Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 28 – Recap

The grandfather fell in love with the grandson-in-law, and Tong Nian was also very speculative with the grandfather, so he agreed with Han Shangyan and went to Norway to see the grandfather together when he had time. On the second floor, Han Shangyan had to personally supervise the game because of Su Cheng’s resignation, so he packed the boxes and explained Tong Nian’s questions. That is, the aunt next to him was actually One’s mother. After that, Han Shangyan sent Tong Nian away, and Tong Nian accidentally learned that Han Shangyan named the kitten Xiao Squid.

The next day, with Yaya’s encouragement, Tong Nian rushed home from the university dormitory, ready to work harder for his love with Han Shangyan. With the Han family and Tong Nian’s people, accompany the old man to Suzhou to see his hometown, so as to alleviate the pain of homesickness of the old man when he returns to Norway and also ease the relationship between Tong’s mother and Han Shangyan. This idea was approved by Tong’s mother. Zheng Hui, who originally lived in Tong’s house and coveted the year of Tong, was deeply impressed by Tong’s mother because of his ability to pick beans.

On the way to Suzhou, the Han’s and Tong’s each drove a car, and the Tong’s car opened the way. Although Tong’s mother still has a grudge against Han Shangyan, it is not easy to tell because of her daughter’s infatuation. But when the Han family let the Tong family sit alone, Hu Dounan was introduced instead of Tong Nian, whom the old man hoped. During the break, Han Shangyan peeled an old popsicle to Tong Nian. When he was about to feed it into Tong Nian’s pouting lips, Hu Dounan took it away vigorously. The interruption work arranged by Tong’s mother was performed properly. But it is precisely because of these resistances that Han Shangyan has a stronger motivation for Tong Nian. A small act between a couple envied others, that is, Han Shangyan used his hand to block Tong Nian from the sun, which was just right.

When they arrived at the common hometown of the Han and Tong families, the old man of the Han family and a white-haired but glorious grandmother began to sit down, chatting about the family.  Han Shangyan and Tong Nian, Tong Nian’s cousin, and Hu Dounan’s elders all began to play the younger generation one by one. When asked about Han Shangyan, the grandmother couldn’t help but wonder about her age, and worried about the Han family. She was almost 30 years old, and she was never married and had no children. After politely responding to the business language, he found a reason with a little discomfort and came out to breathe.

Han Shang said that he was alone with Tong Nian and wittily threw away Hu Dounan. The two went under a tree to play chess with the local elderly. Han Shangyan sold the singing boy from the bridge, flicked a small guitar for twenty yuan, and while traveling around the water town with Tong Nian in a small boat, he hummed a song for Tong Nian affectionately.

Unconsciously, the good time of the afternoon passed. In order to avoid causing Tong’s mother’s displeasure, Han Shangyan asked Tong Nian to go back to eat with his elders by returning the guitar. Shang Yan went to his grandfather’s hometown to buy gifts for Tong Nian. When the elders’ seats hadn’t fallen apart, Han Shangyan rushed back, just like Tong Nian was scolded by Tong’s mother, and was taught by the Han family father to take a seat for dinner.

After visiting his hometown, the old man of the Han family returned to Han Shangyan’s home again. That night, the old man and his grandson had a good conversation, and he began to think about how he didn’t understand his grandson, so he felt guilty. When he was returning to Norway the next day, the old man was reluctant to bear the younger Han Shangyan and Wu Bai, so he insisted on drinking another cup of tea, and that tea had to be made by Tong Nian’s tea.

Therefore, when he arrived at the airport, Han Shangyan carefully helped the old man to the bathroom. When Han Shangyan was waiting outside, he saw a short message of concern sent by Tong Nian and invited Tong Nian to visit his father in Norway this summer vacation. After that, Father Han suffered from old problems due to angina, and sat on the toilet to endure it. After a while, Han Shangyan, who sensed something wrong, slammed in. At that time, the grandfather had just come over by himself, and both grandfathers and grandchildren made love accusations for the common problem of never reporting the good or the bad. The accusation comes, and the accusation goes, it is nothing more than the business of Han Shangyan and the health of the Han family.