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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 28 (The end)

Episode 28 / Episodul 28

When he got married, Ji Heng was packed and went to a banquet.

Mrs. Ji waited on the road and let him do what he wanted to do. I believe he can solve it, but he must take care of himself.

 Tian Qi was tied up by Zheng Shaofeng, remembering the bits and pieces of Ji Heng before, he found that he couldn’t let go of Ji Heng.

There is red silk satin hanging in Fuhou House, everyone is busy, Zheng Shaofeng’s men and women have assembled.

Did Ji Zheng bring the bride out? Accept the congratulations from everyone. Ji Heng suddenly appeared when he was about to worship. Unexpectedly, the person under the hijab was not Tian Qi at all, and Ji Heng did not tell Ji Zhengduo any more. Suddenly he pulled out his sword to kill Ji Zheng, scaring everyone to flee.

Zheng Shaofeng waited to see their brothers bereft of each other, which led people to take out Tian Qi. If Ji Heng wanted to commit suicide, he would let her go. Zheng Shaofeng also told Tian Qi that, in fact, it was not Ji Heng who killed her parents, but Ji Heng was willing to commit the crime and wanted to know who it was. Zheng Shaofeng said his identity. He was Dong Zichun, and he wanted to seek revenge from Ji Heng.

Ji Jiheng asked Tian Qi if he could forgive himself. Tian Qi did not want him to die and nodded again and again. Ji Heng suddenly cast aside his long sword, and an archer appeared on the roof. An arrow hit Zheng Shaofeng, and Ji Zheng suddenly got up and took the sword to Zheng Shaofeng. Zheng Shaofeng caught off guard and realized that this was a play performed by Ji Heng. Ji Zheng found that Zheng Shaofeng had a problem. He discussed with Ji Heng by marriage and threw his sword as a name to kill Zheng Shaofeng together. Tian Qi knew it was a bureau they had set up, and was very angry that they didn’t tell themselves anything.

Mrs. Ji Ji came to Tian Qi and told her that she did it all by herself. She decided to lose her hair and hope that Tian Qi would not blame Ji Heng and be with him.

After Tian Qi returned unhappy, Aunt Hong looked very worried. Just when Ding Zhi came over, Aunt Hong asked him to send a letter.

Aunt Ji Hong called Ji Heng and told him his plan. Ji Heng came to Wan Hong Lou and wanted to come here as a helper to see Tian Qi every day. Ji Heng does everything here, and he wipes the railings hard every day. Aunt Hong and Uncle Qian also deliberately embarrassed him and asked him to do a lot of rough work.

 Aunt Hong deliberately said in front of Tian Qi that Ji Heng had a large blister in his hand and gave him medicine. Tian Qi looked very distressed but refused to say it.

Putian Qi suddenly saw Wan Honglou’s Yingying Yanyan all around Ji Heng and was very dissatisfied. He pulled Ji Heng out and told everyone that Ji Heng was his own. Two people ran on the street, Ji Heng hugged Tian Qi, and the two finally let go of those things and decided to be together in the future.

Wu Dingzhi sent various things he had collected over the years as an engagement gift, and asked Aunt Hong to marry herself. But Aunt Hong said that the engagement gift was not enough, and asked him to prepare again.

Ji Jiheng took Tian Qi out to see the meteor, and she agreed to see the fireworks every year in the future.

Ji Zheng came to Tian Qi to resign, and he was going to travel again. Ji Zheng gave Tian Qi the painting he painted at the time and told them about their first meeting. He decided to lay down Tian Qi and wish her happiness.

Ji Jiheng and Tian Qi were married. Ji Zheng secretly came to see Li and was happy for them.

After a few months, Tian Qi suddenly loved sour plums, Ji Heng was very strange, but Tian Qi told him that he was going to be a father.

The end

Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 27

Episode 27 / Episodul 27

Aunt Hong prescribed a prescription to make the medicine come over. Kang Ninger went to feed the medicine, but Ji Heng couldn’t drink it.

 Tian Qilai fed the medicine to see if he could not drink it, so he drank it and fed it to him.

Mrs. Ji was very relieved to see Ji Heng drinking, let everyone retreat, Liu Tianqi and Sheng Anhuai took care of him.

Madam Yuki confessed before the Buddha and remembered the events of that year. At that time, Shen Qingyun discovered that the old Jiedushi was not sick, but was poisoned, and what he developed was the inconsistency he developed. He said he would develop an antidote as soon as possible to detoxify Jiedudu. Mrs. Ji was afraid that he would go out and found a name that poisoned Jiedushi and exiled his family. Unexpectedly, Chen Wuyong suddenly went to kill Shen Qingyun’s family and came back to resume his life with Madam Ji. Mrs. Ji did not intend to kill them at all, so far she could only comfort herself for herself and Ji Heng.

Mrs. Ji Ji confessed that she was willing to pay for her sins in the second half of life and hoped that the Buddha would not punish Ji Heng.

Tian Qi stayed to take care of Ji Heng, carefully gave him medicine and medicine, and did everything himself.

Tian Qi left before Ji Heng woke up, and Ji Heng woke up to see Corning. Ji Heng does not believe that Ning Er took care of him. Ning Er is very puzzled, but Ji Heng told her that she already has a heart and will not fall in love with Ning Er. She should have her own life and find her own happiness.

Auntie Hong Hong came to Tian Qi. She had just given Ji Heng the pulse. He wasn’t in the big trouble, just take good care of him. Tian Qi asked her to stay for a few more days, and waited for Ji Heng to leave.

Aunt Hong called Ji Heng over. Ji Heng asked her if Tian Qi was taking care of her. Aunt Hong admitted it, hoping that he could let Tian Qi pass and not let her struggle with love and hate.

 Xi Jizheng and Zheng Shaofeng came out to drink, Zheng Shaofeng also persuaded him to fight for power. As long as he could become a superior and Ji Heng lost his power, Tian Qi could not still like Ji Heng.

Ji Zheng returned to see Tian Qi missing, and suddenly came to Ji Heng, blaming him for destroying his mother’s tomb. Ji Heng has not done it at all, but Ji Zheng does not believe that some people have seen Ji Fu’s soldiers do this.

Putian Qi left a letter and wanted to start a new life. Unexpectedly, Zheng Shaofeng led someone to stop her outside the city and arrested her back. Ji Zheng asked Zheng Shaofeng for help. He had to tear his face with Ji Heng. If he didn’t do it, Ji Heng would do it. Zheng Shaofeng promised to help, but their power was not enough.

Ji Zheng had a plan to marry Tian Qi. Xu Jinjin sent a letter to Ji Heng and asked Ji Heng to come to the party alone. Ji Heng agreed, and let Xu Jin take the gift back.

Ding Zhilai told Red Aunt Ji Zheng to be married to Tian Qicheng. Aunt Red was very surprised, so Ding Zhi hurried to inquire about the news.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 26

Episode 26 / Episodul 26

Ji Zheng took Tianqi to the yard where she lived as a child. He had already bought it and repaired it carefully. Ji Zheng also told her that there were still a bunch of gardenia flowers at that time, and they would be planted back later. Tian Qi remembered the little brother he met when he was a kid, he was very kind to her and taught her to write.

Tian Qi asked Ji Zheng if he was that little brother. Ji Zheng admitted that he wanted to have a new start with her.

Aunt Ji Hong came to Tian Qi and talked about Ji Zheng’s thoughts on her.

Tian Qi said that he was the younger brother he knew when he was a child, and he was just brother and sister. Aunt Hong advised her to start a new life, so that was the best way to let go of the past.

Brother Kant returned to the house and wanted to take care of Ji Heng. Mrs. Ji also liked Corning very much before, and agreed to let her stay, warning them not to regenerate.

Kang Ninger came to take care of Ji Heng, and Ji Heng asked her to go back. She did not need her to take care of herself.

Putian Qihe Jizheng was in the yard. When he saw everything telling him the past, Jizheng felt very sad when listening, because these were not memories of himself. Ji Zheng took Tian Qi out, and Ji Zheng asked Tian Qi Ji if he didn’t remember to marry his little brother and wanted to be with her.

Putian Qi has not answered yet, and suddenly a group of people rushed over and ran away from them. The two were surprised. Ji Heng suddenly came out and pulled Tian Qi and ran. Ji Zheng was about to chase, and Sheng Anhuai stopped him suddenly, making him very helpless.

Bian Jiheng brought Tian Qi to the bridge to fly her a kite. Speaking of the past, every time Zhao’s got angry, he would fly a kite to coax her. Tian Qi knew that Ji Heng was a former little brother and was even more unacceptable. Obviously his parents were so good to him, but he still ordered to kill them. For Tian Qi, his memories with his elder brother are the warmest, and now they are destroyed by him again.

Wu Jiheng asked to see the fireworks with her again. Tian Qi refused. This sword was to break away from him. He would not be touched by him, but would hate him even more. Tian Qi left without returning, Ji Heng’s injuries worsened, and Sheng Anhuai was back. After hearing that Mrs. Ji was going to find Tian Qi, Ji Heng pleaded and asked her not to go to Tian Qi, otherwise she would arrest and treat herself, and Mrs. Ji could only agree.

Xun Jizheng came to deliver food to Tian Qi. Tian Qi asked his little brother about it and did not want to see him. Xu Jinlai told Ji Zheng that Ji Heng’s injuries had deteriorated, and now he was very dangerous and was about to die. Tian Qi was going to rescue him. The knife was stabbed by her. Now she was going to die. Ji Zheng stopped her and let Xu Jin look at her. She did not eat every time Tian Jizhen delivered meals to Tian Qi, and she died together with Ji Heng. Ji Zheng was very puzzled. Ji Heng was obviously his father to kill the enemy. But for Tian Qi, he cannot live together because of family hatred. If he dies, he must be together anyway. Ji Zheng knew he was useless, and Fang Tianqi left.

Putian Qi came to Aunt Hong and asked her to rescue Ji Heng. She didn’t regret stabbing that knife, that was what Shen Zhaoer had to do, but now she hurts every day.

Aunt Hong came to Jifu and Tian Qi asked Madam Ji to let her go. If there were any problems with Ji Heng, she would take Madam Ji’s disposal.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 25

Episode 25 / Episodul 25

Tian Qi came to Ji Heng and asked him about Chen Wuyong. Ji Heng was reluctant to name his mother. Tian Qi was very sad and stabbed him.

Mrs. Ji was shocked to learn that Ji Heng was injured, and hurried over to see him. Ji Heng was severely injured by this knife and has been unconscious.

Tian Qi was imprisoned. Mrs. Ji came to see her and told her that Ji Heng had done a lot for her. In order to be able to marry her well-being, she wanted to accept her as an adopted daughter. He asked the emperor to go to war and gave her meritorious service. Tian Qi was very sad when she heard it, but she had a blood feud with Ji Heng’s parents, and she couldn’t help it.

Ji Dingzhi and Sheng Anhuai took care of Ji Heng carefully, and Ji Heng has nothing serious. Mrs. Ji came to the dungeon and asked Tian Qi if she regretted it. Although Tian Qi felt hurt, he still said he would not regret it. Mrs. Ji will let Tian Qihe and Ji Zheng leave, so that they will never show up here again. It turned out that Ji Zheng had come to find Mrs. Ji, and she had to give her two choices, one was brothers and the other was disabled, and one was to take Tian Qi away.

Ji Jiheng looked sad at what Tian Qi left behind. Mrs. Ji came to see him, and it was uncomfortable to see his sadness. I did not expect that Ji Heng would bear the evil that she had created.

Putian Qi arrived at Wanhonglou. Aunt Hong looked at her loss and comforted her to keep her busy. Time would smooth all the scars. Sheng Anhuai brought people to Wan Honglou and asked them to look at Tian Qi.

It turned out that the masked man was Zheng Shaofeng. He was very angry that Tian Qi had failed to kill Ji Heng, and decided to add another fire. Sheng Anhuai’s man was at the door of Wanhonglou, and if someone came in, he rushed out. Ding Zhi also came to Wan Honglou to find Tian Qi, but was stopped. Seeing Sheng Anhuai, Ding Zhi quickly went to find him and wanted to go in to find Tian Qi. Tian Qi also saw him and asked him to hurry up. Sheng Anhuai couldn’t stop him, telling him to stop seeing himself.

Xi Dingzhi came to see Tian Qi, and immediately saw the red aunt next to him. Tian Qi came to Sheng Anhuai and asked him to take someone back. Sheng Anhuai was going to take her back, Ji Zheng suddenly brought someone over, this time he was going to grab it with Ji Heng.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 24

Episode 24 / Episodul 24

After hearing this, Ji Heng was very surprised and came back to question Mrs. Ji. Mrs. Ji learned that Tian Qi was Shen Zhaoer, and she felt that this person could no longer stay. After questioning Ji Heng, I learned that it was Mrs. Ji who forced Ji Zheng’s biological mother to death, and also killed the Shen Qingyun couple. It was very heartbreaking.

Putian Qi accused Ji Heng of knowing the truth without telling her, asking him if he would help himself to get revenge. Ji Heng stated that he would not arrest that person. Tian Qi suddenly took out a stab at Ji Heng and left without looking back. Ji Heng shouted and woke up only to discover that it was a nightmare.

Ji Jiheng came to Tian Qi and held her in her arms as soon as they met. He decided that even if Tian Qi really stabbed him, he would not blame her, but he would compensate her. Ji Heng showed Tian Qi a painting. It turned out that he had painted the last time two people were flying a kite together. Ji Heng did not dare to recognize Tian Qi with his little brother’s identity, because he was afraid that everything would be even more uncontrollable.

Bian Jizheng drank alone, Zheng Shaofeng came to see him and learned that he was still working for Tian Qi, and he needed to give him pointers. Only by changing all these things can he have the right to choose. Ji Zheng listened, looking thoughtful.

Qi Sheng Anhuai withdrew the guard at Tian Qi’s gate. Tian Qi wanted to go out and asked Ji Heng about arresting Chen Wuyong, but Sheng Anhuai told her that Chen Wuyong had escaped from the city and Ji Heng was hunting him. Tian Qi was very strange, but said nothing. In fact, Ji Heng didn’t go out. He didn’t know how to face Tian Qi, so he could only hide. Sheng Anhuai asked him about the last time he planned to prepare for the wedding, and Ji Heng let him do it first.

Wu Jizheng came to Tian Qi and talked about Chen Wuyong. Ji Zheng asked about her identity. Now that she has reached this stage, her identity is not impossible. Tian Qi said that she was Shen Zhao’er. Ji Zheng was very shocked.

He questioned Ji Heng and found that he was going to lie to Tian Qi when he was in the government. It was very angry that Ji Heng had withdrawn the guards in the city. Ji Zheng felt that Ji Heng was not thinking about Tian Qi. If he didn’t love her, then he wouldn’t have to give up Tian Qi to him, even if he was against his brother, he would grab Tian Qi back.

 Dong Zichun was informed that Chen Wuyong had been caught by Ji Heng as planned, and he was asked to send a letter to Tian Qi to tell her about Chen Wuyong’s dungeon in Jifu. Tian Qi was very surprised and decided to check it out.

Wu Jiheng came to the tomb of the couple Shen Qingyun and remembered the scene where he and Shen Zhaoer met for the first time. It was the Fireworks Festival. Shen Zhaoer and his parents were lost and met Ji Heng. After the Shen Qingyun couple came over, Shen Zhaoer saw that he was only one person and invited him to his home to eat dumplings. Ji Heng assured them that he would take good care of Tian Qi in the future.

Putian Qi called Uncle Qian, and the old peasant dressed as a medicinal herb entered Jifu and went to the dungeon together. Tian Qi lowered the two guards with his eyes. Just before the door was opened, the guards woke up and attacked Tian Qi. Fortunately, Xiao Hou always followed them, knocked down the guards, and entered the dungeon with them.

Putian Qi saw Chen Wuyong and asked who he directed. Chen Wuyong told him that Ji Heng was ordered to kill her parents. At that time, Ji Heng destroyed Dong’s Villa and saved the old Jiedushi, and made great achievements. However, he was disappointed by the old Jiedushi and he wanted to abolish Ji Heng and transfer to Ji Zheng. Ji Heng was reconciled and wanted to poison the old Jiedushi, but Shen Qingyun didn’t cooperate and he killed them.

Chen Wuyong told Tian Qi that in his capacity, not everyone can move. Ji Zheng also confirmed that only the old Jiedushi, Mrs. Ji and Ji Heng could move. Although Tian Qi was unwilling to believe, she had to believe it. Chen Wuyong suddenly vomited blood, saying that Ji Heng wanted to kill him and destroy his mouth, and poisoned him.

Wu Jizheng told Tian Qi that Ji Heng was in the house these days and never went out. Tian Qi was very sad, but he did not expect Ji Heng to lie to him. Ji Heng learned that Chen Wuyong had died and came over to check, and found that he was taking the poison himself, which is very similar to Mrs. Shu’s death. She asked Sheng Anhuai to check if they were a poison. Sheng Anhuai told him that the guard saw Tian Qi before he fainted.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 23

Episode 23 / Episodul 23

Tian Qi is a Taiyi, a Taiyi is a daughter who is a felony, and Mrs. Ji wants Ji Heng to tell the emperor to deal with Tian Qi. Neither Ji Heng nor Ji Zheng agreed. Madam Ji was so angry that she would report to the court, and they had better protect her at all times.

Mrs. Ji came back to Chen Wuyong, and Chen Wuyong advised her not to be anxious. At that time, Ji Heng ’s father was to spoil his wife and almost harm her and Ji Heng. Chen Wuyong said he would do things well.

Putian Qi told Ji Zheng that he and Ji Heng did show their heart. Ji Zheng admitted that he was worse than Ji Heng and blessed them both. Tian Qi wants to return Yu Pei to him, and Ji Zheng keeps it with her. This is given to her as a friend. Ji Zheng came to Ji Heng, hoping that he could treat Tian Qi well, or even if he was his enemy, he would take Tian Qi away.

Ji Jiheng was uneasy about Tian Qi, letting people stay outside the door, these days let her not go out first. Chen Wuyong was going to kill Tian Qi at night. Tian Qi saw the bite marks on the masked man’s hand and determined that he was Chen Wu Yong. Tian Qi sprinkled powder on him, Ji Zheng rushed over, and fought with Chen Wuyong. Ji Zheng was not Chen Wuyong’s opponent, Ji Heng also rushed over, but still did not stop Chen Wuyong.

Putian Qi told them Chen Wuyong’s identity, and said that his powder could burn his face. Tian Qi told them that the bite marks on Chen Wuyong’s hands were bitten by her own. It was Chen Wuyong who killed her parents. Ji Heng let Sheng Anhuai arrange to keep an eye on the pharmacy and must catch him. Chen Wuyong came to the masked man, and the masked man asked him to do the shadow of burning the Ji family.

Xi Jizheng came to Zheng Shaofeng to drink and talked about his own affairs. Zheng Shaofeng felt that this man was fancy with Ji Heng’s power. Ji Zheng and Ji Heng had only lost a position before. As long as he could become Jiedushi, he would naturally get this woman. One child sent a letter to Ji Zheng, and Ji Zheng was shocked to see it.

Wu Jizheng approached Mrs. Ji and asked if she had killed her mother. Mrs. Ji did not expect that he would know such a thing, speechless. Mrs. Ji forced his mother to death by default, but this was all forced, because otherwise she and Ji Heng would not be able to live. For so many years, she has always regarded Ji Zheng as her son. Mrs. Ji was willing to live a life, but Ji Zheng could not.

Xun Shenganhuai came back to find Chen Wuyong’s trace, Ji Heng came to arrest him and asked him why he wanted to kill Tian Qi. Chen Wuyong told him, however, that Tian Qi was Shen Qing’s daughter, Shen Qingyun, and she was killed for Mrs. Ji.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 22

Episode 22 / Episodul 22

Ji Zheng found that some forces were in chaos outside, and it was very likely that they were from Dong’s Villa. They were going to investigate. Ji Heng asked Tian Qi if he felt that Ji Zheng was better. Tian Qi quickly denied it, but Ji Heng didn’t believe it. Tian Qi dreamed until Ji Heng left, scared to wake up.

Putian Qi went out and saw the red petals falling from the sky. Ji Heng fell from the sky and told her that she already knew that she was a daughter. Ji Heng prepared women’s clothing for Tian Qi to change into, and she was very excited to see her look. In fact, Ji Heng already liked Ueda Seven, but she didn’t know her identity and couldn’t admit it.

In order to prevent Tian Qi ’s identity from being discovered, Ji Heng gave leave to everyone in the government today, and there are only two of them in the government. Tian Qi was so touched that he never thought he was so considerate. The two played in the house for a day, and Ji Heng told her that she would not be a high-ranking heroine from now on, but just liked her. Ji Heng stated that she would trust her unconditionally until she was willing to tell him her secret.

Wu Jiheng took Tian Qi to see the shooting star, but it was actually the fireworks he had prepared. The two kissed under the fire, but were seen by Ruyi who came back suddenly.

Chen Wuyong grabbed the owner of the bead and found out that Tian Qi was the girl that Aunt Hong brought back to Wan Honglou, her original name was Zhaoer. Chen Wuyong realized that she was Shen Qingyun’s daughter and killed the man.

Wu Ruyi told Mrs. Ji what happened last night. Mrs. Ji was so angry that she had to call Sheng Anhuai. Sheng Anhuai heard rumors about Ji Heng and Tian Qi in the house, went to Ji Heng, but saw Ji Heng and Tian Qi holding together. Ji Heng called out Sheng Anhuai, told him the identity of Tian Qi’s woman, and asked him to protect Tian Qi.

Mrs. Ji Ji called Sheng Anhuai, and Sheng Anhuai tried to make it clear that the two were not related, but Mrs. Ji did not believe it and wanted to see it for herself. Ji Heng sent Tian Qi back. Tian Qi felt that it was too close and settled accounts with him. Previously, he was not good at himself, hit her board, and made her kneel.

Mrs. Ji Ji went to Tian Qi’s room, but saw Ji Heng kissing Tian Qi, so angry that she had to deal with her. Ji Zheng also hurried back and told her that Tian Qi was a woman, but Mrs. Ji did not lose her breath, and felt that Tian Qijin was uneasy and kind.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 21

Episode 21 / Episodul 21

Ji Heng asked her how she came back yesterday. Tian Qi said that he and Ji Zheng drank a lot of alcohol. Ji Heng was not sure if what she said was true, so she had to set aside. Ji Heng gave the hip flask to Tian Qi. Tian Qi found that there was a booster medicine often used in Hualou, which could treat the person in front of him as a sweetheart.

Ji Jiheng called Mrs. Ji, brothers and sisters like Kant, and said that they were taking medicine in the wine. Ji Heng asked Chunhua to talk about their plans, Chunhua said everything she heard, and Mrs. Ji said she would no longer control it and let him handle it. Ji Heng stated that he valued Tian Qi and kicked out his brothers and sisters, so that they would not be allowed to enter Jifu again.

Wu Jizheng reminded Tian Qi that Ji Heng probably already suspected that she was a woman.

Ji Heng wanted to take off her clothes and take a look when she went to bed at night, but she slapped in her sleep. Ji Heng couldn’t help it. In fact, Tian Qi was pretending to sleep. She knew that Ji Heng had doubts and had to think of a way.

Putian Qioutu went to find Aunt Red. Aunt Red gave her a piece of clothes made of fish gel, and she felt like wearing a man’s real chest.

Zheng Shaofeng was drinking in Wanhong Tower, drunk, and came to see Tian Qi’s voice. Aunt Hong asked Tian Qi to go back first. In fact, Zheng Shaofeng was not drunk.

Putian Qi went back and put it on and tried it. It was similar to a man’s chest, so he had to find a chance for Ji Heng to touch it, but Ji Heng was very embarrassed by her and kicked her out. Ji Heng thinks Tian Qineng should not be a woman like this.

When Ji Heng and Tian Qi returned at night, Ji Heng deliberately spilled Tian Qi’s dirty water and asked her to go back and wash it.

Xi Jiheng changed his night clothes to see Tian Qi take a bath, but Tian Qi had already prepared and called a man from Wan Honglou. On the way back, Ji Heng thought he saw a man, and suddenly found something wrong. Last time Tian Qi hit his arrow to save him, but there was no scar on the man. Ji Heng hurried back and saw Tian Qi was going out to take a bath.

Ji Jiheng kept going out to the river and found that Tian Qi was indeed a woman and ran back all the way to the house with great joy. When Ji Heng went back, he asked Sheng Anhuai to tell Tian Qi that she would not use her today or tomorrow.

Tong Jiheng and Sheng Anhuai talked about women’s affairs, and Sheng Anhuai taught him amazing things. Women all have different opinions. Many times they say they don’t want to, they say they don’t. In fact, Sheng Anhuai is also single, and many people liked him that year, but he missed it with his beloved.

Ji Jiheng came to Tianqi secretly, but when he was about to appear, he found that Ji Zheng was here, and quickly hid. Ji Zheng still wanted Tian Qi to go with him, Tian Qi rejected him, speaking of Ji Heng’s various bad, he heard Ji Heng very depressed. Ji Zheng helped Tian Qi get his hat, Ji Heng couldn’t stand outside and pulled Ji Zheng away.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 20

Episode 20 / Episodul 20

Sun Congrui and Sun Fan were to be taken back to Beijing for trial. Ji Heng asked Ji Zheng to take Tian Qi to take a look. Tian Qi watched them scolded by everyone, comforting his parents, and vowed to find out why Chen Wuyong killed his parents.

When Kang Ninger saw Kant, he was very worried that their plan would be discovered by Ji Heng. The Sun family tied Tian Qi now. This is the end. In case they are found, they will be over. However, Kant felt that the incident of the Sun family made Yu Ronghua unimportant. The most important thing now is Ji Heng. Kant gave Kang Ning’er a bottle of medicine. Taking this bottle of medicine will make people think of the person in front of her. As long as Ji Heng eats it, and raw rice cooks mature rice, she must be Mrs. Ji.

Hunchun heard everything, and when they left, they accidentally made a noise and they found out.

Tian Qi heard that Chunhua was beaten up in a firewood room and hurried to find her. When Tian Qi entered the chaifang door, he was closed.

Later, Ji Heng brought people over and mistakenly thought that they were affectionate. He wanted to marry them to fulfill them, and then let them go to.

While Ji Zheng is arranging his new mansion, he is informed of Tian Qi’s marriage to Chunhua. Ji Zheng goes to Ji Heng to ask for explanations about the wedding because his brother had already promised to release Tian Qi. Ji Heng gets angry and threatens Ji Zheng with a sword, Zheng reminds his brother that Tian Qi saved his life and that he can’t ignore his feelings.

That night, Tian Qi tries to enter Ji Heng’s bedroom to persuade him to annul his marriage, but is caught by Sheng Anhuai. After many requests, he allows her to enter Ji Heng. Tian Qi asks Ji Heng what he did wrong to drive him out of Ji’s mansion, why he is not good enough.

Chen Wuyong meets a mysterious man and apologizes for the plan that included the Sun family failed and could not destroy Ji Heng.

Tian Qi wants to tell Chunhua that they can’t get married because she’s a girl too, but instead he ends up telling her that he likes someone else.

Meanwhile, Kang Ninger implements her brother’s plan. He invites Ji Heng to have a drink with her in honor of Tian Qi’s wedding, when the poison begins to take effect she helps him get to his room. Fortunately, he rejects her and leaves.

He reaches Tian Qi’s room and finds her combing her hair, telling her that he has been stabbed and then faints. Ji Zheng arrives in the room just then and tells Tian Qi to bring the drink and snacks.

Sheng Anhuai is looking for the commander all over Ji’s mansion, but he can’t be found. When he reaches Tian Qi, he finds her with Ji Zheng and Ji Heng, all drunk. Ji Zheng tells Sheng Anhuai that his brother doesn’t like drinking.

Ji Heng and Tian Qi are in wedding clothes. Ji Heng confesses how happy she is that she is a girl and kisses her. Then he wakes up from a dream.

Ji Heng asks Sheng Anhuai what happened, the answer was that he drank with his brother and Tian Qi in honor of the latter’s wedding.

Chunhua is packing because he is about to leave the mansion with Tian Qi after the wedding. She tells Tian Qi not to feel pressured because she knows that feelings cannot be forced.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 19

Episode 19 / Episodul 19

Ji Kangde and Kang Ninger came to Mrs. Ji and talked about Tian Rongyu’s jade paste, and praised it. Mrs. Ji felt that Tian Qi was very careful and stayed. When Kang Ninger returned, he asked Kant how effective the medicine was. Kant promised that he would not die, at most it was a rash.

Putian Qi was making ointment. Suddenly Kant brought a group of people in and said that the jade paste she made was poisonous and she was to be taken back. Tian Qi refused to accept, and Kant made Tian Qi tied up and asked her to blame her. Fortunately, Ji Zheng brought someone to rescue her.

Ji Kangninger cried with Ji Heng, asking him to punish Tian Qi. Sheng Anhuai told Ji Heng that there was an allergenic substance in the plaster.

Ji Zheng brought the man back and told him that Kant intended to use lynching. Ji Heng was very angry and warned them that if lynching was used again, he would be punished severely.

Ji Jiheng asked them to go out first and let Tian Qi stay. Ji Heng said that she can no longer sell Yurong cream, and she will investigate clearly and write to the court to let the court decide. Tian Qi was very sad and asked Ji Heng if she had never thought of believing her. Although she was greedy for money, she never hurt others, but Ji Heng said she only believed in evidence.

Chen Wuyong came to Sun Congrui, saying that Ji Heng now trusts Tian Qi, and he is getting less and less attention. He hopes to come to Sun Congrui, and is willing to give Tian Qi’s life to him as a voter.

Ji Zheng asked Ji Heng why he wanted to write to the court. Ji Heng felt that he could protect Tian Qi in this way, because he did not know if the person who harmed her had a second hand. Ji Zheng felt that it was done by Brother and Sister Kant. They were jealous of Tian Qi’s favor, but Ji Heng did not believe it. Ji Zheng felt that transferring Tian Qi was a slander to her conduct, and Ji Heng promised to suspend.

Xun Jizheng told Ji Heng that Sun Fan went to the disaster to lie and claimed that the disaster situation was under control. He actually killed some people in the disaster area and stole the silver. Ji Heng was very angry and asked him to find evidence and he must be severely punished.

Hunchun came to Tian Qi and told her that she had heard the conversation between Brother and Sister Kant. It is very likely that they did the Yurong cream, but she had no evidence. Several men in black broke in, Tian Qi let Chunhua hide, and was taken away by stun.

Hunchun quickly ran back to Ji Zheng for help, Ji Heng had nightmares until Tian Qi passed out, and when he woke up, he heard Ji Zheng’s report, and quickly took someone to rescue Tian Qi.

Tian Qi was tied up by Sun Fan. Sun Fan kept beating Tian Qi and told her that Ji Heng had given her to herself, and said she would let her deal with it.

Putian Qi was seriously injured and felt that he was about to die. He was sad that he could not see Ji Heng again. Sun Fan took Tian Qi out, and threw her little golden sister to burn her with a soldering iron. Ji Heng suddenly rushed in and saw Tian Qi’s injuries. He was so angry that he beat Sun Fan. Tian Qixin was thinking of Xiao Jinzhen, Ji Heng went to find him, but he did not expect that Tian Qi valued what he sent so much.

The grandson Sun Congrui was tied up and scolded Ji Heng with anger, but Ji Zheng told him that he had rescued the victims and let him think about how to explain to the emperor.

Ji Heng came to see Tian Qi in a coma. Ji Zheng invited Aunt Hong. Ji Heng dropped Xiao Jinzhang out and asked them not to tell Tian Qi that he had been there.

Putian Qi woke up and saw Ji Zheng taking care of him. Ji Zheng said that he sent her back, and said that Ji Heng agreed to let her leave with him. Tian Qi saw Xiao Jinzhang on one side and knew that Ji Heng had come.