Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time, Recap

Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time episode 5 – Recap

At the opening ceremony of the Chinese Robot Fighting League, Ai Qing helped the little boy in front to answer the questions successfully. When the little boy went up to accept the prize, the host saw Ai Qing behind the boy’s seat. It turned out that the expert was pointing at the back, and they couldn’t help shouting excitedly. She is named Apple Dog. At this time, the director zoomed in on the camera. When Wang Hao and his teammates saw Ai Qing on the screen, they couldn’t help but get up and look back. Ai Qing couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable seeing that they had become the focus, so she got up and went out quietly with her sister, Wu Bai Seeing her leave, she can’t help but follow her. Seeing Ai Qing on the screen, Manager Lin couldn’t help asking a player next to her about her origins. Only then did she know that this lovely and gentle female colleague was the famous first female iron-clad fighter. She was as famous as Wang Hao and Han Shangyan. The goddess, after hearing this, he couldn’t help sweating on his forehead and was taken aback.

Ai Qing and her sister were walking and chatting. Shen Zhe, who was lying on the sofa next to him, sat up. Ai Jing was surprised to see him sleeping here. She was talking about Wu Bai coming to Ai Qing. He was about to ask her out, but she was The former team’s partner Ou Qiang took away. Ou Qiang took her to Wang Hao and other partners, and everyone was very happy to see her. Wang Hao wants her to be the leader of the SP team, but Ai Qing said that she has retired and now lives and works well. Wang Hao is very patient, anyway, the team only assembled at the end of the year, he has half a year to convince her.

Wu Bai leaned on the balcony thinking about his own affairs. Shen Zhe told Ai Jing that he had someone he likes in his heart, but the other person was older than him. Ai Jing disapproved and said that sibling love is normal. Shen Zhe asked her if she accepts the relationship between her sister and brother. Ai Jing said that it depends on how old she is. Shen Zhe directly said that she was three years older. Ai Jing was a little hesitant. Shen Zhe thought he could accept it, and Ai Jing smiled and said that she could.

Seeing that Ai Qing never came back, Wu Bai went out for a run. Halfway through the run, he just met Wang Hao and sent her back. Ai Qing heard that he had just finished dinner and reminded him that running like this is not good for his stomach. She couldn’t help but wonder how Wang Hao and Wu Bai were familiar. Wang Hao said that they had known each other a long time ago, when Wu Bai was only 16 years old. Then Wang Hao wanted to invite Ai Qing to dinner. When they heard that they were going to have dinner together, Wu Bai said that he was just hungry. Ai Qing said that he had just had dinner. Wu Bai explained that he was hungry again after exercise, Wang Hao Just let him go. When he arrived at the restaurant, Wang Hao knew that Ai Qing liked spicy food and ordered a lot of spicy dishes. Ai Qing worried that Wu Bai’s stomach could not eat spicy food, so Wang Hao ordered him vinegar cabbage. Wu Bai said he was not jealous. Wang Hao told the waiter not to be jealous for vinegared cabbage, and the waiter yelled at the back kitchen No. 3 table that the gentleman was not jealous. While Wang Hao was out to answer the phone, Wu Bai quietly pulled Wang Hao’s chair away from Ai Qing with his feet. Unexpectedly, after Wang Hao returned, he would naturally pull the chair back and sit next to Ai Qing. The vinegar cabbage came, and the waiter said sorry to change the plate for him. Wu Bai said no, he picked up the chopsticks and ate the cabbage. Seeing Ai Qing and Wang Hao talking and laughing while eating and chatting, he couldn’t help feeling sour. What he knew about Ai Qing was only what she looked like in the media reports, but he didn’t like what she really likes to eat or not.

On the day of the closing ceremony, Manager Lin specially arranged Ai Qing and her sister to take seats at the VIP table, and Ai Qing said that they could just sit behind. While talking, Wang Haola Ai Qing sat next to him, Wu Bai walked in and saw Ai Qing and Wang Hao sitting together and couldn’t help being a little surprised. He nodded at them and sat down in his seat. A short video was played on the screen to record the glory of the SOLO team that year. Ai Qing couldn’t help feeling full of emotions after watching it. After the video was played, Wu Bai took the lead and stood up to applaud the seniors. Then the host asked the members of the SOLO team to speak, Wang Hao handed the microphone to Ai Qing, and Ai Qing passed it to Ou Qiang. Ou Qiang stepped onto the stage to speak, and his heartfelt words instantly ignited the audience, and everyone stood up to applaud him.

After the closing ceremony, Wu Bai, Ai Qing and others came to the most famous ferris wheel to take pictures. Shen Zhe took a few group photos of Wu Bai and Ai Qing. Hearing Ai Jing praised Wu Bai for being handsome, Shen Zhe couldn’t help being jealous. He called her aside and asked him and Wu Bai who are handsome. Ai Jing couldn’t help but laugh when he looked serious. Intentionally said Wu Baishuai. Shen Zhe was unhappy after hearing this. Wu Bai asked him to send him the photo. Wu Bai made it difficult for him to let him spend money to buy the photo. Wu Bai transferred the money to him. He felt very sweet when he saw the photo of himself and Ai Qing.

After returning to the hotel, Wu Bai went to find Shen Zhe and mobilized him to join the K&K team. Shen Zhe, who was a very realistic man, made two conditions, one is to give him enough reward, and the other is to let him be the captain. These two conditions made Wu Bai a little embarrassed. He considered for a while and said that Shen Zhe could be the captain and half of his salary could be given to him. Shen Zhe told him not to joke. Wu Bai knew that Shen Zhe’s dream was to defeat Wang Hao, so he said that Shen Zhe would not be able to beat Wang Hao in his life after joining SP, so he could only be the boss for the rest of his life.