Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 26 – Recap

Outside the intensive care unit for liver transplantation, Zheng Hui excitedly waited for Tong Nian to inform him of the success of the operation. Zheng Hui took Tong Nian to dinner and expressed his gratitude. After Tong Nian left Xiaomi’s housewarming banquet, Han Shangyan chased Tong Nian to this hospital. When Han Shangyan saw Tong Nian, he found that Zheng Hui was close to Tong Nian, as if he wanted to confess. With a jealous feeling, Han Shangyan pulled away Zheng Hui and looked directly at the stunned kid. Zheng Hui had seen Han Shangyan before and called him Tong Nian’s brother. At the moment of embarrassment, Tong Nian explained that it was not his brother, and Zheng Hui duly called Han Shangyan Uncle Tong Nian, which caused thousands of horses and mud horses in Han Shangyan’s heart to run by. Therefore, when Han Shangyan later had dinner with Zheng Hui and Tong Nian, he deliberately ordered a bunch of expensive dishes when he invited Zheng Hui to entertain him, and Zheng Hui swallowed wildly. And when Tong Nian waited for the dishes to come to the table, he wanted to get rid of Hanshangyan first.  In desperation, Tong Nian had to let Zheng Hui take the lead and go back to look after Zheng Hui’s mother. When Zheng Hui left, Han Shangyan also deliberately teased Zheng Hui to make him pay. Seeing Zheng Hui’s restless and trembling hands, Han Shangyan just said it was a joke. After Zheng Hui left, Tong Nian hurriedly explained Zheng Hui’s life experience and a short story with him. After hearing Han Shangyan, he did not hurriedly mentioned his bumpy life experience from childhood and his unknown sadness.

That night, Tong Nian recalled in the dormitory that he and Han Shangyan walked into an alleyway, and the two listened to the song and danced and looked at each other sweetly. This dream-like beauty actually happened. And Yaya was also in the dormitory. When he and Mi Shaofei were cleaning up their new home, Mi Shaofei asked himself to call Xiao Mi Ge and sent Yaya back to the university dormitory. This damn love feeling makes people want to blush. The two who were also in love, Tong Nian and Yaya also teased each other, and happily took a group photo at this time.

After Han Shangyan returned home, Tong Nian could not spoil him temporarily, so he had to spoil the kitten. When the old man was nagging as usual, Han Shangyan took the trouble to show his kindness to the old man and asked him to list the items he needed recently.  Later, Han Shangyan took the kitty that annoyed the elderly and went to the K&K club.

Later, Han Shangyan and 97 talked about the original SP team 1 and 2 team wanting to win two gold medals, and now the second team captain Fu Ying mentioned to the first team, and this person is comparable to K&K’s Shen Zhe. Therefore, the current SP team strength should not be underestimated.

The next day, Wang Hao of the SP team decided to return his daughter Xiao Ai to his mother Su Cheng, so that her daughter could follow her mother through each subsequent menstrual period and development period. Xiao Ai had misunderstood Su Cheng, disliked Su Cheng, and turned a deaf ear to Wang Hao’s explanation. Moreover, Xiao Ai also hates the hives inherited from Su Cheng, including the need for hearing aids to hear outside sounds. Therefore, Xiao Ai once again ran away from home to Tong Nian’s dormitory.

Soon, when Wang Hao and Han Shangyan learned of this, they all rushed to the female dormitory of Jiaotong University downstairs. After Tong Nian greeted the auntie in the graduate dormitory building, Wang Hao entered Tong Nian’s dormitory and talked to Xiao Ai, hoping to get his daughter’s understanding. Han Shangyan and Tong Nianben are outside, waiting across the window.

Originally, Han Shangyan thought that Wang Hao, as the captain, could handle the affairs of his daughter Xiaoai with a three-inch tongue. But when Xiao Ai amplifies the volume and yells at Wang Hao, it means that Su Cheng didn’t want Xiao Ai when he was born, and Wang Hao didn’t even know there was Xiao Ai. Therefore, when Han Shangyan and Tong Nian rushed to appease, Xiao Ai had broken the hearing aid. In the end, after Tong Nian decided to let Xiao Ai calm down here for a few days, Wang Hao went to repair the hearing aid before coming to pick it up.

Just in front of the dormitory, Wang Hao opened up and confided in Han Shangyan about Xiao Ai. This makes Han Shangyan, who is not a person, a husband, or a father, has a different view of Wang Hao. It turned out that Wang Hao had done a lot of regrets in his life, but he alone did not regret having a daughter like Xiao Ai. In order to let Xiao Ai know more about Wang Hao and Su Cheng, Han Shangyan asked Tong Nian to deceive Xiao Ai. Everything went well, and, as Han Shangyan guessed, Xiao Ai had spare hearing aids.