Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 13

Episode 13 / Episodul 13

Tian Qi finds the murderer Tian Qi to take refuge and acne. Ji Heng was very angry when he heard Ruyi calling Tian Qiniang, so that Ruyi should not play, and called Ji Zheng away. Tian Qi returned with Ruyi, and Ruyi asked her uncle why she was angry. Tian Qi said that Ji Heng was angry because he wanted to play with the tortoise.

Ji Heng asked Ji Zheng to visit his mother, and Ji Zheng had an excuse to leave quickly.

Ding Zhi and Tian Qi heard screams on the road. In the past, Chen Wuyong was beating the maid. Chunhua told them that Chen Wuyong was a celebrity around Mrs. Ji. Before she thought that she was familiar with the beads, she had seen it worn by Chen Wuyong, but she could not remember it for too long.

Kant and Kang Ning’er came to see Mrs. Ji, and speaking of Tian Qi next to Ji Heng, they thought he took good care of Ji Heng. Mrs. Ji listened to a thoughtful expression.

Tian Qi decided to test Chen Wuyong and give him a gift. Tian Qi put the bead in it, and Chen Wuyong was wrong when he saw the bead and asked where she found it. Tian Qi said that he was looking for it in the Treasure Pavilion. Chen Wuyong said that it was given away before. He never expected to see it now. Tian Qi gave him a box of plaster that could remove the old scars. Chen Wuyong said that he had been bitten by an animal before, making Tian Qi more certain that he was the murderer.

At night Chen Wuyong had a nightmare, dreaming that Tian Qilai assassinated him, and scratched his neck. When Chen Wuyong woke up, he was afraid and decided to get rid of Tian Qi. Chen Wuyong looked for the brocade to meet Mrs. Ji, and told her to say what Tian Qike said, and Mrs. Ji believed it. Ding Zhi told Tian Qi the news.

 Tian Qi thought that Mrs. Ji would transfer her away first, and then she would find a way to get rid of her. Now all she has to do is to stay with Ji Heng. Tian Qi prepared the medicine that can produce acne. He ate it that night and was quarantined the next day.

Ji Heng came to visit Mrs. Ji. Mrs. Ji said that Ruyi liked Tian Qi very much, and she had some minor illnesses and pains. She hoped to transfer Tian Qi over. Ji Heng is not good at objecting, he can only promise.

Ji Heng came back and saw Tian Qi was absent. Hearing that she had acne, she had to check it out. Mrs. Ji heard that Tian Qi had acne, so she did not let her come over again, but still had to find a chance to deal with her. Ji Heng was going to see Tian Qi. He thought something wrong with Mrs. Ji and asked Sheng Anhuai what was wrong with Mrs. Ji recently. Sheng Anhuai said that Mrs. Ji saw the tapestry and said the words of the master, and Ji Heng understood that it was Mrs. Ji who heard Tian Qike ’s rumor and would be against her. Now he does not go to see Tian Qi but is good for her.

Ji Zheng and Ji Heng came to visit Mrs. Ji, and Mrs. Ji left them for dinner.

Ji Heng mentioned the death of Ji Zheng’s mother early, which made Madam Ji think of the death of Ji Zheng’s mother and Master Ji. It was very uncomfortable.

Ji Zheng came to see Tian Qi and found that she had acne. She wanted to stay and take care of her. Ji Heng couldn’t sleep at night and wanted to see Tian Qi, but couldn’t go to protect her.

Capitale culturale europene

Athena – Grecia

According to the ancient Athenian founding myth, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, competed against Poseidon, the God of the Seas, for patronage of the yet-unnamed city; they agreed that whoever gave the Athenians the better gift would become their patron and appointed Cecrops, the king of Athens, as the judge. According to the account given by Pseudo-Apollodorus, Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and a salt water spring welled up. In an alternative version of the myth from Vergil’s Georgics, Poseidon instead gave the Athenians the first horse. In both versions, Athena offered the Athenians the first domesticated olive tree. Cecrops accepted this gift and declared Athena the patron goddess of Athens.

Printre atenienii antici circula o legenda care explica felul in care si-a luat orasul numele, legenda care a stat la baza sculpturii de pe frontonul vestic al Parthenonului. Conform acestei legende, atat Atena cat si Poseidon au cerut să fie patroni ai orasului si sa-i dea numele lor, astfel ca s-au intrecut pentru a obtine onoarea, fiecare oferind un dar orasului. Poseidon a creat un izvor de apa sarata lovind pamantul cu tridentul sau, pentru a simboliza puterea marii. Atena a creat, in schimb, maslinul, simbolizand pacea si prosperitatea. Atenienii, condusi de Cecrops, au acceptat maslinul si au botezat orasul Atena.

The Acropolis / Acropola

A reminder of the glory of ancient Athens, the Acropolis was the center of the ancient city and functioned as a citadel in its protected hilltop location.

O reamintire a gloriei Atenei antice, Acropola a fost centrul orașului antic și a funcționat ca o cetate în locația sa protejată de pe deal.

The Parthenon / Partenonul

The largest temple of the classical antiquity period dating from 447 BC to 338 BC. With its monumental rows of Doric columns and stunning sculptural details, the temple is an awe-inspiring sight. In the frieze on the eastern side, reliefs depict the birth of the goddess Athena.

Cel mai mare templu din perioada antichității clasice datând din 447 î.Hr. până în 338 î.Hr. Cu rândurile sale monumentale de coloane dorice și detalii sculpturale uimitoare, templul este o priveliște uimitoare. În friza din partea de est, reliefurile descriu nașterea zeiței Atena.


A complex of ancient sanctuaries built between 421 BC and 395 BC. The most famous feature of the Erechtheion complex is the Porch of the Caryatids, with six statues of maidens in place of Doric columns.

Un complex de sanctuare antice construit între 421 î.Hr. și 395 î.Hr. Cea mai faimoasă caracteristică a complexului Erechtheion este Pridvorul Cariatidelor, cu șase statui de fecioare în locul coloanelor dorice.

Acropolis Museum / Muzeul Acropolei

The Acropolis Museum contains one of the most valuable collections of ancient Greek art in the world. The new facility was completed in 2007, below the Acropolis hilltop, and replaced the former museum on the hill.

Muzeul Acropolei conține una dintre cele mai valoroase colecții de artă antică greacă din lume. Noua facilitate a fost finalizată în 2007, sub vârful dealului Acropolei și a înlocuit fostul muzeu de pe deal.

National Archaeology Museum / Muzeul Național de Arheologie

Founded in the 19th century, the museum is housed in an impressive Neoclassical building with 8,000 square meters of exhibition space. On display are five permanent collections with more than 11,000 exhibits, offering a comprehensive overview of Greek civilization from prehistory through the classical period to late antiquity.

Fondat în secolul al XIX-lea, muzeul este găzduit într-o impresionantă clădire neoclasică cu 8.000 de metri pătrați de spațiu expozițional. Sunt expuse cinci colecții permanente cu peste 11.000 de exponate, oferind o imagine de ansamblu cuprinzătoare asupra civilizației grecești de la preistorie până la perioada clasică până la antichitate târzie.

The Pláka and Anafiotika Neighborhoods / Cartierele Pláka și Anafiotika

Between the northern slopes of the Acropolis and Ermoú Street, the picturesque Pláka neighborhood is a tourist hot spot. The main attraction of this historic area is its charming village ambience. Narrow pedestrian streets and the cheerful little squares of the Pláka quarter are lined with lovely bougainvillea-trimmed pastel-painted houses, restaurants, and shops.

Între pantele nordice ale Acropolei și ale străzii Ermoú, pitorescul cartier Pláka este un punct fierbinte turistic. Principala atracție a acestei zone istorice este atmosfera sa fermecătoare a satului. Străzile pietonale înguste și piețelele vesele din cartierul Pláka sunt căptușite cu minunate case, restaurante și magazine vopsite în pastel, decorate în culori pastelate.

Tucked away in peaceful corners of the neighborhood are historic churches, such as the Metamórfosis Church in the southwest and the Church of Kapnikaréa in the north. A leisurely stroll through the picturesque setting is the perfect thing to do when you’ve had your fill of ruins and museums.

În colțurile liniștite ale cartierului sunt ascunse biserici istorice, precum Biserica Metamórfosis din sud-vest și Biserica Kapnikaréa din nord. O plimbare pe îndelete prin decorul pitoresc este lucrul perfect de făcut atunci când te-ai umplut de ruine și muzee.

The winding medieval streets of Anafiotika are also a delight to explore in the evenings. This area is famous for its Restaurant Staircase on Mnisikleous Street. Nearby, quieter streets are hidden away on the hillside, which conceal cute little cafés and restaurants.

Șerpuitoarele străzi medievale din Anafiotika sunt, de asemenea, o plăcere de explorat seara. Această zonă este renumită pentru restaurantul Scării de pe strada Mnisikleous. Străzile din apropiere, mai liniștite, sunt ascunse pe deal, care ascund cafenele și restaurante drăguțe.

Ancient Agora: Ruins of the Marketplace / Agora antică: ruinele pieței

The ancient Agora was the marketplace and the center of everyday life in ancient Athens.

The Greek word „Agora” means to „gather and orate,” indicating that this site was a location of public speaking. The Agora was a place of administration and commerce as well as the meeting place of the Agora tou Dimou, a civic decision-making group. Athletic events and theater performances were also held here.

Antica Agora era piața și centrul vieții de zi cu zi din Atena antică.

Cuvântul grecesc „Agora” înseamnă „aduna și discuta”, indicând faptul că acest site a fost un loc de vorbire în public. Agora a fost un loc de administrare și comerț, precum și locul de întâlnire al Agora tou Dimou, un grup civic de luare a deciziilor. Aici au avut loc și evenimente sportive și spectacole de teatru.

One of the most striking features of the Ancient Agora is the Stoa of Attalos, originally built by King Attalos II and reconstructed in the 1950s. The stoa may have been the scene of Socrates’ trial in 399 BC.

Temple of Hephaistos / Templul lui Hephaistos

This 50 century BC doric temple is one of the best-preserved ancient Greek temples, thanks to its conversion into a Christian church, which saved it from destruction. The temple was designed on a classical plan with six rows of 13 columns, and the Ionic friezes appear to be modeled on the Parthenon.

Acest templu doric din secolul 50 î.Hr. este unul dintre cele mai bine conservate temple grecești antice, datorită transformării sale într-o biserică creștină, care l-a salvat de distrugere. Templul a fost proiectat pe un plan clasic cu șase rânduri de 13 coloane, iar frizele ionice par a fi modelate pe Partenon.

The Roman Agora & Hadrian’s Library / Agora romană și Biblioteca lui Hadrian

On the edge of the Roman Agora is the ancient Hadrian’s Library, founded by Emperor Hadrian in AD 132. Even later, during Byzantine times, three churches were built near the site of the library.

La marginea Agorei romane se află biblioteca antică a lui Hadrian, fondată de împăratul Hadrian în anul 13 d.Hr. Chiar mai târziu, în perioada bizantină, au fost construite trei biserici lângă locul bibliotecii.

Museum of Cycladic Art / Muzeul de Artă Cicladică

In the Kolonáki quarter, the Museum of Cycladic Art was created in 1986 by the Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris Foundation. The shipowner Nikolas P. Goulandris was a well-known patron of the arts and cultural life in Athens. Goulandris’ own collection forms the core of the museum’s exhibits.

Housed in a sleek modern building with a facade of marble and glass, the museum’s permanent collection includes more than 3,000 objects.

Many of the artifacts on display date to the sixth century BC. Temporary exhibits are held at the elegant 19th-century Stathatos Mansion, accessible from the main building by a passageway from the atrium.

În cartierul Kolonáki, Muzeul de Artă Cicladică a fost creat în 1986 de Fundația Nicholas și Dolly Goulandris. Armatorul Nikolas P. Goulandris a fost un cunoscut patron al artelor și vieții culturale din Atena. Colecția proprie a lui Goulandris formează nucleul exponatelor muzeului.

Găzduit într-o clădire modernă elegantă, cu fațadă de marmură și sticlă, colecția permanentă a muzeului cuprinde mai mult de 3.000 de obiecte.

Multe dintre artefactele expuse datează din secolul al VI-lea î.Hr. Expoziții temporare sunt ținute la elegantul conac Stathatos din secolul al XIX-lea, accesibil din clădirea principală printr-un pasaj de la atrium.

Olympieion: Temple of Olympian Zeus / Olympieion: Templul lui Zeus Olimpianul

Dedicated to Zeus, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, also called the Olympieion, was the largest temple in ancient Greece. Though the Parthenon is better preserved, the Temple of Olympian Zeus was an even more monumental structure in its day. The temple dates to the sixth century BC but was not completed until the second century AD by the Emperor Hadrian. In front of the Olympieion, not far from the entrance, stands Hadrian’s Arch at the end of Dionysiou Areopagitou.

Dedicat lui Zeus, Templul lui Zeus Olimpianul, numit și Olympieion, a fost cel mai mare templu din Grecia antică. Deși Partenonul este mai bine conservat, Templul Zeusului olimpic a fost o structură și mai monumentală în zilele sale. Templul datează din secolul al VI-lea î.Hr., dar nu a fost finalizat decât în secolul al II-lea de către împăratul Hadrian. În fața Olympieionului, nu departe de intrare, se află Arcul lui Hadrian la capătul Dionysiou Areopagitou.

Panathenaic Stadium & Olympic Stadium / Stadionul Panathenaic și Stadionul Olimpic

Ancient Athens’s largest building, the Panathenaic Stadium, has a capacity for 60,000 spectators. Constructed around 335 BC during the era of Herodes Atticus, the venue hosted the Panathenaic Games where runners competed in races around the track.

Around AD 140, the stadium was updated with new marble seating by Herodes Atticus. The structure that tourists see today is a replica of the original stadium, which was rebuilt for the Olympic Games of 1896.

Cea mai mare clădire a Atenei antice, Stadionul Panathenaic, are o capacitate de 60.000 de spectatori. Construită în jurul anului 335 î.Hr., în epoca lui Herodes Atticus, locul de desfășurare a găzduit Jocurile Panathenaic, unde alergătorii concurau în curse în jurul pistei.

În jurul anului 140 d.Hr., stadionul a fost actualizat cu noi locuri din marmură de către Herodes Atticus. Structura pe care o văd turiștii astăzi este o replică a stadionului original, care a fost reconstruit pentru Jocurile Olimpice din 1896.

Byzantine Museum / Muzeul Bizantin

Housed in a 19th-century palace originally built for the Duchesse de Plaisance, the wife of Charles-François Lebrun of France, the museum displays a precious collection of Byzantine art.

With more than 25,000 artifacts on display, the Byzantine Museum is a treasury of religious artifacts from the Byzantine period as well as pieces from the early Christian, medieval, and post-Byzantine eras. The collection includes sculptures, paintings, icons, textiles, and mosaics. Highlights are the architectural fragments from early Christian basilicas and Byzantine churches and the reproduction of a fountain depicted at the Monastery of Dafní. The museum’s courtyard features a splendid fragment of a mosaic floor from the fifth century.

Găzduit într-un palat din secolul al XIX-lea construit inițial pentru Ducesa de Plaisance, soția lui Charles-François Lebrun din Franța, muzeul prezintă o prețioasă colecție de artă bizantină.

Cu mai mult de 25.000 de artefacte expuse, Muzeul Bizantin este un tezaur de artefacte religioase din perioada bizantină, precum și piese din epoca creștină timpurie, medievală și post-bizantină. Colecția include sculpturi, picturi, icoane, textile și mozaicuri. Repere sunt fragmentele arhitecturale din bazilicele creștine timpurii și bisericile bizantine și reproducerea unei fântâni descrise la Mănăstirea din Dafní. Curtea muzeului prezintă un fragment splendid de podea cu mozaic din secolul al V-lea.

Monastiraki & the Flea Market / Monastiraki și piața de vechituri

Narrow streets lined with shops selling everything from jewelry and trinkets to clothing and everyday goods is what you’ll find in the Athens Flea Market in Monastiraki. This is one of the neighborhood’s main draws, but this area has a very unique vibe and is a nice place to just relax.

Străzile înguste, căptușite cu magazine care vând totul, de la bijuterii și brelocuri la îmbrăcăminte și articole de zi cu zi, este ceea ce veți găsi în Piața de vechituri din Atena din Monastiraki. Aceasta este una dintre atracțiile principale ale cartierului, dar această zonă are o atmosferă foarte unică și este un loc frumos pentru relaxare.

Church of the Holy Apostles / Biserica Sfinților Apostoli

On the site of the ancient Agora, the Church of the Holy Apostles was the only building left standing when this entire quarter of Athens was demolished to excavate the Agora archaeological site. Built in the 10th century, the church stands above a nymphaion (sacred spring).
The exterior is notable for its ashlar masonry and its ornamental Kufic inscriptions.

Pe locul vechii Agora, Biserica Sfinților Apostoli a fost singura clădire rămasă în picioare atunci când întregul cartier al Atenei a fost demolat pentru excavarea sitului arheologic Agora. Construită în secolul al X-lea, biserica se află deasupra unui nimfion (izvor sacru).
Exteriorul se remarcă prin zidărie de sarmă și inscripțiile sale ornamentale kufice.

National Gardens and the Zappeion / Grădinile Naționale și Zappeion

The National Garden is a large green space behind the Temple of Olympian Zeus and home to the Zappeion. Inviting trails lead through tall trees and offer a reprieve from the busy streets.

On the edge of the garden is the Zappeion Hall. It was built in the 1870s and is used for events. Inside the main entrance is an impressive round, open-air hall, lined by columns.

Grădina Națională este un spațiu verde mare în spatele Templului lui Zeus Olimpian și găzduiește Zappeion. Traseele invitante duc printre copaci înalți și oferă o ameliorare de pe străzile aglomerate.

La marginea grădinii se află Sala Zappeion. A fost construit în anii 1870 și este folosit pentru evenimente. În interiorul intrării principale este un impresionant hol rotund, în aer liber, căptușit de coloane.

Church of Demetrius Loumbardiaris / Biserica lui Demetrius Loumbardiaris

In a verdant setting on Philopappou Hill, this tiny 12th-century Byzantine chapel offers an opportunity for an enchanting spiritual experience. The building was constructed at the Diateichisma Gate because of the ancient belief that divinity protected the gates.

Inside, the church has a single-aisle vaulted basilica form, and the walls are adorned with frescoes dating to 1732. The chapel’s name „Loumbardiaris” (meaning „The Cannoneer”) is connected with the legend that the church was saved by a miracle around 1650 when the Turkish commander of the Acropolis, Yusuf, bombed the church.

Într-un cadru verde pe dealul Philopappou, această minusculă capelă bizantină din secolul al XII-lea oferă o oportunitate pentru o experiență spirituală încântătoare. Clădirea a fost construită la Poarta Diateichisma datorită credinței antice că divinitatea proteja porțile.

În interior, biserica are o formă de bazilică boltită cu un singur culoar, iar pereții sunt împodobiți cu fresce datând din 1732. Numele capelei „Loumbardiaris” (care înseamnă „Cannonerul”) este legat de legenda conform căreia biserica a fost salvată printr-un miracol. în jurul anului 1650, când comandantul turc al Acropolei, Yusuf, a bombardat biserica.


Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 12

Episode 12 / Episodul 12

Tian Qi drills and faints and promises to keep Tian Qi secret. Ji Heng asked Tian Qi why he came to Jifu. Tian Qi said that he had heard that Jifu had calmed down the Dongjiashanzhuang disaster, so he decided to become a military doctor.

Ji Heng took her to the martial arts ground, asked her to practice marksmanship, and taught him by hand. Tian Qi was desperately training so as not to be seen as a woman.

Tian Qi was just faint, nothing to do, and to serve Ji Heng in the evening. Ji Heng felt that he was not thinking well today. Tian Qi took the opportunity to take out an IOU to help him pay back the money. Ji Heng ignored her.

Mrs. Ji prayed for the Ji family in the temple, and someone came to pick her up at her house. Chen Wuyong next to her was her righteous father who received the letter from the young master.

The next day, Tian Tianqi went out of the house with a token, and met Sun Fan outside Sun House, and followed him all the way. Tian Qi was very angry when he saw Sun Fan and Li Lin bullying the woman together. Tian Qi was about to keep up, but was stopped by Ji Zheng.

Ji Zheng took Tian Qi away and asked her why she had come to Jifu. Tian Qi said that he was seeking revenge on Sun Congrui, and he would definitely not be bad for Jifu. Ji Zheng promised her that she would not expose her if she was not against Ji Fu and Ji Heng.

Ji Zheng took Tian Qi to dinner. Tian Qi chose an opponent and went in to see Zheng Shaofeng and others betting on chess. Zheng Shaofeng asked them to help, Tian Qi asked him to make two hundred passes and win by himself.

Tian Qi really won the game, which attracted the attention of Sun Fan, and he came to bet with her. Tian Qi agreed, and the person who offered to lose would agree to the winner, and Sun Fan agreed. After Tian Qi won the chess, Sun Fan undressed and swam around.

People around him pointed and pointed at Sun Fan. Zheng Shaofeng was worried that Sun Fan would find it back. Tian Qi said that he was not afraid to have a guard.

 Tian Qi went to worship the tortoise after returning home, and Ruyi suddenly came over to play with her. Ji Zheng also came over and told her that this was the son of his late elder brother. He followed Mrs. Ji in the temple and had just returned. Ruyi suddenly called Tian Qiniang, frightening both of them.


Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 11

Episode 11 / Episodul 11

Tian Qi Ji Heng out of the house to play Tian Qi to get in and out of Ji Fu token. Tian Qi asked Ji Heng to ask for leave and said he wanted to go out. When talking about fun things outside, Ji Heng was very interested. Tian Qi saw that he had never been out and asked him to go out with himself tomorrow. Sheng Anhuai took Tian Qi to receive the award, and felt that Tian Qi was now very favored by Ji Heng. Tian Qi was very prestigious and gave Sheng Anhuai a gift, which made him very happy.

The next day, Tian Tian Qi Chu Fu met Ji Heng, and he did not expect him to come out. Ji Heng asked Tian Qi to take a stroll with him and listen to him today. Tian Qi was afraid that Ji Heng would be recognized. He wanted to give him a name, found a Chinese medicine name Bai Heng, and called him Xiaobai. Ji Heng was very depressed, but still agreed.

Tian Qi took Ji Heng to walk around. When he saw a stall selling jewellery, he couldn’t help coming forward. When he saw the surprised look of the boss, he remembered that he was now men’s clothing a bit. Unexpectedly, a sister-in-law Li Lin came over to send the woman’s sister-in-law and let her go out with herself. The woman was so scared that Tian Qi protected her. Tian Qi quarreled with him, kicked him, pulled Ji Heng and ran.

Ji Heng didn’t respond at all, and couldn’t help laughing while running. Li Lin surrounded them with people, and Tian Qi guarded Ji Heng, but was pulled behind by Ji Heng, knocking everyone who came up to the ground. Tian Qi looked behind and thought Ji Heng was very handsome.

Tian Qi took Ji Heng to eat, and it was particularly delicious. Ji Heng looked at him and felt that it was impossible for him to be a woman. He had doubts before. Tian Qi was startled, and quickly found a way to let Ji Heng dispel suspicion. Tian Qi took Ji Heng to buy a palace map, pretending to be lascivious. I did not expect the boss to buy business, said Ji Heng often buy here. The boss took out the portrait of Jiedushi, which was particularly ugly, and Ji Heng went straight away.

Tian Qi took Ji Heng to Wan Hong Lou, Ji Zheng came out to play with his friend Zheng Shaofeng, and saw two people approaching the door. Tian Qi looked for a lot of girls to serve, and he still hugged. When she saw Ji Heng’s disdain for them, she had to come out to find other girls and take the opportunity to find Red Aunt. Uncle Lin was afraid that Ji Heng would find out that she was a daughter, but Aunt Hong said that she was not afraid. Aunt Red gave a handkerchief to Tian Qi, and Tian Qi did not know when it was dropped, and was very worried.

Ji Heng drove away the woman who was waiting, Tian Qi heard the movement and hurried over. Ji Heng was very angry and felt that Tian Qi was destroying his reputation. Tian Qi immediately knelt down and said that his parents died when he was a child. The owner of the youth house had taken care of him, so this place was very kind to him, so he would bring Ji Heng. Ji Heng said nothing, and took Tian Qi back to his house.

When Ji Heng returned, thinking of Tian Qi, he called her over and gave her a Jifu token, which allowed him to enter and leave Jifu freely. The government, including the director and the commander, would not exceed ten people. Sheng Anhuai accidentally saw the map of the Spring Palace on Ji Heng’s desk, and quickly resigned to give him space. Ji Heng’s explanation was unclear and unsatisfactory.

Tian Qi couldn’t sleep over and over again at night, always thinking about how Ji Heng protected her today. She kept telling herself that she couldn’t admire anyone now.

Ji Zheng asked Xu Jin to check that what he saw today was indeed Ji Heng and Tian Qi, and also learned that Tian Qi had obtained a token for entering and leaving Jifu. Ji Zheng originally allowed Tian Qi to be with Ji Heng, but now he feels that he can’t go on like this. If something really happens, he can hardly blame him.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 10

Episode 10 / Episodul 10

Tian Qi woke up to see Aunt Hong, very surprised. Aunt Hong blamed Tian Qi for hurting herself, but Tian Qi said that she was really tripped over, but this is also good, which can make Ji Heng trust her more. Tian Qi believes that man is still in Jifu and must stay to find the truth.

After Tian Qi returned home, everyone greeted her warmly. Ding Zhi told her that her heroic rescue of Ji Heng had already spread. Sheng Anhuai also sent someone to clean up the house so that she could live more comfortably.

Tian Qilai served Ji Heng in the evening and found that a soft couch was set up in the room. Ji Heng told her that it was prepared for her and saved her from lying on her bed every time.

Ji Heng said that the army who blocked the sword for the other side was a fateful brother.

Later, he would cover Tian Qi and ask her what reward she would like. Tian Qi wants to avoid the death token, because Ji Heng is uncertain, she can hold her life. Tian Qi is not afraid of Ji Heng now, because she finds that Ji Heng is actually kind-hearted and hasn’t killed anyone indiscriminately. She will also blame herself after having to kill, and she is also pitiful to insomnia. Ji Heng told Tian Qi that he would not give him a death token, because Tian Qi’s life belonged to him. Tian Qi said nothing and laughed. Ji Heng and Ji Zheng consulted each other. Ji Zheng decided not to leave. He will always assist Ji Heng here and will not betray him. Ji Heng went to Jiaku and Tian Qi was on the side to serve. Ji Heng looked at Tian Qi and thought she was very beautiful, and drove her out.

Kang Ninger came to Ji Heng to send medicinal tea, worried that he could not get in. Kant saw Tian Qi, asked him to hand it over, and gave him a reward. Tian Qi immediately agreed to see the money.

 Tian Qi gave the herbal tea to Ji Heng, boasting about Corning’s meal, and tried his best to let Ji Heng drink. After Ji Heng drank, watching Tian Qi kept staring, he gave her the remaining reward. Tian Qi was very embarrassed. Ji Heng saw that she had abandon her drink and was immediately angry. Tian Qi couldn’t care less about it and hurried to drink.

Tian Qi went to Kang Ning’er with an empty bowl and took the reward again, very happy.

Tian Qi and Ding Zhi went out to buy medicinal materials. The owner of the drug store hoped that Tian Qi could tell his daughter good things in front of Ji Heng and gave a lot of gifts. When Tian Qi saw the way to make money, he found the girl who admired Ji Heng in the city and asked them for a reward.

After Tian Qi returned to the house, he took various things to Ji Heng, all of which were the wishes of the girls. Ji Heng saw that she had received a lot of benefits, and she wanted to share the accounts with her to see the treasures she received. There were red coral from the East China Sea, millennium ginseng, and so on. Ji Heng accused her seller of seeking honour, and said that it was fraud to take money out of business.

 Tian Qi was frightened by Ji Heng, and the next day he went to send everything back, very distressed. In order to please Ji Heng, Tian Qi bought soft armor for him. Ji Heng likes it so that Sheng Anhuai rewards her three times the price she bought.


Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 9

Episode 9 / Episodul 9

Shen Zhaoer tried to eavesdrop on them but was stopped by Ji Zheng. Later, Shi Zi was angry and was seen by the pool. Although, Ji Zheng apologized to Shen Zhaoer for pretending to be a god of flowers, and promised that he would help no matter what happened in the future. But now, if it is about Ji Heng , will he still help?

Ji Heng trains in the outskirts and attacks Tian Qi to block Ji Heng’s arrows. After Tian Qi came out, he resentfully said that he would not let Sun Congrui pass, which would definitely cost him. These were all heard by Ji Zheng. 

When Ji Zheng and Ji Heng met, he couldn’t figure out one thing. He didn’t know how Mrs. Shu got the inch. Ji Heng did not know if it was related to the death of Shen Qingyun that year. He asked Ji Zheng if he could find out the details of Tian Qi. Ji Zheng said that he only knew that Tian Qi’s experience in Jintai Hospital was okay, but Ji Heng found that Ji Zheng’s eyes turned. Knowing it was a small gesture when he lied.

Tian Qi felt that it was necessary to deal with Sun Congrui and start with Ji Heng, and to find a way to gain Ji Heng’s trust. Ji Heng was going to train in the suburbs and called Tian Qi together. Ji Zheng understood that this was Ji Heng’s uneasy Tian Qi. He wanted to find a way to make Ji Heng eliminate doubt.

Ji Heng and Tian Qi sat in the carriage together. Tian Qixian diligently ate plums to Ji Heng, but accidentally spilled tea on him, and Ji Heng was kicked off the carriage.

The team stopped to eat, Tian Qi went to Taolin, remembering that this was the place to play with his parents when he was a kid. Tian Qi made a wreath that was the same as a child, sang a song, and vowed to find an enemy.

Ji Heng and Sheng Anhuai were attracted by the singing, but when they approached, they found that Tian Qi was very angry. Tian Qi said that he wanted to pick flowers for Ji Heng. Ji Heng saw that the flowers were bald. Tian Qi was anxious, and said that he should appreciate the flowers, which is the heart of the flowers.

Ji Heng punished him to bring the Corolla behind the team to show everyone the Corolla. Ji Heng also said that there should be no fewer flowers on her head, and if there were fewer flowers, she would play ten boards.

At the station, Ji Heng found three missing flowers, and Tian Qi owed it first, and then returned it all at once. The young master knew that Ji Heng had gone out, and felt that this was a rare opportunity, and decided to act as usual.

In the evening, Ji Heng asked Tian Qi to wait for him to take a bath. Tian Qi tangled for a long time, and after taking off his clothes, he could no longer handle it. Ji Heng felt that he was too embarrassed, and suddenly thought of something, he let her go out. Ji Heng thinks more and more wrong, thinking Tian Qi is like a woman.

Suddenly an assassin came in the middle of the road. This was already in Ji Heng’s plan. He also called Ji Zheng to prepare for him to answer here. Tian Qi hid under the carriage, but was discovered by an assassin, hurried to hide to Ji Heng. Unexpectedly, there was just an assassin shooting arrows at Ji Heng. Tian Qi was tripped over and accidentally helped Ji Heng to stop the arrow.

Assassin saw the reinforcements retreating, Ji Zheng went to the city to find a doctor, and invited a famous goddess doctor. Tian Qi ’s life was on the eve, Ji Heng could n’t wait. He was injured on the battlefield. He knew how to deal with it. He had to cut off Tian Qi ’s clothes first. Tian Qi was afraid of her identity and asked Ji Heng not to execute her. Ji Zheng came with Ye Nuyi, who was the aunt Hong, and asked them to go out and treat Tian Qi himself.

 Ji Heng came to see Tian Qi and muttered to himself, watching her save herself this time, and punished her for staying with her in the future. Ji Zheng came to persuade Ji Heng to take a break. Ji Heng asked him if he had caught a live mouth, and Ji Zheng said he did not. Ji Heng took care of Tian Qi in the evening, and gave her a fan when she saw the fever, just as Sheng Anhuai came in, and she was frightened when she saw this. Sheng Anhuai asked Ji Heng when he set off, and Ji Heng said he would go back tomorrow and leave Ye Nuyi to take care of Tian Qi. Tian Qi had a nightmare and yelled at her father and mother not to leave, Ji Heng grabbed her hand and comforted her not to leave.


Tadeusz Dolega-Mostowicz – Vraciul

  Rafal Wilczur este protagonistul acestei opere, care se întinde pe 2 volume. Este cel mai bun medic de la cea mai bună clinică din Varșovia, fiind admirat și invidiat de toți colegii lui de breaslă.  Are o soție și o fiică pe care le iubește foarte mult,dar din cauza faptului că este dedicat trup și suflet meseriei sale, le neglijează pe acestea. Într-o zi, când el ajunge acasă încărcat de cadouri pentru ele, găsește un bilet lăsat de consoarta lui în care îi spune că nu îl mai iubește și că îl părăsește,luând fetița lor cu ea. Cuprins de disperare și tristețe le caută în toată capitala, dar nu le găsește, ajungând într-un bar pentru a uita de amarul sau prin intermediul consumului de alcool. Acolo este tâlhărit și bătut,în urma acestui lucru el căpătând amnezie.

                               Uită cine este și își caută de muncă cu ziua, ajungând într-un sătuc din vestul Poloniei,sub numele de Antoni Koshiba,fiind primit în casa morarului Prokop Mielnik, despre care se spunea ca e blestemat,deoarece  toți copii săi au murit, iar unicul său fiu avea o problemă la un picior, ceea ce nu îi permitea să meargă. Antoni își dă seama că poate să-l ajute și îl operează cu instrumente improvizate și cu leacuri făcute din ierburi. Nu își dă seama cum de are cunoștințe chirurgicale,dar fiul lui Prokop se face bine și se duce vestea în sat și mulți oameni bolnavi apelează la ”vraciul” de la casa morarului, acesta ajutându-i pe gratis.

                            Între timp, fosta soție a profesorului, Beata și fiica,Marysia, își văd de viața lor, fata rămânând orfană. Ea este dată în grija unei femei cu o prăvălie din acest sat. Antoni și Marysia nu se recunosc unul pe celălalt ,dar se înfiripă o strânsă legătură între ei, ea fiind încântată de vorbele bune pe care i le aduce vraciul.
Mai are loc o poveste de iubire între  Marysia și un băiat bogat, dintr-o familie de nobili,el numindu-se Leszek Czynski. După ce o cere în căsătorie, cei doi suferă un accident de motocicletă. Czynski vrea să se sinucidă după ce află de la doctorul satului că nu se mai poate face nimic pentru logodnica lui. Wilczur fură trusa chirurgicală a doctorului și o salvează pe Marysia, dar se afla de acest furt și profesorul ajunge în închisoare.

“Ce crimă e! Are omul dreptul să-şi smulgă din piept cel mai bun, cel mai nobil şi cel mai frumos sentiment? Cine ştie, poate singurul sentiment care ne justifică existenţa, care reprezintă bogaţia sufletului nostru? Să-l calci în picioare, să-l distrugi, să te lepezi de el? În numele cărei raţiuni? Ca să obţii preţuirea oamenilor? Ce prostie! Să renunţi pentru alţii la tine, să renunţi la ce-i mai important în tine, la propria-ţi fericire?!”

“Nu e greu să fii cineva, e greu să fii un nimeni.”

“Dacă vrei să câştigi dragostea cuiva, oferă-i dragostea ta.”

“Ce este binele, dacă nu înţelepciune? Viaţa devine un paradox. Atunci poate înţelept e şi faptul că tu trăieşti pentru a aduce fericire altora.”

“În lume nu se pierde nimic. Aşa-i legea. Nimic nu se pierde. Cum e şi cu grebla. Calci pe ea şi când nici nu te aştepţi, grebla se ridică şi buf cu coada în frunte… Aşa-i legea.”


Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 8

Episode 8 / Episodul 8

Before Liao Shuyi’s death, she cursed Ji Heng for betrayal and separation, and those she loved would hate him.

This made Ji Heng think of the Shen Qingyun family once more, and the thought of Shen Zhaoer whose life and death are unknown. But I don’t know, in fact, the person he has been thinking about is standing beside him at this moment. Shen Zhaoer saw Ji Heng’s guilt but thought it was guilty. It was from the forced death of Liao Shuyi, and his heart began to change Ji Heng. Perhaps he did not look so ruthless.

However, Liao Shuyi’s death was just the beginning. Jifu was in danger everywhere, and Shen Zhaoer had the idea of ​​leaving Jifu for the first time. However, a word from Ding Zhi made her hesitate again. Nowadays, he has finally become Jiheng’s portable medical officer. If he can get his trust and become his confidant, what else can he do? Is it impossible? Shen Zhaoer was restless and wanted to give up eventually, but when she put down her fan and wanted to leave Ji Heng’s bedroom, without taking two steps, Ji Heng started having a nightmare again, muttering in her mouth.

Shen Zhaoer heard that Ding Jing quickly turned around and sat on the bed trying to wake up Ji Heng. Who knew that the other party suddenly got up? Hold her in her arms.

This action made both of them somewhat surprised and surprised. The next moment, Ji Heng resumed as usual, and let Shen Zhaoer go out with him. In the moonlight, Ji Heng revealed his heart to Shen Zhaoer for the first time. Because of a fortune-telling, he tried to practice martial arts in exchange for his father’s care but made his father jealous of himself. Later, because he had affected the lives of others, the family died to protect himself. Ji Heng couldn’t help but feel relieved. Shen Zhaoer comfort. With regard to Ji Heng, he said that he was a good man to protect his country and defend his country, and the family would not blame him.

However, if Shen Zhaoer knew that Ji Heng was referring to his parents, I wonder if he could still think so. Unfortunately, nothing happens. Ji Heng looked at Shen Zhaoer solemnly and informed the other about his insomnia, so he wanted to bet.

One, in exchange for his weaknesses for Shen Zhaoer’s loyalty. Similarly, if Shen Zhaoer dares to betray, Ji Heng definitely has ten million ways to make her die miserably.

The case of the killing of the county master was concluded, and Sun Congrui knew that the emperor would not move the angry Ji’s family, and repeatedly pleaded with each other. In this way, he could gain a free relationship. At first, it was also Sun Congrui who recommended Ji Hengzi to be the father after his death at the old festival. Since then, he has been living as a Ji family. Brother Ji Heng always treated this Sun Congrui

Hate, not to mention, it was this Sun Congrui who killed the Shen Qingyun family indirectly. However, Ji Heng knows very well that it is not the time to tear his face with Sun Congrui. When Sun Congrui heard that there was still one person in the army for escorting grain, he thought that Ji Heng’s plea was pity and asked him for this position for his son. Ji Heng With Sun Congrui’s fake smile, this scene happened to be seen by Shen Zhaoer. At that time, Sun Congrui deliberately protected Shen Qingyun in his house, and later went to report in exchange for glory and wealth.

At that time, Shen Zhaoer stared at Sun Congrui’s face so hard that she could recognize it even if the other party turned gray! Now that Sun Congrui came to Jifu, she opened. I was worried what would happen if Ji Heng made good friends with Sun Congrui? Shen Zhaoer tried to eavesdrop on them but was stopped by Ji Zheng . Later, Shi Zi was angry and was seen by the pool. Although, Ji Zheng apologized to Shen Zhaoer for pretending to be a god of flowers, and promised that he would help no matter what happened in the future. But now, if it is about Ji Heng, will he still help?