Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time, Recap

Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time episode 1 – Recap

The 2017 China Robot Fighting Competition finals kicked off. Before the game, the staff took the machine position and the host introduced the two players. The first to appear is the tornado. Its operator is the beautiful Ai Qing, known as the first female operator in China. As early as seven years ago, she won the national championship as a member of the Solo team. It can be said that she is bound to win this championship trophy today. The tornado’s opponent, the unknown soldier, appeared behind it at this time. Wu Bai, the captain of the operator DT team, is a dark horse. He entered the national finals for the first time in the league.

At this time, the remote control for operating the tornado was broken, and the members of the AD team quickly contacted the captain Ai Qing, and Ai Qing took the spare remote control to take a taxi to the stadium. There was heavy rain outside the arena and traffic jams. She got off the car and ran to the arena quickly. Unexpectedly, she was hit by someone on the road. The box in her hand was knocked open and a small box inside fell into the sewer. She squatted down and stretched out her hand to retrieve the box, but the box drifted forward along the water. When she was in trouble, Wu Bai ran over after hearing the news, and then the two came to the arena together. Ai Qing expressed her gratitude to Wu Bai and introduced herself. Wu Bai gently held her stretched hand and reported her name.

Then the two opponents fought fiercely in the arena. Ai Qing had the upper hand from the beginning, and the audience boiled over and kept calling her name. Wu Bai is actually very familiar with Ai Qing’s tactical style. Her remote control settings have not changed for seven years. He can recite each of her key settings even if he closes his eyes. At this moment, he has waited for seven years and finally became a player. It’s not the audience standing in front of her. Seeing that the unknown pawn is always being beaten, the team member 97 anxiously reminds Wu Bai to fight back. Wu Bai finally started to fight back. The unknown soldier overturned the last championship with a beautiful ejection. Ai Qing was surprised but she was not to be outdone. The competition entered a white-hot stage, and the unknown soldier finally won the championship.

Ai Qing feels a little embarrassed to lose to a newcomer. Her friend Slide is the leader of the Asian Championships Chinese team. He told her that Wu Bai is still studying abroad and formed a team when he came back from the summer vacation. Ai Qing was surprised after hearing this. The slide told her not to underestimate Wu Bai, who is the industry’s dark horse in the mechanical engineering department of the world’s top universities. Without winning the championship, there is no way to go to Singapore to participate in the World Championships, but Ai Qing still has a way, as long as he becomes a single-handed racing champion.

Seeing Ai Qing leaving the stadium, Wu Bai chased to the door but stopped. He remembered that his brother had told him Ai Qing was Wang Hao’s girlfriend, and he couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

Two months later, Ai Qing came to the Singapore Asian Championships Village. After putting her luggage in her room, she went to room 206 where the slide was. Unexpectedly, the one who opened the door was Wu Bai who had just finished taking a shower wrapped in a bath towel. The two were surprised to see each other.

Wu Bai couldn’t help but recalled that he took Ai Qing back to the arena during the robot fighting competition. He was so wet that he asked his teammates to help him get a towel. After the teammates brought the towel, they gave him the same wet Ai Qing. At that time, Wu Bai saw With a piece of tape on his shoes, he bent over to get it. Ai Qing thought he asked her to wipe his hair, so she wiped it up with a towel. Wu Bai couldn’t help but froze, then he straightened up and raised the tape in his hand. Ai Qing Only then did I realize that I had misunderstood what he meant.

In retrospect, Ai Qing took the lead to break the silence. She didn’t expect them to meet again so soon. Wu Bai thought she was here to watch the game, Ai Qing said she was coming to participate in the racing competition. He invited her into the room. 97 knew that Ai Qing was the captain’s goddess and wanted to assist them, so he tore off Wu Bai’s bath towel in a prank prank. Ai Qing couldn’t help being surprised when he saw this. Fortunately, Wu Bai was wearing big pants inside. . 97 smiled awkwardly and said that the captain was dressed a bit conservatively today, and he hurriedly put the bath towel around Wu Bai again. Then Wu Bai went to put on a T-shirt and came out.

Ai Qing only qualified for the Asian Championships this time by racing has aroused heated discussions among netizens. Some people say that her opportunistic strength is not as good as before. Seeing these comments, Ai Qing can’t help feeling depressed. She was attracted by a pair of cute cats when she was walking along the beach. Wu Bai also came here. He picked up one of the cats, and Ai Qing happily stroked it. He was about to let her hug it. But suddenly ran away, and the two were taken by it to the beach.

Wu Bai stood up to pull Ai Qing up, suddenly felt his eyes blurred and the eyes fell black. Soon he woke up and Ai Qing asked him with concern. He said that it was okay because he was nervous before the game. Wu Bai asked Aiqing to go to the shooting gallery to relax the next day, and she readily agreed.

The two came to the shooting gallery early the next morning. Wu Bai felt dizzy again when he shot. He did not play well and was narrowly beaten by Ai Qing. Ai Qing saw that he was focused and calm, so she asked him if he was interested in joining her team and asked him to think about it before telling her. Wu Bai wondered why the team suddenly disbanded when she was still in the Solo team. Ai Qing didn’t want to answer this question. She asked who his idol was, Wang Hao, Han Shangyan or her. Wu Bai didn’t know how to answer, Ai Qing. Stop teasing him, let him look at the gossip and maybe know the reason for the dissolution. Then he took her to stand on a vent, blowing bubbles like a child, Ai Qing happily looked at the bubbles dancing in the wind, with a sweet smile on her face.

After the draw, Ai Qing found that the organizers were tricky, and they were all strong opponents. Although it felt unfair, she still won the championship for the Chinese team by virtue of her strength. Wu Bai won all three matches in the robot fighting group stage. He will represent the Chinese team to launch an impact on the final team champion of this Asian Championship. However, Wu Bai’s eyes did have problems. Although his orbital varicose veins had not reached the most serious stage, he had already begun to lose sight intermittently. His brother called him to urge him to go back for treatment.

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