Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time, Recap

Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time episode 2 – Recap

The Hu Xia Geyouhui tickets booked by Wu Bai arrived, and he couldn’t help feeling very happy when he thought of seeing him with Ai Qing. When eating, his eyes rested on Ai Qing’s body unconsciously, watching her choose a meal with a plate, and then sit down at the table on the slide. The slide tells Ai Qing that Wang Hao has come to Singapore. He is picking for the SP team. After all, SP is now the best in the country. If Wu Bai can successfully win this time, he must be very popular.

As Wang Hao walked to their table, Wu Bai couldn’t help being surprised when he saw him, and instantly felt that the food in front of him was tasteless. Wang Hao asked Ai Qing to go out for a walk. He asked her if she wanted to come to SP, hoping that they could put down everything they had before and fight together again, but Ai Qing said lightly that everything was over. Wang Hao asked her to contact him when she returned to Shanghai. He knew a good Hunan restaurant. Before he finished talking about Ai Qing, she said that her phone number was gone. She didn’t want to talk any more and left because she had something to do. Wang Hao couldn’t help but remember that Ai Qing, who was sitting in front of the computer opposite him, said on QQ that love needs two people. He replied to her so Solo is not suitable for love. Ai Qing now moves forward resolutely, knowing that she doesn’t need Wang Hao anymore.

This day the championship battle was fiercely unfolding between the Chinese DT team and the Singapore AEO team. Wu Bai seized the upper hand from the beginning, using the remote control to command the robot unknown man to bounce his opponent twice, and soon the opponent’s robot was stuck and could not move. Just as the victory was in sight, Wu Bai’s eyes were blurred, his hand slipped and he made a mistake, and the unknown soldier was trapped on the ground. Drilling according to the rules can only trap the robot for three seconds, but the referee fouled the other side’s robots and the unknown man was still trapped in place. The audience was dissatisfied with this and protested, but the referee still did not mean to stop. . In an emergency, the calm Wu Bai couldn’t help but remember the tricks Ai Qing had used, so he operated the remote control to counterattack and knocked out his opponent. The Chinese DT team finally won the championship, and his teammates cheered. Wu Bai couldn’t help looking at Ai Qing, who gave him a thumbs up happily.

On the podium, some team members asked Ai Qing to wear her racing medal, she smiled and forgot to bring her, Wu Bai put her own championship medal on her. Ai Qing ridiculed Wu Bai’s last move to steal the teacher’s tuition. Wu Bai smiled and asked her how much she wanted. She said that she hadn’t thought about making him owe it.

Then 97 sent Ai Qing tickets for Hu Xia Geyouhui, she was surprised how 97 knew she wanted to see this, 97 smiled mysteriously at her and left, seeming to think of who could not help but smile.

Then Wu Bai bought two ice creams and came to the scene of the song club. He saw Ai Qing sitting there, and was about to walk over. Suddenly, his eyes were blurred, and the ice cream in his hand quickly melted when he could see clearly. Wu Bai didn’t want Ai Qing to see him like this. He turned and left with sorrow, while Ai Qing looked out at the door, holding two bottles of drinks in her hand.

Wu Bai rushed to the hospital as soon as he returned to Shanghai. His brother Han Shangyan was waiting for him anxiously. He told his brother that he wanted to have an operation right away, and then he was pushed into the operating room. And 97 returned Ai Qing’s remote control to her. It turned out that Wu Bai later found and repaired the remote control that dropped her in the sewer. At that time, he helped her to successfully match the remote control with the connector during the competition, which allowed her to successfully complete the competition. Thinking of Wu Bai, Ai Qing’s heart couldn’t help but feel lost. They approached because of a good impression but suddenly stopped.

After the operation, Wu Bai, whose eyes were covered with gauze, woke up on the hospital bed, and his brother bought him some fruits to bring. Wu Bai asked his brother if the operation failed. His brother said that it was only temporarily unsuccessful. He had already agreed with the attending doctor. He would rest for a week and then discuss the next operation plan. Wu Bai said that if it fails again, his brother told him not to think about it. Many, in case he is really blind, he will support him for a lifetime. My brother makes him stronger, and he will succeed next time. He also said that when Wu Bai was ready, he wanted to open a club and let Wu Bai choose a name. Wu Bai remembered that Ai Qing had told him that she wanted to be the king of the world in robot fighting. At that time, Wu Bai said that she could be a king, but there must be a king who was worthy of her. Ai Qing curiously said that would not be enough. Wu Bai felt that the two kings could coexist, so he named the club K&K.

Ai Qing saw a pair of cats on the side of the road in the evening, and she couldn’t help but think of the scene of making fun of cats with Wu Bai on the beach. At this time, my sister walked over and the two returned home together. Ai Qing found her father asleep on the sofa and was about to cover him with a blanket, but her father woke up. He got up to give them hot meals, watching his father beat his waist as he walked, the two sisters went in to discuss buying a house. Ai Qing saw her dad slept on this one-bedroom sofa for more than ten years, and she and her sister had been squeezed on the same bed, so she took out a card to her sister. This is the money she saved from playing games for so many years. Take the down payment for the two-bedroom house, and pay the mortgage when she finds a job.

My brother is going to transfer Wu Bai to Norway for the second operation and will leave the day after tomorrow. The doctor removed the gauze covering Wu Bai’s eyes, but his eyesight was not stable from time to time. His brother asked him to adjust for the second operation, but the doctor said that the second operation would be more risky. Maybe It will cause permanent blindness, and the brothers can’t help but hang up.

That night Wu Bai secretly went to see Ai Qing. She stepped on her high heels and walked back. The street light at the door was not on and she almost fell. Wu Bai repaired the street lights and painted on the walls of her house, and did not leave until dawn. He hoped that they could temporarily replace him with her.

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