Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 31 – Recap

At this time, because of the Buff who lost the game during the day, for the first time in his life, he accepted the loss to Han Shangyan, and left his team card to Han Shangyan so that he must lead the team to win the world championship. And this is a kind of spiritual inheritance, let Han Shangyan lie on his back on the balcony chair, can’t help but think of the brave words of the young and energetic youth of the Solo team ten years ago, in order to win the world championship.

After that night, the leader Mi Shaofei not only won a good leading record, but also the trust and trust of the boys.

In the early morning of the next day, Tong Nian came to the entrance of Hanshangyan’s club. He only used a computer to tease Hanshangyan before letting Hanshangyan go downstairs and open the door for himself. This time I came here because of his victory in the semi-finals. Tong Nian was in love again, and he was ready to bring out the surprise for Han Shangyan in advance. Although Hanshangyan speaks bluntly and incomprehensibly on the surface, it is just the new homepage of K&K’s official website. But in fact, when I learned from Yaya before, Han Shangyan had read this new official website more than a hundred times.

Han Shangyan first made Tong Nian sulking, and then he wanted to kiss him. But at this time, because Mi Shaofei received a short message from Hanshangyan last night, he came over to disturb the good things about Hanshangyan. At that time, Tong Nian, who was young but sensible, also asked Han Shangyan to focus on work.

Then, Han Shangyan talked with Mi Shaofei, and wanted to sign Buff, not only to realize the dream of Buff, but also to improve the average strength of K&K. Just considering that it is necessary to replace the guy with the worst performance in the team behind, Xiaomi and Shangyan are also thinking about this.

When Mi Shaofei went to find out when Buff left Shanghai, Han Shangyan dealt with Norwegian matters downstairs. And Tong Nian got tired of playing with Kitty, so he took the slide to Hanshangyan’s office. The two of them dazzled, which did not affect Hanshangyan’s work in the slightest. When Nanwei from Norway mentioned that the budget was not enough, Hanshang said that if this is the case, China would figure out its own way. Because he was driving the speakerphone, Tong Nian also heard it, so he volunteered to Han Shangyan, “I will support you”.

In the evening, Han Shangyan sent Tong Nian to Tong’s door. At the time of the parting, Tong Nian walked around the window of Hanshangyan, looked at Hanshangyan with affectionate eyes, and gently stroked Hanshangyan’s frowning brows. This made  Han Shangyan involuntarily stick his head out of the car window and hug Tong Nian. When Tong Nian reluctantly entered the house, Han Shangyan met the security guard the last time he climbed the tree. After hearing the words of the security guard, Han Shang could not help but squat at Tong’s house for the whole night.

And the next day, Tong Nian sent a message saying that this was the four-month anniversary of our acquaintance and missed you so much. Han Shangyan said that he would come down if he thought of me. Tong Nian turned over and got out of bed, dressed in pajamas, put on his jacket and rushed out of the house. Seeing Hanshangyan, Tong Nian jumped to Hanshangyan excitedly, and this scene was captured by passers-by. In the Hanshangyan car again, Tong Nian felt so happy that he could hardly breathe. When Han Shangyan asked Tong Nian what kind of anniversary gift he wanted, Tong Nian said he would never break up. This made Han Shangyan start to tease Tong Nian seriously, saying that there are many obstacles to getting married now. One of them is Tong’s mother.

Afterwards, the two of them also avoided Tong’s father walking the dog in fear. After a baptism of love, Han Shangyan took Tong Nian a lot of mature and serious in the eyes of Tong’s father.