian.

After that night, Han Shangyan called his stepmother in Norway to give Tong Nian an explanation. Upon hearing that his son Han Shangyan had recovered his girlfriend, the stepmother had already begun to fantasize about the grandson. As for meeting Tong Nian’s parents, the stepmother immediately began to prepare air tickets and gifts.

After asking his stepmother, Han Shangyan took a lot of strawberry desserts that he had bought to Tong Nian before and gave it to Mi Shaofei, and told his brother that he was going to get married.  Mi Shaofei began to count down the sorrows of Tong Nian looking for an old man, such as: never had the sunrise together, traveled together, did not even go to the school cafeteria and library, etc. After listening to the Korean business language, it seems that this is how we get married. Tong Nian will definitely blame himself.

Immediately afterwards, Han Shangyan knew that Tong Nian was going to help professors invigilate the exam in the afternoon, so he came to Shanghai Jiaotong University. When Tong Nian just arrived at school and was murdered by his classmates for parking his bicycle. During the proctoring period of Tong Nian, Han Shangyan picked the “school flowers” and prepared to give it to Tong Nian. After the exam was finally completed, Han Shangyan was asked for contact information by the school girl at the door of the classroom. However, Tong Nian, who had a sharp ear, went to subtly resolve the embarrassment.

Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 32 – Recap

That morning, Han Shangyan received a call from Mi Shaofei and rushed to Buff’s residence. As a result, Buff had just bid farewell to his old friend on the battlefield and went to the station. At this point, Han Shangyan still didn’t give up. He rushed to the station, just shouting Buff’s Chinese name, Bi Dongran. The professional players who played against each other in the past are now talking about business cooperation. The two naturally reached an agreement. And in order to avoid shaking the military spirit in the finals, after signing the contract, Buff stayed at Xiaomi during this period, not in the club.

When Han Shangyan finished talking about Buff with Mi Shaofei, he talked in the club that Tong Nian’s desired anniversary gift was marriage. This shocked Mi Shaofei, and also stunned his 97 chin on the sofa. The funny thing is that as soon as 97 knows it, the whole club knows it.  At this moment, in the dormitory, Tong Nian knew that Han Shangyan planned to marry Tong Nian, and Tong Nian was also willing to marry Han Shangyan, but because he could not get Tong’s mother’s approval, Tong Nian sighed and laughed. sound. This makes Yaya also persuade not to listen to this age-crossing love.

After that, Yaya went to Tong Nian to help Xiao Mi clean up the house and let Buff move in smoothly. During the tidying up period, Han Shangyan only let Tong Nian stay in the shade, showing his most gentle and considerate side in front of his little girlfriend. After cleaning up, Mi Shaofei, Yaya, Han Shangyan, and Tong Nian drank and ate with Buff. Buff drank a bit, and began to feel that Han Shangyan was just one step short of it that year. After entering the World Championships, he won the world championship representing China, but Han Shangyan chose to retire at that time.

After the wine bureau, Tong Nian drove back to the club in a Han Shangyan car. It was extremely thrilling along the way, Han Shangyan willingly put his life in Tong Nian’s hands. Because Tong Nian only got his driver’s license, driving a car with automatic transmission in Hanshangyan was extremely nervous. In the end, he finally reached the club’s parking garage, but Tong Nian confuses the reversing into the garage with the side parking, and he can’t get in. This caused Han Shangyan to laugh so fondly that he had to let Shen Zhe come down and park the car. When Shen Zhe went to call a car for his sister-in-law, Tong Nian thought that both Shen Zhe and the club aunt knew that Han Shangyan was going to marry Tong Nian.

This shows that Hanshangyan is serious, and the current situation is that Hanshangyan believes that as long as you persuade Tong’s father and Tong’s mother, everything will be well and good. Tong Nian began to worry that Han Shangyan had been worrying about the club budget before. This marriage would definitely cost a lot of expenses. Tong Nian did not want to be a burden on Han Shangyan. However, when Tong Nian expressed his concern about the lack of money, Han Shangyan thought that Tong Nian was worried that if he didn’t work at this critical moment, the matter between the two of them would definitely fall through. At the same time, the team members knew that the boss and sister-in-law were planning to get married, so Shen Zhe deliberately said that it was too late to get a taxi and asked the boss to stay with the sister-in-law for the night.

However, because Tong Nian and Han Shangyan had a disagreement over the marriage, the two had a small frictional quarrel. As soon as Hanshangyan went out to breathe, Tong Nian fell on Hanshangyan’s bed and regretted what he said. After Han Shangyan went out, he also felt that he was a man and wanted to give way to a little girl.

When Han Shangyan returned to the room, he found that Tong Nian was asleep. Therefore, Han Shangyan put a pillow under Tong Nian’s head and covered him with a quilt. Han Shangyan sat on the floor with his head on the same pillow as Tong Nian.

After waking up, Han Shangyan went to ask Shen Zhe, and remembered that Wang Hao was to buy food to coax Ai Qing back then. Therefore, Hanshangyan extracted the main points from the quarrel last night, that is, Tong Nian is allergic to mango and likes to eat strawberries. Ever since, Han Shangyan went to buy a bunch of strawberry fruits, strawberry macarons, and strawberry cakes to make Tong Nian no longer angry. As a result, when Han Shangyan went to buy these, Tong Nian sat in the Han Shangyan room hungry and thirsty.

Before Hanshangyan and Tong Nian were sorry, Tongnian threw down Hanshangyan and bit Hanshangyan’s lip to play.

Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 31 – Recap

At this time, because of the Buff who lost the game during the day, for the first time in his life, he accepted the loss to Han Shangyan, and left his team card to Han Shangyan so that he must lead the team to win the world championship. And this is a kind of spiritual inheritance, let Han Shangyan lie on his back on the balcony chair, can’t help but think of the brave words of the young and energetic youth of the Solo team ten years ago, in order to win the world championship.

After that night, the leader Mi Shaofei not only won a good leading record, but also the trust and trust of the boys.

In the early morning of the next day, Tong Nian came to the entrance of Hanshangyan’s club. He only used a computer to tease Hanshangyan before letting Hanshangyan go downstairs and open the door for himself. This time I came here because of his victory in the semi-finals. Tong Nian was in love again, and he was ready to bring out the surprise for Han Shangyan in advance. Although Hanshangyan speaks bluntly and incomprehensibly on the surface, it is just the new homepage of K&K’s official website. But in fact, when I learned from Yaya before, Han Shangyan had read this new official website more than a hundred times.

Han Shangyan first made Tong Nian sulking, and then he wanted to kiss him. But at this time, because Mi Shaofei received a short message from Hanshangyan last night, he came over to disturb the good things about Hanshangyan. At that time, Tong Nian, who was young but sensible, also asked Han Shangyan to focus on work.

Then, Han Shangyan talked with Mi Shaofei, and wanted to sign Buff, not only to realize the dream of Buff, but also to improve the average strength of K&K. Just considering that it is necessary to replace the guy with the worst performance in the team behind, Xiaomi and Shangyan are also thinking about this.

When Mi Shaofei went to find out when Buff left Shanghai, Han Shangyan dealt with Norwegian matters downstairs. And Tong Nian got tired of playing with Kitty, so he took the slide to Hanshangyan’s office. The two of them dazzled, which did not affect Hanshangyan’s work in the slightest. When Nanwei from Norway mentioned that the budget was not enough, Hanshang said that if this is the case, China would figure out its own way. Because he was driving the speakerphone, Tong Nian also heard it, so he volunteered to Han Shangyan, “I will support you”.

In the evening, Han Shangyan sent Tong Nian to Tong’s door. At the time of the parting, Tong Nian walked around the window of Hanshangyan, looked at Hanshangyan with affectionate eyes, and gently stroked Hanshangyan’s frowning brows. This made  Han Shangyan involuntarily stick his head out of the car window and hug Tong Nian. When Tong Nian reluctantly entered the house, Han Shangyan met the security guard the last time he climbed the tree. After hearing the words of the security guard, Han Shang could not help but squat at Tong’s house for the whole night.

And the next day, Tong Nian sent a message saying that this was the four-month anniversary of our acquaintance and missed you so much. Han Shangyan said that he would come down if he thought of me. Tong Nian turned over and got out of bed, dressed in pajamas, put on his jacket and rushed out of the house. Seeing Hanshangyan, Tong Nian jumped to Hanshangyan excitedly, and this scene was captured by passers-by. In the Hanshangyan car again, Tong Nian felt so happy that he could hardly breathe. When Han Shangyan asked Tong Nian what kind of anniversary gift he wanted, Tong Nian said he would never break up. This made Han Shangyan start to tease Tong Nian seriously, saying that there are many obstacles to getting married now. One of them is Tong’s mother.

Afterwards, the two of them also avoided Tong’s father walking the dog in fear. After a baptism of love, Han Shangyan took Tong Nian a lot of mature and serious in the eyes of Tong’s father.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 26 – Recap

Ba Ye has accompanied doctor Mo Ce over to the Hong mansion. Mo Ce gives him some medicine and he wakes up, thinking she’s Yatou in his muddled state.  She goes out to fix some warm towels. Ba Ye thinks it’s time Er Ye told him a bit more about what happened to him in the tomb, but he won’t. He just tells Ba Ye to go to his secret room and burn it to the ground. Ba Ye studies the model of the tomb, wondering about the size of it. It’s  far bigger than they thought. He douses everything in gasoline and lights it up. However, one notebook falls to the floor.

At the bordello, that soldier they are targeting Chen Ye finally makes an appearance. Sure, cause he got paid by Fo Ye for keeping quiet. It doesn’t take long and he starts telling them about a huge treasure in the mines outside Changsha and how not even Fo Ye and Er Ye made it out unscathed. It’s soon the talk on the streets, that there is a huge treasure. Chen Pi made sure that people think that Zhang Da Fo Ye wants to keep it all for himself. That’s clever, it’s probably Hendry’s plan. Chen Pi goes to the mine himself, but can’t find an entrance.

At the Zhang mansion,  Fo Ye hears strange things and has weird seizures.

Chief Lu finds it highly amusing that the whole of Changsha now speaks badly of Fo Ye and Madame Huo thinks it’s time for the next step, which involves her visiting Fo Ye. But when she gets increasingly rude, accusing him of trespassing on her territory, thus breaking the rules of the Nine Gates and then demands to be handed all the information about the mines, he loses it. He definitely made a mistake. Madame Huo flees, furious, but I got to tell you, Fo Ye really isn’t himself these days.

He goes to see Ba Ye. But Ba Ye isn’t affected like Fo Ye is. Fo Ye feels he is losing control over his own body. Luckily, Ba Ye has a „protective copper mirror” from his very talented ancestors, who can drive away evil and darkness. It can reflect ferocious ghosts and make them show their true forms. And all of a sudden, his mirror image changes into the face of his father.

Fo Ye is assaulted by horrible memories, of him running away from the Japanese in the forest, with people from his family. His father is shot multiple times in front of him. He takes one last, sad look at his dead father when all of a sudden, a Qilin appears. This is the „monster” the people in the mines were so afraid of. The other monster, not the hair monster. Ba Ye finds him in a trance and really has to shake him out of it.

Chief Lu pays Fo Ye a visit, super friendly, as always, but he talks about the „higher-ups” and how they have heard about that evil rumor about Fo Ye and the mines. Visual Zhang puts two and two together: Lu and Madame Huo are now working together. Right, now it also makes sense to them that Xie Jiu Ye’s business abroad run into troubles.

Chief Lu moves against Er Ye next. They tear him out of bed and arrest him at gunpoint.  Chen Pi is quite outraged, but that sentiment doesn’t last long. After all, Er Ye let the Mistress die like that.

Fo Ye hears about this immediately and goes over to Lu’s house. He demands that Er Ye is let go, but Lu claims he had to capture him because he has info on the ancient tomb. They have a witness. He basically tells Fo Ye to admit he went into the tombs, which Fo Ye does not want to do. He threatens Lu if he harms Er Ye, but he just laughs at him.

Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 30 – Recap

Mi Shaofei has become the leader of K&K, which is the news released on the official website. In the K&K club, Han Shangyan and Tong Nian watched from the window on the second floor and the surveillance video station, Mi Shaofei taught the boys to train on the first floor, but the boys were very arrogant and rude. It wasn’t until Mi Shaofei asked Wu Bai’s Dt team to go to a meeting. Under Wu Bai’s example, Shen Zhe, 97, demo, and one went to the conference room slowly. In the face of such embarrassment, Mi Shaofei still analyzed the strength of the Buff team for the Dt team. Because Mi Shaofei is a senior professional player with many years of experience, he is familiar with the advantages and weaknesses of various domestic teams. Therefore, when Mi Shaofei talked about the weakness of Buff, the boys began to realize the importance of Mi Shaofei and Han Shangyan is not nepotism under Wu Bai’s explanation. The weakness of Buff is that it cannot be solved. Once it is deciphered by the opponent, Buff will panic and lose if panic.

When Han Shangyan and Tong Nian saw this from the surveillance, they were relieved of Mi Shaofei’s situation. The two went to Han Shangyan’s room and played with the kitten. During this period, Han Shangyan said that the semi-finals will start on Wednesday, and that time will come with Tong Nian, without tickets. And Yaya happened to take this opportunity to find her brother Xiao Mi, to rub her feelings in the game. At this time, Tong Nian hugged the cat and asked shyly, would she count as her girlfriend again of Han Shangyan. Han Shangyan acknowledged Tong Nian’s girlfriend and kissed Tong Nian.

After the meeting, Mi Shaofei worked harder to analyze and compare the strength of several members of the Dt team and the average strength of the SP team, in order to find a breakthrough and take advantage of the strength.

As for the SP team, He Nana, the global operations director because Mi Shaofei was very familiar with SP, went to find Wang Hao and Ai Qing to discuss countermeasures. But Ai Qing was not very happy when she learned of this, and she was going to “blackmail” Xiaomi. Regarding strategy, Ai Qing made Director and Wang Hao believe that their team leader, Ai Qing was the best countermeasure.

Tong Nian has nothing to do in the dormitory, and with a little shame, he posted a new song “Milk and Bread” on Weibo. This is a naked show of affection in front of the majority of netizens. This Bonn love spread to K&K Club 97 at the speed of light, and the lewd smiles of the boys caught the attention of Han Shangyan. He asked 97 to register for himself Bo. When Hanshangyan, the ancient legend in the CTF world, registered, the Weibo server was almost not paralyzed, and the number of fans continued to rise. On the other hand, Tong Nian found out that his boyfriend had registered on Weibo, and only paid attention to himself. He also left sweet words for the new song.

On the day of the semi-finals, Tong Nian did not go to the game because of relatives at home. Instead, he and his cousin Hu Dounan watched the live broadcast with a laptop on the first floor of the house. When the two elder brothers watched the game forgettingly, Tong’s mother and relatives were seriously disturbed on the other side of the sofa, which made Tong’s mother kill Tong Nian 10,000 times with her eyes.

At the Shanghai competition, the Buff team was a group of 30-year-old but dissatisfied seniors. Because of their obsession with the world championship, they entered the semi-finals with K&K without a club, sponsors or team leader. In this game, there are sponsors if you win, and the last one if you lose. Despite this, the K&K boys are not prepared to be inferior to these veterans.

At the last moment, Wu Bai took a strong attack to infiltrate and won the final championship. When the K&k side was dazzling, it was also the time when the Buff team was desolate. The members of the Buff team quit their jobs and want to fight for their dreams. And Buff never liked to admit defeat in his life. After this time, Buff finally took a look at the fans who came to the scene to support his team, went to the backstage and waited for the staff to finish work, and wept in the boundless darkness. At the same time, at the Guangzhou competition, the SP team also successfully won the semi-finals and entered the finals with K&K.

Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 28 – Recap

The grandfather fell in love with the grandson-in-law, and Tong Nian was also very speculative with the grandfather, so he agreed with Han Shangyan and went to Norway to see the grandfather together when he had time. On the second floor, Han Shangyan had to personally supervise the game because of Su Cheng’s resignation, so he packed the boxes and explained Tong Nian’s questions. That is, the aunt next to him was actually One’s mother. After that, Han Shangyan sent Tong Nian away, and Tong Nian accidentally learned that Han Shangyan named the kitten Xiao Squid.

The next day, with Yaya’s encouragement, Tong Nian rushed home from the university dormitory, ready to work harder for his love with Han Shangyan. With the Han family and Tong Nian’s people, accompany the old man to Suzhou to see his hometown, so as to alleviate the pain of homesickness of the old man when he returns to Norway and also ease the relationship between Tong’s mother and Han Shangyan. This idea was approved by Tong’s mother. Zheng Hui, who originally lived in Tong’s house and coveted the year of Tong, was deeply impressed by Tong’s mother because of his ability to pick beans.

On the way to Suzhou, the Han’s and Tong’s each drove a car, and the Tong’s car opened the way. Although Tong’s mother still has a grudge against Han Shangyan, it is not easy to tell because of her daughter’s infatuation. But when the Han family let the Tong family sit alone, Hu Dounan was introduced instead of Tong Nian, whom the old man hoped. During the break, Han Shangyan peeled an old popsicle to Tong Nian. When he was about to feed it into Tong Nian’s pouting lips, Hu Dounan took it away vigorously. The interruption work arranged by Tong’s mother was performed properly. But it is precisely because of these resistances that Han Shangyan has a stronger motivation for Tong Nian. A small act between a couple envied others, that is, Han Shangyan used his hand to block Tong Nian from the sun, which was just right.

When they arrived at the common hometown of the Han and Tong families, the old man of the Han family and a white-haired but glorious grandmother began to sit down, chatting about the family.  Han Shangyan and Tong Nian, Tong Nian’s cousin, and Hu Dounan’s elders all began to play the younger generation one by one. When asked about Han Shangyan, the grandmother couldn’t help but wonder about her age, and worried about the Han family. She was almost 30 years old, and she was never married and had no children. After politely responding to the business language, he found a reason with a little discomfort and came out to breathe.

Han Shang said that he was alone with Tong Nian and wittily threw away Hu Dounan. The two went under a tree to play chess with the local elderly. Han Shangyan sold the singing boy from the bridge, flicked a small guitar for twenty yuan, and while traveling around the water town with Tong Nian in a small boat, he hummed a song for Tong Nian affectionately.

Unconsciously, the good time of the afternoon passed. In order to avoid causing Tong’s mother’s displeasure, Han Shangyan asked Tong Nian to go back to eat with his elders by returning the guitar. Shang Yan went to his grandfather’s hometown to buy gifts for Tong Nian. When the elders’ seats hadn’t fallen apart, Han Shangyan rushed back, just like Tong Nian was scolded by Tong’s mother, and was taught by the Han family father to take a seat for dinner.

After visiting his hometown, the old man of the Han family returned to Han Shangyan’s home again. That night, the old man and his grandson had a good conversation, and he began to think about how he didn’t understand his grandson, so he felt guilty. When he was returning to Norway the next day, the old man was reluctant to bear the younger Han Shangyan and Wu Bai, so he insisted on drinking another cup of tea, and that tea had to be made by Tong Nian’s tea.

Therefore, when he arrived at the airport, Han Shangyan carefully helped the old man to the bathroom. When Han Shangyan was waiting outside, he saw a short message of concern sent by Tong Nian and invited Tong Nian to visit his father in Norway this summer vacation. After that, Father Han suffered from old problems due to angina, and sat on the toilet to endure it. After a while, Han Shangyan, who sensed something wrong, slammed in. At that time, the grandfather had just come over by himself, and both grandfathers and grandchildren made love accusations for the common problem of never reporting the good or the bad. The accusation comes, and the accusation goes, it is nothing more than the business of Han Shangyan and the health of the Han family.

Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 29 – Recap

On the occasion of the farewell, the old man of the Han family has history to speak in support of Hanshangyan. Because Wu Bai has always used actions to support his cousin to imply his father, and the father has also recently learned about the business of Hanshangyan through the Internet, which is not useless. On the contrary, when things are rare, CTF will continue to burn the passion and positive energy of the new generation.

The next one who was leaving Hanshangyan to go to Norway with the team members was the female team leader Su Cheng. In the K&K club, the boys lined up to see off the leader. Originally, the men had tears and did not flick them lightly, but the boys were still young and could not withstand the pain of parting. After Su Cheng hugged each other, she couldn’t help crying. When he was leaving, Su Cheng wanted to leave a LOGO sign here in Hanshangyan as a commemoration.

As it was the plane in the afternoon, Su Cheng went to find someone who was Mi Shaofei, an old friend and good brother of Hanshangyan. The reason for looking for Xiaomi is: as soon as Su Cheng left, K&K lacked a good team leader, and Mi Shaofei was very suitable. And the friendship between Mi Shaofei and Han Shangyan, if Han Shangyan comes forward, it will inevitably make Mi Shaofei feel that it is charity, and Su Cheng, the ex-wife of Wang Hao who has only met twice, is in a neutral position and it is more appropriate to send an invitation letter. After Su Cheng left, Mi Shaofei thought about Su Cheng’s words. Mi Shaofei believes that his current ability is not better than that of the past, but in terms of understanding CTF, and understanding how much family pressure the team members will bear. Mi Shaofei deserves this position as the team leader. Just thinking of this, Mi Shaofei’s father called and urged him to go home as soon as possible. And the grandmother Xiaomi over there grabbed the phone and still supported Mi Shaofei’s dream like ten years ago.

After many considerations, Mi Shaofei came to the K&K club and asked Han Shangyan to eat local pot chicken. While eating local pot chicken, Han Shangyan knew that it was Su Cheng who had handed over the work and went to find a suitable substitute for the team leader. This made Han Shangyan slapped his forehead and blamed himself for not expecting that Mi Shaofei could continue to adhere to the CTF dream in this way and help more CTF rising stars.

After the two brothers had dinner, Han Shangyan took Mi Shaofei to the K&K club to get familiar with the environment. In such an excited situation, taking advantage of the half-day break after the finals of the boys, the two brothers were drinking at the club. After a few bottles of beer, Mi Shaofei lingered on the sofa of Hanshangyan.

After Hanshangyan got up from the dirty and messy floor, he went to the bathroom and took a shower. As soon as he finished changing his clothes, Han Shangyan saw Tong Nian taking Mi Shaofei, who was blindfolded on the sofa, as himself. Moreover, Tong Nian learned from Yaya earlier that K&K’s current strongest opponent is the Buff team. When Tong Nian thought that Han Shangyan was annoyed by this, he was drunk to vent. Therefore, Tong Nian comforted the people under the quilt with distress. This made Mi Shaofei and Han Shangyan no longer pretend to be silent. Tong Nian pouted his little mouth, after a wave of joking between the two brothers.

After that, the boys came back one after another, and because the demo talked a lot about their sister-in-law, Tong Nian, the boss asked K&K to clean up. At six o’clock in the afternoon, which is the meeting time that Han Shangyan explained to Mi Shaofei, the boys also knew that Mi Shaofei had officially become the leader of K&K. It’s just because the boys feel that Mi Shaofei’s personal ranking has fallen out of the top 100, and he is not worthy of being a member of K&K, let alone the leader. Therefore, for the first time, the boys refused to accept the decision of the boss. In order to avoid talking about  Han Shangyan, he had to wait for his cousin Wu Bai to return to the club, and Wu Bai came forward to ease the scene.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 25 – Recap

Yin Xinyue thinks she’s meeting with her daddy who has come to reprimand her, but it’s her hot uncle. Uncle and her father try to get her back to Bei Ping. Our Miss however has eyes for only one man, Zhang Qi Shan. And it seems the the Xie men expect that answer, because Uncle brings clothes and other things for her. They also approve of Fo Ye. Uncle parts with a warning: A jade buddha statue has been stolen from them. They found the thief in Changsha – but he killed himself before they could get more information.

Miss goes straight to Xie Jiu / Jiu Ye, who at first does not see the value of this information for the Nine Gate affairs. You should trust the Miss. She also has pictures of the statue with her. Xie Jiu is lost in thought when he plays Go with his lady a bit later.

Chen Pi brings Xie Jiu the Buddha statue. He says it’s a fake and because that’s totally against the rules, Chen Pi declares that Xin Yue hotel’s reputation is forever damaged now. He threatens to spread this news, in the process also trampling on Miss Yin’s dignity. But here is the rub: Xie Jiu also has a jade Buddha. The real one. He got it directly from someone at the Xin Xue hotel. Chen Pi thinks he lost this round and when he storms out, he smashes the Buddha. The „fake” one. Which was not fake but real it was Chen Pi who made it look fake. But I guess Xie Jiu is right: stopping Chen Pi is worth ten expensive Buddhas if not more. Xie Jiu is now acutely aware of a „devil in the city of Changsha”.Xie Jiu is hot as hell. So smart and so powerful. Hendry has some evil plan to get Xie Jiu a criminal charge. Once he’s removed temporarily, he thinks he can topple Zhang Qi Shan.

Down in the mines is Visual Zhan. Him and his men feel super anxious: Fo Ye  are gone for too long. Lt. Zhang sends four of his men in. They get lost almost immediately. In the meantime, Fo Ye and Ba Ye wait for Er Ye. Four hours and more have passed and he’s not back. After Fo Ye wants to go in after him several times and is held back by Ba Ye, Er Ye comes stumbling out. He is gravely hurt.

They find back to the room where Visual Zhang is. Fo Ye screams at everyone to hurry up, they need to leave. And nobody is allowed to go in anymore. Ba Ye thinks Er Ye’s „muscles and bones” were injured.  Er Ye wakes up temporarily and manages to hand Fo Ye a fragment of something. And then, Er Ye tells them to blow everything up. There are explosives ready there too.

Fo Ye is home. Bleeding, but apparently writing up a report. The man is in pain. And exhausted. Of course, he claims „it’s nothing”.  He is concerned about the others, the dead ones and the alive ones and their potentially lose tongues. They can’t have anyone tattle about this.

Miss Yin comes in and scolds him for being injured again. She got her cousin Mo Ce, a doctor, to come. Mo Ce admits she was very curious to see this man who snatched her cousin away. Fo Ye gets up and steps away. He is also still very concerned about Er Ye and Xin Yue sends her cousin there as well.

Later, Fo Ye is alone in his room. When he wants to take his pants off he remembers that thing Er Ye gave him. He starts to wash carefully and that activates the tattoo. He stares at the beast on his body and on the  thing in his hand. That thing in the tomb, it’s a Qilin.

Er Ye  has a horrible nightmare about hair. Before that, he dreams of Yatou, who is assailed by hair too. He wakes up and there is hair everywhere, tying him to his chair.

Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 27 – Recap

That year, Su Cheng and Wang Hao met and fell in love with each other because of the CTF match, but they broke up peacefully a year later. When Su Cheng found out that he was pregnant with Liujia, Xiao Ai had been in Su Cheng’s stomach for three months. Because he was afraid of affecting Wang Hao’s record and future, Su Cheng did not tell Wang Hao about the incident, she secretly gave birth to Ai. Until two years later, Wang Hao’s Solo team had become famous at home and abroad. But Su Cheng went to Wang Hao because he couldn’t raise Xiao Ai. At that time, the relationship between Wang Hao and Ai Qing was like glue, but they broke up because of their daughter Xiao Ai’s affairs. When the brothers Mi Shaofei and Ou Qiang tried to comfort Ai Qing on the ground that Xiao Ai might not be Wang Hao’s biological daughter, Wang Hao looked at Su Cheng, who was crying into tears, and recognized Xiao Ai as himself.

Hearing this, Xiao Ai realized in a daze that his father Wang Hao had given up his glorious career at that time and his cherished team brother.  Later, Han Shangyan also told Xiao Ai that Han Shangyan once made Wang Hao lie to Ai Qing, claiming that Xiao Ai was the child of Han Shangyan and Su Cheng, and handed Xiao Ai to Han Shangyan to raise him, so as to stabilize Ai Qing. Take Solo team to win the national championship. However, Wang Hao, who values ​​love and justice, is neither willing to lie to Ai Qing, nor is he willing to let his brother Han Shangyan bear all this for himself.

When Tong Nian heard something not far away, he felt that Xiao Ai’s mother Su Cheng had to come forward to deal with the housework. After listening to the young Su Cheng and Wang Hao, both sacrificed for Xiao Ai. Xiao Ai’s attitude towards Su Cheng has also improved. The two mothers and daughters are on the riverside, each treating each other as friends, speaking freely about what they want to know. After Xiao Ai’s questioning and verification, the mother Su Cheng answered sincerely, and what Han Shangyan said before and Su Cheng’s said were matched.

Unexpectedly, there were unexpected events in the sky, and there was a sudden heavy rain. Let Tong Nian, a meritorious minister, still feel bored for a while before he has time to ask Han Shang for a reward. Han Shangyan is about to drive quickly and accompany his former leader Su Cheng to send his daughter Xiao Ai to Wang Hao’s home. In the car, Xiao Ai was also naughty about Tong Nian and Han Shangyan. Waiting for the car to stop, Xiao Ai told Tong Nian that because he drove further in, it was the place where Solo once lived, and Han Shangyan was afraid of touching the scene. And Wang Hao is here to commemorate his past feelings. When Su Cheng held the umbrella and brought Xiao Ai to the door of Wang Hao’s house, Xiao Ai  felt that he was taken care of all the way, so Xiao Ai took the initiative to embrace his mother, which made Su Cheng very pleased. After Su Cheng sent Xiao Ai, he told Han Shangyan and Tong Nian in the car that he wanted to take a walk in the rain.  Wang Hao also cared about his daughter’s body and helped her daughter to dry her hair. Afterwards, Wang Hao, who wanted to eat a box lunch, cooked delicious food for his daughter Xiao Ai.

In this memory-filled zone, Han Shangyan held the steering wheel and never stepped on the accelerator to leave. On the contrary, Tong Nian, who turned his head and followed the back seat, talked about Ai Qing and Wang Hao having gone through the most difficult and difficult days, but they did not come to a good ending. After hearing this, Tong Nian began to wonder how the two met. After listening to Tong Nian’s emotions, Han Shangyan said with dissatisfaction that Wang Hao and Su Cheng had been separated for less than half a year at the time and were in a relationship, but Shang Yan did not have these bad things. At this time, Wang Hao had already inquired with his daughter Xiao Ai that it was Han Shangyan who sent Xiao Ai back. Therefore, Wang Hao went out to try his luck and thanked Shang Yan. After receiving the thankful business words, he drove away bravely.

On the other hand, Su Cheng recalled what happened between himself and Wang Hao when he was young because of his daughter Xiao Ai’s words. In fact, it was Ai Qing that hurt the most, so he asked Ai Qing to go to the coffee shop. There, Ai Qing said that she and Wang Hao were in the past, and Ai Qing had always been angry with Wang Hao, not Su Cheng. Su Cheng didn’t tell Wang Hao about Xiao Ai. However, Wang Hao did not inform Ai Qing about his plans to withdraw from the team after he had Xiao Ai. This was because Ai Qing was disappointed with Wang Hao as his girlfriend at the time.

After handling Wang Hao’s housework, Han Shangyan brought Tong Nian back to the Han family. The old man had a smile on his face because he saw his grandson-in-law again, and he asked them to go upstairs to watch a movie. On the second floor, Tong Nian also saw the bathroom of Hanshangyan and sorted out cat food with Hanshangyan. Only then did Tong Nian know that Han Shangyan had previously said that giving away cats and going to Norway for a blind date were both in a bad mood and deceived Tong Nian.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 24 – Recap

Fo Ye is in this tunnel. Those sheets are affecting his head. He’s still hot. Random blurry Changsha street scenes flood his mind and vision, and Fo Ye roars in pain, before pushing forward, half blind with a headache. He hits a tripwire that sets off an attack of sharp sheets. One of them slices his arm. Fo Ye keeps stumbling forward, but these visions of this estate torture his brain.

Seems it’s the Zhang Family home because the next few visions show a man taking to the men of the clan, telling them if they feel something is wrong and to go fix it. This isn’t a vision, it’s a flashback to an actual lecture.

Fo Ye tells himself he can’t ignore what he’s feeling wrong, and what he’s feeling wrong is that irritation he felt after the tunnel trip with the old miner and the wigs.

Chen Pi and Hendry are having tea together while discussing their evil plans to take down Fo Ye and Er Ye and any other  that get in their way. Jiu Ye is their next problem, according to Hendry. He says he will send a Tang Dynasty jade Buddha to Chen Pi so that Chen Pi can show it to Jiu Ye. Apparently this Buddha is up for auction at the Xin Yue hotel. Chen Pi doesn’t want to do this, but Hendry tells him to just do it, and Chen Pi agrees because he’s not that independently-minded.

Fo Ye is in the holey room and Ba Ye whimpering in a corner. Ba Ye hugs Fo Ye to find Fo Ye squirming in pain. They get Fo Ye seated at the pedestal of a lion statue where Fo Ye promptly bumps his head and jumps in pain. Ba Ye notes Fo Ye got infected by the Hair Monster again. Fo Ye asks about the diagram Ba Ye made, and Ba Ye proudly announces he’s made an eight character image while they’re right under the mines in a secret room that connects everywhere. Ba Ye explains further. Although the room keeps changing its holes there are always 64 of them forming a Fu Xi hexagram symbolizing eternity. Fo Ye asks if there is any way to get out. Ba Ye says yes. Wait for Er Ye to figure it out because by ancestral osmosis, Ba Ye will know what Uncle Er Ye figured out. Fo Ye is not happy with that response. Fo Ye then flashbacks to Xin Yue claiming him as the real Peng and other instances of her total cuteness. And Fo Ye remembers their adventures and how affectionate Xin Yue is. Ba Ye snaps him out of it to tell him to figure a way out of this mess.

Er Ye going from one holey room to another. He doesn’t meet his friends, though, he meets himself and has an argument about him tomb robbing instead of dying with Ya Tou. Then Er Ye sees Uncle Er Ye’s mark, and knows he had been there too. Anyway, Er Ye gets all determined and decides if Uncle Er Ye left the room, then he can leave too.

Uncle Er Ye and his now insane companions. They’re obsessed they will die there while Uncle Er Ye is looking at the map and thinking hard and looking hot. He is somehow seeing this whole scene with Uncle Er Ye and the two companions all crazy with fear, and Uncle Er Ye telling them, and Er Ye in the present, „no one in our family is afraid of tombs.” Er Ye looks again. He sees Uncle Er Ye, in the past, jump up a couple of levels of holes, and begin drawing the room. Er Ye looks at Uncle, looks at the map, looks at uncle, and then decides of his uncle got out of there, he could too. Er Ye zip the metal balls through the holes and listen where they end up. Er Ye finds the exit.

Ba Ye calculates some bad yellow energy and stresses he doesn’t have a white jade wind chime, and then gets annoyed Fo Ye is having fun meditating while they are stuck there. As Ba Ye is nagging Fo Ye to listen to him talk about 64 holes and 4800 possible routes of which one is the exit, his neck is grazed by something, and he looks up to see Er Ye.

Fo Ye and Er Ye check they’re both all right. No one asks about Ba Ye. Er Ye then says this cave couldn’t trap his Uncle, so it can’t trap him either. He proceeds to show the map to Fo Ye. Then Er Ye gives some explanation that basically involves finding the one and only exit. Ba Ye wonders why the blueprint looks so familiar. At any rate, Ba Ye finally decides they can’t get out of this place, but Er Ye just says follow me, and the other two go sure.

Er Ye shoots his balls, and listens to where they go. Fo Ye and Ba Ye are happy to follow. Then they come out to another shelf. Fo Ye asks Ba Ye if they should go forward or return and Ba Ye says, if I’m with you so let’s go forward.

Er Ye shoots his tiny metal balls. Er Ye goes into his listening trance. One of the balls comes flying back. And they find the safe exit this way, and Fo Ye says he will stay. Fo Ye says he wants to find the vault so that he can take what the Japanese wanted to take. Er Ye saying he has no ties and should go, while Fo Ye says he can’t let Er Ye be in danger. Ba Ye negotiates it all, and Er Ye is the one to go in, while Fo Ye and Ba Ye wait. Er Ye remembers hearing one of the metal balls hitting metal doors, and says to give him 4 hours, after which, you two leave.

Xin Yue going somewhere. She is a bit nervous, which her maid notes, and which Xin Yue puts down immediately. Then she walks into the room, takes a few deep breaths and kneels, crying, „Daddy!” but the person who comes through isn’t Boss Yin, but someone else.