Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time, Recap

Go Go Squid 2: Dt.Appledog’s Time episode 3 – Recap

Three years later, in the Chinese Robot Fighting Youth Training Camp, Ai Qing introduced the new member, the lovely 11-year-old Luo Hui, who turned out to be the little girl who lived in the same ward with Wu Bai, who had his eyes, and pestered him to tell stories. She didn’t know his name, she told the little members that this big brother was her Iron Man, and it was because of him that she fell in love with robot fighting. He also said that this big brother fell in love with the goddess of his industry, and that goddess was his Frija. Someone asked Curiously who Friega was. Luo Hui said that she was the queen of the Nordic fairy tales and the goddess of the sky and the earth.

Manager Lin asked Aiqing to go to the concert on weekends but was turned down. When Manager Lin heard that she was not available, he angered everyone to work overtime on weekends. After a break at noon, Ai Qing was taken to a store by her sister Ai Jing. She was surprised when she saw that the owner was a friend of the slide. The slide told Ai Qing that he had retired and returned from Germany, but his father was about to say the reason for his retirement but was stopped by the slide. Ai Jing went to the warehouse with her father on the slide. Ai Qing asked him what was wrong when he saw that he was wearing gloves on one hand, and the slide asked what was wrong with her hair. She also joked that she was so long. Ai Qing smiled and brushed her hair behind her head. Now she doesn’t need to spend more than ten hours training like before, and she has time for nosy. I heard that Ai Qing is still single, and the slide smiled and said that the good brothers are quite interesting, they are a single dog. Ai Qing asked about his injured hand again. He said that he drank too much in Germany and fell. The new year of competitive robot fighting competition has begun again. Looking at the huge banners posted on the wall, Ai Qing sighed to the slide that their era has passed. Although she has retired now, she is still a bit unwilling. She remembered that when she applied for Jiayi Company, she offered to the other party that she hoped that the company could continue to sponsor the youth robot selection contest. She wanted to be the independent person in charge of this project, taking full responsibility for the selection, competition and training of the players. Then she found that the street lamp at the door of the house was fixed at some point, and there was still a picture of forget-me-not in full bloom on the wall, with a line written on the side along the dream. You will never be alone. She can’t help feeling when she sees the painting and the words.

When time came back, Wu Bai’s eyes were healed. He has graduated from a top polytechnic university and has become one of the shareholders of K&K Club. On this day, he met 97 at a shooting training center abroad. 97 asked him why he didn’t contact the goddess. Wu Bai said he felt he was not good enough. 97 was surprised to ask how good he still wanted. Wu Bai said that he wanted to exchange the 300-match champion for a chance to start with her.

Manager Lin sent Ai Qing to work at the Guangzhou station of the robot competition.

Her sister Ai Jing also wanted to play, so Ai Qing took her to Guangzhou. Wu Bai and 97 also took the opportunity to come to Guangzhou, and picked them up on Monday and prepared to go back by car. Ai Qing put her luggage on the car at the exit, and she accidentally saw a tall figure in front of her that was familiar, reminding her of Wu Bai. The man quickly got in the car and left, Ai Qing also got in the car and set off. To the hotel, the two cars stopped side by side at the same intersection and then drove in opposite directions.

Arriving at the hotel, Ai Jing, feeling thirsty, came to the self-service teller machine to buy water with coins. After the water came out of the exit, it was taken by a handsome guy behind him and drank it. Ai Jing looked at him and opened her eyes in surprise. After drinking, the guy apologized to her that he was too thirsty, and then he put in coins and bought another bottle for her. Ai Jing ran to the front desk excitedly and told Ai Qing that she saw a handsome guy, and as she was talking, she saw several female fans in surprise surrounding the guy calling his name Shen Zhe.

Ai Jing accidentally spilled a drink on her body, so she took the suitcase to the dressing room next to her to change clothes, while Ai Qing went out to buy food.

At this time, Shen Zhe walked into the locker room to accept the media interview. Ai Jing, who took off her clothes after a simple cloth, couldn’t help feeling nervous when she heard the man’s voice, and the opened suitcase was a bit far away from her. Shen Zhe accidentally found embarrassment. She answered the question while taking out a piece of clothing from the suitcase for her. He hurriedly ended the interview and sent away the reporter. At this time, Ai Jing changed his clothes.  Ai Qing came back to see him and was surprised. Shen Zhe asked them to go to the karaoke hall. Ai Qing was about to decline Ai Jing but readily agreed.

Wu Bai came to the hotel. His gastroenteritis was guilty. His teammates carefully prepared porridge and eggs for him, but then he ran to the toilet and vomited. 97 to send him to the hospital, Wu Bai asked him to find Shen Zhe first. Go to the hospital for a drip.

97 met Shen Zhe at the entrance of the karaoke hall. Shen Zhe asked him to dial Wu Bai’s cell phone. He told Wu Bai that he had prepared a gift for him. Then he and 97 walked into the karaoke hall. He switched the phone to the speaker, and Wu Bai listened on the phone. By 97, Ai Qing was surprised to shout out a name, and then he quickly pulled out the infusion needle and ran outside.