Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 26 – Recap

Ba Ye has accompanied doctor Mo Ce over to the Hong mansion. Mo Ce gives him some medicine and he wakes up, thinking she’s Yatou in his muddled state.  She goes out to fix some warm towels. Ba Ye thinks it’s time Er Ye told him a bit more about what happened to him in the tomb, but he won’t. He just tells Ba Ye to go to his secret room and burn it to the ground. Ba Ye studies the model of the tomb, wondering about the size of it. It’s  far bigger than they thought. He douses everything in gasoline and lights it up. However, one notebook falls to the floor.

At the bordello, that soldier they are targeting Chen Ye finally makes an appearance. Sure, cause he got paid by Fo Ye for keeping quiet. It doesn’t take long and he starts telling them about a huge treasure in the mines outside Changsha and how not even Fo Ye and Er Ye made it out unscathed. It’s soon the talk on the streets, that there is a huge treasure. Chen Pi made sure that people think that Zhang Da Fo Ye wants to keep it all for himself. That’s clever, it’s probably Hendry’s plan. Chen Pi goes to the mine himself, but can’t find an entrance.

At the Zhang mansion,  Fo Ye hears strange things and has weird seizures.

Chief Lu finds it highly amusing that the whole of Changsha now speaks badly of Fo Ye and Madame Huo thinks it’s time for the next step, which involves her visiting Fo Ye. But when she gets increasingly rude, accusing him of trespassing on her territory, thus breaking the rules of the Nine Gates and then demands to be handed all the information about the mines, he loses it. He definitely made a mistake. Madame Huo flees, furious, but I got to tell you, Fo Ye really isn’t himself these days.

He goes to see Ba Ye. But Ba Ye isn’t affected like Fo Ye is. Fo Ye feels he is losing control over his own body. Luckily, Ba Ye has a „protective copper mirror” from his very talented ancestors, who can drive away evil and darkness. It can reflect ferocious ghosts and make them show their true forms. And all of a sudden, his mirror image changes into the face of his father.

Fo Ye is assaulted by horrible memories, of him running away from the Japanese in the forest, with people from his family. His father is shot multiple times in front of him. He takes one last, sad look at his dead father when all of a sudden, a Qilin appears. This is the „monster” the people in the mines were so afraid of. The other monster, not the hair monster. Ba Ye finds him in a trance and really has to shake him out of it.

Chief Lu pays Fo Ye a visit, super friendly, as always, but he talks about the „higher-ups” and how they have heard about that evil rumor about Fo Ye and the mines. Visual Zhang puts two and two together: Lu and Madame Huo are now working together. Right, now it also makes sense to them that Xie Jiu Ye’s business abroad run into troubles.

Chief Lu moves against Er Ye next. They tear him out of bed and arrest him at gunpoint.  Chen Pi is quite outraged, but that sentiment doesn’t last long. After all, Er Ye let the Mistress die like that.

Fo Ye hears about this immediately and goes over to Lu’s house. He demands that Er Ye is let go, but Lu claims he had to capture him because he has info on the ancient tomb. They have a witness. He basically tells Fo Ye to admit he went into the tombs, which Fo Ye does not want to do. He threatens Lu if he harms Er Ye, but he just laughs at him.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 25 – Recap

Yin Xinyue thinks she’s meeting with her daddy who has come to reprimand her, but it’s her hot uncle. Uncle and her father try to get her back to Bei Ping. Our Miss however has eyes for only one man, Zhang Qi Shan. And it seems the the Xie men expect that answer, because Uncle brings clothes and other things for her. They also approve of Fo Ye. Uncle parts with a warning: A jade buddha statue has been stolen from them. They found the thief in Changsha – but he killed himself before they could get more information.

Miss goes straight to Xie Jiu / Jiu Ye, who at first does not see the value of this information for the Nine Gate affairs. You should trust the Miss. She also has pictures of the statue with her. Xie Jiu is lost in thought when he plays Go with his lady a bit later.

Chen Pi brings Xie Jiu the Buddha statue. He says it’s a fake and because that’s totally against the rules, Chen Pi declares that Xin Yue hotel’s reputation is forever damaged now. He threatens to spread this news, in the process also trampling on Miss Yin’s dignity. But here is the rub: Xie Jiu also has a jade Buddha. The real one. He got it directly from someone at the Xin Xue hotel. Chen Pi thinks he lost this round and when he storms out, he smashes the Buddha. The „fake” one. Which was not fake but real it was Chen Pi who made it look fake. But I guess Xie Jiu is right: stopping Chen Pi is worth ten expensive Buddhas if not more. Xie Jiu is now acutely aware of a „devil in the city of Changsha”.Xie Jiu is hot as hell. So smart and so powerful. Hendry has some evil plan to get Xie Jiu a criminal charge. Once he’s removed temporarily, he thinks he can topple Zhang Qi Shan.

Down in the mines is Visual Zhan. Him and his men feel super anxious: Fo Ye  are gone for too long. Lt. Zhang sends four of his men in. They get lost almost immediately. In the meantime, Fo Ye and Ba Ye wait for Er Ye. Four hours and more have passed and he’s not back. After Fo Ye wants to go in after him several times and is held back by Ba Ye, Er Ye comes stumbling out. He is gravely hurt.

They find back to the room where Visual Zhang is. Fo Ye screams at everyone to hurry up, they need to leave. And nobody is allowed to go in anymore. Ba Ye thinks Er Ye’s „muscles and bones” were injured.  Er Ye wakes up temporarily and manages to hand Fo Ye a fragment of something. And then, Er Ye tells them to blow everything up. There are explosives ready there too.

Fo Ye is home. Bleeding, but apparently writing up a report. The man is in pain. And exhausted. Of course, he claims „it’s nothing”.  He is concerned about the others, the dead ones and the alive ones and their potentially lose tongues. They can’t have anyone tattle about this.

Miss Yin comes in and scolds him for being injured again. She got her cousin Mo Ce, a doctor, to come. Mo Ce admits she was very curious to see this man who snatched her cousin away. Fo Ye gets up and steps away. He is also still very concerned about Er Ye and Xin Yue sends her cousin there as well.

Later, Fo Ye is alone in his room. When he wants to take his pants off he remembers that thing Er Ye gave him. He starts to wash carefully and that activates the tattoo. He stares at the beast on his body and on the  thing in his hand. That thing in the tomb, it’s a Qilin.

Er Ye  has a horrible nightmare about hair. Before that, he dreams of Yatou, who is assailed by hair too. He wakes up and there is hair everywhere, tying him to his chair.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 24 – Recap

Fo Ye is in this tunnel. Those sheets are affecting his head. He’s still hot. Random blurry Changsha street scenes flood his mind and vision, and Fo Ye roars in pain, before pushing forward, half blind with a headache. He hits a tripwire that sets off an attack of sharp sheets. One of them slices his arm. Fo Ye keeps stumbling forward, but these visions of this estate torture his brain.

Seems it’s the Zhang Family home because the next few visions show a man taking to the men of the clan, telling them if they feel something is wrong and to go fix it. This isn’t a vision, it’s a flashback to an actual lecture.

Fo Ye tells himself he can’t ignore what he’s feeling wrong, and what he’s feeling wrong is that irritation he felt after the tunnel trip with the old miner and the wigs.

Chen Pi and Hendry are having tea together while discussing their evil plans to take down Fo Ye and Er Ye and any other  that get in their way. Jiu Ye is their next problem, according to Hendry. He says he will send a Tang Dynasty jade Buddha to Chen Pi so that Chen Pi can show it to Jiu Ye. Apparently this Buddha is up for auction at the Xin Yue hotel. Chen Pi doesn’t want to do this, but Hendry tells him to just do it, and Chen Pi agrees because he’s not that independently-minded.

Fo Ye is in the holey room and Ba Ye whimpering in a corner. Ba Ye hugs Fo Ye to find Fo Ye squirming in pain. They get Fo Ye seated at the pedestal of a lion statue where Fo Ye promptly bumps his head and jumps in pain. Ba Ye notes Fo Ye got infected by the Hair Monster again. Fo Ye asks about the diagram Ba Ye made, and Ba Ye proudly announces he’s made an eight character image while they’re right under the mines in a secret room that connects everywhere. Ba Ye explains further. Although the room keeps changing its holes there are always 64 of them forming a Fu Xi hexagram symbolizing eternity. Fo Ye asks if there is any way to get out. Ba Ye says yes. Wait for Er Ye to figure it out because by ancestral osmosis, Ba Ye will know what Uncle Er Ye figured out. Fo Ye is not happy with that response. Fo Ye then flashbacks to Xin Yue claiming him as the real Peng and other instances of her total cuteness. And Fo Ye remembers their adventures and how affectionate Xin Yue is. Ba Ye snaps him out of it to tell him to figure a way out of this mess.

Er Ye going from one holey room to another. He doesn’t meet his friends, though, he meets himself and has an argument about him tomb robbing instead of dying with Ya Tou. Then Er Ye sees Uncle Er Ye’s mark, and knows he had been there too. Anyway, Er Ye gets all determined and decides if Uncle Er Ye left the room, then he can leave too.

Uncle Er Ye and his now insane companions. They’re obsessed they will die there while Uncle Er Ye is looking at the map and thinking hard and looking hot. He is somehow seeing this whole scene with Uncle Er Ye and the two companions all crazy with fear, and Uncle Er Ye telling them, and Er Ye in the present, „no one in our family is afraid of tombs.” Er Ye looks again. He sees Uncle Er Ye, in the past, jump up a couple of levels of holes, and begin drawing the room. Er Ye looks at Uncle, looks at the map, looks at uncle, and then decides of his uncle got out of there, he could too. Er Ye zip the metal balls through the holes and listen where they end up. Er Ye finds the exit.

Ba Ye calculates some bad yellow energy and stresses he doesn’t have a white jade wind chime, and then gets annoyed Fo Ye is having fun meditating while they are stuck there. As Ba Ye is nagging Fo Ye to listen to him talk about 64 holes and 4800 possible routes of which one is the exit, his neck is grazed by something, and he looks up to see Er Ye.

Fo Ye and Er Ye check they’re both all right. No one asks about Ba Ye. Er Ye then says this cave couldn’t trap his Uncle, so it can’t trap him either. He proceeds to show the map to Fo Ye. Then Er Ye gives some explanation that basically involves finding the one and only exit. Ba Ye wonders why the blueprint looks so familiar. At any rate, Ba Ye finally decides they can’t get out of this place, but Er Ye just says follow me, and the other two go sure.

Er Ye shoots his balls, and listens to where they go. Fo Ye and Ba Ye are happy to follow. Then they come out to another shelf. Fo Ye asks Ba Ye if they should go forward or return and Ba Ye says, if I’m with you so let’s go forward.

Er Ye shoots his tiny metal balls. Er Ye goes into his listening trance. One of the balls comes flying back. And they find the safe exit this way, and Fo Ye says he will stay. Fo Ye says he wants to find the vault so that he can take what the Japanese wanted to take. Er Ye saying he has no ties and should go, while Fo Ye says he can’t let Er Ye be in danger. Ba Ye negotiates it all, and Er Ye is the one to go in, while Fo Ye and Ba Ye wait. Er Ye remembers hearing one of the metal balls hitting metal doors, and says to give him 4 hours, after which, you two leave.

Xin Yue going somewhere. She is a bit nervous, which her maid notes, and which Xin Yue puts down immediately. Then she walks into the room, takes a few deep breaths and kneels, crying, „Daddy!” but the person who comes through isn’t Boss Yin, but someone else.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 23 – Recap

Chief Lu and Hendry  trying to find out some secrets about Ba Ye. Over generations, Ba Ye’s family built up the fortune and kept their business running, by forcing people who want their fortunes read to buy something. Helps that in general, antiquies dealers and buyers are very superstitious and that Ba Ye’s reputation is something else.

They are still crawling through the weird concrete tunnels, but Ba Ye comes across a huge hall with many holes in which magic red fire burns. At first, he thinks he has „returned”, but then, he realizes this is a room that looks identical to the room he came to before. This means that they are in a dangerous maze. Ba Ye then calculates stuff. It’s 64 holes and he cleverly connects this to the Fu Xi 64 hexagrams. Anyway, he is in his element. He knows there is a way to escape this maze.

Ba Ye’s readings are rumored to be „magical” because of this story turned legend: Someone once desperately wanted to buy Ba Ye’s incense holder: Ba Ye did not want to sell the incense holder. But his servant thought he could make a bit of money on the side and sold the incense holder in secret. Even though it wasn’t his. Ba Ye realized right away and panicked, now the gods are offended. Anyway, ther servant is super scared now and begs Ba Ye to set it right for him. Ba Ye says  servant is going to collect some rent in some outskirt soon. He needs to take a box and put the money he collects at the bottom. However, the money he got from the incense holder, he is to keep in the purse on his person. The servant did as Ba Ye said and promptly encountered robbers, who only took the purse and not the rent money. No idea how he knew this would happen, but apparently, the money paid for an incense holder is a homonym for money paid to bandits.

Chief Lu doesn’t believe Ba Ye has any true powers and doesn’t understand how such a weakling would follow Zhang Qi Shan into the tombs. But Hendry knows about the special bond the two have and we see the „Fo Ye saves Ba Ye from the Japanese”-sequence again.

Back in the tombs, genius fortune teller Ba Ye is working on solving the puzzle, when he suddenly realizes that „someone is here”. Ba Ye gets very scared and puts wards all around himself as he cowers in the middle of the room in fear. Er Ye in the concrete tunnels. He comes across some sharp metal objects, mirros protruding from the walls. He keeps shining his torch at them and it seems they are in some way magical. Because he starts hallucinating.

Er Ye realizes he shouldn’t shine his light into the mirrors. Soon, he comes to one of the 64 holes rooms too. Instead of staying, he wants to leave it the same way he came and promptly gets lost. He walks on and gets to the room again, through a different opening or is it a different room altogether. Time for Er Ye’s metal balls to come out. First, he marks a stone lion with one. Then, he walks through the tunnels again and realizes he’s in a different room when he gets to one again. He also finds some thread that Fo Ye or Ba Ye must have used. He surmises that there could be ten thousands of these rooms here. He shouts into the tunnels there is no answer, but there is an echo. Er Ye seems to have super-hearing grave robber skillz, but they don’t help him to find the exit.

Fo Ye knows he’s lost and he fears for the others. He comes across a wet space there. He gets very agitated and starts to dig. When the hole is big enough, he climbs through. Pretty soon, he comes to the mirror passage. The reflections seem to affect him even more than they affected Er Ye. He has visions of Changsha.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 22 – Recap

The old miner continues his story. Uncle Er Ye had decided to die with the Japanese and the miners were digging into the tomb and got to an arched doorway. Ba Ye notes that Uncle Er Ye wanted to stop the Japanese from whatever they were doing. Just being a good person, helping the young. As the miner continues the story of how Uncle Er Ye bombed both the Japanese and the mine shaft, Er Ye looks increasingly distressed. After that, the miner says that Uncle Er Ye escaped, and the rest were abused.  Er Ye is so upset. Apparently, the men were blinded so that they could still alert the Japanese regarding the strange sound. Fo Ye apologizes for beating the old man up previously, and the old miner very sweetly says he’s often unsure where he is, and that he must’ve scared them all. Ba Ye asks how the old man survived. He says that he hid from the Japanese until they left. He didn’t want to be a burden to his parents, so he stayed down there. Fo Ye promises to bring him out. The miner says he remembers how to get to the arched doorway, and Fo Ye asks if it says, „All those who enter, abandon all hope”? The miner says yes. Fo Ye asks him to lead them to the archway, and the miner sadly says he’s waited so long for this day.

Huo Niang, Chen Pi and Chief Lu await Hendry. Hendry is in Chinese dress. Huo Niang is not impressed with his swagger. Hendry fake-apologizes for being late, and notes he can see Fo Ye’s mansion from the window. Huo Niang sneers he must be new to Changsha, and that she’s sick of looking at Fo Ye’s mansion. She gets up to go. Chief Lu stops her, and Hendry notes she is one of the Nine Gates and must know Fo Ye. He wants to know how Fo Ye, who was once an outsider, became the head of the Nine Gates.

She says  that incident of the Big Buddha. Fo Ye was hanging out with some guys in the countryside. The guys said they’d heard he can move mountains and fill land. That’s just rumours, said Fo Ye modestly. Fo Ye offered to move that massive Buddha in the side of the mountain to his house. The next day, the guys showed up to Fo Ye’s and saw the Buddha there.

So, Huo Niang concludes the story as the way Fo Ye became known as Zhang Da Fo Ye. Hendry scoffs at this mysterious transportation technique. He calls Fo Ye „really interesting.”

The miner gives them wigs to wear in the tomb. Apparently wearing long wigs puts off the hair monster. Fo Ye protests that this is just a camouflage and won’t stop them getting infected, but since the Japanese used these wigs to enter the tomb, they put them on anyway. So they are all trying to avoid the hair on the walls, roof, and the ground. They suddenly run through the cave only for the miner to collapse much to Er Ye’s consternation. Fo Ye is so happy that wig is off, but he sees something rustling around Ba Ye’s throat. He goes to Ba Ye and pulls the hair from him. Ba Ye is understandably freaked out. But Fo Ye has no problems holding that hair, which is odd. I would’ve though he’d have thrown it far away. They apparently burn that hair since Er Ye has them open up a lamp and they all check themselves carefully. Then the old miner starts gasping for air. He’s being choked by the hair or hurt by it, and Er Ye’s attempts to remove the hair hurt him too much, so the miner says to stop and Fo Ye tells Er Ye to let the old man go.

Hendry discusses how the regular folk of Changsha wouldn’t realize that Fo Ye had played a trick or created an illusion of a mysterious transportation technique because of the mystique surrounding the Gates, who all deal in creepy things like tombs and coffins as it is.  Huo Niang continues the story saying Fo Ye was no one when he arrived but that this incident, plus his skillz in digging up dangerous tombs plus his military rank made the Nine Gates wary of him. Hendry goes on to say that Fo Ye has the support of the people, and that is why he was able to put the Nine Gates, a powerful lot, on their guard.

Er Ye is depressed. They have to use the map now to get to the ancient tomb. And Ba Ye notices Fo Ye bothered by something on his neck. Fo Ye insists he’s okay, though.

Hendry  pulls out some hair at Huo Niang who freaks out because she had already sent someone to the mines and knew about the hair disease. Hendry thinks Fo Ye and Er Ye will fail because this disease is that bad. Chen Pi thinks for a change. If Fo Ye is injured, then he and others who don’t like Fo Ye will be happy. Then Hendry mentions Ba Ye, whom Chief Lu, despite visiting all Nine Gates earlier, hasn’t met. Hendry offers to take Chief Lu to Ba Ye’s hall, this time twirling his hand, and making Huo Niang laugh.

Lt Zhang asks Fo Ye why they’ve suffered so many attacks. Fo Ye says it’s because the dangers built up over the years. He explains the hair disease is the monster people started to fear. What you said earlier, about the hair monster being the actual hair.  And Ba Ye described it as a bacteria. Ba Ye tries to comfort Er Ye, saying that the miner survived all these years and met Er Ye finally and then was released and so it’s all fate and to take comfort. But Er Ye is not comforted, saying the people he cares for and wants to treasure, all die. The passageway is finally cleared and they enter the chamber with those massive doors. They wonder at the massive doors, but no one knows what era they are from. As before, Ba Ye tries to prevent Fo Ye going in by saying there’s a great evil. The door opens.

Chen Pi threatening Fo Ye’s life again. Hendry tells them all they need a plan to take down Fo Ye. Both Chen Pi and Huo Niang scoff at him to get on with it. He explains they need to stir up the people. Hendry asks for information on Fo Ye’s family men who are with him in the tomb. Huo Niang notes one of them has a loose tongue around pretty women. Fo Ye is easier to usurp if he loses popular support. And he will lose some popular support if people stop thinking he has amazing transportation skillz.

Ba Ye and Lt Zhang are thrilled to be in an actual tomb rather than the mine. But Fo Ye says, this is where the danger begins. According to Er Ye, it is really dangerous because Uncle Er Ye was trapped for 27 hours in the tomb, which, for a top tomb-raiding family like his, is unheard of. No info in the notes because, according to Fo Ye, it was so awful, the descendants were not to know. Anyway, Fo Ye lectures everyone to be careful and onwards they go into this. Fo Ye has Ba Ye reluctantly hand over a ball of metal wire that will be tied to all three Ye’s so that they can explore the different tunnels leading off the rooms. Ba Ye protests, naturally, and then Fo Ye tells him, I know you are capable. But Ba Ye says he still prefers following Fo Ye because that saves him effort. The three head into the tunnels, leaving Lt Zhang holding the metal ball. But something isn’t right, maybe not enough tension, because Lt Zhang calls to each of them in a panic.

Chief Lu and Hendry off to see Ba Ye’s fortune-telling house. Chief Lu is surprised Ba Ye only has one fortune-telling house and an incense hall behind it, but Hendry explains that Ba Ye, out of all the Nine Gates, chose to keep his business small. They’re implying Ba Ye is hiding something, but a boutique business seems very in keeping with Ba Ye’s personality. When they go in, the villains hear someone say Qi Ba Ye’s treasures are worth several cities.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 21 – Recap

Chief Lu and his men are at Chen Pi’s, talking about claws and bullets. Who is better, Chen Pi with his claws and metal bullets à la Er Ye or the military guys with their guns. Chen Pi blasts Chief Lu’s subordinate’s hat off his head  and smiles smugly, but Lu pulls his gun on him. Chief Lu boasts that he can control Chen Pi, who is just a local gangster.

Fo Ye thinks there must be a clue with so many coffins. Fo Ye hotly brushes some dirty away from the lid of the coffin nearest to him and has some weird vision. There a house and some memorial tablets. He doesn’t even flinch – actually, he doesn’t even acknowledge it. They find no clues, but Fo Ye says these coffins „do not belong here”. He thinks the Japanese dug them up somewhere and stored them in this room. There are a lot of cave-ins, which means someone came in here and triggered the traps. Ba Ye thinks it’s scary. He orders his people to dug a way out of the cave. Lt. Zhang demanding a shovel. The Fo Ye’s consult the map and discuss the red crosses, which they now think mean „extra danger”.

Lady Huo hears about Chen Pi’s latest deed and gathers that he is working with Chief Lu too, which she finds troublesome. All of this is her way of getting herself out of trouble. If she had not suggested Si Ye as a possible victim, it would have been her.

In the tomb, they encounter a ghost. But Fo Ye isn’t easily fooled by cheap tricks. Er Ye orders everyone to put down their lamps and then, they hang themselves down from the ceiling. There’s a shadow and the lamps go out. Once they’re all out, the shadow comes back. Fo Ye switches on his torch, shines some light on his friends, then he turns it to the left and there’s a thing hanging from the ceiling next to him. Fo Ye knocks it down and starts beating on it. That thing isn’t a thing but a human being, a man.  Er Ye sees that the man drops some bells and he drops from the ceiling to stop Fo Ye. Er Ye thinks the man can’t hear and he can also not see, cause someone did something horrible to his eyes. He has hair growing down to his ankles. They run after him, but he is much faster than them.

They do find him again, sitting against a well, singing a Hong family song. From the man’s weird behavior, Fo Ye guesses the man has never been outside. Ba Ye suggests Er Ye should sing the Hong-song that seems to important to the old miner and indeed, when Er Ye does, the old man jumps up and leads them further into the mines. He leads them to his sleeping place, another cave that seems to have served as underground barracks for the workers. Now, Fo Ye no longer thinks the man is confused, but just badly traumatized. Luckily, they have Er Ye who can sing the old man’s favorite opera song and tries to talk to the old man. Fo Ye says to settle down for the night and Lt. Zhang starts the electric generator. Fo Ye decides the old miner should get their best provisions. Fo Ye does not know, but he does know that the Japanese did things they did not want anyone to know about. When he wants to go to sleep. Er Ye discovers another Hong-tag.

That night, there is the sounds of bells that wakes everyone up. Fearless Fo Ye says he will go out and investigate, but the blind miner says don’t. They are safe here but not out there. Things from the mine cannot enter here. It seems the old man can hear after all. He guesses that Er Ye is a Hong and asks why he has only come now.

And then, the old man tells his tale: At only 15, he was already working in the mines, alongside  Uncle and his two men. Uncle – who taught him the opera song – helped the boy not to get beaten and convinced the foreman to use explosives cause things are going so slowly. A path to the tomb, says the miner.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 20 – Recap

Huo Niang were blades in her hair. They almost slice Chief Lu’s face. One of her warrior women stops Chief Lu’s aides from shooting, while Huo Niang tells him only her husband and the dead may touch her hair. She means anyone who tries who isn’t her husband will die. Chief Lu apologizes and then asks how his friend can become a Gate. Huo Niang tells him the Rule: get rid of one Gate and you take that person’s place. They made their alliance, then because Huo Niang, who had refused to drink tea with Chief Lu earlier, now downs her cup and shows it to him.

Grave-robbing gang who stop for a rest at Ba Ye’s insistence. And Fo Ye notes that the air is getting drier, not damper per normal for a mine.

Chief Lu and Chen Pi discussion who he should topple amongst the Nine Gates to take their place, and thus have some standing against Fo Ye. Chief Lu suggests San Ye, the third Gate. Even Chen Pi is scared of him. As they go through the list of the Gates, they realize, not only are a few close friends with Fo Ye, but that 6 is too fast and can kill Chen Pi while Jiu Ye is too smart and 5 is surrounded by guard dogs that Chen Pi would have to kill just to get close. The boys here aren’t touching Huo Niang, she has helped Chief Lu with advice and drunk his tea, so, the leftover Gate is Siu Ye, a person with a ton of bodyguards. Chief Lu will invite Siu Ye out, and Chen Pi will do the what he’s best at, which is mercilessly slaughtering people.

They spend a couple of minutes discussing whether this is naturally broken, or if someone did this on purpose, and whether to go home or just find another route and it’s all really pointless because they just jump over anyway. They take a rest in that cave where Fo Ye refuses to eat anything. Ba Ye eats Fo Ye’s share.Ba Ye sees an ancient tombstone that he says shouldn’t be there. Er Ye goes over to look at it and says it shouldn’t be there. And then all three look at it, and no one can read it. They decide to move it to show a small, claustrophobic opening. Ba Ye calls it as a trap, Er Ye says not from his family.

And after they enter the cave, Er Ye says they should walk on a bit more. The passage leads to a bigger cave with wooden structures that look like big bunk beds but are more like two-story container houses. As Fo Ye checks out a big wheel, Ba Ye and Er Ye go up to the second level of whatever we should call that structure to find a mummified body. But there’s a tag on his toe.

Fo Ye starts the machinery, and that lights up everything. They thinks this is the laboratory the Japanese left behind. They decide to look around.And they find maps and papers – and a globe for seeing the world.Er Ye thinks the materials are what the Japanese did not destroy before leaving. They note one map is really detailed with mysterious symbols and they don’t know what those are about. Fo Ye just shuts off the potentially repetitive discussion saying we’ll know when we know.

Here is Siu Ye.  He sweeps up to the top floor of this restaurant followed by tons of body guards some of whom. He’s here to meet Chief Lu per the plan. They exchange a load of compliments and then go into lunch. Chief Lu appears to be all business talking Changsha safety, but he then says he’s uncomfortable with Si Ye’s men staring him down. So Si Ye sends just two of then out. As Chen Pi serves the food, Si Ye recognizes him, and then Chen Pi breaks a wooden chopstick. He proceeds to use that chopstick to fight everyone else.   When the last two bodyguards and Siu Ye attack Chen Pi, Chen Pi sends his claw  through both bodyguards and onto Siu Ye’s face, killing him instantly. Chief Lu tells Chen Pi to leave. Because Lu is the planner and thinker here, which automatically makes him the leader out of the two, even if Chen Pi doesn’t realize that. He messes up his tie and calls for the outside bodyguards, who apparently didn’t hear a thing, and they come rushing in. 

Back to the tomb and gang consulting the map and finding that Mother of Heaven statue.

Siu Ye’s funeral, his widow wondering what happened. She doesn’t waste much energy wondering why, but focuses on getting revenge, mistakenly thinking Chen Pi must be injured too. Chen Pi shows up at the funeral, still dressed in that waiter’s uniform like he’s trolling them, and proceeds to kill everyone with that claw. But Siu Ye’s Madame doesn’t care. Chen Pi threatens to send her to Siu Ye, and she goes, fine, and holds her late husband’s hand. This seems to freak Chen Pi out a bit.  But what really shocks Chen Pi is Siu Ye’s daughter tugging his shirt and offering her noodles. That’s right, noodles. This gets Chen Pi thinking of Ya Tou. Chen Pi takes the noodles, and he tells Sui Ye’s Madame and child to get out of Changsha and never return. Then he walks out with both the noodles and the claw. Chen Pi then goes to the Hong Mansion, tosses aside the old fruit and incense at the ancestors, places new with his blood-stained hands, and swears to take revenge. He also strokes Ya Tou’s memorial tablet.

Er Ye says its some sort of plant that attacks people if they touch it.  He tells everyone not to touch them.  The gang discuss what to do with these lumps of hairy bacteria. Ba Ye wants to burn them, but Lt Zhangs says not enough kindling, even though they are surrounded by lava, and Er Ye says they are there to protect against the caves, so they’ll protect against people with bad intentions too. They decide to move forward on what looks like a bridge of vines carefully avoiding the hair bacteria, but of course someone has to step on one of them. They’ve walked 40 miles down to magma and jumped huge jumps and yet can’t avoid hair-like bacteria. So, Fo Ye throws his lamp at the hair bacteria and the things all burn. Unfortunately, that also sets off these long clumps of hair that rise up from the lava below and a big explosion. The vine bridge collapse in all that heat and Er Ye is left hanging off the edge of the cliff. They all rush to help, and eventually,with much effort,they save Er Ye.

The docks where Chen Pi is living. Chief Lu goes in. Chen Pi is bandaging his own wound. He sees Chief Lu.  Chief Lu basically goes up to chat about what happened yesterday. Chen Pi says he is not so easily injured, and that people he wants to kill can’t escape from him. Guess that’s a warning.They chitchat some about using the claw hook, and whether Chen Pi is hurt. Chen Pi declares his readiness to fight Fo Ye anytime, anywhere. Then Chief Lu asks if Chen Pi knows about using the same metal bullets Er Ye uses.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 19 – Recap

Officer Lu goes looking for Qi Shan but is told he is out, which catches his attention. Meanwhile Chen Pi is breaking in to Qi Shan’s manor, trying to kill him no doubt. He finds Xin Yue playing music in her room. Xin Yue tells him if he wants to see Qi Shan, then please step in from the main doors like a proper guest. She lectures him like a wayward child instead of a killer. Chen Pi thinks that killing Xin Yue, who obviously has a special relationship with Qi Shan, would suffice as a greeting gift.

Officer Lu has also broken in, watching the scene unfold. Xin Yue steps into her martial art stance, which Chen Pi recognises and also adopts his stance. Xin Yue maintains her bravado by turning her back against him, but throws makeup powder on him to distract him. She tries to run away, which is when Officer Lu steps in.

Officer Lu checks on Xin Yue, all pleasant but Xin Yue tells him to cut the crap. She demands to know who is he. But Xin Yue is a smart girl, she knows to be suspicious of Officer Lu.

They enter a more dangerous, cobwebbed part, and half their men are gone. They make it to a cave full of ancient buildings. Qi Shan senses something is amiss though, and fires a few shots. It breaks the glass, and the illusion is gone.

Ba Ye falls through a hole. When Er Ye climbs down, he accidentally steps on Ba Ye’s leg, who has fallen in a heap. Qi Shan does the same, but on Ba Ye’s other leg. When he comes to, Ba Ye wonders why he hurts all over. Er Ye and Qi Shan sheepishly explain why, Ba Ye looks so betrayed.

Chen Pi meets Mr Qiu, who proposes they join forces with Officer Lu. Being the kind villain he is, he gives Chen Pi a pendant that allows him to enter the commerce building as he pleases. He can also force Officer Lu to work with him. Chen Pi  tells Mr Qiu to forget about Ba Ye or Jiu Ye, they are all Qi Shan’s men. Instead, look for Madam Huo of the nine families. Apparently the mine that Qi Shan and co are raiding belongs to Madam Huo San Niang.

Later, he successfully makes Officer Lu his ally, who will break the nine families on his behalf.

Officer Lu meets Madam Huo, who is not too interested in him. Only when he brings up Qi Shan entering Huo family’s tomb, she finally shows interest in their conversation.

He suddenly reaches for her hair and she gets up and unties her bun, revealing her long hair. She twirls, and it looks like her hair accessories might cut into Officer Lu.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 18 – Recap

There are a lot of traps in the mine and something sinister lurks. Two of the Chinese explorers under the grand uncle finally got out of a trap 27 days later but found all their companions dead. To prevent the Japanese from discovering the secret of the tomb, the grand uncle and his companions created a maze to prevent them from entering.

Half-dead Chen Pi walks around town with blood still on his hands. Mr Qiu pops out and points a gun to his head, which Chen Pi just rolls his eyes at. Mr Qiu is just kidding, of course he is, and he dangles a carrot over Chen Pi to get him interested: the truth behind Ya Tou’s death. Mr Qiu reveals that Ya Tou didn’t die of her disease, someone else was at fault. Basically recycling the same conversation. He tells him it’s his master’s most trusted friend Qi Shan’s fault. Chen Pi refuses to be a fool this time and warns him he will investigate this.

Xin Yue is out thinking about Ya Tou. Without her only friend here, Changsha is becoming less and less meaningful. The servant encourages her, saying she has never seen Qi Shan being so considerate to anyone before.

She lurks around the mansion, heading somewhere when she runs into Qi Shan. He tells her he has already asked Jiu Ye to send her back. The mission this time is very dangerous, so he needs to make all preparations. Xin Yue gives him an ultimatum: either she goes with him or he let her wait at home. Or she will just secretly follow him into the mine. He finally relents.

Qi Shan and Ba Ye gets ready to go out tomb-raiding, prepared with men and armed this time, when they learn Er Ye wants to see them. Er Ye explains that he has already found out what has happened with Ya Tou, though he looks no less upset about it. But he has news about the mine and shares his ancestor’s journal.

Er Ye agrees to go with them, since it is his family’s will after all. After he leaves, Ba Ye notes that Er Ye is still awkward with them. Qi Shan accepts his responsibility in causing Ya Tou’s death but Ba Ye is more hopeful. Qi Shan says he must protect Ba Ye.

Expedition begins and they finally enter the mine.

Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 17 – Recap

Xin Yue gets some time alone with Qi Shan, who thanks her for taking care of him. She just wants him to keep her around but stops herself from finishing the sentence. She asks after Er Ye. Qi Shan defends his friend but she scoffs, feeling upset on Ya Tou’s behalf. She finds Er Ye at the night parlour, where he is still drowning in alcohol. Her words fall on deaf ears and he enrages her even further, asking her to call the girls back in after she leaves.

Chen Pi walks around aimlessly, arriving outside a restaurant. He overhears the owner asking his staff if the one knocking at their door yesterday is Er Ye. Chen Pi perks up at the mention of his master and listens how Er Ye carried Ya Tou around, looking for a restaurant. The owner worries that Er Ye would retaliate against them over a bowl of noodles. That night, Chen Pi kills him.

Fu Guan informs Qi Shan that eight people has died, all of them are affiliated with noodle restaurants. But it is not Er Ye and Chen Pi is missing. Qi Shan orders Chen Pi to be captured no matter what. Fu Guan meets Jiu Ye and discuss about Chen Pi. Jiu Ye suggests that they intercept the capturing of Chen Pi and interrogate him themselves. Officer Lu also learns the restaurant serial killing from his assistant and they also plan to do the same.

Fu Guan learns about Chen Pi’s location and they indeed find him. Problem is, Officer Lu and his men are also there. Fu Guan is about to strike, when Officer Lu fires a shot. It catches Fu Guan off guard and Chen Pi takes advantage of the distraction to kick Fu Guan down. He runs off and Fu Guan and Officer Lu face-off.

Qi Shan and Xin Yue watch as Er Ye leads the procession, dressed in red. Er Ye thinks about how Ya Tou wants him to live on with a smile, and he forces a smile as he looks up to the sky. He asks her to wait for her. He doesn’t acknowledge Qi Shan and Xin Yue when he passes them, I don’t think he notices them at all. When they reach Er Ye’s family tomb, he dismisses his servants and spends time alone inside.  As he cleans the coffin, the ground underneath him collapses and he falls into a shallow hole. Shocked, Er Ye realizes that someone has explored the tomb before.

Ba Ye visits Er Ye’s manor and learns all the servants have been dismissed. Apparently Er Ye has been staying there for hours. He goes to look for Qi Shan, who is busy being taken care of by Xin Yue. She goes overboard trying to make sure he gets proper nutrients and even peels an apple for him, which makes him smile. He suddenly wonders why he has not been receiving any guests lately, which makes Xin Yue a little guilty. Apparently Xin Yue has ordered the butler not to let any guests in. But the butler asks permission to allow Ba Ye in, which surprises Qi Shan. He stares at Xin Yue and puts her in her place. He is being unnecessarily mean about it though, telling her now that Ya Tou is dead, she doesn’t have anyone she cares about in Changsha. She can leave now.

Ba Ye is here with surprising news: Er Ye has disappeared and has even dismissed all servants. He also has another news. The Japanese has begun moving near the mine. Even though it is dangerous without Er Ye, they have no choice. They must investigate the mine before the Japanese do. Xin Yue enters and asks Qi Shan when is he leaving. She gets another scolding from Er Ye over the eavesdropping. She retorts that if he really wanted privacy, he should have asked someone to guard the door for him. He tells her to mind her own business.

Meanwhile, Er Ye has dug deep into his family tomb and found an underground chamber. He find dead bodies and a pendant similar to the one Qi Shan found in the tomb before. From his ancestor’s journal, he learns more about how his grand uncle and the Japanese first explored the tomb.