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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 32

Dong Rushuang misunderstood, and thought King Yun had arranged for Xie Beiming’s intrusion.

King Yun was shocked when Fu Ziyou stood up from behind and looked over at Pei Yanzhi. Pei Yanzhi smiled, was this is their plan to join hands to catch turtles in the urn so to speak? But his plan to murder the emperor had already been discovered by Pei Yanzhi, and he already had plans. When King Yun’s army rushed into the palace, they were taken by Fu Ziyou’s army.

King Yun was very angry, that Xie Beiming was betrayed him. He drew his sword to kill the guards, and went towad the emperor. Fu Zi help blocked it. Xie Beiming also came rushing in to help block a dead kill aimed at King Yun from Fu Ziyou’s sword. King Yun was so frightened that dropped his sword.

The scourge of King Yun was finally eliminated, and the emperor wanted to tell the world and clear the names of the Bailiang tribe.

The emperor also wanted to promote Su Ci to the post of the Department of Der Spiegel. Pei Yanzhi thinks that Su Ci’s qualifications are too low to convince the public, and he is more willing to recommend Luo Xin to the head office. The emperor joked with Pei Yanzhi, asking him whether he wanted to keep Su Ci by his side. Pei Yanzhi laughed at himself for so many years and for being alone.

Xie Beiming was very fortunate that the sword injured him, but he had to remained unconscious in bed. Dong Rushuang took care of Xie Beiming day and night. It was only from Pei Yanzhi that she learned about the relationship between Xie Beiming and King Yun. Recalling the strange words Xie Beiming said, Dong Rushuang is not the be blamed and wanted to take the full blame himself. But since the incident, Pei Yanzhi has never thought that Xie Beiming had difficulty choosing between loyalty and filial piety, and blocked a sword for King Yun. He no regrets his friendship with Xie Beiming. Dong Rushuang cried and hugged Xie Beiming calling for him to wake up.

The truth files of the Bailiang tribe discovered by Luo Xin. Pei Yanzhi expressed affirmation after reading it. He hoped that he could tell the emperor truthfully. The emperor announced in front of his officials that the Bailiang tribe’s murder of the first emperor was done by King Yun and the Bailiang tribe was innocent

Su Ci was looked at her parents spiritual cards and felt that finally she can be relieved and she has succeeded in clearing their good names. She was no longer the remnant of the sin clan, and the Bailiang clan can finally be justified.

Dong Rushuang used every technique she knew to wake up Xie Beiming such as acupuncture, massages, and smoked medicine.

She had time to put makeup and painted his face with a big red face.

Everyone gathered in the pavilion to celebrate Xie Beiming waking up, and also to celebrate Su Ci’s success in the capital. Her story was turned into a picture book for storytelling. The people praised Su Ci’s ability to solve crimes. Everyone toasted to celebrate.

Su Ci was watching the night scene by the lake, intoxicated by the night, Pei Yanzhi took out a box and gave Su Ci a pair of handcuffs. Pei Yanzhi felt that his meeting with Su Ci was because of this pair of handcuffs, and the two smiled at each other.

Pei Yanzhi also prepared a surprise for Su Ci, holding her hand, making her close her eyes, and waiting for him to count three times. Fei Yuan received Pei Yanzhi’s signal and opened his eyes to see the fireworks. Pei Yanzhi made especially for Su Ci, a red bean-like firework named Xiangsi.

Pei Yanzhi held Su Ci’s hand. There was one more promised that was left to be fulfilled by Su Ci promised that was for Su Ci to be his wife and the concubine Qi of Liang. Su Ci called out Brother Pei, and Pei Yanzhi asked her to change her name to hubby. Su Ci lowered her head shyly. She was very happy that Pei Yanzhi appeared and gave her the courage to live. He promised Pei Yanzhi would like to be with him forever. They hugged and kissed each other.

Xie Beiming proactively kissed Dong Rushuang. Feiyuan quickly turned to watch the crowd eating melons beside him.

Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 31

Su Ci heard that Pei Yanzhi had been framed by King Yun, and was being tried in the hall. Regardless of his own body, Su Ci insisted on helping Pei Yanzhi.

The head of the General Administration told the emperor and the queen mother that the poison powder was highly toxic. If the fireworks explode, no one in the entire palace will be spared. He also pulled out the case of Xiwen and Tian Yong, nonsense that Tian Yong was the one who repaired the warehouse containing the poisonous powder, and Pei Yanzhi’s subordinate Xiwen killed Tian Yong by extinguishing eloquence. All the spearheads were directed at Pei Yanzhi. The queen mother was very angry and thought it was a crime. Make chaos and rebelliousness.

At the critical moment, Su Ci rushed to the hall and pointed out that the murderer of the poison powder was not Pei Yanzhi, but the head of the General Administration.

Su Ci guessed that someone deliberately brewed a big case in order to get rid of Pei Yanzhi, and he was deliberately dismissed by the head of the General Administration to go to Zhushui Village. The head of the General Administration did not admit that King Yun deliberately provoked and accused Su Ci that what he said was not true, and the case of Zhushui Village was not related to the fireworks case. Su Ci took out his assassin, and said that the head of the General Administration must have a red line in his hand. This was caused by the poisonous powder of Utambula. The head of the General Administration could not deny it and admitted that he was the murderer, but the reason was that he was a member of the Bailiang tribe and was sent to the foster parents’ house since he was a child. So he hated those who were officials in the dynasty, and thought that they regarded human life as a curse. He drew his sword to assassinate the emperor, but pretended to hold Su Ci to remind him to be careful of King Yun.

It turned out that all of this was designed by King Yun. He used this to tell Su Ci’s Bailiang clan’s life. Bai Yian is Su Ci’s real name, and deliberately instigated the Master of the General Administration. Although the poison powder was indeed ordered by the General Administration, He ultimately wanted to protect Su Ci and make her wary of King Yun.

Unexpectedly, King Yun deliberately linked Su Ci’s life experience with Pei Yanzhi, believing that the two were guilty of turmoil, and asked the Queen Mother to immediately cut them off. Pei Yanzhi asked to prove his innocence, brought a real craftsman, and also discussed with the emperor, intending to lead the snake out of the cave and find the master behind the scenes. Pei Yanzhi knew it well and arranged for his subordinates to make careful preparations.

King Yun panicked and said that he was being blamed by Pei Yanzhi. When Li Yu was taken to the hall, the craftsman identified Li Yu as King Yun’s maid and gave them poison pills in the prison. King Yun firmly refused to admit that it was Pei Yanzhi who kidnapped his maid, which should not be used as evidence. Under the persecution of King Yun, Su Ci surrendered the evidence he found in public regarding the murder of the Bailiang clan, and King Yun was the one who murdered the first emperor.

At that time, the maid of Huanyi Bureau who was instigated by King Yun wrote a bloody book. She surrendered for seven years in order to identify King Yun. Su Ci continued to report everything she found to the emperor and queen mother.

King Yun still refuses to admit that Pei Yanzhi and Su Ci are conspiring to frame themselves. Pei Yanzhi stated that in the Battle of Honggu, King Yun was involved with foreign enemies, collaborating with the enemy and treason, which led to the sacrifice of all soldiers in the Battle of Honggu. He wanted to seek justice for these innocent soldiers who died in vain.

At this time, there was a sound of killing from outside the hall. After hearing this, King Yun couldn’t bear his ambition and strangled a minister who opposed him on the spot.

 Everyone now bowed their heads to him and threatened to ascend to the throne. Modify The history book also admitted that he had murdered the first emperor, but because Pei Yanzhi obtained the military power, he has always been afraid of Pei Yanzhi and framed Pei Yanzhi everywhere.

At this time, Xie Beiming suddenly led troops into the hall, and Dong Rushuang was surprised.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 30

Pei Yanzhi entered the palace to take charge of the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet that was coming up soon. Seeing Feng Laiyi prepared by the craftsman, Director Zhang said that the craftsman had fallen ill because of his busy schedule, and Pei Yanzhi expressed concern. Pei Yanzhi also asked Feiyu to ask the internal affairs department about the ingredients. Feiyu said that he would help Pei Yanzhi instead of Xiwen.

Su Ci reported the poison problem to the head of the General Administration, saying that the whereabouts of the poison problem is unknown. The head of the General Administration asked Su Ci not to disclose the poison to the public for the time being. Su Ci smelled the smell of sulfur powder on his body and asked him to take care of his body.

The queen mother reviewed the performance catalog of the birthday banquet. The last wonderful performance was Feng Laiyi’s fireworks. Pei Yanzhi must be guarded. There will be many people going in and out on the birthday banquet.

Fu Ziyou inspected the palace and confirmed that there is nothing wrong. Not leaking.

There was a sudden incident of villager poisoning in Zhushui Village. The head of the General Administration analyzed that the water in Zhushui Village flowed through the capital. Su Ci was worried that the poison problem had affected the people in the capital. The head of the General Administration arranged for Su Ci to investigate the case and brought a few fewer people. Plainclothes investigated the case so as not to disturb the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet, and also instructed Su Ci not to trust anyone and act carefully.

Su Ci and others rushed to Zhushui Village. They passed an intersection on the road. During the rest, Xie Beiming felt that someone was following in the woods. Su Ci and others took samples of the river water and detected that it was not Utambula but Tripterygium wilfordii.

The head of Zhushui Village suddenly came over to thank Su Ci, saying that he had only reported to the official, and they were coming so soon. Su Ci felt very strange. A craftsman in the village suddenly coughed. Dong Rushuang confirmed that he was poisoned by Utambula, and that the craftsman was the one who made the Queen Mother’s birthday feast with phoenix rituals. Su Ci felt bad. Someone deliberately led them over, and something serious happened in the capital.

On the way Su Ci and others hurried back to the capital, the people arranged by King Yun blocked them on the road. Xie Beiming told Su Ci to go first, and then he and Dong Ru both broke off.

Su Ci rushed to the gate of the city before dark, but found that the firework show had already begun, hoping to rush to stop the last firework with Feng Laiyi.

Everyone in the palace was immersed in the firework show. King Yun took the opportunity to leave early when something happened at home, and Pei Yanzhi became suspicious.

When Xie Beiming and Dong Rushuang came to the capital, Xie Beiming knew that they were in danger, and asked Dong Rushuang to go home first and bid his final farewell. Dong Rushuang quietly followed behind.

When Su Ci rushed to the fireworks display center, the craftsman had already been replaced by King Yun as a dead man. In order to prevent Feng Laiyi from burning, Su Ci slammed his head on the iron can and fainted on the spot.

Fu Ziyou informed the Queen Mother that there was an assassin at the fireworks display, and asked everyone to move into the hall as soon as possible to prevent danger. Everyone was flustered, and the head of the General Administration looked a little uncomfortable.

King Yun had been waiting for the good show of fireworks display in the distance, but found that the fireworks had stopped, but he must ascend to the throne of the palace tonight, let Xie Beiming join him to fight the king, Xie Beiming pretended to be on the side of King Yun. Li Yu was ordered by King Yun to poison the arrested dead.

When Pei Yanzhi settled down with Su Ci, he reported to the emperor, and the queen mother reprimanded Pei Yanzhi for not doing well.

King Yun suddenly rushed to the hall and asked the Queen Mother to punish Pei Yanzhi, and asked the Queen Mother to let Der Spiegel investigate the case.

Pei Yanzhi did not resist. He stayed in the palace and waited for the fireworks case to be investigated. The head of the General Administration took Pei Yanzhi away for questioning. Su Ci suddenly woke up and heard that Pei Yanzhi had been trapped in the palace and could not leave.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 29

Su Ci wanted to go to jail to find Xiwen and ask more questions, but found that Xiwen had committed suicide in prison by breaking a bowl and cutting his wrist. When Pei Yanzhi saw Xiwen’s body, he felt very sad. Feiyuan cried silently and was very dissatisfied with the head of the General Administration.

The head of the General Administration believed that after Xiwen assassinated Tian Yong, he committed suicide in prison. Pei Yanzhi asked many questions about Tian Yong’s case, but the head of the General Administration could not answer. Pei Yanzhi was very angry and wanted to investigate the case to the end.

Pei Yanzhi looked at Xiwen’s military uniform and recalled the bits and pieces of the previous battle at Honggu. When he was besieged by the enemy, Xiwen kept protecting Pei Yanzhi, and he was born to death.

Su Ci was very distressed when she saw Pei Yanzhi like this, and she blamed herself for not discovering it earlier, and vowed to thoroughly investigate the case and never let Xiwen die in vain. Su Ci told Pei Yanzhi that Xiwen might plead guilty to protect Song Yao.

Song Yao was heartbroken, knowing that Xiwen was implicated because of herself. It turns out that on the night of the incident, Song Yao was taking rouge in the store. Tian Yong came to harass Song Yao again. After Xiwen hit him, Tian Yong severely beat Tian Yong. Tian Yong took Xiwen’s jade pendant and ran away, but Xiwen didn’t. When Tian Yong was killed, King Yun and Li Yu were behind them.

When Pei Yanzhi discovered the military card Xiwen was holding, he realized that Xiwen was revealing the news to himself that someone wanted to disadvantage Pei Yanzhi.

Su Ci and Dong Rushuang checked Tian Yong’s body again, and believed that the martial arts of the murderer was certainly not low. A special powder was found on Tian Yong’s body.

After re-inspection of the crime scene, it was not the real crime scene, and then went to Tian Yong’s home to question his wife, and inquired that Tian Yong Siqian might have dirty hands and feet to repair the warehouse and wanted to steal something.

The four came to the warehouse in the eastern suburbs of the city and found that the warehouse was empty, with nothing special, only a pot of flour. It turned out that the powder on Tian Yong’s body was this flour. Everyone guessed that this matter was very strange, and found a large dead bug on the ground, Dong Rushuang decided to take the bug back for inspection. Pei Yanzhi also found a lot of lime powder on the walls and floor of the warehouse, guessing that this is not an ordinary warehouse.

Dong Rushuang studied the insects and found that the insects contained poisons, and they were deadly and highly toxic. The people from the Der Spiegel Department also sent a sample of all the land deeds of the granary, and found that the warehouse was owned by Sandu, which contained a lot of poison, which was used for black market transactions.

Xie Beiming also summoned all the people in Feiyun Villa to pay attention to this poison.

Dong Rushuang found out that there was a red widow in the poison. It was a highly toxic Utambula from the Western Regions. It was a rare and highly poisonous, and it would be fatal if it was taken. Dong Rushuang said that he would do his best to develop an antidote.

King Yun was very angry, and blamed Xie Beiming for not telling him about Su Ci’s Bailiang clan status. King Yun suspected that Xie Beiming and Pei Yanzhi were fighting together. He drew out the sword, hoping that Xie Beiming would not betray him, and let him do a big event at the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet three days later, and give it to Pei Yanzhi and Su Ci.

Su Ci knew that she could enter the palace to attend the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet, which she had always dreamed of. She wanted to go to the court to solve King Yun’s conspiracy, but Pei Yanzhi did not want Su Ci to participate because she was worried about the unknown. Su Ci asked Pei Yanzhi that if these things are resolved, the thing she most wants to do is to do nothing. Pei Yanzhi said that no matter where Su Ci goes, he will accompany him and ask the emperor to give her the marriage.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 28

Xie Beiming didn’t know how to choose. King Yun was his loving adoptive father, but Pei Yan asked Xie Beiming to save King Yun and lead him back the right path.

Dong Rushuang dressed up as a man and threatened them with poison, and asked Wenwen to come over and tell her the truth. Wenwen was afraid of the poison in Dong Ru’s hands, so she honestly confessed that Xie Beiming spent money to accompany her in acting.

Xie Beiming took the initiative to find King Yun and told him that Pei Yanzhi and Su Ci had gone to Nanxun Town. He also found out that King Yun was the one behind Bai Liangjin’s poisonous killing of Emperor Xian. After King Yun heard this, he planned to draw a salary from the bottom of the tank, attack Pei Yanzhi and Su Ci, and ask Xie Beiming to report any questions to him. Li Yu wanted to kill the witness, but King Yun had other plans, he wanted to take back what should belong to him, and King Yun had already opened up the relationship with the court.

No matter what Pei Yanzhi said, Xie Beiming did not want Dong Rushuang to get into trouble. Dong Rushuang stopped Xie Beiming, applied lipstick to his lips, kissed Xie Beiming, and stamped him, indicating that Xie Beiming can only be owned by her, no matter what method he uses, he Will not leave Xie Beiming, where Xie Beiming goes, Dong Rushuang will go.

Pei Yanzhi was summoned into the palace by the emperor, and the Queen Mother’s birthday was approaching. King Yun suggested that Pei Yanzhi be responsible for the birthday banquet of the Queen Mother. Pei Yanzhi originally wanted to refuse, and King Yun asked Pei Yanzhi not to postpone it. The emperor also supported King Yun’s suggestion. Pei Yanzhi returned to the house, intending to change into the clothing he used to fight and take out the sword. Pei Yanzhi said that he would do his best to kill King Yun by surprise, and Xiwen was ready.

Xie Beiming wrapped a silk scarf around his lips, wanting Dong Rushuang to come up with the antidote. Unexpectedly, Dong Rushuang applied lipstick to his lips again, telling Xie Beiming that this was the antidote, and only counted after he kissed. After Xie Beiming kissed, Dong Rushuang also took the initiative to kiss. The two kissed in the small pavilion. Dong Rushuang made him only like it. Alone, Xie Beiming quickly got up in a panic, picked up the silk scarf and turned to leave.

When Su Ci came to see Song Yao again, she found a mark on Song Yao’s neck. Song Yao said it was the cause of her allergy. Su Ci again mentioned a murder case that just happened. By the river in the suburbs of Beijing, the corpse was Tian Yong who often troubled Song Yao.

Pei Yanzhi arranged for Xiwen, Fu Ziyou, to do a good job of defending the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet.

Xiwen stopped talking to Pei Yanzhi, but did not say what he wanted to say, Pei Yanzhi noticed. On the way back, Xiwen met Luo Shaoguan. Because of the murder case in the suburbs of Tian Yong, Luo Shaoguan decided to take Xiwen back to the Der Spiegel Office for a transcript investigation. Xiwen was taken back to prison.

When Pei Yanzhi came to the department of Der Spiegel, the head of the General Administration Department explained that if Pei Yanzhi helped, even if Xiwen was innocent, it would be complicated by Pei Yanzhi’s intervention. Pei Yanzhi couldn’t help but hope that the adults of the General Administration will follow the Greek text more.

Li Yu found Xiwen in prison and asked him to stand in the gang and betray Pei Yanzhi, otherwise he would threaten him with Song Yao. Good birds choose woods and live there. Li Yu said that if he returned to King Yun, he would not touch Song Yao, the person he likes. Xiwen noticed that there was an internal response in the Department of Der Spiegel, and he could not himself become King Yun’s pawn against Pei Yanzhi. He took out a sign and remembered Pei Yanzhi’s encouragement to him during the Honggu battle.

Su Ci saw that Pei Yanzhi had been worried about Xiwen’s case, and she didn’t believe that Xiwen would kill, so she applied to the head of the General Administration to investigate Xiwen’s case because there were unclear points in the statement and testimony of Xiwen’s case. Luo Shaoshu happened to be nearby, thinking that Su Ci favored Pei Yanzhi’s cronies and wanted to please Pei Yanzhi.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 27

Su Ci used the fake property documents to deceive her mother-in-law and analyzed the details of her mother-in-law’s killing of Sun Bo. Xu Qingmei was sad and did not believe her mother-in-law did it. Even Xu Mengchang and He Da were killed by the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law thinks that these people deserve to die and should not bully Xu Qingmei and betray the Xu family lady, because she is loyal to the Xu family lady. Behind the many murders, a little flaw was revealed.

It turned out that this mother-in-law was the female palace clerk who killed Emperor Xian’s suspended seven years ago. The mother-in-law confessed her actions to everyone and said that King Yun was the person behind the scenes who instigated her to kill Emperor Xian by poison, and then committed suicide. .

After the death of her mother-in-law, Su Ci worried that there was no evidence left. Pei Yanzhi said that he would definitely seek justice for innocent people. Su Ci asks to fight side by side with Pei Yanzhi, let the bad guys confess their sins and seek justice for the dead.

Fei Yuan also discovered that Xie Beiming hadn’t talked to Dong Rushuang recently, thinking that Xie Beiming had changed his mind, so he gave him a trick. The way to make a woman dislike herself is to like other women.

Xie Beiming came to Zhuque Street alone, pretending to go to the brothel brothel, and drank wine. Dong Rushuang was very worried when he saw it, and then took care of Xie Beiming. Suddenly he found that Xie Beiming’s clothes smelled of lipstick and rouge. Dong Rushuang almost stabbed him with scissors. Have their hearts.

Dong Rushuang took Su Ci to the rouge shop, and suddenly saw Xiwen beating people. His younger sister-in-law Song Yao was molested by Tian Yong.

Dong Rushuang asked Song Yao who had bought lip cream. Song Yao said that Xie Beiming had come to buy it, and he bought it for his sweetheart. Dong Rushuang ran out angrily when he found out.

Xiwen’s younger brother Xiwu once enlisted in the army for half a year, and then he died. Pei Yanzhi thinks Xiwen is too reckless.

Xie Beiming deliberately took Wenwen to hold hands, and broke up with Dong Rushuang in front of Su Ci. Dong Rushuang was very angry.  Xie Beiming kept talking angry, the purpose is to make Dong Rushuang give up on him. Seeing Dong Rushuang leaving behind, Xie Beiming was also very sad.

Dong Rushuang went back to the house and wept. She was very sad. Xie Beiming suddenly disliked herself and said so many ugly things. Su Ci stayed with her and didn’t know how to comfort her. But Su Ci asked Dong Rushuang to think about it. It is impossible for a person who fell in love with her at first sight to empathize so easily. It implies that Dong Rushuang, Xie Beiming must have difficulties, not really want to give up her. Su Ci said that this is all his own guess, and Dong Rushuang still needs to find the truth of the answer himself.

Pei Yanzhi knew about Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming’s affairs, and Su Ci was also very curious about the reasons. Pei Yanzhi believed that Xie Beiming must have something unspeakable in his heart. Su Ci said that he would not misunderstand Pei Yanzhi in this way.

Pei Yanzhi saw that Xie Beiming was drunk and paralyzed himself every day, and asked if he was on his mind, but Xie Beiming was not willing to say anything. He knew in his heart that in order to prevent Dong Rushuang from harming Dong Rushuang, he could only hurt Dong Rushuang first. During the chat with Xie Beiming, Pei Yanzhi mentioned King Yun and hoped that Xie Beiming would help him fight King Yun. However, Xie Beiming rejected Pei Yanzhi, saying that he was a freelancer with more than enough energy but not enough energy. Pei Yanzhi opened the skylight to speak bright words, exposing the relationship between Xie Beiming and King Yun. Pei Yanzhi believed Xie Beiming very much, otherwise he would not take him to Nanxun. Xie Beiming said that he would not stand next to King Yun. He could tell right from wrong. It was his negligence that revealed the whereabouts of Pei Yanzhi and the others. He blamed himself very much, but King Yun was very kind to him, and it was difficult for Xie Beiming to make a choice.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 26

Pei Zhao deliberately showed the Hetian jade he had just bought. Xu Mengchang was dumbfounded. Su Ci asked to see the silkworm house. Xu Mengchang took Su Ci and Pei Zhao to the silkworm house. Su Ci asked He Da, Xu Mengchang said that he was dead, Pei Zhao pretended to be very angry, and without He Da, a highly skilled employee, he was not at a loss. Xu Mengchang said that there are many silkworm workers taught by his wife.

Dong Rushuang disconnected the plague prevention medicine and gave Xie Beiming to drink, and also fed Xie Beiming candied fruit, but Xie Beiming deliberately dodged, Dong Rushuang began to wonder whether he had changed his heart.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao left Xu Mansion and came to the street. Su Ci believed that Xu Mengchang really did not know that his brocade was Bai Liangjin. Su Ci wanted to get some clues from the Sun family. The two came to the silk and satin shop of the Sun family.

The two deliberately talked about how good the silk and fineness of the Xu family are. I remember saying that after the death of the Xu family, who can make a small amount of money, and He Da can do it. Six coins, now the number one in the Sun family.

Outside, the mother-in-law of the Xu family came to look for Sun Bo and wanted to return Xu Qingmei. The two went forward and told her mother-in-law that Xu Qingmei was safe and sound.

Dong Rushuang went up the mountain to collect medicine, and Xie Beiming followed all the way. Gong Dong Rushuang pretended to fall, and Xie Beiming immediately came up to help. Dong Rushuang said that if he didn’t like it, he could just say it. Xie Beiming denied that he didn’t like her.

A mother-in-law was taking care of Xu Qingmei at the inn. Su Ci and Pei Zhao planned to go to the Sun’s Dyeing Workshop again. They found that Sun Bo was dead and he was wrapped up. There were eight copper coins on the table. Pei Zhao mentioned the previous buddy about Xu. The big lady has eight dollars.

Su Ci thought it was drowning and suffocation. The place where she first lay was a table. The dude said that there was no suspicious person recently, only the previous mother-in-law who was yelling outside the silk and satin village, and only Xu’s family would get revenge.

When Pei Zhao and Su Ci came to Xu’s house, Pei Zhao told Xu Mengchang that Su Bo was dead and there were eight copper coins beside him. Pei Zhao said that Xu Mengchang killed He Da and Sun Bo, Mrs. Xu said it was a ghost murder, and Xu Mengchang thought that Pei Zhao was slanderous and kicked them out.

Su Ci does not think that Xu Mengchang killed the person, because Mrs. Xu’s words are very intriguing. Su Ci went back to the inn and asked her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law said that she was helpless more than ten years ago and was taken in by the Xu family. The mother-in-law also said that the death of Mrs. Xu was killed by the current Mrs. Xu and Mengchang Xu. It turned out that the current wife was the maid who was rescued by Mrs. Xu back then, and then acted as a blessing in the house. Lady Xu died.

Su Ci believes that the deaths of He Da and Sun Bo must be related to Lady Xu. Xu Mengchang and the current Mrs. Xu mistakenly believed that they were wronged for their lives, and they decided to use their tactics. Pei Zhao said that he was in the portrait of Lady Xu and said Out of my own plan. Su Ci wanted to pretend to be Mrs. Xu, but Dong Wushuang was not relieved and decided to let Xie Beiming pretend to be Mrs. Xu. Dong Wushuang said that he just wanted to tease Xie Beiming. Xie Beiming came out wearing women’s clothing, shocking everyone.

In the evening, Su Ci pretending to be a big lady Xu, wearing white clothes, and asked Pei Zhao’s opinion. Pei Zhao said that adding a little more lip gloss would be fine. After that, Pei Zhao personally applied lip grease to Su Ci.

In the evening, Su Ci pretending to be Lady Xu came to Mrs. Xu’s room. Mrs. Xu was frightened and hurried to call Xu Mengchang. It turned out that Xu Mengchang was also dead. Su Ci hurriedly called everyone in. He also had some in Xu Mengchang’s hands. Eight coins.

After Mrs. Xu woke up, she immediately cried and said that it was her fault and that she was avenging her revenge. She thought that Xu Qingmei’s mother had come to revenge. Su Ci asked what she had done back then. Madam Xu recalled what happened back then. She poisoned Lady Xu to the upper position, and He Da did not have any copper coins at the time and was taken by Madam Xu.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci were eating out. Su Ci said that he still had no idea about raising silkworms. Pei Zhao asked the boss about raising silkworms. It turned out that Wumian silkworm silk can be used for eight dollars, but no one can raise them. Five sleep silkworms.

Xu Qingmei stood on the small bridge. Pei Zhao and Su Ci came over and asked her what her plans were. Xu Qingmei said that her mother-in-law came to Xu’s family seven years ago. Qingmei caught up with the brocade technique at that time, and Xu’s business began to flourish.

Su Ci It means that her mother-in-law has always stood on the opposite side of Xu Mengchang. Pei Zhao told Xu Qingmei that Xu Mengchang’s property would be left to her younger sister. The mother-in-law was very excited and thought that these were Xu Qingmei’s.

At night, the mother-in-law came to assassinate the second Miss Xu Jia with a knife, but was caught by Pei Zhaosuci.

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Maiden holmes – Recap episode 25

Dong Rushuang was talking to Pei Zhao. Su Ci said that he had found the old palace ladies. These old palace ladies were indeed poisoned, but Xie Beiming, who was next to him, kept laughing. Everyone was puzzled.

Dong Rushuangze said he was fine. Dong Rushuang said that these old ladies were chronically toxic. They were expelled from the palace because their palms became red and swollen. Now 7 years have passed, and many of them have deformed their palms. The former emperor died suddenly. Someone added a catalytic agent to accelerate the onset of toxicity. Dong Rushuang said that he still needed time to find out what poison they were and what the giant chemical potion was. Xie Beiming couldn’t smile anymore. When Dong Rushuang said that Xie Beiming was not very happy recently, he gave him laughter and told Xie Beiming to understand the medicine. Let him take it himself.

Dong Rushuang found that thanking Beiming seemed to have something on his mind, but Xie Beiming was unwilling to say it. He waited for Xie Beiming to figure it out before telling him.

Dong Rushuang said that among the old palace ladies, they looked like a rare chronic poison called Feiyue, and the catalytic agent was Bletilla striata. Pei Zhao compiled the tonic prescriptions that the emperor had taken before. Dong Rushuang found that there was no Bletilla striata, Rushuang said I still need to check it out, and Xie Beiming was also standing by at this time, not accompanying Dong Rushuang on the grounds that he was in trouble.

Dong Rushuang came to the drugstore and learned that Bletilla is Magnolia ginseng. Dong Rushuang found Su Ci and Pei Zhao, and the medicine was Baiji, but the previous tonic was offered by the Queen Mother, and Pei Zhaoren would not do this for the Queen Mother.

Pei Zhao came to the Queen Mother and said that he had suffered a lot of injuries and wanted to take some medicine to replenish the body. Before talking about it, Pei Zhao had decided that there was a tonic that had a particularly good effect. The Queen Mother said that it was offered by Princess Yun.

Pei Zhao told Su Ci that Su Ci was very angry that King Yun was blaming the Bailiang tribe.

Xie Beiming bought a lot of fabrics and planned to finish the experiment to wash clothes for Dong Rushuang, and among them was a Bailiang brocade, but the skill was never passed on.

Su Ci found the shopkeeper who sold the fabrics, and the shopkeeper said that he came from outside, so he was unwilling. Having said that, under the threat of everyone, it was Nanxun Xu’s family.

The five people from Pei Zhao came to Nanxun town, but Nanxun town had a plague. Everyone believed that Nanxun Xu’s family had offended the silkworm flower empress. The next day, Xu’s silkworm workers were killed and wrapped into silkworm cocoons. It turned out that the big lady of the Xu family suddenly mastered a very complicated brocade technique seven years ago, but the big lady has passed away, and this big lady has always been from Nanxun Town.

At this time, Pei Zhao and his group saw a girl about to jump into the river and went to stop her.

After the girl woke up, she asked why she jumped into the river. It turned out that the girl’s father wanted her to marry a person he didn’t like Sun Bo.

Something happened at a celebration a few days ago. It was Xu Qingmei, the daughter of the Xu family. It turned out that this year the Xu family was preparing for the silkworm flower ceremony, but the silkworm flower empress suddenly caught fire.

Everyone went to attack Xu Mengchang, so Su Bo went to take advantage of the fire and robbed him and asked Xu Qingmei to marry him.

Pei Zhaohe porcelain found Wu Zuo and asked about He Da’s case. The day He Da died was the day of the celebration. And everyone felt that this was not done by humans. Hao Zuo also took everyone to look at He Da’s body. Ru Shuang Shi died of suffocation. Hao Zuo said it was the official of Mrs. Xu and Master Xu, but it is not clear who found it at first sight.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao went to the Xu family. Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming went to find the source of the epidemic. Pei Zhao learned that the nearest silk and satin shop of the Xu family was anxious for sale. He had paid a deposit but had no money to buy it. , Pei Zhao bought this jade pendant.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao came to Xu Mansion. They dressed very gorgeously and looked very wealthy. Pei Zhao asked her if she wanted to sell the property. This year, he was buying brocade for the palace. Xu Mengchang asked Pei Zhao and Su Ci to take the brocade away. Look, Su Ci recognizes that this is Bai Liangjin. Pei Zhao said it was very similar to Bai Liangjin, and Xu Mengchang hurriedly denied it. Then Pei Zhao asked his wife how he learned, Xu Mengchang said he didn’t know.

Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 24

Su Ci said that she was the only survivor of the Bailiang clan. Su Ci believed that everyone should avoid suspicion with her because her life experience would drag everyone down. Dong Rushuang said that Su Ci is like her sister, and Xie Beiming Ye said that he would support Su. porcelain. Pei Zhao said that before the truth is revealed, everyone must keep Su Ci’s life a secret. Su Ci, the first evidence has been found, but the relevant personnel are dead and there are no witnesses.

Su Ci wanted to see the body of the person who injured Pei Zhao before, and found the square burn mark. Pei Zhao said that from Qingshui County to Yunchuan, the only person who trained so many dead men was King Yun, but Xie Beiming was thoughtful, and left the morgue because he was a little bored.

Xie Beiming returned to his room and recalled how he got along with King Yun when he was a child. When he was a child, he had seen the person in the morgue just now, who was a subordinate of his adoptive father. He speculated that his adoptive father was King Yun.

At this time, Dong Rushuang came to Xie Beiming, worried that he had no appetite and was sick.

Pei Zhao and Xiwen talked in the room. Pei Zhao began to suspect that there was a rape, because these were the only people who knew his schedule. Pei Zhao recalled that Feiyu said that Xie Beiming had a pigeon and communicated with his foster father.

Xie Beiming asked Dong Rushuang, if she accidentally did something wrong, would she forgive him? Dong Rushuang said as long as it was not betrayal.

Xie Beiming rode to Prince Yun’s Mansion. Xie Beiming accused King Yun of deceiving, but King Yun said that he had made too many enemies and this was to protect him.

King Yun asked about his subordinates, Xie Beiming said he was dead, and Xie Beiming asked King Yun why he was not sad? Would he be sad if he died? King Yun said that Xie Beiming was different from them. Principle Yun Wang and Xie Beiming’s father are good friends, and Xie Beiming’s father has passed away. King Yun said that he had sent someone to stare at Pei Zhao, but the news of Xie Beiming’s letter was only an accident. King Yun used Dong Ru to threaten Xie Beiming to continue to send messages for him. After speaking, Xie Beiming left.

Dong Wushuang was still waiting for Xie Beiming, and Xie Beiming was still drinking in the restaurant at this time, recalling King Yun’s father-like love to him when he was a child, fearing that he would not listen to King Yun’s words against Dong Rushuang and put himself in a dilemma.

Pei Zhao took out the clothes that poisoned the emperor that year, and asked Dong Rushuang to see if there were any clues. Su Ci asked to investigate the link in which the clothes were handled to know which link went wrong.

Pei Zhao brought Su Ci to the Huanyi Bureau. Pei Zhao said that the Huanyi Bureau was the easiest to start in all links. Pei Zhao called Gonggong Liu, and Gonggong Liu said that there was another secret behind the sudden death of the first emperor. It turned out that before the first emperor was poisoned, the mother of the Huanyi Bureau suddenly died of illness, but she didn’t care at the time. After the mother was buried, her body was destroyed. Gonggong Liu also talked about the maternal skill, able to repair all kinds of brocades, and several court ladies who contracted sicknesses and were sent out of the palace, but the Huanyi Bureau did not record it.

Dong Rushuang suspected that the maid was poisoned. Everyone is thinking about how to find the palace ladies. At this time, Xie Beiming is back. Su Ci wants Xie Beiming to help find these palace ladies. This is related to Bai Liangjin’s poisoning.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci came to Hongwenguan and asked Su Ci to become a small eunuch.

Su Ci found records about Pei Zhao’s childhood. It turned out that Pei Zhao had been lonely all these years. Su Ci also talked about his family and said that he would find out the truth, and Pei Zhao also said that he would vindicate Bai Liang’s group. . Pei Zhao is still looking forward to their future, and will definitely live happily.

Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 23

Su Ci began to suspect that Pei Zhao was not the murderer of his own tribe. Early the next morning, Pei Zhao had to go to the destination, and Su Ci said that he would also go.

The two came to the cemetery. At this moment, a group of people pretended to move the grave. Suddenly a group of people in black came to kill the people who moved the graves, but they were killed in advance by Pei Zhao’s subordinates who were already in ambush here. Yiren, only one person remained, but he also let him escape. It turns out that this grave is fake.

In the evening, Xie Beiming and Dong Rushuang also caught the people who came to move the grave. These people said that they had collected money to help move the grave, and the person who asked them to move the grave covered their face, and they couldn’t recognize their appearance. The person who took the lead said that the person came to find it at the door of the shop himself, and Pei Zhao speculated that the person got it by himself.

Su Ci noticed the rosin powder, which can only be scattered by relatives, and strangers cannot. Su Ci immediately said that the person they were looking for was among the workers. Just when Pei Zhao and Su Ci found this person, they were raided by a group of people in black. Su Ci revealed his identity, Su Ci asked him if he was Li Mu, Su Ci said that his identity was Bai Liangren, Li Mu Say that the truth you want to know is between the two tombs, and died after speaking.

Pei Zhao was still fighting with King Yun’s subordinates. Both of them were injured. Su Ci came to help. Pei Zhao received a palm for Su Ci and was seriously injured. Su Ci left with Pei Zhao. Xiwen arrived and killed the man.

Su Ci took Pei Zhao to a cave, while Xiwen and Xie Beiming were looking for Su Ci and Pei Zhao.

Su Ci noticed that there was a tooth mark on Pei Zhao’s arm. Pei Zhao explained that it was the little girl she saved back then.

Su Ci took out a sword that accompanied him and gave him that year. Pei Zhao was also shocked. The little girl is Su Ci. Su Ci is very sorry. Pei Zhao rescued her, but he wanted to kill him.

After that, Su Ci went to gather herbs. Everyone was still looking for Su Ci and Pei Zhao outside. Su Ci collected herbs and was applying medicine to Pei Zhao. Pei Zhao said that he was fine. Su Ci very much blamed himself for not believing him. Pei Zhao said that now only needs Pei Zhao to believe wholeheartedly. Su Ci tore off a section of his own clothes and bandaged Pei Zhao’s wounds. Pei Zhao told Su Ci that he had suffered more injuries on the battlefield before, and that he was really fine. Su Ci said that she would never leave him anymore and would stay together.

The next day, the two of them were by the river. Pei Zhao asked Su Ci’s father and mother what kind of person he was. Su Ci talked about his father and mother. Su Ci talked about his own experiences over the years, Pei Zhao said he now has him. . Pei Zhao and Su Ci heard the voice of everyone looking for him, and everyone saw that Pei Zhao was injured, and he was bleeding.

Dong Rushuang said that Pei Zhao’s injury is not serious, and he will be fine in a few days. Su Ci asked Xie Beiming to go to Li’s tomb. Xie Beiming and Dong Rushuang came to the tomb to dig out what Li Mu left behind. And Pei Zhao thought to himself that someone has been leaking our whereabouts.

Xie Beiming began to dig, and Dong Rushuang also began to suspect that there was an insider, but Xie Beiming said that we are only these five people, it is impossible. At this time, Xie Beiming really dug a wooden box with Li Mu’s self-reported letter, admitting that he forged a letter of collusion between the Bailiang tribe to treat his younger brother Li Lin’s disease, and this younger brother was very aggressive and couldn’t. Seeing people, so everyone didn’t know that there was a younger brother.

The person hiding in the cellar was Li Mu, and the person who was burned to death was his brother Li Lin. There was also a letter in it, a note from Lei Zheng, and this letter was the collusion of the Bailiang clan. Li Mu copied it with Bai Shengteng, the leader of the Bailiang clan, and Xie Beiming began to figure out how Liang Feng colluded. of. Su Ci confessed his life experience to everyone at this time, that he was actually from the Bailiang tribe, and everyone was shocked.