Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 30 – Recap

Mi Shaofei has become the leader of K&K, which is the news released on the official website. In the K&K club, Han Shangyan and Tong Nian watched from the window on the second floor and the surveillance video station, Mi Shaofei taught the boys to train on the first floor, but the boys were very arrogant and rude. It wasn’t until Mi Shaofei asked Wu Bai’s Dt team to go to a meeting. Under Wu Bai’s example, Shen Zhe, 97, demo, and one went to the conference room slowly. In the face of such embarrassment, Mi Shaofei still analyzed the strength of the Buff team for the Dt team. Because Mi Shaofei is a senior professional player with many years of experience, he is familiar with the advantages and weaknesses of various domestic teams. Therefore, when Mi Shaofei talked about the weakness of Buff, the boys began to realize the importance of Mi Shaofei and Han Shangyan is not nepotism under Wu Bai’s explanation. The weakness of Buff is that it cannot be solved. Once it is deciphered by the opponent, Buff will panic and lose if panic.

When Han Shangyan and Tong Nian saw this from the surveillance, they were relieved of Mi Shaofei’s situation. The two went to Han Shangyan’s room and played with the kitten. During this period, Han Shangyan said that the semi-finals will start on Wednesday, and that time will come with Tong Nian, without tickets. And Yaya happened to take this opportunity to find her brother Xiao Mi, to rub her feelings in the game. At this time, Tong Nian hugged the cat and asked shyly, would she count as her girlfriend again of Han Shangyan. Han Shangyan acknowledged Tong Nian’s girlfriend and kissed Tong Nian.

After the meeting, Mi Shaofei worked harder to analyze and compare the strength of several members of the Dt team and the average strength of the SP team, in order to find a breakthrough and take advantage of the strength.

As for the SP team, He Nana, the global operations director because Mi Shaofei was very familiar with SP, went to find Wang Hao and Ai Qing to discuss countermeasures. But Ai Qing was not very happy when she learned of this, and she was going to “blackmail” Xiaomi. Regarding strategy, Ai Qing made Director and Wang Hao believe that their team leader, Ai Qing was the best countermeasure.

Tong Nian has nothing to do in the dormitory, and with a little shame, he posted a new song “Milk and Bread” on Weibo. This is a naked show of affection in front of the majority of netizens. This Bonn love spread to K&K Club 97 at the speed of light, and the lewd smiles of the boys caught the attention of Han Shangyan. He asked 97 to register for himself Bo. When Hanshangyan, the ancient legend in the CTF world, registered, the Weibo server was almost not paralyzed, and the number of fans continued to rise. On the other hand, Tong Nian found out that his boyfriend had registered on Weibo, and only paid attention to himself. He also left sweet words for the new song.

On the day of the semi-finals, Tong Nian did not go to the game because of relatives at home. Instead, he and his cousin Hu Dounan watched the live broadcast with a laptop on the first floor of the house. When the two elder brothers watched the game forgettingly, Tong’s mother and relatives were seriously disturbed on the other side of the sofa, which made Tong’s mother kill Tong Nian 10,000 times with her eyes.

At the Shanghai competition, the Buff team was a group of 30-year-old but dissatisfied seniors. Because of their obsession with the world championship, they entered the semi-finals with K&K without a club, sponsors or team leader. In this game, there are sponsors if you win, and the last one if you lose. Despite this, the K&K boys are not prepared to be inferior to these veterans.

At the last moment, Wu Bai took a strong attack to infiltrate and won the final championship. When the K&k side was dazzling, it was also the time when the Buff team was desolate. The members of the Buff team quit their jobs and want to fight for their dreams. And Buff never liked to admit defeat in his life. After this time, Buff finally took a look at the fans who came to the scene to support his team, went to the backstage and waited for the staff to finish work, and wept in the boundless darkness. At the same time, at the Guangzhou competition, the SP team also successfully won the semi-finals and entered the finals with K&K.

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