Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 33 – Recap

In the K&K club, Tong Nian rushed to Han Shangyan and kissed him randomly.  Finally waited until Tong Nian died down for a while, and at that time Tong Nian sat on Hanshangyan’s lap, still hooking Hanshangyan’s neck with his arm. Moreover, from time to time, Tong Nian’s head moved from the front of Hanshangyan’s chest to the front of Hanshangyan. He understand that Tong Nian drank a whole bottle of wine. With a long breath, Han Shangyan moved Tong Nian to bed to rest.  When they walked out of the room, the team members saw the old breathless look downstairs, and they couldn’t help but imagine. The boys ridicule the boss, and the boss Han Shangyan will not get angry, which makes the relationship between the boss and the employees more harmonious.

However, because the residence of Zheng Hui’s mother and son ended, the Tong family was preparing to send off a farewell dinner together, but Tong’s mother could not contact Tong Nian for a long time, so she could only contact Tong Nian’s best friend Blueberry. After learning about this, Blueberry made a decisive call to remind Han Shangyan to tell Tong Nian not to answer Tong’s mother’s call.

But it was so hard to die, Han Shangyan just rushed over and threw on the bed, Tong Nian sat up and connected to Tong’s mother’s phone. Tong Nian still said on the phone that he was sleeping in Hanshangyan, and Hanshangyan was lying next to him, but in fact, Hanshangyan was pressed under Tong Nian. When Tong Nian passed out again, and Tong’s mother had not hung up the phone, Han Shangyan answered the phone and said politely that he would bring Tong Nian to Han’s house later. On the other side, Tong’s mother was so angry that she wanted to go to Han Shangyan to settle the account immediately, while Tong’s father said that Tong Nian was already an adult child and wanted to save her face.

It was night after the time flickered, and it was only after Tong Nian woke up that he realized that he had done absurd things and regretted it. At this time, the Han Shang Yan, on the other hand, smiled playfully with Tong Nian, and asked him to wash up quickly and go to the Han family to plead guilty. After Tong Nian was finished, I saw this man who was going to be his husband, wearing a shirt and a suit, and couldn’t help but sigh.

When he arrived at Tong’s house, Hanshangyan asked Tong’s father and Tong’s mother to sit down and talked about the acquaintance and love with Tong Nian. Except for the words that Hanshangyan was bound to be responsible for Tongnian, the others were all Hanshangyan’s flicking Tong’s parents. of. Because Han Shangyan changed Tong Nian’s love and stalking to him at first sight, it was changed to that Han Shangyan fell in love with Tong Nian at first sight and was infatuated by goodbye in Guangzhou. And Tong’s mother still didn’t buy it, and blasted Tong Nian back to the room to think about it. But Tong’s father comforted Han Shangyan and let Han Shangyan comfort Tong Nian. In Tong Nian’s room, Han Shangyan had nowhere to sit. The reason was that Tong Nianjing hurriedly made Han Shangyan avoid Tong’s mother and came in, but the room was not cleaned. Han Shangyan explained what Tong Nian didn’t understand about the white lie just now. Finally, Han Shangyan told Tong Nian, never question Han Shangyan’s love for Tong Nian.

After that night, Han Shangyan called his stepmother in Norway to give Tong Nian an explanation. Upon hearing that his son Han Shangyan had recovered his girlfriend, the stepmother had already begun to fantasize about the grandson. As for meeting Tong Nian’s parents, the stepmother immediately began to prepare air tickets and gifts.

After asking his stepmother, Han Shangyan took a lot of strawberry desserts that he had bought to Tong Nian before and gave it to Mi Shaofei, and told his brother that he was going to get married.  Mi Shaofei began to count down the sorrows of Tong Nian looking for an old man, such as: never had the sunrise together, traveled together, did not even go to the school cafeteria and library, etc. After listening to the Korean business language, it seems that this is how we get married. Tong Nian will definitely blame himself.

Immediately afterwards, Han Shangyan knew that Tong Nian was going to help professors invigilate the exam in the afternoon, so he came to Shanghai Jiaotong University. When Tong Nian just arrived at school and was murdered by his classmates for parking his bicycle. During the proctoring period of Tong Nian, Han Shangyan picked the “school flowers” and prepared to give it to Tong Nian. After the exam was finally completed, Han Shangyan was asked for contact information by the school girl at the door of the classroom. However, Tong Nian, who had a sharp ear, went to subtly resolve the embarrassment.