Go go squid, Recap

Go go squid episode 5 – Recap

Following the wild speculations of his girlfriend’s husband, Tong Nian felt very disappointed. However, the situation turned around. My girlfriend’s husband actually had a ticket for the Korean business competition the next day. My girlfriend had no time to go with his wife Blueberry. Tong Nian is secretly happy about this, and he chooses clothes specially, hoping to make himself look more attractive tomorrow.

After Han Shangyan ended the phone call with his grandfather, he knew his grandfather’s true intentions from Wu Bai’s mouth. Not only that, Han Shangyan only knew that Wu Bai had heard of Tong Nian as a NetEase cloud musician early in the morning. The reason why I didn’t help Han Shangyan to explain to the boys was because Xiao Bai saw that Han Shangyan didn’t mean to explain.

The next day, at the Guangzhou Stadium, Tong Nian first met Ai Qing again, and today Ai Qing is dressed up and intelligent. This made Tong Nian unconsciously feel inferior before he knew that this woman was Ai Qing. The game was about to start, and Tong Nian saw people from the K&K team enter the arena one after another. And the boys also saw Tong Nian’s sister-in-law, and their emotions suddenly rose. But only in Han Shangyan, he didn’t even give Tong Nian a look, and he turned a deaf ear to Tong Nian’s name. After Han Shangyan and the boys were seated in the rest area, the boys pleaded with Han Shangyan, saying that he should not be awkward with his sister-in-law, and since he came, he would take the VIP seat.

After seeing the acquiescence of Hanshangyan, the demo went to the scene to connect Tong Nian and Blueberry. The reason was that Hanshangyan wanted to see his sister-in-law. The sister-in-law in that mouthful screamed not very cordially, which made the blueberry best friend all in the cloud. But Tong Nian was afraid of causing misunderstandings and angering Han Shangyan again, so he explained to his girlfriends. Tong Nian confessed that everything was his fault, but he was rejected.

After entering the arena, Tong Nian asked Han Shangyan what he called him. After the two eyes met, Han Shangyan said lightly, the team members like you. After that, Han Shangyan was seated, and Tong Nian and his best friend Blueberry sat together naturally. Before his butt was hot, Tong Nian was surprised by Han Shangyan’s finger and sat next to his sweetheart Han Shangyan. From Tong Nian’s three words, Han Shangyan understands what Tong Nian means. Tong Nian likes Han Shangyan, but he doesn’t want to cause trouble to Han Shangyan, so he wants to explain the matter of sister-in-law clearly to the team members. Therefore, Han Shangyan respected Tong Nian’s ideas, let him explain in one minute, and come back and sit down. But because the explanation time was too short, Tong Nian sat directly, preparing to wait for the explanation after the game.

Before the game, Ai Qing and Tong Nian greeted them politely. Han Shangyan began to wonder how the two met, and then opened up the cold conversation. As a result, Tong Nian learned that the kind and beautiful person turned out to be Ai Qing, who was the person who wanted to recover fromHan Shangyan that the girlfriend’s husband said. Thinking about this, Tong Nian uttered the idea straightforwardly, and prepared to stay away from Han Shangyan, so as not to prevent Han Shangyan from chasing the goddess. When Tong Nian got up, Han Shangyan stopped Tong Nian, saying that the cute little Tong Nian had done the wrong homework. Later, Han Shangyan told Tong Nian stubbornly that he had no interest in women. When Han Shangyan watched Tong Nian’s pupils continue to dilate, he reluctantly added a sentence, showing no interest in men.

In the middle of the game, my girlfriend Blueberry took Tong Nian away for a while. During this period, Blueberry learned about Tong Nian and Han Shangyan, and said categorically that Han Shangyan must also be interested in Tong Nian, or he would have left Tong Nian far away. What Tong Nian has to do now is to slowly penetrate into that person’s heart and make that person feel itchy on the left side of his chest. After Tong Nian regained his seat, a cyber security game came to an end. Unfortunately, the SP team once again won the K&K team. In this game, the SP team added Xiaomi, a veteran of the CTF, to win more easily and happily. Looking at the downcast Han Shangyan, Tong Nian’s heart was aching, and he wanted to be comforted, but he didn’t know how to.

Later, Tong Nian took stimulating comfort. But Han Shangyan no longer needed comfort at that time. Shang Yan asked Tong Nian, who wanted to explain before, to explain and practice with Han Shang Yan. Tong Nian thought about what his best friend said, but couldn’t explain clearly, but he wanted to listen to Han Shangyan and explain. Therefore, Tong Nian felt that Han Shangyan at that time was that the little fool couldn’t even speak clearly. When Han Shangyan thinks of the boys of the K&K team, it is like the passionate self who followed Wang Hao with all his heart, wanting to win a world championship. Therefore, Han Shangyan did not want to be Wang Hao of the year, and retired due to personal reasons, causing a team to fall apart. For this reason, Han Shangyan instinctively once again explicitly rejected Tong Nian. But this time, Tong Nian felt distressed a bit, tears seemed to be gushing out of his eyes, but Tong Nian didn’t lower his head in front of Han Shangyan.

In this way, Tong Nian’s first love ended in failure. After leaving Guangzhou, Tong Nian still missed Hanshangyan at home, and even all the photos of Hanshangyan he had saved before were only willing to put them in the recycling bin, and were not willing to really empty them.

In the K&K club, the boys began to discuss the reasons for the dissolution of the previous Solo team. According to reliable news from the boys, the reason is: Solo team captain Wang Hao’s ex-girlfriend is back, Ai Qing broke up with Wang Hao, Ai Qing applied for retirement, and Wang Hao retired because of guilt. The more exciting news, the boys also know. That is Wang Hao’s ex-girlfriend is now the female leader of K&K.

After returning home, Tong Nian was first suggested by Tong Nian’s mother to take the boy home for dinner. This boy was Tong Nian’s senior, Zheng Hui; then he attended a lecture arranged by the school teacher. This lecture was improvised by Tong Nian’s onstage.

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