Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 24 – Recap

A farewell banquet for the brothers became a banquet between Han Shangyan and Tong Nian. What Tong Nian did to Han Shangyan was both angry and sad, but he couldn’t hate it. When Tong Nian ran out of the hotel crying all the way, Yaya, who had taken care of her idol, was even more worried about the girl Tong Nian, so she immediately talked to her idol and chased after Tong Nian to enlighten her. Han Shangyan walked out of the hotel slowly, and while waiting for his brother Mi Shaofei to feel comfortable, he began to call on behalf of the driver.

In the car next to the Hanshangyan, Tong Nian and Yaya, two girls complaining about the Hanshangyan together, made Tong Nian feel more comfortable and began to worry about the two guys who were drinking too much. Therefore, the two wanted to wait for Shangyan and Xiaomi to come out, and then left. But when Tong Nian saw Han Shangyan, he couldn’t move away. Even if he was so angry that he was crying, and he fell down, Tong Nian still sat down in the back seat after Yaya said, with Han Shangyan on the left and Mi Shaofei on the right.  After getting off the bus, Han Shangyan said seriously that Tong Nian had nothing to do except fall in love. There is too much affection in Han Shangyan that cannot be expressed in this seriousness, but Tong Nian does not know it.

Therefore, after Tong Nian separated from Han Shang Yan, he used loopholes in the dormitory to numb the nerve that missed Han Shang Yan. This led Yaya and other roommates to comfort Tong Nian who was broken in love.

Back to the K&K club, Han Shangyan faced a headache. This matter is more than Mi Shaofei’s retirement and the forced separation from Tong Nian, and it makes people want to spend time on it. That is, not only did the parents of the player kid demo divorce, but the demo mother did not want the demo to continue playing in this club. The reason is that the demo vocational high school graduates, this competition cannot guarantee the future, I hope that the demo will go to the society to accumulate experience, and there will be a good way out in the future. After Shen Zhe, 97 and Su Cheng went to persuade the demo mom to no avail, Han Shangyan waited until he was awake and in a better condition, so he changed into a neat and decent suit and went to see the demo mother of the team member as the club owner. It was dinner time, demo mom waited for a day without seeing the boss, so she couldn’t eat. Hanshangyan rushed to see the situation, so he grandly invited the demo mom to a high-end restaurant to talk about demo work while eating.

At the dinner table, Han Shangyan talked about the dream of the demo in a spirited manner, and the K&K Club is the best platform for realizing the dream of the demo in China. As for the issues considered by the demo mom, there is nothing that a good Party A contract can’t solve. If this doesn’t work, you can remake a copy with better conditions. Sure enough, with the support of the boss of Hanshangyan, the demo mother agreed that the demo would continue to make progress towards the world champion dream.

Work has come to an end, and Han Shangyan is exhausted physically and mentally from emotional matters, and he is exhausted. As a result, Han Shangyan, who was strong in front of Tong Nian, saved the idol’s face and called the husband of Blueberry, which is the husband of Tong Nian’s best friend. In the cafe, Blueberry heard that Tong Nian had been dumped by Han Shangyan early in the morning, and he also knew that Han Shangyan had asked his husband, so he was so angry that he followed. Blueberry wants to see what Hanshangyan is going to make. Blueberry didn’t expect that Han Shangyan, the owner of the Tangtang club, had all his savings at present of two thousand yuan, and this is what Han Shangyan intends to let Blueberry take Tong Nian to eat delicious food, have fun, relax and have a good mood. But when Blueberry took the money to find Tong Nian, the nature of the money changed. Blueberry claimed that this was Han Shangyan that might pretend to be poor and give Tong Nian a breakup fee. When Tong Nian saw the money in the envelope, his face was unhappy. No matter how much money, he can’t ask for Han Shangyan, let alone break up fees.

Thinking about this, Tong Nian got into a taxi and learned from previous experience. She first called and asked 97 this time. She learned that the Hanshangyan team was going to Beijing to compete, and she was waiting at the Shanghai airport at the moment. Ever since, Tong Nian carried the envelope containing two thousand yuan and asked the driver to drive to where Hanshangyan was. At the airport, after Tong Nian found Hanshangyan language, the two talked alone. When talking, Tong Nian’s tears flowed on his face, and Han Shangyan’s tears flowed in his heart. Tong Nian said that although Han Shangyan is not correct about love, Tong Nian appreciates and supports K&K’s attitude towards career. As for the money, Tong Nian must return it to Han Shangyan regardless of his family’s economic conditions or his personal spiritual education. Han Shangyan took the envelope and asked the boys to arrive at the boarding gate early, and arranged a taxi for Tong Nian in 97.

Backstage at the quarter-finals of the China qualifiers in Beijing, Mr. Xiang also mentioned Tong Nian, the girlfriend of Han Shangyan, and wanted to chase Tong Nian recklessly. As a result, even though Shangyan claimed that Tong Nian was no longer his girlfriend, under the sharp eyes of Shang Yan, Mr. Xiang did not dare to move evil thoughts.