Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 32 – Recap

That morning, Han Shangyan received a call from Mi Shaofei and rushed to Buff’s residence. As a result, Buff had just bid farewell to his old friend on the battlefield and went to the station. At this point, Han Shangyan still didn’t give up. He rushed to the station, just shouting Buff’s Chinese name, Bi Dongran. The professional players who played against each other in the past are now talking about business cooperation. The two naturally reached an agreement. And in order to avoid shaking the military spirit in the finals, after signing the contract, Buff stayed at Xiaomi during this period, not in the club.

When Han Shangyan finished talking about Buff with Mi Shaofei, he talked in the club that Tong Nian’s desired anniversary gift was marriage. This shocked Mi Shaofei, and also stunned his 97 chin on the sofa. The funny thing is that as soon as 97 knows it, the whole club knows it.  At this moment, in the dormitory, Tong Nian knew that Han Shangyan planned to marry Tong Nian, and Tong Nian was also willing to marry Han Shangyan, but because he could not get Tong’s mother’s approval, Tong Nian sighed and laughed. sound. This makes Yaya also persuade not to listen to this age-crossing love.

After that, Yaya went to Tong Nian to help Xiao Mi clean up the house and let Buff move in smoothly. During the tidying up period, Han Shangyan only let Tong Nian stay in the shade, showing his most gentle and considerate side in front of his little girlfriend. After cleaning up, Mi Shaofei, Yaya, Han Shangyan, and Tong Nian drank and ate with Buff. Buff drank a bit, and began to feel that Han Shangyan was just one step short of it that year. After entering the World Championships, he won the world championship representing China, but Han Shangyan chose to retire at that time.

After the wine bureau, Tong Nian drove back to the club in a Han Shangyan car. It was extremely thrilling along the way, Han Shangyan willingly put his life in Tong Nian’s hands. Because Tong Nian only got his driver’s license, driving a car with automatic transmission in Hanshangyan was extremely nervous. In the end, he finally reached the club’s parking garage, but Tong Nian confuses the reversing into the garage with the side parking, and he can’t get in. This caused Han Shangyan to laugh so fondly that he had to let Shen Zhe come down and park the car. When Shen Zhe went to call a car for his sister-in-law, Tong Nian thought that both Shen Zhe and the club aunt knew that Han Shangyan was going to marry Tong Nian.

This shows that Hanshangyan is serious, and the current situation is that Hanshangyan believes that as long as you persuade Tong’s father and Tong’s mother, everything will be well and good. Tong Nian began to worry that Han Shangyan had been worrying about the club budget before. This marriage would definitely cost a lot of expenses. Tong Nian did not want to be a burden on Han Shangyan. However, when Tong Nian expressed his concern about the lack of money, Han Shangyan thought that Tong Nian was worried that if he didn’t work at this critical moment, the matter between the two of them would definitely fall through. At the same time, the team members knew that the boss and sister-in-law were planning to get married, so Shen Zhe deliberately said that it was too late to get a taxi and asked the boss to stay with the sister-in-law for the night.

However, because Tong Nian and Han Shangyan had a disagreement over the marriage, the two had a small frictional quarrel. As soon as Hanshangyan went out to breathe, Tong Nian fell on Hanshangyan’s bed and regretted what he said. After Han Shangyan went out, he also felt that he was a man and wanted to give way to a little girl.

When Han Shangyan returned to the room, he found that Tong Nian was asleep. Therefore, Han Shangyan put a pillow under Tong Nian’s head and covered him with a quilt. Han Shangyan sat on the floor with his head on the same pillow as Tong Nian.

After waking up, Han Shangyan went to ask Shen Zhe, and remembered that Wang Hao was to buy food to coax Ai Qing back then. Therefore, Hanshangyan extracted the main points from the quarrel last night, that is, Tong Nian is allergic to mango and likes to eat strawberries. Ever since, Han Shangyan went to buy a bunch of strawberry fruits, strawberry macarons, and strawberry cakes to make Tong Nian no longer angry. As a result, when Han Shangyan went to buy these, Tong Nian sat in the Han Shangyan room hungry and thirsty.

Before Hanshangyan and Tong Nian were sorry, Tongnian threw down Hanshangyan and bit Hanshangyan’s lip to play.