Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 5

Episode 5 / Episodul 5

After defending Chunhua and escaping, Shen Zhao’er also ran away, and those bullying Ding vigorously led people behind. Coincidentally, Ji Zheng passed by, and at a glance she recognized Shen Zhaoer, who was dressed as a man. Before he could think too much, he immediately stood up and rescued him. Who knows Ding vigorously those people do not know Ji Zheng, waved and beat. Shen Zhaoer’s anti-general conquest. Behind him, he fortified his forehead and saw blood.

Xu Jin, who arrived in time, informed the identity of Ji Zheng, which calmed down the farce. When he learned that the person he was thinking of was actually Tianqi in Fuchu , Ji Zheng was surprised but did not reveal the identity of the other party.

After dressing the wound, Shen Zhaoer, who was waiting for Ji Heng , suddenly mentioned Shen Qingyun, causing the other party to mistake her for disrespect, and the two broke up again.

Later, Ji Heng learned from Sheng Anhuai the truth of Shen Zhaoer’s forehead injury, and the unknown anger came into his heart again.

At this time, Kang Ning’er used Ding Dali as his home. The minions who came here made a special apology with Shen Zhaoer, but actually took the opportunity to visit Ji Heng. It is a pity that the falling flowers are unintentionally flowing, but only to be dismissed as a result. Seeing this situation, Shen Zhaoer couldn’t help but talk about Ji Heng.

The lady who was combing her hair in front of the mirror learned that Ding Dali and Shen Zhaoer had deeper grudges against Kang Ning’er, and they did not know what they were planning, but by looking at the maidservant’s look, it was no small matter. The lady sent her maid out to work, and carefully took out a jade bracelet in a brocade box, which was like a baby on her chest.Mrs. Shu seemed to think of something, her eyes softened, and the rest was a monstrous hatred, mumbling to avenge the young master.

At night, Shen Zhaoer developed a new pattern and instructed Ji Heng to take off his shirt. With light clothing on the ground, Ji Heng revealed the scars behind him. This is the battlefield medal, but Shen Zhaoer has a new understanding of Ji Heng. Moxibustion smoked the body. Shen Zhaoer watched the scars and fell into the gods for a while. He accidentally burned Ji Heng and provoked him. Come and whisper.

The minion at the door was curious, and secretly opened a door slit, but he was seeing Ji Heng lying half-length on the bed naked, and Shen Zhaoer was lying on him and wondering what to do. The next day, Ji Heng and Shen Zhaoer’s habit of breaking sleeves spread throughout Jifu. Ji Zheng secretly tempted, seeing Ji Heng’s angry rumors. Seeing that the other party did not know that Shen Zhaoer was his daughter, he was relieved.

The next night, Shen Zhaoer developed a new thing and wanted Ji Heng to be a mouse. Ji Heng’s eyes fell on her waist, and there was a sachet made from gardenia flowers. He didn’t believe it. Without Shen Zhao’er by his side, it was really hard to fall asleep. He left a sachet and condemned Shen Zhao’er. Really insomnia again. He wondered deeper, why she could sleep peacefully only when she was beside him. Ji Heng, who wants to resist this dependence, has enjoyed the sleep of these nights, but how can he survive the “temptation”. Ji Heng agreed with Sheng Anhuai to summon Shen Zhaoer, only to learn that she was missing. Ji Heng’s performance calm as usual, but in the end, I still have to explain what can be saved.

Perhaps unknowingly, Shen Zhaoer has begun to be different in his mind. The entire Jifu was searched and there was no trace of Shen Zhao’er. Ji Heng even sent those who were around to protect him, even Ji Zheng went to find it himself. The man in black was holding Shen Zhaoer to hide in Tibet, but at last he couldn’t get out. He simply threw her into the pool of water. Shen Zhaoer, who is bound by his hands, is a little bit. The moonlight sinking into the water, the moonlight scattered on the water surface, getting farther and farther away from her, the darker the original.

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