Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 24 Recap

Martial arts emphasizes riding and shooting, and it has only been better than archery. This round of riding is better than riding. The rule is that after passing through many barriers, the first person to reach the end and win the flag wins. As soon as the order was sounded, the horses galloped out, and all kinds of flying sand and rocks followed deep into the mountains and forests.

Fu Rong happened to see the good sister go out with King Cheng, and quietly followed. He found that Qi Zhu had disappeared. One of them accidentally broke the secret of King Cheng. King Cheng moved to kill, and Fu Rong kicked a bunch of fallen leaves and turned around. Just run. Xu Jin in the hunting camp found the clues and hurriedly followed Lan Xiang’s guidance. Fu Rong couldn’t choose his way for a while and crashed into someone’s arms. It turned out to be Wang An.

She hurriedly hid behind him, both the prince, and she stayed under the eyes of the king Without Fu Rong, Wang An took her back to the camp.

Xu Jin just rushed over and saw Wang An holding Fu Rong’s hand and he just grabbed it. He didn’t know that Fu Rong’s hand was hurt because of the bump. Now that he knew it, he just picked up Fu Rong and left. Xu Jin was jealous. He didn’t want Fu Rong to repay his gratitude. He wanted Fu Rong to hug him. Fu Rong would not leave if he didn’t hug him. Finally, Xu Jin looked extremely satisfied when he was hugged.

Many people were dismounted. Wu Baiqi was able to overcome obstacles and thorns all the way. He took the flag and rode his horse to the camp.

When the arrow stabbed, Xu Jin shot a dark mark and only had time to break the arrow. Wu Baiqi was still stabbed. He picked up the banner with his injuries, this brave general was none other than him.

The emperor ordered King An to find out who did the secret arrow in the hunting ground.

King Cheng here pointed at his subordinates and cursed at waste. There was nowhere to vent his suffocation. After this, Wu Baiqi and Xu Jin couldn’t easily calculate it. If they can’t afford it, they can find someone who can afford it. King Cheng is determined to calculate. Calculate Fu Rong.

The arrow that stabbed Wu Baiqi was non-toxic. It seemed that this man didn’t want to kill him, but just wanted him to lose the election. Xu Jin relaxed, planning to find Fu Rong, but when he went out, he met Fu Xuan in Fu Rong’s clothes. It turned out that Fu Rong’s clothes were dirty, so he changed with Fu Xuan to attend a later banquet.

Wu Baiqi was bored in the tent. When he heard Fu Xuan’s voice outside, he immediately screamed and deliberately attracted Fu Xuan to visit. He was very excited when he saw Fu Xuan. After less than half a moment of the pain, he started to jump around and talked to Fu Xuan about his bravery when he captured the flag.

My own heroic story has not been finished yet, and the dark arrow outside the window is hard to guard against. The feather of the arrow flew towards Fu Xuan. Wu Bai couldn’t think about subconsciously protecting Fu Xuan from the inside, and he abruptly took the arrow. An arrow was stuck in his back, blood and blood. Wu Baiqi gritted his teeth when Ge Chuan pulled the arrow for him. Fu Xuan watched his tears unknowingly stay. This beauty’s tears were very useful to Wu Bai. It hurts, and even in the mood to say some love words, Fu Xuan really makes him feel bad.

Xu Jin and Fu Rong went to the lake. He wiped the corners of Fu Rong’s mouth with a handkerchief, making fun of her and stealing food. Fu Rong’s concern was that the handkerchief had been taken by Xu Jin long ago. Tonight shrouded in stars, and the Big Dipper was extremely bright. Talking about these Xu Jin like endorsements, Fu Rong covered his mouth as early as possible. In the evening, Xu Jin learned that Wu Baiqi had been injured and went to see him. When he returned, Fu Rong was drawing some patterns. The arrow shot this time was poisoned, Xu Jin whispered that Wu Baiqi really hit the arrow this time. He suddenly asked whether Fu Rong’s destiny could be changed. How could he suddenly ask, Fu Rong felt that he was weird, and he wanted to tell him in detail, Xu Jin went to the study without answering.

The next day Xu Jin asked Fu Rong about the whereabouts of Xiaoqi Xiaoba. The two of them were well informed and had extensive contacts. Xu Jin wanted to ask them about something, but Fu Rong hadn’t seen them much on the street recently. Suddenly Xu Jin hugged Fu Rong, saying that they would not be separated, like praying, like wishing.

Fu Xuan was actually very worried about Wu Baiqi, so he went to the barracks to take a look. Wu Baiqi was naturally happy, and was about to send Fu Xuan back, but his deputy Li Wei was very dumbfounded and rushed to rush him.

Military training. To bother him to live with the beautiful woman, Wu Bai ordered the soldiers to replace all the new weapons, and when he and Li Wei competed, the new weapon was cut off by a single blow. Then he checked the weapons in the armory as well. It seems that someone has been thinking about weapons. According to Wu Baiqi’s continued inspection, one-sixth of the weapons had already been shoddy, and he had to hurry up to find the stronghold of this group in Beijing.

Xu Jin returned late at night. Seeing Fu Rong asleep at the table, she woke up again when she hugged him to the bed. After hearing Xu Jin talk about the stars that day, Fu Rong wanted to launch a series of jewelry with this theme. There are many sketches on the gallery, but none of them are satisfactory, because she has a little knowledge of the stars. So after Fu Rong was asleep, Xu Jin quietly wrote a detailed note of the stars and placed it next to her, stroked her face, and waited until he determined his life and death before going to the love of his children.

A new batch of weapons was transported to the camp, Wu Baiqi and Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the eyes behind him, and then put the weapons into the warehouse. The soldiers in charge of the rhyming weapons entered the warehouse to replace the so-called broken swords and spears, replaced the swords they had brought, and transported them to a copper shop, pressed some sickles and hoes as a cover, and transported the carts out of the city. The whole process of punishment has been secretly observed.

King An made an appointment to come to Wu Baiqi to inform him about the man in black and Xinduhou in the hunting ground, and use a knife to kill. According to the news given by the care of Yuan, Xinduhou’s foothold in the capital is the copper shop. When the time comes, the copper shop will be handed over to Xu Jin. Xinduhou will inevitably jump over the wall, and Xu Jin will not let go. The opportunity to live in Xinduhou, and King An only needs to reap the benefits of the fisherman.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 23 Recap

Fu Rong’s dagger had already been pulled out, and Ge Chuan held up a copper coin and threw it out and knocked out the dagger in her hand. If Xu Jin didn’t wait one step later, Fu Rong would be killed.

The next day Xu Jin woke up and Ge Chuan told the whole story. This was the temptation of Concubine Shu and the emperor. They were not sure about Fu Rong’s feelings for Xu Jin.

Xu Jin himself was very angry. He sent his mother back to the palace and fined Ge Chuan to pour Yexiang. Looking back at Fu Rong, she knew that Xu Jin would not be too happy to be too happy, and was not angry at all. Xu Jin looked at her like this and felt distressed again, and pressed her tightly into his arms. On the other hand, these days, Fu Rong’s strange behavior probably has an explanation. It is a nourishing soup, and he is invited to sleep in the same bed, hoping to have a little Su Wang.

When Ruyilou’s ban was released, Xu Jin took it to Fu Rong, knowing that she would be happy. Sure enough, Fu Rong pulled his sleeves and whispered like a sticky cat. Xu Jin was very helpful to this. Xu Jin went to the palace again to meet Concubine Shu. As a mother, it was indeed wrong to use her life to test Fu Rong, but everything was for Xu Jin. He never complained or bears grudges. From then on, Concubine Shu only wanted him to be his wife and wife. Qin Se and Ming. Ruyi Building reopened, and Fu Rong, as the new shopkeeper, presided over the overall situation. He was quite generous in his words. He was not at all the naughty kid who would only shrink behind Liu Ruyi. Three days before the opening, the price of various jewellery is concessional, and the lady in Ruyi Lou is in an endless stream. Even the owner of the dried fruit shop who Fu Rong frequents on weekdays also brought something to congratulate.

The reason why the emperor had to re-elect the general of Huxiao Camp was because some people in Huxiao Camp secretly stole oil and water and hid the dirt. Therefore, it was urgent to reorganize the Huxiao Camp by taking advantage of the martial arts conference. The spy discovered that someone was smuggling weapons in Huxiao Camp, who was bold enough. I am afraid that the previous Guanyan Town Army Food case was also the work of the people behind this. It is not easy to transport weapons in Beijing. Not only do people need to meet them in Beijing, but also to catch the fish in troubled waters and mix with other gold, silver, copper and iron. The most frequent contacts in Beijing are bronzes, so Xu Jin believes that copper shops should be used as an entry point.

King Cheng and Xindu Hou learned that Wu Baiqi had made great achievements in the martial arts conference, Xindu Hou loved money like life, and Huxiaoying was his pain point. Right now, Wu Baiqi is most likely to become a brave general. Non-toxic and not a husband, not to mention that Wu Bai didn’t recognize his father as early as possible. If his interests were threatened, Xinduhou would never be merciless. On the other side, Wu Baiqi had asked Ge Chuan to send the invitation to Fu Xuan for the performance of the martial arts conference.

Fu Rong received a rough-worked copper hairpin, and originally disliked its workmanship with Xu Jin, but Xu Jinyi said that he personally went to the copper shop to make it today, and the hairpin instantly became extremely delicate and unique.

Regarding the bed and bed issue, Xu Jin still insisted on sleeping on the bed. Fu Rong refused to invite him to bed. He insisted on saying something after the performance of the martial arts conference, so they agreed not to cheat.

Gu Yuan went to Xiaoshui Xiaozhu and passed the news of Xinduhou to King An. Since Liu Ruyi’s death, the only thing she can count on is King An.

That night, Liu Ruyi and Wang An were on the same level. However, Gu Yuan held a dagger and threatened Liu Ruyi by suicide. She was disturbed, Wang An took advantage of the situation and pushed her to Gu Yuan’s knife, so Gu Yuan killed Gu Yuan indirectly. After Liu Ruyi, An Wang comforted Gu Yuan. It was only an accident. From then on, for stability, Gu Yuan was used by An Wang. The secret room in Ruyi Tower was emptied after she told An, and Fu Rong went to the secret room again. Can’t find anything.

Many camps were stationed in the wild mountains and forests, drums and horns rang, and Dahaoerlang showed off their skills today. This place is full of blood on the battlefield. My daughter never stayed idle.

Concubine Shu prepared a flower and fruit ring for everyone and gave this to the hero in her heart, wishing him a good harvest. Wu Baiqi started looking for Fu Xuan a long way away, and everyone looked at the hero in their minds for the first time. Qingping County Lord Qi Zhu took the wreath and was about to leave, and accidentally ran into the king. Fortunately, the arrival of the king at this time made the situation less embarrassing.

Fu Rong went straight to Xu Jin after wishing An Wang a smooth match, and this flower and fruit ring was naturally given to him. It’s just that Xihe County lord has suffered, and he doesn’t go to the hunting grounds in anger, but sulking in the palace alone.

Fu Xuan’s flower and fruit ring hadn’t been sent out yet, Wu Baiqi came to claim it by himself, and none of the other girls would be accepted. He only wanted Fu Xuan’s. Fu Xuan’s flower and fruit ring is not to wish him the top spot, but to hope that he will be safe. Wu Baiqi is in a good mood, so please watch him take the lead.

A group of flying birds was startled in the sky above the hunting ground, and the sons opened their bows and arrows. For a time the birds were scattered. Wu Baiqi’s skill was able to hit the belly of a pigeon. Everyone applauded and admired. Suddenly Wang An turned his body and his arrows flew As soon as one thrush fell through the neck, the other thrush was dead and flew without what to do. King An shot another arrow to complete a pair of desperate birds. Xu Jin suddenly took a bow and went out and knocked it out. An Wang’s arrow, after which the arrow feathers still straightened forward, pierced the beak of a soybean bird that flew afterwards. Xu Jin is the first one, An Wang is the second, and the third is naturally Wu Baiqi, the emperor is very optimistic about him.

Concubine Duan and Wu Baiqi collided head-on this time. On the surface, there was nothing wrong with family affection, which made Wu Bai feel chilled, but what made him even more chilled was that Concubine Duan did not have the slightest guilt even when it came to Feng Laiyi. She sat down as if she was doing it, without Wu Baiqi saying. It seems that Duanfei really didn’t care about this family relationship, Wu Baiqi respectfully bowed.

King An gave Fu Rong a jujube cake, and Xu Jin took it away the next moment, but he was not allowed to eat it if someone gave it to Fu Rong. He turned around and told Wu Baiqi to be careful of the villain to count the time. He also gave the jujube cake to Wu Baiqi’s horse, wishing it run fast, and taking Wu Baiqi to win the brave general. Although Wu Baiqi knew he was kind, he still didn’t know it. Xu Jin said.

Wang Cheng asked the county lord of Qingping to walk around, and came to an uninhabited trail with a bad heart and tried to touch her hand. The county lord of Qingping was resolute. If King Cheng wanted to offend, she would rather die immediately, and she would just leave this sentence behind Leave.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 22 Recap

When the imperial palace learned about Yao’s affairs, the Yao family had already begun to do nothing. The two families of He and Yao died of illness and death. Xu Jinke’s wife’s story spread to Kyoto. The ministers became ill and refused to get married, but the Lord Xihe didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything, she just wanted to marry King Su. But Xu Jin had someone in his mind long ago, and it will not be too late to talk about it tomorrow.

Fu Rongle was at ease, hiding in Xu Jinke’s wife’s rumors and reading the scripts comfortably, witnessing a pair of lovers eloped, and the scripts became much more beautiful. When Fu Rong went to see Xu Jin, he was still discussing the imperial concubine. The final decision was the same as in his dream. She will still be the future imperial concubine when the lord of Xihe enters the palace tomorrow.

Qiu Nan sneaked out of the mansion and told Xihe County Lord that she was the imperial concubine, Xihe County Lord had not cheered for a few times, and the dyed cloth behind him was torn apart by a sharp blade. The person here was Xu Jin. He had long discovered that Qiu Nan was wrong. I don’t like Princess Xihe either, and today is the day to make a complete break.

When Fu Rong walked to the street, he met Wen Xing driving a carriage. Wang An asked her to meet him. Lan Xiang didn’t catch up after half a step, only to see Fu Rong getting into the car of Shushui Xiaozhu. When he arrived in a deserted suburb, An Wang was grilling fish. When he was a child, they went fishing together in Pinghu. Nowadays, he still goes to Pinghu to catch fish and share it with those who he cared about when he was a child. Suddenly a gust of wind blows out the surrounding lamps, and the surrounding area is half dark. Fu Rong stepped on a stone to light the lamp. The stone was unstable and about to fall, but Xu Jin caught her. He only needs to go back to the house and see Lan Xiang’s expression to know that Fu Rong must have slipped out.

Wang An’s interest was disturbed, and Xu Jin wanted to take Fu Rong back. She refused, and Wang refused even more. She stopped a few words and Xu Jin directly carried Fu Rong to his shoulder and raised his leg and left.

When he returned to the palace, Xu Jin was waiting for Fu Rong to explain, but she didn’t even ask if Xu Jin would marry Zhengfei tomorrow. Since she was so anxious to know the answer, Xu Jin stepped forward and couldn’t help but said that she had kissed her. This matter will come to light tomorrow.

The next day in the palace, the emperor heard that the lord of Xihe was also ill, and the three marriages were dying. The emperor was so overwhelmed by this incident that he had to give up, and only ordered Xu Jin to discipline Fu Rong.

Concubine Shu had an idea in his heart, and after he reported to Emperor Ming, Fu Rong was called to the palace by Concubine Shu, saying that she was accompanied by Concubine Shu to learn the rules.

When Fu Rong went to the palace of Concubine Shu, she saw Concubine Shu weeping again and again, and Xu Jin was afraid that his health was not good. During the wedding, Xu Jin suffered a recurrence of cold and toxin. He was already cold, and he was injured when his body was not well-trained. The cold and toxin were violent. Xu Jin still had one month at most. Fu Rong remembered the little memories in his dream. Xu Jin’s coffin and spiritual position appeared in front of him. In that dream, Xu Jin probably died because of her.

She admitted without concealment that she was the one who stabbed Xu Jin during the newly-married marriage. Concubine Shu thought she was worried that Xu Jin never blamed him, and sent a maid to go back to the Suwang Mansion with her. She clearly taught Fu Rong etiquette, but actually took care of her. Xu Jin lives.

Fu Rong hurriedly left, and Concubine Shu hurriedly rinsed her mouth and vomited all the lies she had just told her. Ge Chuan stabbed Xu Jin with acupuncture today, knowingly or unconsciously, and stabbed him in the acupuncture point. Xu Jin couldn’t hold the pen when he was writing. Fu Rong happened to see, and immediately remembered what Shu Fei said in his heart. Xu Jin really only had one month’s life.

After asking Ge Chuan, Fu Rong learned that the cold toxin is very dangerous. At first, he only got cold hands and feet. In the end, the whole body became exhausted and there was no cure. Fu Rong was anxious, and borrowed a medical book to help Ge Chuan find cold toxin therapy.

In the evening, she boiled nourishing soup for Xu Jin again. Ge Chuan once again became the most eye-catching person, pulling Xu Jia and shouting Lan Xiang to withdraw from the hall, Fu Rong grabbed Xu Jin’s paperwork and asked him to rest earlier, she would Waiting for Xu Jin in the room, she would not sleep unless Xu Jin came. This sudden enthusiasm made Xu Jin puzzled and at a loss.

Fu Xuan feeds the fish in the backyard, and the water in the fish tank reflects Wu Baiqi on the wall. The previous bet Fu Xuan lost. Xu Jin did not marry the concubine, so the former He Yao family girl and Xihe County lord were Xu Jin. Deliberately, he really took pains for Fu Rong. Wu Baiqi was probably injured. Otherwise, why didn’t he come in today? Fu Xuan asked, it was true, but in order to make sure that Fu Xuan would not repent, Wu Baiqi could come even if he limped. In fact, outside the wall that Fu Xuan could not see, Guo Rui had been supporting him for a long time, his face flushed, just so that he could chat with the beautiful woman.

Xu Jin returned to the room, Fu Rong threw down the medical book, and personally lifted his waistband. Today’s Fu Rong is too enthusiastic. Xu Jin has been in the clouds and mist until now. I don’t know what happened to her. The couch was spilled with water, forcing Xu Jin to go to bed with her. As soon as he went to bed, Fu Rong touched his feet. It was very cold. This is because the body is cold. Keep warm. Fu Rong put on a blanket for him. Thick layers of cotton socks.

Xu Jin couldn’t hold back the question, and asked her what was wrong, Fu Rong was also surprised, caring eagerly and reluctantly, could it be that she wanted her to harm him? Xu Jin only said that even if Fu Rong harmed him, he was willing. After covering the quilt, Xu Jin suddenly rolled over and pressed herself on Fu Rong, and asked her if she knew what is so expensive. Fu Rong pushed her back with a palm. Xu Jin was not as discouraged as a child who had successfully teased her.

When Xu Jin fell asleep, Fu Rong stood up quietly and continued to study medical books until the sun went three poles. She was still reading when Ge Chuan came, and finally found a way to treat Xu Jin’s cold poison.

Fu Rong went back to the Fu Mansion and gave many gifts to the family. Almost everything that could be prepared was prepared for them. When asked, she only said that she was married to the palace and now she is very rich. Please rest assured, this time she When I return to my family alone, I will definitely bring Xu Jin with him next time.

It was the night after returning to the palace. Fu Rong and Xu Jin had another drink under the moon. I still remember the last time they were in Hongcun when they met Mingyue, and Xu Jin saw her crazy drunk. Actually otherwise, the first time Xu Jin saw her drunk was in Zuichun Pavilion. It was Xu Jin who sent Fu Rong back that day, but Fu Rong didn’t know it. As for Fu Rong and Wang An’s acquaintance with Xu Jin, he didn’t expect it, but Fu Rong only said that he had rescued him when he was young. Xu Jin’s prudent eyes should have been more tolerant to her now. Xu Jin knew that Fu Rong wanted to get him drunk and let her make trouble, but he didn’t know that there was medicine in the wine. Fu Rong said that if he came again, he would tell his fortune and tell him that he would live a hundred years old. After kissing him gently Xu Jin’s eyes closed heavily and fell asleep. At this time Ge Chuan came, Fu Rong picked up the dagger he had prepared, white light appeared, and Fu Rong asked him to take care of Xu Jin.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 21 Recap

Holding the lotus stamens that Fu Rong bought, Xu Jin felt very sad when he recalled the moments between him and Fu Rong. In order not to worry about his parents, Fu Rong took Lan Xiang and A Yuan to Ruyi Tower.

In the Ruyi building, Fu Rong opened Liu Ruyi’s secret room and found a letter Liu Ruyi left for her. Knowing that Liu Ruyi had committed suicide, Fu Rong realized that he had misunderstood Xu Jin, and hurried back to the Su Palace and burned the letter of divorce.

Looking at Xu Jin, who was drunk and unconscious, Fu Rong wanted to wake him up. Xu Jin hugged Fu Rong in his sleep, asked her why she didn’t believe in herself, and murmured to herself that she had always treated her sincerely, why she was so cruel to abandon herself. Listening to Xu Jin’s complaining about sex, Fu Rong regretted what he had done before and warmly wiped his face.

Early the next morning, Fu Rong took Liu Ruyi’s letter to Xu Jin and apologized to him, but Xu Jin did not extinguish the fire.

To express his sincerity, Fu Rong personally cooks and cooks for Xu Jin. Seeing Fu Rong’s hand scalded because of cooking, Xu Jin felt distressed. On the surface, he said coldly that it would be better to leave the cooking to the next person. Seeing that Xu Jin was about to taste his own cooking, someone from the palace called him away.

Wu Bai got up and went to the palace to find Concubine Duan, but Concubine Duan refused to see him for inconvenience.

Qiu Nan told Xihe County lord of Xu Jin and Fu Rong’s current situation, and learned that Xu Jin and Fu Rong had a quarrel, and Xu Jin proposed to choose the concubine, Xihe County lord was very excited. Xu Jin knelt down for Fu Rong before, and after marrying in, he left her in the cold. Thinking of this, Xihe County Lord guessed something happened between Xu Jin and Fu Rong, and hurriedly asked Qiu Nan to help him investigate. Although Qiu Nan was unwilling, she had to agree in order for Xihe Princess to help her brother gain fame.

Fu Rong went up to the tree to play, Xu Jin hurriedly hugged her down, but accidentally stretched the wound. When Fu Rong helped Xu Jin deal with the wound, he saw the scars on his body and felt very self-blame.

Wu Bai got up to find Fu Xuan, and wanted her to drink with him. Faced with Fu Xuan’s question, Wu Baiqi expressed disappointment that he once thought that there was a real relative by his side in this world, but he did not expect that in the face of interests, everything was nothingness, even his aunt deceived himself. Hearing this, Fu Xuan comforted him. She thought that Wu Baiqi should not escape, but should think about whether to continue this family relationship or cut the mess quickly and sort out everything. Wu Baiqi gave Fu Xuan a glass of wine, and when he wanted to kiss Fu Xuan, Bao Zhu interrupted them with a sudden call.

Hearing the conversation between Fu Rong and Xu Jin, Qiu Nan hurriedly told the Lord Xihe about Fu Rong’s assassination of Xu Jin, and the Lord Xihe told the emperor about the matter. The emperor wanted Xu Jin to marry the imperial concubine, Xu Jin happily agreed, but he offered to choose it himself.

Fu Rong was very angry when he learned that Xu Jin was choosing the concubine. She brought the soup to Xu Jin and deliberately sprinkled the soup on the portrait. Seeing the jealous Fu Rong, Xu Jin was very happy, but still deliberately said that his concubine was chosen to piss her off.

At night, when Xu Jin gave Fu Rong a quilt, he saw the mandarin duck embroidered by her and took it away happily.

Wu Bai got up and looked for Fu Xuan. Fu Xuan asked King Su if he really wanted to marry the concubine. Wu Baiqi didn’t say much, but made her believe that King Su had only Fu Rong in his heart.

Knowing that Xu Jin was going to marry a girl from the He family as a concubine, Fu Rong hurried to inquire about the situation, and unexpectedly found that someone in their family had tuberculosis. Fu Rong told Xu Jin about this, and Xu Jin found Master He and asked him to help withdraw the engagement.

After He’s daughter retired from his marriage, the emperor chose Yao Yushi’s daughter for him. Fu Rong was very depressed when he learned of this. At night, Xu Jin rushed to Yao Mansion, Fu Rong quietly followed, but Xu Jin found out. Yao Yushi’s prostitute wanted to elope with the common people, and Xu Jin personally wrote him a letter of recommendation. Fu Rong was very happy when he heard this, because Xu Jin finally didn’t have to marry a concubine.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 20 Recap

The plan was as usual, and Wang An wanted to rob Fu Rong and leave, and he felt tormented for Fu Rong to stay here for a while. The masked black kicked Lan Xiang and Gu Yuan faint.

The knife rests on Fu Rong’s neck and takes her to the courtyard. Suddenly, a hidden mark flies out to knock down the assassin, and Xu Jin stands in front of Fu Rong. The swordsmen faced each other, and everyone in the main hall heard the sound and rushed. King An found that Fu Rong and Xu Jin were all right. At this time, thick smoke exploded in the air. Someone took advantage of the chaos to kill Xu Jin. Wu Baiqi and King An flew darts at the same time. The dart collided with the assassin to escape, but An Wang only said that he had missed.

Wang An stepped forward and took Fu Rong’s hand. Xu Jin was beside him, and Fu Rong broke free uncomfortably. The Lord Xihe hurried over to care about his brother Su Wang, and Xu Jin also broke away fiercely.

The Lord Xihe and the Lord of Anping went together and met Qiu Nan who was going to deliver hot water. Since it was given to King Su, the Lord Xihe was very willing to do it for him. The Lord Anping also helped the Lord Xihe put on airs and ordered Qiu Nan If you have anything, you must tell the princess as soon as possible. When he left Suwang’s Mansion, he first pleaded guilty for punishment. Today, he was unsatisfactory. He took Fu Rong and was almost killed. The Ruyi token was not found. Wang An warned him that he should not miss any more.

When Wang An was chased and killed when he was a child, he hurriedly ran into the wilderness and met Fu Rong who was beating jujube. At that time, Fu Rong was clever and bold. He saved him and made him happy, which was rare in his childhood. Precious memories. It’s all because of his luck that he thought that Fu Rong was able to assassinate Xu Jin, but now he has trapped Fu Rong in the Suwang Mansion instead of succeeding. The token was fruitless, and Fu Rong couldn’t. Wang An rarely lost his temper.

The next day Xu Jin and Fu Rong saw the emperor and Concubine Shu in the palace. Concubine Shu heard about the assassination yesterday, and saw the white cloth wrapped around Xu Jin’s arm. I ordered Fu Rong and went to the Royal Garden for a walk. The jewelry she wore was also the set of sunshine and goodness that Fu Rong gave back. She should have seen Xu Jin’s thoughts on Fu Rong. Xu Jin always said less and thought more. With the beloved, mothers only hope that they will be happy and peaceful.

Emperor Nian suffered injuries in Xu Jin and made him live and recuperate. After that, he had important arrangements for him. General Situ of Huxiao Camp is very old. They plan to hold the next martial arts conference and Qiu Xun together. At that time, a general will be elected to replace Huxiao Camp. This matter is presided over by King An. Now Xu Jin only needs a good life. Recuperate. Xu Jin Fu Rong went out of the palace gate and met Wang An, who secretly stuffed the note to Fu Rong and asked her to come out to see him.

On this day, Ji Qingting and Mr. Zhang of the chanting band were discussing business in the teahouse. During the joyous period, Wu Baiqi suddenly came out, frightened both of them at a loss. He sent away Boss Zhang and asked Ji Qingting, and learned that Duan Fei was pressing hard, Wu Baiqi still didn’t believe it until he saw Duan Fei’s seal. In addition to Wu Baiqi’s seal, Feng Laiyi can sign orders, and only Duan Fei has this ability.

Xu Jin sent Fu Rong a hawthorn five-ren cake with peanuts in it, and Fu Rong gave it to Lanxiang and Gu Yuan if he couldn’t eat it. Since Xu Jin gave the gift, Fu Rong had to purchase something as a gift in return. He ordered Lan Xiang to prepare men’s clothing, and then sneaked out the next day. Qiu Nan happened to return to the house and recognized Fu Rong but did not reveal it on the spot. . There were too many people in front of the wine shop, and Fu Rong let Lan Xiang line up and quietly went to the King of Hoi An.

Xu Jin returned to the mansion and learned from Qiu Nan that Fu Rong was ill from heatstroke.

Fu Rong now sinks his heart to think about Liu Ruyi’s death. There are many doubts about this matter and Xu Jin. First of all, Xu Jin will definitely not let Gu Yuan follow Fu Rong, and secondly, there is no need to let her just turn her head after killing Liu Ruyi. Seeing myself injured. Although the anti-Mi workers saw blood in white clothes, it was coincidence that it was not Xu Jin. Wang An listened to Fu Rong’s speculation, and remembered that he passed by in front of the anti-Mi workers that day, it seems that Fu Rong no longer doubted Xu Jin.

When he went to the house, he was gone. Xu Jia was instructed to take the guards out, and all the guards and servants on duty today were punished. Until Fu Rong returned to the mansion, the family members were still kneeling outside the palace because she left the palace privately.

She confessed to kneeling, Xu Jin raised her with one arm and entered the back room. Fu Rong hurriedly admitted his mistake, but did not say what Xu Jin wanted to hear. Ge Chuan outside the hall explained aloud that Xu Jin was angry because she was worried that she would be in danger when she went out, for fear that the two in the hall would not hear.

Xu Jin was angry and left, and Lan Xiang hurried forward to explain to Fu Rong that he was not going out willful today, but thinking of returning a gift for Xu Jin, and handing two bottles of fine wine.

In the evening, Lan Xiang inquired about what happened today. Xu Jin thought she liked Wuren cake and went out and bought another dish. The delivery was just to find Gu Yuan was eating. Xu Jin was so angry that Gu Yuan did not have time to tell him. Fu Rong is allergic to peanuts.

Xu Jin and Ge Chuan Xu Jia were discussing about Fu Rong. Fu Rong couldn’t hear him outside the hall, so Qiu Nan was asked to pass it on. Qiu Nan intentionally or unintentionally told him that Xu Jin would consider the imperial concubine, but Fu Rong didn’t know why. Have fun.

At night Xu Jin didn’t go to the study room to sleep, and ran to the bedroom to see Fu Rong. Fu Rong knew that he was a person who always caused trouble to make Xu Jin unhappy, so it was better to join and leave.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 19 Recap

Fu Rong returned to the house. Thanks to Xu Jin’s help this time, Fu Pinyan was only fined his salary, and his family could still be reunited. Now Xu Jin is punished to kneel because of her confinement, she is a little embarrassed. Fu Xuan saw that Xu Jin treated Fu Rong very unusually, and asked her what she planned to do in the future. Fu Rong and Xu Jin are happy, but the master’s killing has not been investigated yet. Both of them will be punished separately. Ruyi’s autopsy was buried, and her whole body was quite trivial, and she thought it was a long-term plan.

Fu Xuan was in the courtyard, and suddenly a figure flew behind her. Someone patted her on the shoulder, and Wu Baiqi went over the wall to look for her again. He came to Fu Xuan and went to Feng Laiyi to check the accounts. It was late, Fu Pinyan and his wife must have fallen asleep, and no one would have noticed after going out and over the wall. Wu Baiqi flew up to the wall with Fu Xuan Qinggong on his back. Fu Xuan felt that this feeling was novel, and Wu Baiqi took her to shuttle the entire eaves wall of Fu Mansion.

When he arrived at Feng Laiyi and Fu Xuan settled the accounts, Wu Baiqi sat on the opposite side and looked at it with satisfaction. In this case, Fu Xuanneng found that the accounting problems were not easy. The problem with the accounts was that Feng Laiyi had only one quarterly transaction with Chanting Music Studio, totaling two thousand taels, but the final account was four thousand taels, indicating that they had many transactions between them. But how could Feng Laiyi sign transactions without Wu Baiqi’s seal, or worse, there were more transactions that were not found in the accounts.

Liu Ruyi’s corpse was cleaned up, and Wang An specially came to take the last ride. He was very sorry that he had always been too late when he promised to rescue Fu Rong. Fu Rong checked the clothes Liu Ruyi was wearing when he died, and remembered the thread of clothes hanging on Xu Jin’s arm that day. She asked Gu Yuan to find out that Xu Jin had visited Ruyi Tower that day. Liu Ruyi did not allow Gu Yuan to say this. Did not mention it to her. The more she thought about it, the more her heart ached. It was she who told Xu Jin that the bracelet was a gift from the master and led Xu Jin to find Liu Ruyi, which caused the murder. In the rainy night, Fu Rong hesitated holding the bladed fan.

On such a rainy day, Liu Ruyi was buried, and Fu Rong secretly vowed to find out the truth and avenge her. If the murderer was Xu Jin, someone in Ruyilou must have seen him that day. He remembered many details that he hadn’t paid attention to before, and he asked the farmer who sent the rice that day. The farmer said he had seen a handsome man in white clothes with blood on his right arm. Fu Rong also noticed Xu Jin’s injury that day before he was arrested and sent to the Criminal Division. At that time, Liu Ruyi’s death made him panic, and he didn’t think about it. Fu Rong asked An Wang to help her. She wanted to take revenge.

Xu Jin reached the age of marriage. The emperor originally intended to marry the Lord Xihe to him, but Xu Jin already knew what he belonged to. He was naturally unwilling. He knelt at the gate of the palace for days and nights. The emperor finally agreed to his marriage with Fu Rong.

The imperial decree arrived at Fu’s Mansion and assigned Fu Permit to Xu Jin as a side concubine. Mother Han Su-niang was unwilling. How could her palm pearl go to the concubine’s room, but Fu Rong decided that he did not care about the etiquette status.

In Xu Jin’s heart, there was only Fu Rong’s wife, and the bride price entrusted Wu Baiqi to the Fu Mansion, which was actually more generous than the bride price in the main room.

When Wu Baiqi left Fu Mansion, Fu Xuan found him on the wall in the backyard. He is now very familiar with the road. After confirming Xu Jin’s feelings for Fu Rong through Wu Baiqi, Fu Xuan was concerned about Qi Feng Laiyi’s account books. The books on the surface were copied by Ji Qingting. If you really want to get any evidence, you have to use some Fu Xuan came up with him to recruit the enemy.

When Fu Rong came to Ruyi Tower, Gu Yuan gave her the phoenix crown Liu Ruyi had made for her early in the morning, which was made for her by Liu Ruyi. Xu Jin and Gu Yuan thought about the marriage together, and asked her to marry into the palace with Fu Rong. Fu Rong looked at Feng Guan, and remembered that the last thing she had said with the master was to deny the master, and the only person the master hurts was her. How could she bear to say such unfeeling words.

The guard of honor went from Fu Mansion to Wang Mansion, and the festive red color lined the cold-faced bride. Fu Rong held her phoenix crown and waited in the new house.

Xu Jinqing picked up her veil, and underneath the glamorous silhouette was a phoenix crown that the concubine could not wear. Xu Jin gently put it on her. Fu Rong has nothing to do with him. Suddenly, the dagger in Fu Rong’s sleeve suddenly appeared, stabbing at Xu Jin’s heart. He held Fu Rong’s hand, why?

It turned out to be because of Liu Ruyi. It turned out that Fu Rong married him for revenge. It turned out that what he had done before was nothing more than a cover for a murderer in Fu Rong’s eyes. Xu Jin took her hand and pierced her heart fiercely. The knife was not for revenge, but for retribution. He did fight Liu Ruyi that day, but Liu Ruyi was still alive when he left to save Fu Rong.

After wiping the blood stains on her body and changing her clothes, Xu Jin went to see the guests in the main hall, leaving Fu Rong alone in the empty room in red. She didn’t know who to trust.

In the main hall, the cups were pushed and changed. Some people were happy and some were worried. Xihe County’s teeth were itchy. Cheng Wang kept toasting with the heart of watching the excitement, and An Wang squeezed his fingers and it was time to start.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 18 Recap

Wang An also found out the existence of Hu Ming, and ordered the punishment to continue the investigation.

On the other side, Xu Jin and Fu Rong, who had escaped from the capital, had already arrived in Xujia Village. There were large horseshoe prints in the village. There should be many people who came to catch Hu Ming before they came. Now I first asked the farmers about the situation.

Ordinary people saw that they would not open the door easily. So Fu Rong smeared blood on the corners of his lips and pushed open a door. Xu Jin’s mouth was bleeding with a weak look. His sister Jinggushan was beaten by the robber. The old woman looked pitifully and invited them in, expressing her affection.

When asked about their names, both of them faltered, and the old woman could tell at a glance that they were clearly the young couple who eloped. So the two had to act out the story. They talked about the nose and eyes, and the grandfather’s wife screamed happily. She was abandoned by the family, so she came to join her uncle and brought out Hu Ming, and then they learned the specific residence of Hu Ming’s family. She said that she was about to leave, but she was held back by the old woman. It was getting late. She prepared a quilt for the two before going to bed.

When Wang An learned that Hu Ming had disappeared, he immediately thought that Xu Mao should have done this, and he wanted to kill him. Jin Yiwei also arrived in Hujiacun, and he ordered Wen Xing to send another team of his own to rescue Fu Rong. As for Xu Jin, he didn’t care about life or death.

The old woman just gave a quilt but it was not good enough, so late at night Xu Jin and Fu Rong sat on the bed staring, and no one slept. Suddenly, Fu Rong noticed that there was a thread on Xu Jin’s cuffs on women’s clothes. He seemed to care about it. Xu Jin slowly approached him and asked three times in a row. The distance was infinitely close. Fu Rong was hugged, and Xu Jin suddenly exhaled and blew out the light behind her. There were people outside who wanted to leave immediately. Fu Rong hurriedly took out the hairpin and left behind to thank the old woman for the hospitality, and left with Xu Jin.

Arrows flew in the dark to protect Fu Rong Xu Jin’s arm from being injured. The blood overflowed instantly, but he didn’t care about it. Bai Fan pulled out a few arrows and pulled Fu Rong to the remote mountain forest. Behind them, there have been many masked and black men carrying knives in pursuit of their lives.

After running for a long time, they hid in the grass and escaped, and they came out with straws on their hair, funny and embarrassed. Xu Jin discovered that these people in black would hide from Jin Yiwei who also came to arrest people. He didn’t dare to show up, so it was the safest to return to Hu’s house now. He said that he came to Hu’s house.

Hu’s family only has Hu Ming’s mother. She is skilled in treating Xu Jin’s wounds, and her son Hu Ming is naturally not bad. Xu Jin bluntly stated his identity and asked Hu Ming’s mother to inform Hu Ming’s whereabouts, just to mention that the person from the Criminal Division wanted to arrest Hu Ming’s mother. After the person was shot and killed by Xu Jin, she hurriedly informed Hu Ming that he was at the foot of the mountain.

As soon as they entered the mountains and forests, the black-clothed men chased after them. There was no way back to chase a lake. The two jumped into the lake to escape and were washed to the shore. At this time, it was night and the lake was full of water and grass, attracting many fireflies to stop and stop. , Flying around in the night sky, as if the galaxy fell into the world. Xu Jin handed the white fan to Fu Rong. This was his personal weapon. Fu Rong was asked to accept it. There is only one fan in this life and this one in my heart. They are all handed over to Fu Rong for safekeeping.

Fu Rong took the fan and mentioned something like the girl he was not allowed to see off. Suddenly surrounded by people in black, it was the best policy to be caught in the circumstances, and Xu Jin was about to compromise. Guo Rui led Jinyi guards and soldiers to fight back the enemy, but saved Xu Jin to the rescue. Xu Jin could not be taken back for the time being. On weekdays, he treats all the soldiers with benevolence and righteousness. At this time, the soldiers believe that he is a man and are willing to let him go. see. When Guo Rui sent someone to protect Hu Ming’s mother, he and Fu Rong quickly went to the Taoist temple.

Fu’s mansion rushed along the wall to Wu Baiqi to throw the note of Fu Xuan in front of the table. After reading it, Fu Xuan burned the note and went back to his room to rest. Wu Baiqi was a little disappointed, and Fu Xuan did not believe him easily.

When I came to the Taoist temple, the figures of people worshiping in front of the hall were a little familiar. It is not difficult to ask him to help. Hu Ming decided to go back with him to resolve the matter when his mother was arrested.

Several people rode their horses back to Beijing. Fu Rong was going to take shelter temporarily, but seeing Xu Jin entering the palace alone to meet the emperor, she rushed into the city with him the moment the city gate was closed.

Fu Xuan was waiting for her in the city long ago, and Wu Baiqi was also there. How could my sister know that she was here? In fact, the note written by Wu Baiqi that night was asking her to come to Dongchengmen tomorrow, and Fu Xuanxin came.

Fu Rong still went back to the Criminal Division. Wang An heard the direct criticism of Xu Jin and was able to protect Fu Rong from returning, but he still made him suffer in the Criminal Division.

In a blink of an eye, King An was playing chess with the emperor in the palace again, and Xu Jin kneeling underneath, who was blamed by the stick, played with the muffled sticks, and he lost his mind. The emperor was willing to look directly at Xu Jin. Fu Rong did not kill or escape from prison. Xu Jin asked the emperor’s three halls to examine the truth.

When the emperor sat in the court to hear the trial, Ding Peng still insisted that Fu Rong murdered and escaped from prison. Jiang Ding was the testimony.

However, Xu Jin fought against Ding Peng. He had Hu Ming’s sage and iron proof. Rushan plus common sense inference, Ding Peng framed Fu Rongzhi matter.

The emperor punished Ding Peng and reduced him to a general arrest. Fu Rong was innocent by posting a list. However, the murderer behind Liu Ruyi’s death has not been found out, and further investigations are needed.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 17 Recap

Fu Rong was escorted, stunned without saying a word, tears falling from his eyes. Fu Xuan watched Ding Peng want to take her away, and went straight to stop him, so that it would be unjust to convict people and imprison them without evidence. As soon as the words fell, Xu Jin and Wu Bai got off their horses and walked into the crowd. Fu Xuan was right. Since there was no evidence, he convicted himself, and planned to take Fu Rong to the censorship division instead of detaining the suspect. Is the law of Dayu State a child’s play? Ding Peng couldn’t, so he could only retreat and bet Fu Rong to the post.

Wu Baiqi sent Fu Xuan back to the mansion, admiring Fu Xuan just now. Just because one person stopped the mentoring division and moved out of the Dayu Law, it was really a woman who would not give up. Unexpectedly, after two steps, Fu Xuan’s legs were soft and trembling, and she leaned on the side of the road. She was really frightened by the situation just now, and she stood firm for Fu Rong. Now it’s hard to walk, Wu Baiqi put the robe she brought to Fu Rong on her, and carried her all the way to Fu Mansion.

Xu Jin inspected the scene again, but the original Hao Zuo Hu Ming went home because of something at home, and now Jiang Hao Zuo came, Xu Jin felt a little strange. On the other side, Jianshui Xiaozhu heard that Fu Rong had been sent to the prison, and he left a sentence to continue tracking the token, and Wang An hurried out.

Ding Peng paid homage to King Xu Mao and reported Liu Ruyi’s death. He happened to run into Fu Rong and framed him, but King Su suddenly came out to obstruct him. So Xu Mao ordered people to spread the news, saying that King Su had sheltered the prisoner and poured all the dirty water on him.

Xu Jin was outside the Criminal Division and saw Fu Pinyan bringing Fu Xuan to visit Fu Rong. At this time, they should avoid suspicion. What’s more, Fu Ronggang discovered that Liu Ruyi had died in the last second, and the next moment the criminal secretary arrived. It was really strange, so let’s not let the truth go. Xu Jin asked the two of them to return home and wait patiently. Fu Pinyan saluted Xu Jin deeply, and Fu Rong offered to help in times of crisis, and he was grateful.

King Su defended Fu Rong on the street, and the matter reached the emperor’s ears. Xu Jin only said that he would check the evidence by himself, and would never interfere otherwise.

He came to Yusuo again to bring food and clothing for Fu Rong. Fu Rong was trapped in a dream and called to Master. He couldn’t bear to disturb, and quietly accompanied him to comfort him for a while and then left. Before leaving, I asked Ding Peng to confirm that the trial was three days later.

Wang An also rushed to visit Fu Rong, pushed aside the things Xu Jin had sent, and put the things he had brought, waking up Fu Rong to talk to him. Fu Rong thought it was Wang An who was comforting her just now, but Wang didn’t admit or deny this. He only asked Fu Rong to be wronged for a few days, and he would surely rescue her. She didn’t ask her about the token. After all, Liu Ruyi had protected Fu Rong very well, and she didn’t know anything.

Xu Jin went to Ruyilou to investigate again, and noticed that Wu Zuo Hu Ming was a novice examiner, and the autopsy time was early, but Jiang Ya Zuo came later. The time difference between Youshisi and Youshisi was enough to clarify Fu Rong’s innocence. She was still in Fu Mansion. But Hu Ming suddenly disappeared, and there really is something weird in it. The key thing now is to find Hu Ming and get his initial testimony. Xu Jin ordered Xu Jia to take people to Hujiacun to find Hu Ming. As for the criminal secretary who just left, there shouldn’t be anyone embarrassing Fu Rong.

In the middle of the night, Ding Peng submitted a paper confession, as long as Fu Rong signed it to protect her from worry. She is not a three-year-old child, and she is afraid that her head will fall after signing. Seeing that she refused to cooperate, Ding Peng found a reason for Fu Rong to escape from prison, and was to be executed when he was dragged to the field.

When the executioner was ordered to spray wine and raise the knife, the white blade was about to hit Fu Rong’s neck, and a white fan hit the flying blade, and Xu Jin flew from the sky and landed on Fu Rong’s side. He wanted to rob the court, and Ding Peng’s threat was useless. Xu Jin pulled Fu Rong’s hand up and gave Ding Peng a palm. Ding Peng flew out a few meters, and the guards immediately stepped forward and surrounded the two. Jin Bai’s fan turned sideways and turned out a circle, and these people fell to the ground. Ge Chuan Xu Jia came on horseback, and Xu Jin took Fu Rong’s horse and escaped from the capital.

The news reached the emperor the next day, Xu Jin was removed from all positions, and the city gates were sealed off, and Xu Jin and fugitive Fu Rong were arrested.

At this time, Xu Jin and Fu Rong were hiding in the ice cart carrying fruit, and left Beijing hastily before the city gate was blocked. Ge Chuan and Xu Jia also went out in disguise, and they were temporarily safe.

Concubine Shu brought Xu Hao to intercede for Xu Jin. Although the emperor had a doubt in his heart, he did not change any decision.

King An was summoned, and because he was disappointed with what Xu Jin had done, he put Jin Yiwei in his custody. There was a gap between the father and the son. King An was too happy to take the burden, pretending to refuse.

Everyone in Fu’s mansion was not in the mood to eat, and Fu Guan was also curious, why the second sister went out to play for so many days and didn’t come back.

Suddenly, Wu Baiqi led a man to search Fu’s mansion, with a high-sounding face, even coldly facing Fu Xuan. His subordinate Guo Rui accidentally ran into Fu Guan with his sword hilt, and the child’s forehead was red. Fu Xuan was also annoyed. After ordering Fu Guan in to apply the medicine, he was about to ask Wu Baiqi what was going on.

Ding Peng also rushed to Fu’s house with someone to arrest the Fu family. Wu Baiqi argued with him, and he was unfamiliar with Xu Jin’s Fu’s family. The Fu family did not know about the escape, and his men were not there. The whereabouts of Xu Jin and Fu Rong were found in the mansion, but he couldn’t catch him. And in order to avoid suspicion that Wu Baiqi can’t search outside the city, it’s okay to find an unfamiliar Guo Rui, and turn around with a look Guo Rui understands.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 16 Recap

Fu Xuan remembered that in the rain yesterday, he ordered some wind-cold medicine to Wu Baiqi.

Fu Pinyan was worried about Fu Rong. He hadn’t seen this girl for a few days, and Fu Xuan couldn’t keep it secret. Suddenly remembering the news that Wu Baiqi had brought, he decided to hide something from his father. Unexpectedly, the next moment King An will send Fu Rong back to the mansion, Fu Pinyan respectfully thanked King An, who is very distant and respectful.

Without his father by the side, Fu Xuan angrily ignored Fu Rong. Fu Rong was also very anxious, and ran to Jichang City specially for her master’s affairs. In the end, she was missing for several days without finding anything, but she couldn’t say anything before the matter came to light.

Xu Jin left Jichang City to return to Beijing, and reported the Jichang City sulfur explosives. At the court, Wang Cheng left the imperial tomb without coming to think about whether he came, only Wang An, Wang Huai and Xu Jin. Speaking of the explosives, the ledger is indeed the evidence, the numbers are correct, but the writing of the recording materials is wrong, some people use white stone instead of white jade, which is a quarter of the original cost.

Wang An didn’t panic at all. The emperor said that Shang Kaiyang had pleaded guilty and committed suicide, which was exactly the same as Xu Jin’s investigation. After this incident, everything went as usual. After all, the emperor wanted to protect Xu Jin’s son. Wang An only asked for an apology, but now it seems that it is unnecessary. They can only make their father and son pay the debt.

Xu Jin came back to look at the hidden weapon left by the assassin at the time. A silver needle with a delicate design that could be bent at will was indeed a smart little object.

The two people who arrested the singing girl reported to Wang Cheng, and Wang Cheng speculated that this person’s eight achievements were Fu Rong, and it would have been done if she didn’t make trouble. It was Fu Rong’s fault every time, and she ordered someone to teach the girl who didn’t know the height of the sky.

Fu Xuan came out today, before taking a few steps, even the maid hugging Zhu and herself were knocked out by a sap. They only grabbed Fu Xuan and left Huozhu in the corner. Wu Baiqi saw that Baozhu was unconscious and immediately realized that Fu Xuan was in an accident.

There was a problem with the Mongolian carriage that had passed by, so it came to a house in the desert. Cheng Wang’s entourage saw that it was Wu Baiqi, and hurriedly ordered the two of them to hand Fu Xuan out, and dragged Wu Baiqi away by himself. The two made up casually that they were traffickers and sold Fu Xuanshun to Wu Baiqi.

Fu Xuan woke up to find that he was sold to Wu Baiqi, and hurriedly took out his purse to buy himself back. Who knew Wu Baiqi would not sell it? Then she bought Wu Baiqi for five hundred and seven silver.

When Wang Cheng came back to report to his work, he did not catch Fu Rong but accidentally arrested Fu Xuan. If his subordinates do not work well, it will really kill him to become a king. Is it possible that the whole world will have to become a king and be a person who privately arrests the minister’s daughter? The attendant also knew that he was not doing well, and learned that Liu Ruyi, the treasurer of Ruyi Yinlou, was Master Fu Rong. If you find trouble, you can detour and look for it in another direction.

Fu Rong came to Ruyi Tower to look for Liu Ruyi, but Liu Ruyi still didn’t say anything. Liu Ruyi went to Hongcun and Jichang City. These things didn’t tell Fu Rong, he just said that he should not get close to Wang An, but listen to her. But they became increasingly distrustful. Liu Ruyi stepped through the wrong step, and did not want to involve Fu Rong. She was dead and could not be told to Fu Rong. Xu Jin met Fu Rong. It’s been a long time since the last solar eclipse. Fu Rong wondered, doesn’t he remember about Ji Changcheng?

Xu Jin took Fu Rong to the highest observatory, sitting on the edge, swinging his legs. Every time he was in a bad mood, he would sit here, and now Fu Rong was not happy, so he brought her here. In addition to the bracelet, Fu Rong’s concealment from close people is even more uncomfortable. She didn’t know what to do. Xu Jin looked at Fu Rong who was so sad, and remembered what his mother had said, he could feel the depression of Fu Rong, he liked this person.

Fu Rong finally said that the bracelet was from Master Liu Ruyi. Xu Jinshun asked about the vine and silver needle, and it was Liu Ruyi. He promised that Fu Rong would treat Liu Ruyi with courtesy even if the matter involved Liu Ruyi.

Wang An suddenly visited Ruyi Tower and used Fu Rong to threaten Liu Ruyi to give Ruyi Tower to him. At this time Xu Jin also came to Ruyi Tower and saw Liu Ruyi on the Lang Pavilion on the second floor.

The next morning, Fu Rong came to Ruyi Tower, only to find that it was lifeless, and Liu Ruyi was lying on the ground with a dagger stuck in his abdomen. The criminal secretary Ding Peng surrounded the Ruyi Tower, but the blood he had touched in a panic caused him to frame Fu Rong as a murderer. I met Wu Baiqi on the Xujin Road and learned that the person who had referred the Criminal Division was heading towards Ruyi Tower. He felt bad at once, so he turned his horse and ran to Ruyi Tower.

It was cold. Fu Xuan who came to deliver Fu Rong’s clothes happened to see a group of people holding Fu Rong. What heinous crime did Fu Rong commit? The person who referred the Criminal Division said that Fu Rong killed Liu Ruyi.

Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 15 Recap

There were many people in Jichang City, and the carriage was lost when it entered the city. With Liu Ruyi, Fu Rong met someone who was catching a girl to King Su in the shop. He heard that King Su had just replaced this woman. Anyway, he and King Su were old acquaintances.

Xu Jin followed Shang Kaiyang to the ten-mile long pavilion, where the Yuhua Pavilion was half-built and was blown up. He found that there was still residual sulfur there. Shang Kaiyang said that the Yuhua Pavilion was built with white jade, but he didn’t think it was necessary, and the accounts were too passive. Obviously, he didn’t want him to find out anything, but the more he tried to cover it, the more problems it became.

Wu Baiqi and Fu Xuan didn’t see Fu Rong when they came to Yunluo Temple. Seeing that it was going to rain, they hurried back in a carriage. But the heavy rain fell halfway along the road, and the wheels got stuck in a big hole. Wu Baiqi pushed the carriage wetly, and Fu Xuan also came down and pushed the carriage out of the pit under the rain. Under the inertia, the carriage slipped out, and both of them were staggered and fell to the ground. Fu Xuan fell on Wu Baiqi. He had never seen Fu Xuan in such an embarrassed appearance.

In the evening Xu Jin returned to Jichang Mansion, Fu Rong was tied up with his hands and feet and thrown on the bed. Someone locked the door and blew smoke after Xu Jin entered. Xu Jin’s eyes became more and more blurred, and Fu Rong took the opportunity to grab her bladed fan and cut the rope, and saw that Xu Jin was unconscious of being drugged.

Xu Jin turned to kiss her, Fu Rong’s eyes widened, and he tickles him quickly. I really don’t know who wanted to use the next three abuse methods to harm Xu Jin.

Liu Ruyi sneaked into Jichang Mansion all in black, and found that Fu Rong was here. At this time, Wang An rushed to him and he was surprised at first sight. No one could harm Fu Rong. Even if Xu Jin could be ruined, he could not use Fu Rong. So I took Fu Rong out, just walking in a hurry. I forgot to wear the shoes I had struggled with on the bed just now. They were embroidered by mother Han Su Niang. Thinking of the kiss made by Xu Jin just now, Fu Rong had another headache.

The horse was frightened, so there were only carts and no horses. In order to avoid the heavy rain, Wu Baiqi and Fu Xuan had to take shelter in a nearby ruined temple. A bonfire started, and his clothes were wet. Both of them felt uncomfortable. Wu Baiqi didn’t eat people, so why did Fu Xuan sit so far? Called her to have a bonfire together, and talked about the grievances between Wu Baiqi and Xinduhou.

Feng Laiyi was originally his mother’s dowry. Her mother worked hard for the family. Wu Baiqi helped her mother to manage business and expand the store very early. When he went out again, Xin Duhou forced his mother to death, and when he returned, he blamed all these sins on him. Then he asked him for a land deed to Feng Laiyi, and brought Zhang Yan mother and son into the Lord’s Mansion. Such a person is not worthy of being a father. Since then, he has named Wu Bai with his mother’s name.

Fu Xuan felt that he had misunderstood him last time in Xinduhou, and sincerely apologized. Wu Baiqi baked her coat and put it on her, and fell asleep in the corner with arms folded.

The lord of Xihe County rushed to Xichang Mansion overnight to see King Su and saw the embroidered shoes by the bed. It must be a woman who wanted to climb Gaozhi. Xu Jin was half awake, dreaming of a red-robed wedding wife wearing pink hibiscus embroidered shoes. He was about to lift his hijab. At this time, the lord of Xihe County rushed in with a roar, and he stopped his dream. Looking up, it was Princess Xihe who was holding these embroidered shoes. In his dream, she was the bride who raised the hijab? The talented woman was also missing, and he couldn’t remember the impression.

The hostess of Xihe County ordered the maid to burn the pair of repair shoes. Xu Jin didn’t seem to remember who it was. This matter was not beautiful, it was better to burn it.

Liu Ruyi continued to eavesdrop and learned that the real ledger was in the cellar, but even if he found it, it would hide mystery, and most people couldn’t understand it.

So after a lot of scrutiny, she found her account book, and was about to leave, Xu Jia surrounded her with guards. The silver needle flew out in a hurry, and even the vine silver needle she was carrying with her flew out as a weapon. But when the ledger was let go, she had to flee first.

King Cheng came to catch Xu Jin’s traitor early in the morning, but Xu Jin had a good night’s sleep, but he would be punished for leaving the imperial tomb without permission. The strange thing is that Shang Kaiyang was also very surprised to see Cheng Wang, he should not be a group.

The hidden account book is now in Xu Jin’s hands, but he can’t see any problem. He read it again. The number of the account book is correct, but the text seems suspicious.

A thatched cart transported Fu Xuan to the Fu Mansion. When he bid farewell to Wu Baiqi, Wu Baiqi said in a whisper to ask him to go to Fenglaiyi to take care of the account, but this time Fu Xuan agreed. They swear by hooks that they are not allowed to fall behind.