Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 7 Recap

Mr. Shu Shui’s mask was taken off, and a face that was years old appeared in front of Fu Rong’s eyes, calling Fu Rong Nongnong. Isn’t this the little attendant who used to float and plant jujube trees with her when she was young? I never thought that the famous Mr. Shushui was Fu Rong’s little attendant.

After returning to Fu Mansion, Gu Yuan, the maidservant of Ruyi Tower, ran anxiously, telling Fu Rong that Liu Ruyi, the treasurer, had been taken into Huangkuxuan.

Huangku said that Ruyilou was disrespectful. The jewelry made for the concubine Shu was actually made of peony flowers. She did not know that the peony that Shu concubine disliked most was the peony, and the jewelry that she wanted in the palace before was customized by Feng Laiyi. If you find Ruyilou, things must be strange.

Fu Xuan asked Wu Baiqi to ask that Concubine Duan was Xiaohouye’s aunt. If Feng Laiyi under her hand had plagiarized the painting last time, it would make sense for Ruyi Lou Zhanzi to join forces, but Wu Baiqi was right about this Things don’t seem to be very clear, and being suspicious for no reason is depressed.

Shizi Zhang Yan also interceded with his mother for Fu Rong, hoping that Concubine Duan could persuade Dong Fangli to make a difference. But Concubine Duan is the younger sister of Xindu Houxian, not the sister of Mrs. Hou Ye, let alone offended Concubine Shu, Dong Fangli is his elder brother, how could she sell her face.

Wu Baiqi went to Duan Concubine’s palace, Duan Concubine also pretended that she didn’t know anything, and the relationship with Shu Concubine was sparse, and she could not help.

Chen Sishi of the Shangfu Bureau went out to the imperial court to see Yushi Dong Fangli. He overtly and secretly suggested that Mr. Dong go to torture to extract a confession from Liu Ruyi, but Mrs. Dong was honest and unwilling.

Turning around, Chen Sishi knelt in front of Concubine Duan to apologize. Dong Fangli didn’t know how to lift up. A whole set of peony headdresses were not enough for Dong Fangli to torture Liu Ruyi. Ruyilou has been robbing Feng Laiyi for business, if Liu Ruyi dies, the three princes will play the book, and the concubine Shu and Su will be implicated, and the concubine will kill two birds with one stone.

Zhang Yan Shizi had no choice but to come back and persuade Fu Rong. Liu Ruyi is just the shopkeeper of the Yinlou, and it is better to stay as far away as possible. But how could Fu Rong buy it? How could he understand that Zhang Yan was really good for her.

Fu Rong stopped Dong Fangli’s carriage on the street and made a petition for Master Liu Ruyi. Now that there is no basis for Dong Fangli’s judgment or release, Fu Rong knelt at the door of Dong’s mansion, kneeling from black to white, and fainted. It was not until Xu Jin approached Dong’s mansion that Fu Rong was temporarily placed in Dong’s mansion.

Persuaded to return to Fu Rong, Xu Jin personally went to Xu Jin to explain that he had brought a wood squirrel for Dong Fangli’s child, Dong Wen, with a lifelike appearance. Dong Wen’s body is weak, and Xu Jin has been searching for two rare medicinal materials for him at the border, but has been to no avail.

Then again, why Concubine Shu hates peony that makes Liu Ruyi commit a taboo. Concubine Shu liked Peony very much earlier, but the queen came one day a day ago and satirized him for being irresponsible and took the young Xu Jin away. As a mother, she was unable to protect her. Since then, Concubine Shu hates her most It’s peony. Liu Ruyi evoked the past and poked at Concubine Shu’s heart, and of course he would be convicted. But Xu Jin thinks that the matter is over, it is better for Xu Ruyilou to make up for it. Wouldn’t everyone be happy. As he was talking, Wu Baiqi also came to see Dong Fangli, and all came, Xu Jin sent him to bring a sentence, to tell Girl Fu that he could find a way to make up for the merits and make a jewelry to give to Concubine Shu. Unexpectedly, when he arrived at Fu’s Mansion, Wu Baiqi said that she was looking for Girl Fu, but she found Fu Chang, Fu Xuan, which was embarrassing.

Fu Rongri thought about it and thought about it all night, every day he revises and revises various books and pictures, and never has a moment.

Mr. Shu Shui came to Ruyi Tower with a bunch of flowers, took off his mask and looked like An Wang, thinking that Fu Rongding couldn’t think of any thoughts, so he brought a bouquet to find inspiration for her. It’s just that Fu Rong drew a pattern and placed the candlestick very close. Wang An reminded her that she also joked that she was not Su Wang Xu Jin.

Xu Jin once told Fu Rong that when he was a child, he was sent to Hongfu Temple, but he accidentally overturned the candlestick and burned the whole temple, so he was sent to the border by the evil star. But what she didn’t know was that King An’s mother, Concubine Wen Taifei, died in the fire at Hongfu Temple. In this way, the emperor actually sent him to the border to protect King Su. Now, after King Su’s return, the emperor gave him the same Important task.

When Wang An left, the mask was about to be worn, and the maid Gu Yuan happened to hit him, and saw Mr. Shushui’s true face, and quickly apologized. Mr. Shushui just said to keep the secret for him. When he went out, he was again Mr. Shushui whom thousands of young girls adored.

Today is the anniversary of the death of Concubine Wen, King Shushui Xiaozhuli’an is sad, and the paper money is soaked in heavy rain. It is not very busy. He remembers that some people in the court and the field said that his mother and concubine were born with different pupils, a disaster star, a witch, and the witch is immortal. Restless, the emperor told him that Hongfu Temple was in disrepair for a long time, and a fire led to the death of Princess Wen, but today Fu Rong accidentally blurted out the truth because Xu Jin accidentally overturned the candlestick.

Fu Rong pondered the many flowers, and with a clever move, the golden silk thickened around a small white flower, with a clever flocculation, like a vivid and bright step. But it is always fake flowers. If it can be soaked in the fragrance of flowering branches, it is considered perfect. Fu Xuan is very knowledgeable and remembers that there are strange flowers in the Yushan field on the outskirts of Beijing, so Fu Rong left the letter paper and went to search for flowers.

Mr. Shushui heard that Fu Rong was looking for flowers alone, and hurriedly rode his horse and followed.

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