Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time, Recap

Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time episode 5 – Recap

At the opening ceremony of the Chinese Robot Fighting League, Ai Qing helped the little boy in front to answer the questions successfully. When the little boy went up to accept the prize, the host saw Ai Qing behind the boy’s seat. It turned out that the expert was pointing at the back, and they couldn’t help shouting excitedly. She is named Apple Dog. At this time, the director zoomed in on the camera. When Wang Hao and his teammates saw Ai Qing on the screen, they couldn’t help but get up and look back. Ai Qing couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable seeing that they had become the focus, so she got up and went out quietly with her sister, Wu Bai Seeing her leave, she can’t help but follow her. Seeing Ai Qing on the screen, Manager Lin couldn’t help asking a player next to her about her origins. Only then did she know that this lovely and gentle female colleague was the famous first female iron-clad fighter. She was as famous as Wang Hao and Han Shangyan. The goddess, after hearing this, he couldn’t help sweating on his forehead and was taken aback.

Ai Qing and her sister were walking and chatting. Shen Zhe, who was lying on the sofa next to him, sat up. Ai Jing was surprised to see him sleeping here. She was talking about Wu Bai coming to Ai Qing. He was about to ask her out, but she was The former team’s partner Ou Qiang took away. Ou Qiang took her to Wang Hao and other partners, and everyone was very happy to see her. Wang Hao wants her to be the leader of the SP team, but Ai Qing said that she has retired and now lives and works well. Wang Hao is very patient, anyway, the team only assembled at the end of the year, he has half a year to convince her.

Wu Bai leaned on the balcony thinking about his own affairs. Shen Zhe told Ai Jing that he had someone he likes in his heart, but the other person was older than him. Ai Jing disapproved and said that sibling love is normal. Shen Zhe asked her if she accepts the relationship between her sister and brother. Ai Jing said that it depends on how old she is. Shen Zhe directly said that she was three years older. Ai Jing was a little hesitant. Shen Zhe thought he could accept it, and Ai Jing smiled and said that she could.

Seeing that Ai Qing never came back, Wu Bai went out for a run. Halfway through the run, he just met Wang Hao and sent her back. Ai Qing heard that he had just finished dinner and reminded him that running like this is not good for his stomach. She couldn’t help but wonder how Wang Hao and Wu Bai were familiar. Wang Hao said that they had known each other a long time ago, when Wu Bai was only 16 years old. Then Wang Hao wanted to invite Ai Qing to dinner. When they heard that they were going to have dinner together, Wu Bai said that he was just hungry. Ai Qing said that he had just had dinner. Wu Bai explained that he was hungry again after exercise, Wang Hao Just let him go. When he arrived at the restaurant, Wang Hao knew that Ai Qing liked spicy food and ordered a lot of spicy dishes. Ai Qing worried that Wu Bai’s stomach could not eat spicy food, so Wang Hao ordered him vinegar cabbage. Wu Bai said he was not jealous. Wang Hao told the waiter not to be jealous for vinegared cabbage, and the waiter yelled at the back kitchen No. 3 table that the gentleman was not jealous. While Wang Hao was out to answer the phone, Wu Bai quietly pulled Wang Hao’s chair away from Ai Qing with his feet. Unexpectedly, after Wang Hao returned, he would naturally pull the chair back and sit next to Ai Qing. The vinegar cabbage came, and the waiter said sorry to change the plate for him. Wu Bai said no, he picked up the chopsticks and ate the cabbage. Seeing Ai Qing and Wang Hao talking and laughing while eating and chatting, he couldn’t help feeling sour. What he knew about Ai Qing was only what she looked like in the media reports, but he didn’t like what she really likes to eat or not.

On the day of the closing ceremony, Manager Lin specially arranged Ai Qing and her sister to take seats at the VIP table, and Ai Qing said that they could just sit behind. While talking, Wang Haola Ai Qing sat next to him, Wu Bai walked in and saw Ai Qing and Wang Hao sitting together and couldn’t help being a little surprised. He nodded at them and sat down in his seat. A short video was played on the screen to record the glory of the SOLO team that year. Ai Qing couldn’t help feeling full of emotions after watching it. After the video was played, Wu Bai took the lead and stood up to applaud the seniors. Then the host asked the members of the SOLO team to speak, Wang Hao handed the microphone to Ai Qing, and Ai Qing passed it to Ou Qiang. Ou Qiang stepped onto the stage to speak, and his heartfelt words instantly ignited the audience, and everyone stood up to applaud him.

After the closing ceremony, Wu Bai, Ai Qing and others came to the most famous ferris wheel to take pictures. Shen Zhe took a few group photos of Wu Bai and Ai Qing. Hearing Ai Jing praised Wu Bai for being handsome, Shen Zhe couldn’t help being jealous. He called her aside and asked him and Wu Bai who are handsome. Ai Jing couldn’t help but laugh when he looked serious. Intentionally said Wu Baishuai. Shen Zhe was unhappy after hearing this. Wu Bai asked him to send him the photo. Wu Bai made it difficult for him to let him spend money to buy the photo. Wu Bai transferred the money to him. He felt very sweet when he saw the photo of himself and Ai Qing.

After returning to the hotel, Wu Bai went to find Shen Zhe and mobilized him to join the K&K team. Shen Zhe, who was a very realistic man, made two conditions, one is to give him enough reward, and the other is to let him be the captain. These two conditions made Wu Bai a little embarrassed. He considered for a while and said that Shen Zhe could be the captain and half of his salary could be given to him. Shen Zhe told him not to joke. Wu Bai knew that Shen Zhe’s dream was to defeat Wang Hao, so he said that Shen Zhe would not be able to beat Wang Hao in his life after joining SP, so he could only be the boss for the rest of his life.

Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time, Recap

Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time episode 4 – Recap

As soon as he heard Ai Qing’s name, Wu Bai, who was receiving the infusion in the hospital, immediately pulled out the needle and rushed towards the hotel. At this time, Ai Qing in the hotel’s KTV room found that she had forgotten her mobile phone and got up to go back to the room to get it. Wu Bai took the elevator to the KTV floor. The elevator door opened and he saw Ai Qing waiting for the elevator. The eyes met, and the two of them couldn’t help being stunned. Finally seeing the person he was thinking of, Wu Bai, who was still calm, couldn’t help but smile, and he came back. Ai Qing couldn’t help but express joy when she saw Wu Bai who hadn’t seen her in three years, she whispered that she hadn’t seen it for a long time. Before Wu Bai had time to say a lot, he saw her walking into the elevator and leaving. He was very reluctant.

Finally he plucked up the courage to chase her. He couldn’t wait for the elevator next to him and ran up the stairs. Ai Qing returned to the room, when her cell phone rang, she picked it up to answer the call from Wu Bai. He wanted to see her, so she walked out of the room and saw Wu Bai not far away. He asked her if she was hungry and wanted to be together. For supper, she smiled and said okay.

Ai Jing in the hotel’s KTV room watched her sister go to get her mobile phone and never came back, so she wanted to find her. The somewhat drunk Shen Zhe told him not to disturb Ai Qing. He knew Ai Qing should be with Wu Bai at this moment. Ai Jing asked if he liked her, and Shen Zhe looked at her with a smile and said nothing.

Wu Bai and Ai Qing came to the food stall. After he ordered the food, Ai Qing asked him where he had been all these years. Wu Bai didn’t know how to answer. Ai Qing knew that he didn’t talk much, so she didn’t ask any more questions, so she asked him if he was here to participate in the opening ceremony of the Chinese Robot Fighting League. Wu Bai nodded and he built a team named K&K. Ai Qing thinks this name is interesting, and asks him if it has any meaning. Wu Bai didn’t dare to say that it was related to her, so she changed the topic and asked if she was also here to attend the opening ceremony. She said that she came as a sponsor staff member and she retired. He asked her why she retired. Ai Qing didn’t want to talk about such a heavy topic, so she picked up a crayfish and ate it and praised it as good. Ai Qing asked him what’s wrong when he saw the medicinal tape on his hand. He said it was okay, and she guessed it when he refused to say it. She talked about some strange diseases indiscriminately. Zhanbian told the truth that he had seasonal gastroenteritis, and it would be fine in a few days. Ai Qing got up and asked the boss for a bowl of porridge. Wu Bai took a sip, feeling sweet in her heart. After a while, Wu Bai felt sick in his stomach and vomited aside. Ai Qing handed him a tissue and asked him to wipe his mouth. Seeing that he could not stand steady, she hurriedly supported him. Seeing that she was so close to him, the pair was gentle as water Eyes full of concern made him very hearted. Ai Qing felt embarrassed to see her crayfish peeling hand dirty his sleeve, so she quickly released her hand and apologized to him, but Wu Bai didn’t care about it.

The 97 and others gathered in the hotel’s KTV private room scattered all around. A little drunk Ai Jing walked to the door but was blocked by the door. Shen Zhe came behind her and asked if she still wanted to know the answer to her question. Ai Jing was drunk. Nodding dimly, Shen Zhe embraced her and kissed her lips gently. When she let go, she fell into his arms while drunk.

Leaving the food stall, Wu Bai and Ai Qing walked into a small shop. She saw a jar on the table with a wish note in it, so she took one separately from him to see what she wanted. Wu Bai opened the wish note and found that the words on it were exactly what he was saying. It was true that he had no intention of seeing all beings. He could only see that she was moved, and when Ai Qing looked at him, he was embarrassed to say that it was Written like this. Ai Qing smiled and said that he invited her to dinner, she asked him to eat sweets, and then walked out of the shop. After returning to the hotel, Wu Bai couldn’t help but feel very sweet when recalling the scene just now. He came back in 97 and asked him how he felt to see the goddess. Wu Bai said it was great to be able to meet her again.

At the opening ceremony of the Chinese Robot Fighting League the next day, Wang Hao’s SP team and Wu Bai’s K&K team officially appeared. Wang Hao and Wu Bai shook hands and greeted each other. Ai Qing and her sister were sitting in the back auditorium. Wang Hao didn’t notice. She, Wu Bai glanced back, his eyes could not help being fixed on Ai Qing’s beautiful and lovely face, his heart was full of joy.

After the opening ceremony, the host introduced the team and invited Wu Bai to take the stage to answer questions. Many of the world’s top clubs, including the SP team, had thrown olive branches to him but were rejected. The host asked him why he gave up these top teams And choose a K&K team that has not yet been established. Wu Bai said that he wanted to build a team of his own, and did not start from scratch completely until he won the world championship. His brief and powerful words won warm applause from the audience. Wu Bai looked at Ai Qing in the audience, and Ai Qing looked at him with a smile. He wanted to tell her that he would win her a world championship and realize their common dream.

There was an interactive session at the opening ceremony, where there was a prize for answering questions. The little boy in front of Ai Qing rushed to answer twice and got the wrong answer. Ai Qing wanted to help him. She asked him to grab the question first, and then she told him the answer. The question that the little boy grabbed this time was about Wang Hao, Ai Qing whispered to him the answer, and Wang Hao said that he got it all right. When the little boy came on stage to receive the award, the host saw Ai Qing sitting behind, and couldn’t help but say her name Apple Dog in surprise.

Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time, Recap

Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time episode 3 – Recap

Three years later, in the Chinese Robot Fighting Youth Training Camp, Ai Qing introduced the new member, the lovely 11-year-old Luo Hui, who turned out to be the little girl who lived in the same ward with Wu Bai, who had his eyes, and pestered him to tell stories. She didn’t know his name, she told the little members that this big brother was her Iron Man, and it was because of him that she fell in love with robot fighting. He also said that this big brother fell in love with the goddess of his industry, and that goddess was his Frija. Someone asked Curiously who Friega was. Luo Hui said that she was the queen of the Nordic fairy tales and the goddess of the sky and the earth.

Manager Lin asked Aiqing to go to the concert on weekends but was turned down. When Manager Lin heard that she was not available, he angered everyone to work overtime on weekends. After a break at noon, Ai Qing was taken to a store by her sister Ai Jing. She was surprised when she saw that the owner was a friend of the slide. The slide told Ai Qing that he had retired and returned from Germany, but his father was about to say the reason for his retirement but was stopped by the slide. Ai Jing went to the warehouse with her father on the slide. Ai Qing asked him what was wrong when he saw that he was wearing gloves on one hand, and the slide asked what was wrong with her hair. She also joked that she was so long. Ai Qing smiled and brushed her hair behind her head. Now she doesn’t need to spend more than ten hours training like before, and she has time for nosy. I heard that Ai Qing is still single, and the slide smiled and said that the good brothers are quite interesting, they are a single dog. Ai Qing asked about his injured hand again. He said that he drank too much in Germany and fell. The new year of competitive robot fighting competition has begun again. Looking at the huge banners posted on the wall, Ai Qing sighed to the slide that their era has passed. Although she has retired now, she is still a bit unwilling. She remembered that when she applied for Jiayi Company, she offered to the other party that she hoped that the company could continue to sponsor the youth robot selection contest. She wanted to be the independent person in charge of this project, taking full responsibility for the selection, competition and training of the players. Then she found that the street lamp at the door of the house was fixed at some point, and there was still a picture of forget-me-not in full bloom on the wall, with a line written on the side along the dream. You will never be alone. She can’t help feeling when she sees the painting and the words.

When time came back, Wu Bai’s eyes were healed. He has graduated from a top polytechnic university and has become one of the shareholders of K&K Club. On this day, he met 97 at a shooting training center abroad. 97 asked him why he didn’t contact the goddess. Wu Bai said he felt he was not good enough. 97 was surprised to ask how good he still wanted. Wu Bai said that he wanted to exchange the 300-match champion for a chance to start with her.

Manager Lin sent Ai Qing to work at the Guangzhou station of the robot competition.

Her sister Ai Jing also wanted to play, so Ai Qing took her to Guangzhou. Wu Bai and 97 also took the opportunity to come to Guangzhou, and picked them up on Monday and prepared to go back by car. Ai Qing put her luggage on the car at the exit, and she accidentally saw a tall figure in front of her that was familiar, reminding her of Wu Bai. The man quickly got in the car and left, Ai Qing also got in the car and set off. To the hotel, the two cars stopped side by side at the same intersection and then drove in opposite directions.

Arriving at the hotel, Ai Jing, feeling thirsty, came to the self-service teller machine to buy water with coins. After the water came out of the exit, it was taken by a handsome guy behind him and drank it. Ai Jing looked at him and opened her eyes in surprise. After drinking, the guy apologized to her that he was too thirsty, and then he put in coins and bought another bottle for her. Ai Jing ran to the front desk excitedly and told Ai Qing that she saw a handsome guy, and as she was talking, she saw several female fans in surprise surrounding the guy calling his name Shen Zhe.

Ai Jing accidentally spilled a drink on her body, so she took the suitcase to the dressing room next to her to change clothes, while Ai Qing went out to buy food.

At this time, Shen Zhe walked into the locker room to accept the media interview. Ai Jing, who took off her clothes after a simple cloth, couldn’t help feeling nervous when she heard the man’s voice, and the opened suitcase was a bit far away from her. Shen Zhe accidentally found embarrassment. She answered the question while taking out a piece of clothing from the suitcase for her. He hurriedly ended the interview and sent away the reporter. At this time, Ai Jing changed his clothes.  Ai Qing came back to see him and was surprised. Shen Zhe asked them to go to the karaoke hall. Ai Qing was about to decline Ai Jing but readily agreed.

Wu Bai came to the hotel. His gastroenteritis was guilty. His teammates carefully prepared porridge and eggs for him, but then he ran to the toilet and vomited. 97 to send him to the hospital, Wu Bai asked him to find Shen Zhe first. Go to the hospital for a drip.

97 met Shen Zhe at the entrance of the karaoke hall. Shen Zhe asked him to dial Wu Bai’s cell phone. He told Wu Bai that he had prepared a gift for him. Then he and 97 walked into the karaoke hall. He switched the phone to the speaker, and Wu Bai listened on the phone. By 97, Ai Qing was surprised to shout out a name, and then he quickly pulled out the infusion needle and ran outside.

Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time, Recap

Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time episode 2 – Recap

The Hu Xia Geyouhui tickets booked by Wu Bai arrived, and he couldn’t help feeling very happy when he thought of seeing him with Ai Qing. When eating, his eyes rested on Ai Qing’s body unconsciously, watching her choose a meal with a plate, and then sit down at the table on the slide. The slide tells Ai Qing that Wang Hao has come to Singapore. He is picking for the SP team. After all, SP is now the best in the country. If Wu Bai can successfully win this time, he must be very popular.

As Wang Hao walked to their table, Wu Bai couldn’t help being surprised when he saw him, and instantly felt that the food in front of him was tasteless. Wang Hao asked Ai Qing to go out for a walk. He asked her if she wanted to come to SP, hoping that they could put down everything they had before and fight together again, but Ai Qing said lightly that everything was over. Wang Hao asked her to contact him when she returned to Shanghai. He knew a good Hunan restaurant. Before he finished talking about Ai Qing, she said that her phone number was gone. She didn’t want to talk any more and left because she had something to do. Wang Hao couldn’t help but remember that Ai Qing, who was sitting in front of the computer opposite him, said on QQ that love needs two people. He replied to her so Solo is not suitable for love. Ai Qing now moves forward resolutely, knowing that she doesn’t need Wang Hao anymore.

This day the championship battle was fiercely unfolding between the Chinese DT team and the Singapore AEO team. Wu Bai seized the upper hand from the beginning, using the remote control to command the robot unknown man to bounce his opponent twice, and soon the opponent’s robot was stuck and could not move. Just as the victory was in sight, Wu Bai’s eyes were blurred, his hand slipped and he made a mistake, and the unknown soldier was trapped on the ground. Drilling according to the rules can only trap the robot for three seconds, but the referee fouled the other side’s robots and the unknown man was still trapped in place. The audience was dissatisfied with this and protested, but the referee still did not mean to stop. . In an emergency, the calm Wu Bai couldn’t help but remember the tricks Ai Qing had used, so he operated the remote control to counterattack and knocked out his opponent. The Chinese DT team finally won the championship, and his teammates cheered. Wu Bai couldn’t help looking at Ai Qing, who gave him a thumbs up happily.

On the podium, some team members asked Ai Qing to wear her racing medal, she smiled and forgot to bring her, Wu Bai put her own championship medal on her. Ai Qing ridiculed Wu Bai’s last move to steal the teacher’s tuition. Wu Bai smiled and asked her how much she wanted. She said that she hadn’t thought about making him owe it.

Then 97 sent Ai Qing tickets for Hu Xia Geyouhui, she was surprised how 97 knew she wanted to see this, 97 smiled mysteriously at her and left, seeming to think of who could not help but smile.

Then Wu Bai bought two ice creams and came to the scene of the song club. He saw Ai Qing sitting there, and was about to walk over. Suddenly, his eyes were blurred, and the ice cream in his hand quickly melted when he could see clearly. Wu Bai didn’t want Ai Qing to see him like this. He turned and left with sorrow, while Ai Qing looked out at the door, holding two bottles of drinks in her hand.

Wu Bai rushed to the hospital as soon as he returned to Shanghai. His brother Han Shangyan was waiting for him anxiously. He told his brother that he wanted to have an operation right away, and then he was pushed into the operating room. And 97 returned Ai Qing’s remote control to her. It turned out that Wu Bai later found and repaired the remote control that dropped her in the sewer. At that time, he helped her to successfully match the remote control with the connector during the competition, which allowed her to successfully complete the competition. Thinking of Wu Bai, Ai Qing’s heart couldn’t help but feel lost. They approached because of a good impression but suddenly stopped.

After the operation, Wu Bai, whose eyes were covered with gauze, woke up on the hospital bed, and his brother bought him some fruits to bring. Wu Bai asked his brother if the operation failed. His brother said that it was only temporarily unsuccessful. He had already agreed with the attending doctor. He would rest for a week and then discuss the next operation plan. Wu Bai said that if it fails again, his brother told him not to think about it. Many, in case he is really blind, he will support him for a lifetime. My brother makes him stronger, and he will succeed next time. He also said that when Wu Bai was ready, he wanted to open a club and let Wu Bai choose a name. Wu Bai remembered that Ai Qing had told him that she wanted to be the king of the world in robot fighting. At that time, Wu Bai said that she could be a king, but there must be a king who was worthy of her. Ai Qing curiously said that would not be enough. Wu Bai felt that the two kings could coexist, so he named the club K&K.

Ai Qing saw a pair of cats on the side of the road in the evening, and she couldn’t help but think of the scene of making fun of cats with Wu Bai on the beach. At this time, my sister walked over and the two returned home together. Ai Qing found her father asleep on the sofa and was about to cover him with a blanket, but her father woke up. He got up to give them hot meals, watching his father beat his waist as he walked, the two sisters went in to discuss buying a house. Ai Qing saw her dad slept on this one-bedroom sofa for more than ten years, and she and her sister had been squeezed on the same bed, so she took out a card to her sister. This is the money she saved from playing games for so many years. Take the down payment for the two-bedroom house, and pay the mortgage when she finds a job.

My brother is going to transfer Wu Bai to Norway for the second operation and will leave the day after tomorrow. The doctor removed the gauze covering Wu Bai’s eyes, but his eyesight was not stable from time to time. His brother asked him to adjust for the second operation, but the doctor said that the second operation would be more risky. Maybe It will cause permanent blindness, and the brothers can’t help but hang up.

That night Wu Bai secretly went to see Ai Qing. She stepped on her high heels and walked back. The street light at the door was not on and she almost fell. Wu Bai repaired the street lights and painted on the walls of her house, and did not leave until dawn. He hoped that they could temporarily replace him with her.

Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time, Recap

Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time episode 1 – Recap

The 2017 China Robot Fighting Competition finals kicked off. Before the game, the staff took the machine position and the host introduced the two players. The first to appear is the tornado. Its operator is the beautiful Ai Qing, known as the first female operator in China. As early as seven years ago, she won the national championship as a member of the Solo team. It can be said that she is bound to win this championship trophy today. The tornado’s opponent, the unknown soldier, appeared behind it at this time. Wu Bai, the captain of the operator DT team, is a dark horse. He entered the national finals for the first time in the league.

At this time, the remote control for operating the tornado was broken, and the members of the AD team quickly contacted the captain Ai Qing, and Ai Qing took the spare remote control to take a taxi to the stadium. There was heavy rain outside the arena and traffic jams. She got off the car and ran to the arena quickly. Unexpectedly, she was hit by someone on the road. The box in her hand was knocked open and a small box inside fell into the sewer. She squatted down and stretched out her hand to retrieve the box, but the box drifted forward along the water. When she was in trouble, Wu Bai ran over after hearing the news, and then the two came to the arena together. Ai Qing expressed her gratitude to Wu Bai and introduced herself. Wu Bai gently held her stretched hand and reported her name.

Then the two opponents fought fiercely in the arena. Ai Qing had the upper hand from the beginning, and the audience boiled over and kept calling her name. Wu Bai is actually very familiar with Ai Qing’s tactical style. Her remote control settings have not changed for seven years. He can recite each of her key settings even if he closes his eyes. At this moment, he has waited for seven years and finally became a player. It’s not the audience standing in front of her. Seeing that the unknown pawn is always being beaten, the team member 97 anxiously reminds Wu Bai to fight back. Wu Bai finally started to fight back. The unknown soldier overturned the last championship with a beautiful ejection. Ai Qing was surprised but she was not to be outdone. The competition entered a white-hot stage, and the unknown soldier finally won the championship.

Ai Qing feels a little embarrassed to lose to a newcomer. Her friend Slide is the leader of the Asian Championships Chinese team. He told her that Wu Bai is still studying abroad and formed a team when he came back from the summer vacation. Ai Qing was surprised after hearing this. The slide told her not to underestimate Wu Bai, who is the industry’s dark horse in the mechanical engineering department of the world’s top universities. Without winning the championship, there is no way to go to Singapore to participate in the World Championships, but Ai Qing still has a way, as long as he becomes a single-handed racing champion.

Seeing Ai Qing leaving the stadium, Wu Bai chased to the door but stopped. He remembered that his brother had told him Ai Qing was Wang Hao’s girlfriend, and he couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

Two months later, Ai Qing came to the Singapore Asian Championships Village. After putting her luggage in her room, she went to room 206 where the slide was. Unexpectedly, the one who opened the door was Wu Bai who had just finished taking a shower wrapped in a bath towel. The two were surprised to see each other.

Wu Bai couldn’t help but recalled that he took Ai Qing back to the arena during the robot fighting competition. He was so wet that he asked his teammates to help him get a towel. After the teammates brought the towel, they gave him the same wet Ai Qing. At that time, Wu Bai saw With a piece of tape on his shoes, he bent over to get it. Ai Qing thought he asked her to wipe his hair, so she wiped it up with a towel. Wu Bai couldn’t help but froze, then he straightened up and raised the tape in his hand. Ai Qing Only then did I realize that I had misunderstood what he meant.

In retrospect, Ai Qing took the lead to break the silence. She didn’t expect them to meet again so soon. Wu Bai thought she was here to watch the game, Ai Qing said she was coming to participate in the racing competition. He invited her into the room. 97 knew that Ai Qing was the captain’s goddess and wanted to assist them, so he tore off Wu Bai’s bath towel in a prank prank. Ai Qing couldn’t help being surprised when he saw this. Fortunately, Wu Bai was wearing big pants inside. . 97 smiled awkwardly and said that the captain was dressed a bit conservatively today, and he hurriedly put the bath towel around Wu Bai again. Then Wu Bai went to put on a T-shirt and came out.

Ai Qing only qualified for the Asian Championships this time by racing has aroused heated discussions among netizens. Some people say that her opportunistic strength is not as good as before. Seeing these comments, Ai Qing can’t help feeling depressed. She was attracted by a pair of cute cats when she was walking along the beach. Wu Bai also came here. He picked up one of the cats, and Ai Qing happily stroked it. He was about to let her hug it. But suddenly ran away, and the two were taken by it to the beach.

Wu Bai stood up to pull Ai Qing up, suddenly felt his eyes blurred and the eyes fell black. Soon he woke up and Ai Qing asked him with concern. He said that it was okay because he was nervous before the game. Wu Bai asked Aiqing to go to the shooting gallery to relax the next day, and she readily agreed.

The two came to the shooting gallery early the next morning. Wu Bai felt dizzy again when he shot. He did not play well and was narrowly beaten by Ai Qing. Ai Qing saw that he was focused and calm, so she asked him if he was interested in joining her team and asked him to think about it before telling her. Wu Bai wondered why the team suddenly disbanded when she was still in the Solo team. Ai Qing didn’t want to answer this question. She asked who his idol was, Wang Hao, Han Shangyan or her. Wu Bai didn’t know how to answer, Ai Qing. Stop teasing him, let him look at the gossip and maybe know the reason for the dissolution. Then he took her to stand on a vent, blowing bubbles like a child, Ai Qing happily looked at the bubbles dancing in the wind, with a sweet smile on her face.

After the draw, Ai Qing found that the organizers were tricky, and they were all strong opponents. Although it felt unfair, she still won the championship for the Chinese team by virtue of her strength. Wu Bai won all three matches in the robot fighting group stage. He will represent the Chinese team to launch an impact on the final team champion of this Asian Championship. However, Wu Bai’s eyes did have problems. Although his orbital varicose veins had not reached the most serious stage, he had already begun to lose sight intermittently. His brother called him to urge him to go back for treatment.