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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 23

Episode 23 / Episodul 23

Tian Qi is a Taiyi, a Taiyi is a daughter who is a felony, and Mrs. Ji wants Ji Heng to tell the emperor to deal with Tian Qi. Neither Ji Heng nor Ji Zheng agreed. Madam Ji was so angry that she would report to the court, and they had better protect her at all times.

Mrs. Ji came back to Chen Wuyong, and Chen Wuyong advised her not to be anxious. At that time, Ji Heng ’s father was to spoil his wife and almost harm her and Ji Heng. Chen Wuyong said he would do things well.

Putian Qi told Ji Zheng that he and Ji Heng did show their heart. Ji Zheng admitted that he was worse than Ji Heng and blessed them both. Tian Qi wants to return Yu Pei to him, and Ji Zheng keeps it with her. This is given to her as a friend. Ji Zheng came to Ji Heng, hoping that he could treat Tian Qi well, or even if he was his enemy, he would take Tian Qi away.

Ji Jiheng was uneasy about Tian Qi, letting people stay outside the door, these days let her not go out first. Chen Wuyong was going to kill Tian Qi at night. Tian Qi saw the bite marks on the masked man’s hand and determined that he was Chen Wu Yong. Tian Qi sprinkled powder on him, Ji Zheng rushed over, and fought with Chen Wuyong. Ji Zheng was not Chen Wuyong’s opponent, Ji Heng also rushed over, but still did not stop Chen Wuyong.

Putian Qi told them Chen Wuyong’s identity, and said that his powder could burn his face. Tian Qi told them that the bite marks on Chen Wuyong’s hands were bitten by her own. It was Chen Wuyong who killed her parents. Ji Heng let Sheng Anhuai arrange to keep an eye on the pharmacy and must catch him. Chen Wuyong came to the masked man, and the masked man asked him to do the shadow of burning the Ji family.

Xi Jizheng came to Zheng Shaofeng to drink and talked about his own affairs. Zheng Shaofeng felt that this man was fancy with Ji Heng’s power. Ji Zheng and Ji Heng had only lost a position before. As long as he could become Jiedushi, he would naturally get this woman. One child sent a letter to Ji Zheng, and Ji Zheng was shocked to see it.

Wu Jizheng approached Mrs. Ji and asked if she had killed her mother. Mrs. Ji did not expect that he would know such a thing, speechless. Mrs. Ji forced his mother to death by default, but this was all forced, because otherwise she and Ji Heng would not be able to live. For so many years, she has always regarded Ji Zheng as her son. Mrs. Ji was willing to live a life, but Ji Zheng could not.

Xun Shenganhuai came back to find Chen Wuyong’s trace, Ji Heng came to arrest him and asked him why he wanted to kill Tian Qi. Chen Wuyong told him, however, that Tian Qi was Shen Qing’s daughter, Shen Qingyun, and she was killed for Mrs. Ji.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 11

Episode 11 / Episodul 11

Tian Qi Ji Heng out of the house to play Tian Qi to get in and out of Ji Fu token. Tian Qi asked Ji Heng to ask for leave and said he wanted to go out. When talking about fun things outside, Ji Heng was very interested. Tian Qi saw that he had never been out and asked him to go out with himself tomorrow. Sheng Anhuai took Tian Qi to receive the award, and felt that Tian Qi was now very favored by Ji Heng. Tian Qi was very prestigious and gave Sheng Anhuai a gift, which made him very happy.

The next day, Tian Tian Qi Chu Fu met Ji Heng, and he did not expect him to come out. Ji Heng asked Tian Qi to take a stroll with him and listen to him today. Tian Qi was afraid that Ji Heng would be recognized. He wanted to give him a name, found a Chinese medicine name Bai Heng, and called him Xiaobai. Ji Heng was very depressed, but still agreed.

Tian Qi took Ji Heng to walk around. When he saw a stall selling jewellery, he couldn’t help coming forward. When he saw the surprised look of the boss, he remembered that he was now men’s clothing a bit. Unexpectedly, a sister-in-law Li Lin came over to send the woman’s sister-in-law and let her go out with herself. The woman was so scared that Tian Qi protected her. Tian Qi quarreled with him, kicked him, pulled Ji Heng and ran.

Ji Heng didn’t respond at all, and couldn’t help laughing while running. Li Lin surrounded them with people, and Tian Qi guarded Ji Heng, but was pulled behind by Ji Heng, knocking everyone who came up to the ground. Tian Qi looked behind and thought Ji Heng was very handsome.

Tian Qi took Ji Heng to eat, and it was particularly delicious. Ji Heng looked at him and felt that it was impossible for him to be a woman. He had doubts before. Tian Qi was startled, and quickly found a way to let Ji Heng dispel suspicion. Tian Qi took Ji Heng to buy a palace map, pretending to be lascivious. I did not expect the boss to buy business, said Ji Heng often buy here. The boss took out the portrait of Jiedushi, which was particularly ugly, and Ji Heng went straight away.

Tian Qi took Ji Heng to Wan Hong Lou, Ji Zheng came out to play with his friend Zheng Shaofeng, and saw two people approaching the door. Tian Qi looked for a lot of girls to serve, and he still hugged. When she saw Ji Heng’s disdain for them, she had to come out to find other girls and take the opportunity to find Red Aunt. Uncle Lin was afraid that Ji Heng would find out that she was a daughter, but Aunt Hong said that she was not afraid. Aunt Red gave a handkerchief to Tian Qi, and Tian Qi did not know when it was dropped, and was very worried.

Ji Heng drove away the woman who was waiting, Tian Qi heard the movement and hurried over. Ji Heng was very angry and felt that Tian Qi was destroying his reputation. Tian Qi immediately knelt down and said that his parents died when he was a child. The owner of the youth house had taken care of him, so this place was very kind to him, so he would bring Ji Heng. Ji Heng said nothing, and took Tian Qi back to his house.

When Ji Heng returned, thinking of Tian Qi, he called her over and gave her a Jifu token, which allowed him to enter and leave Jifu freely. The government, including the director and the commander, would not exceed ten people. Sheng Anhuai accidentally saw the map of the Spring Palace on Ji Heng’s desk, and quickly resigned to give him space. Ji Heng’s explanation was unclear and unsatisfactory.

Tian Qi couldn’t sleep over and over again at night, always thinking about how Ji Heng protected her today. She kept telling herself that she couldn’t admire anyone now.

Ji Zheng asked Xu Jin to check that what he saw today was indeed Ji Heng and Tian Qi, and also learned that Tian Qi had obtained a token for entering and leaving Jifu. Ji Zheng originally allowed Tian Qi to be with Ji Heng, but now he feels that he can’t go on like this. If something really happens, he can hardly blame him.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 8

Episode 8 / Episodul 8

Before Liao Shuyi’s death, she cursed Ji Heng for betrayal and separation, and those she loved would hate him.

This made Ji Heng think of the Shen Qingyun family once more, and the thought of Shen Zhaoer whose life and death are unknown. But I don’t know, in fact, the person he has been thinking about is standing beside him at this moment. Shen Zhaoer saw Ji Heng’s guilt but thought it was guilty. It was from the forced death of Liao Shuyi, and his heart began to change Ji Heng. Perhaps he did not look so ruthless.

However, Liao Shuyi’s death was just the beginning. Jifu was in danger everywhere, and Shen Zhaoer had the idea of ​​leaving Jifu for the first time. However, a word from Ding Zhi made her hesitate again. Nowadays, he has finally become Jiheng’s portable medical officer. If he can get his trust and become his confidant, what else can he do? Is it impossible? Shen Zhaoer was restless and wanted to give up eventually, but when she put down her fan and wanted to leave Ji Heng’s bedroom, without taking two steps, Ji Heng started having a nightmare again, muttering in her mouth.

Shen Zhaoer heard that Ding Jing quickly turned around and sat on the bed trying to wake up Ji Heng. Who knew that the other party suddenly got up? Hold her in her arms.

This action made both of them somewhat surprised and surprised. The next moment, Ji Heng resumed as usual, and let Shen Zhaoer go out with him. In the moonlight, Ji Heng revealed his heart to Shen Zhaoer for the first time. Because of a fortune-telling, he tried to practice martial arts in exchange for his father’s care but made his father jealous of himself. Later, because he had affected the lives of others, the family died to protect himself. Ji Heng couldn’t help but feel relieved. Shen Zhaoer comfort. With regard to Ji Heng, he said that he was a good man to protect his country and defend his country, and the family would not blame him.

However, if Shen Zhaoer knew that Ji Heng was referring to his parents, I wonder if he could still think so. Unfortunately, nothing happens. Ji Heng looked at Shen Zhaoer solemnly and informed the other about his insomnia, so he wanted to bet.

One, in exchange for his weaknesses for Shen Zhaoer’s loyalty. Similarly, if Shen Zhaoer dares to betray, Ji Heng definitely has ten million ways to make her die miserably.

The case of the killing of the county master was concluded, and Sun Congrui knew that the emperor would not move the angry Ji’s family, and repeatedly pleaded with each other. In this way, he could gain a free relationship. At first, it was also Sun Congrui who recommended Ji Hengzi to be the father after his death at the old festival. Since then, he has been living as a Ji family. Brother Ji Heng always treated this Sun Congrui

Hate, not to mention, it was this Sun Congrui who killed the Shen Qingyun family indirectly. However, Ji Heng knows very well that it is not the time to tear his face with Sun Congrui. When Sun Congrui heard that there was still one person in the army for escorting grain, he thought that Ji Heng’s plea was pity and asked him for this position for his son. Ji Heng With Sun Congrui’s fake smile, this scene happened to be seen by Shen Zhaoer. At that time, Sun Congrui deliberately protected Shen Qingyun in his house, and later went to report in exchange for glory and wealth.

At that time, Shen Zhaoer stared at Sun Congrui’s face so hard that she could recognize it even if the other party turned gray! Now that Sun Congrui came to Jifu, she opened. I was worried what would happen if Ji Heng made good friends with Sun Congrui? Shen Zhaoer tried to eavesdrop on them but was stopped by Ji Zheng . Later, Shi Zi was angry and was seen by the pool. Although, Ji Zheng apologized to Shen Zhaoer for pretending to be a god of flowers, and promised that he would help no matter what happened in the future. But now, if it is about Ji Heng, will he still help?

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 7

Episode 7 / Episodul 7

Shen Zhaoer and master Ding Zhi said that he had saved his own god turtle, with a ugly face and an extremely ugly face, but he was heard by Ji Heng after the rockery . Thinking of diving herself to save people that night, she ended up with such an evaluation, and when she was angry, she started to tease her mind.

Ji Heng watched with interest Shen Zhaoer holding a basket the dried fish were thrown into the pond one by one, praying for the appearance of the tortoise.

More and more people came to join in the fun, waiting for her to summon the god turtle, who knew that a little turtle really came out. Shen Zhaoer took the tortoise that was about the size of her palm and went to make a deal. Just when everyone laughed at the size of this turtle. Move to make a clearance for her and let her raise the turtle.

 Late at night, the maidservant Mu Zhu wanted to sneak away, but was intercepted on the spot by Mrs. Shu’s personal maidservant brocade. Mu Zhu has done too much for Mrs. Shu and knows too much. She is destined to live tonight.

Soon, the news of Mu Zhu’s death in the house spread. Shen Zhaoer learned about this from the master Ding Zhi. It took me a while to find out that this Mu Zhu was a good friend of Sun Dali. At that time, Mu Zhuben was waiting for Mrs. Shu, but because she made a mistake, she was demoted to the embroidery room in Fuzhong. And the clothes that Shen Zhao’er wears are most likely from Mu Zhu’s hands. She wants to hide Shen Zhaoer in the belt easily. Think of it this way, all these things seem to have the answer. At this moment, Feng Jiheng’s order has been tracking and observing Shen Zhaoer’s Ji Zheng in the dark , and naturally he has closed the conversation between the master and apprentice.

Later, in order to find out the truth, Shen Zhaoer stole a set of maidservant’s clothes, pretending to be Mu Zhu’s sisters, and tricked Mu Zhu’s embroidery before his death.

Back in the room, and the master Ding Zhi opened the examination, in addition to some clothes, there are some particularly strong sachets. The two checked carefully, and it really happened. In one of the sachets, I found a pack of inches. Ji Zheng naturally informed everything about Ji Heng, but Shen Zhaoer was still worried about whether to confess with Ji Heng.

Ji Zheng hiding on the beam of the house saw this, took a mask to pretend to be a god of flowers, and deceived the sachet from Shen Zhaoer.

After inspection, this sachet was a tribute, and was given to Mrs. Shu by the old jiedi. Eight years ago because Dongjia Mountain Villa occupies the mountain as a king, and it hurts the village. Lao Jiduo was ordered to crumble but was trapped in the mountain. Ji Heng led his soldiers to the rescue and stabbed Dongjia Mountain Villa. The old Jiedushi also met Madam Shu this year and brought it into the house. After collecting all the evidence, Madam Shu’s identity gradually surfaced. Dong, in the family villa, there is a daughter named Liao Shuyi, and Dong Zichun, the son of the owner of the Dongjia village, is a young girl. At that time, when Ji Heng won the battle and counted the personnel, the two had disappeared. Now that he wants to come, perhaps Dong Zichun is still alive. Since Liao Shuyi sneaked into Jifu, they have been preparing Revenge.

As the two discussed, Sheng Anhuai came to report that Mrs. Shu went out nervously today, but soon returned with a sad look. Liao Shuyi did not see the person she wanted to see. She had already guessed that this was the bait thrown by Ji Heng.

 Eventually, Liao Shuyi committed suicide in the room and wanted to follow her. Those behind the scenes were strangled.Ji Heng also took the opportunity to test Shen Zhao’er. Although she knew that she was hiding something, she could confirm that she was not related to the death of the county master. This alone is enough to give Ji Heng a reason not to kill her, and Shen Zhaoer finally does not have to worry about his life forever.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 6

Episode 6 / Episodul 6

Shen Zhao’er, who was thrown into the pool, did not help, no matter how he struggled. Even hallucinations began to occur, imagining that her father kept her alive, but she failed her father. Just when she wanted to give up, she suddenly felt her hands dragging herself to the shore.

 Shen Zhaoer opened his eyes and saw the first person Ji Ji. He frankly did not save Shen Zhaoer by himself. When the crowd gathered to ask who saved him, he told the crowd that the turtle in the pool had saved Shen Zhao’er. For the entire Jifu, only Ji Zheng and Sheng Anhuai knew that this so-called tortoise was actually Ji Heng .

The lady nearby was comforted, but Shen Zhaoer remembered afterwards. She also felt that her look was different at that time, and she seemed to be disappointed for a moment. At the moment, Shen Zhaoer escaped from his death, and it was even more urgent to find the truth about his father’s death. She only hoped to leave Jifu as soon as possible afterwards, and stayed like this for a long time. She was afraid she would not die enough for a few lives. Early in the morning, Shen Zhaoer groaned in his room that Ji Heng was too unconcerned and saw him coming. In the face of Ji Heng, Shen Zhaoer will always look like that poor little puppy leg, but her actions will not make life sick. Ji Heng didn’t have any thoughts to talk with her, so she went straight to the topic and asked yesterday.

The night gangsters have clues. Shen Zhaoer recalled that when he was unconsciously carried by the murderer on his shoulders, he determined that the other party was Ding Dali on the basis of the smell of that smoky body. Ke Jiheng said that Ding Dali was dead, which really surprised Shen Zhaoer. He could not help but sigh behind the scenes that the black hand was killing and killing too fast. Before Ding Dali died. A suicide note was left stating that he committed suicide by fear. Shen Zhaoer has always been afraid of Ji Heng. If he confesses everything to him at this time, he must say that his belt is hidden by someone. She was afraid that Ji Heng would not believe in herself, but would incur the killing of her body. Seeing things can no longer drag on, Shen Zhaoer immediately.

 I designed to sneak into the Jifu Kaku, and wanted to find Shen Qingyun’s file. Unfortunately, the dossier was not found but it was almost discovered. It was because of Ji Zheng that he escaped. Later, when the two were alone, Ji Zheng couldn’t help showing the showdown, but Shen Zhaoer didn’t admit that he was his daughter when he was killed. Ji Zheng did not take her.

In the end, I had no choice but to give up. However, he began to be more curious, what is the purpose of Shen Zhaoer’s weak woman sneaking into Jifu alone.

 In Ji Heng’s study room, Shen Zhaoer fanned the fan as usual, but thought about meeting Mrs. Shu during the day. At that time, Mrs. Shu asked her if her head was hit by a stick. What could be wrong with her body? This is a normal word of concern, but the problem lies in that it is impossible for anyone other than the murderer and Shen Zhaoer to know that he was hit. She never told anyone. Now that Madam Sue knew this, it meant that she was behind the scenes! Shen Zhaoer thought about his doubts, and thought about whether to tell Ji Heng, but unfortunately he had no evidence, for fear that the other party might not believe her. Shen Zhaoer finally resisted himself and waited. It’s not too late to find evidence. Suddenly, Shen Zhao’er thought that Ji Heng’s eyes fell on the desk in the corner, where there should have been a pot of flowers. Once a pot withered, Shen Zhaoer would also follow the dead flower, but now she stole it. Shen Zhaoer constantly blocked Ji Heng’s sight with a fan, Ji Heng did not pierce. Instead she deliberately walked around to scare her. Looking at her careful and flattering smile, Ji Heng suddenly felt very interesting. Perhaps he didn’t even know what happened to Shen Zhaoer in his heart.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 5

Episode 5 / Episodul 5

After defending Chunhua and escaping, Shen Zhao’er also ran away, and those bullying Ding vigorously led people behind. Coincidentally, Ji Zheng passed by, and at a glance she recognized Shen Zhaoer, who was dressed as a man. Before he could think too much, he immediately stood up and rescued him. Who knows Ding vigorously those people do not know Ji Zheng, waved and beat. Shen Zhaoer’s anti-general conquest. Behind him, he fortified his forehead and saw blood.

Xu Jin, who arrived in time, informed the identity of Ji Zheng, which calmed down the farce. When he learned that the person he was thinking of was actually Tianqi in Fuchu , Ji Zheng was surprised but did not reveal the identity of the other party.

After dressing the wound, Shen Zhaoer, who was waiting for Ji Heng , suddenly mentioned Shen Qingyun, causing the other party to mistake her for disrespect, and the two broke up again.

Later, Ji Heng learned from Sheng Anhuai the truth of Shen Zhaoer’s forehead injury, and the unknown anger came into his heart again.

At this time, Kang Ning’er used Ding Dali as his home. The minions who came here made a special apology with Shen Zhaoer, but actually took the opportunity to visit Ji Heng. It is a pity that the falling flowers are unintentionally flowing, but only to be dismissed as a result. Seeing this situation, Shen Zhaoer couldn’t help but talk about Ji Heng.

The lady who was combing her hair in front of the mirror learned that Ding Dali and Shen Zhaoer had deeper grudges against Kang Ning’er, and they did not know what they were planning, but by looking at the maidservant’s look, it was no small matter. The lady sent her maid out to work, and carefully took out a jade bracelet in a brocade box, which was like a baby on her chest.Mrs. Shu seemed to think of something, her eyes softened, and the rest was a monstrous hatred, mumbling to avenge the young master.

At night, Shen Zhaoer developed a new pattern and instructed Ji Heng to take off his shirt. With light clothing on the ground, Ji Heng revealed the scars behind him. This is the battlefield medal, but Shen Zhaoer has a new understanding of Ji Heng. Moxibustion smoked the body. Shen Zhaoer watched the scars and fell into the gods for a while. He accidentally burned Ji Heng and provoked him. Come and whisper.

The minion at the door was curious, and secretly opened a door slit, but he was seeing Ji Heng lying half-length on the bed naked, and Shen Zhaoer was lying on him and wondering what to do. The next day, Ji Heng and Shen Zhaoer’s habit of breaking sleeves spread throughout Jifu. Ji Zheng secretly tempted, seeing Ji Heng’s angry rumors. Seeing that the other party did not know that Shen Zhaoer was his daughter, he was relieved.

The next night, Shen Zhaoer developed a new thing and wanted Ji Heng to be a mouse. Ji Heng’s eyes fell on her waist, and there was a sachet made from gardenia flowers. He didn’t believe it. Without Shen Zhao’er by his side, it was really hard to fall asleep. He left a sachet and condemned Shen Zhao’er. Really insomnia again. He wondered deeper, why she could sleep peacefully only when she was beside him. Ji Heng, who wants to resist this dependence, has enjoyed the sleep of these nights, but how can he survive the “temptation”. Ji Heng agreed with Sheng Anhuai to summon Shen Zhaoer, only to learn that she was missing. Ji Heng’s performance calm as usual, but in the end, I still have to explain what can be saved.

Perhaps unknowingly, Shen Zhaoer has begun to be different in his mind. The entire Jifu was searched and there was no trace of Shen Zhao’er. Ji Heng even sent those who were around to protect him, even Ji Zheng went to find it himself. The man in black was holding Shen Zhaoer to hide in Tibet, but at last he couldn’t get out. He simply threw her into the pool of water. Shen Zhaoer, who is bound by his hands, is a little bit. The moonlight sinking into the water, the moonlight scattered on the water surface, getting farther and farther away from her, the darker the original.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 4

Episode 4 / Episodul 4

Shen Zhao’er looked at Ji Heng who read the official document at his desk , but could not help launching the idiot. The frivolous words blurted out, and once again successfully annoyed Ji Heng.

 Ji Heng walked to her step by step, this move made Shen Zhaoer can’t help but commit another idiot again. The next moment, Shen Heng’s belt was torn off by Ji Heng and handed to him expressionlessly.

Sheng Anhuai inspected, but did not see it. Ji Heng guessed that the people behind the scenes wouldn’t give up if they couldn’t do it. They would make Shen Zhao’er his own medical officer. Only by putting people around can he be sure of nothing.

Unknown Ding Zhi congratulates his apprentice for receiving such an award, and gives him a new clothes belt. Shen Zhao’er looked at the belt on the table and remembered that the belt that had been concealed by the medicine was also sent by the master, and he couldn’t help wondering. After a simple temptation, she quickly dispelled her doubts and even surrendered her situation.

At this point, Xu Jin was ordered to come to Wan Honglou to return the scarves. He originally wanted to return them to the girl, but was scared away by Yingying Yanyan, who was called by Aunt Wan Hong. Wan Hong suspected that the other party knew what secret, but fortunately, Shen Zhao’er was in Jifu, and even if he was safe, he didn’t think about it.

On the night of the Fireworks Festival, the people will watch fireworks and light the sky lanterns and pray for blessings by the moat. On this day, unmarried men and women can wear masks to exchange feelings, which is the custom of the Fireworks Festival.  Once upon a time, Shen Zhaoer also asked Ji Heng for a mask. Ji Heng thinks back now, but laughs at that silly girl who doesn’t know what it means here. Every time I think about it with Shen Zhao. Little by little, Ji Heng will show a rare tender smile, but in the end it will turn into inseparable sorrow and remorse. About this life, Ji Heng’s last regret was that he never told Shen Zhaoer his name from beginning to end. On the day of the incident, when he rushed to the horse, he saw the body of the Shens and his wife, but he did not see them. Shen Zhaoer. Ji Heng also looks forward to Shen Zhao’er still alive, but unfortunately, even if they do not recognize each other face to face.

The next day, Shen Zhaoer, called by Ji Heng, volunteered to grind him. To learn to write, you must first learn to recognize ink. This is what Shen Qingyun said. Ji Hengnian was born in the Department of Health, so he asked Shen Zhaoer casually that Shen Qingyun was the one who was frightened, and he immediately cut off the ink stick.

Shen Zhaoer was panicked and wanted to make up for him. There was a breeze, sometimes absent, as if it was a breeze from the mountains, with a burst of floral scent coming with the missed person.

Ji Heng fell asleep without knowing it. When Sheng Anhuai saw such a scene, he almost broke the bowl he brought. After waking up, Ji Heng also seemed surprised that he could sleep peacefully and Sheng An.

The surprise that Huai did not hide was even more difficult for Shen Zhaoer. After night, Ji Heng came to that dream again. But Shen Zhaoer, who was originally a young girl, grew into a slim girl, chasing with Ji Heng under the peach tree.  But in an instant, the surrounding area became dilapidated again, the body of the Shens and his wife lay in front of him again, and there was a questioning voice of Shen Zhaoer behind him. Ji Heng wanted to chase it out, but was awakened again.

Such nightmares haunted him every day and lingered. Sheng Anhuai suggested that Shen Zhaoer come to the fan, or it may be effective.  However, a big oolong was mistakenly made by the servant ’s mouth, and she almost did not let Shen Zhaoer, who was directly wrapped in a quilt, “dead with dynamism.” Misunderstanding resolved, the little girl who was stiff at the last moment flew Ji Heng’s fart like a puppy leg. After a whole night’s wind, Ji Heng slept for a night.

He didn’t experience the feeling of falling asleep for a long time. Looking at the person lying on his bed, Ji Heng gently reached over, but he caught Shen Zhao’s face at the moment he touched it.  Shen Zhaoer was awakened, the first thing she saw was Eye-catching Ji Heng, quickly knelt and begged for mercy.

In the noontime, the daughter-in-law Chunhua asked Shen Zhaoer for her salvation last time, and invited her to eat cakes, but the feelings in her eyes were hidden. In Jifu, she was a man Tian Qi , but the nerveless Shen Zhaoer only ate cakes with all his heart, and even accidentally exposed the beads of the enemy. Chunhua watching Buddha beads, seems to have been seen there. It ’s a pity, just as Shen Zhaoer questioned, the family who had teased Chunhua last time came to trouble again.

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Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 3

Episode 3 / Episodul 3

Ji Heng was standing in front of a pot of flowers. Every time she picked a flower, Shen Zhaoer, who was kneeling, felt heartache. If the flower had been picked, her life would be gone.

 Finally, when Ji Heng picked the third flower, Shen Zhaoer couldn’t carry it. Even if it was dangerous to make bait, it was better than killing him instantly.

Ji Heng asked Shen Zhaoer to find him. The murderer who poisoned the county owner was a game. The secret conversation between Ji Heng and Ji Zheng also confirmed that letting Shen Zhao’er be the most suitable bait is also what Ji Heng had long thought about.

Knowing that this would make Shen Zhaoer’s life unsafe, he didn’t care, and the only kindness that could be charitable was to treat his family. Ji Zheng obviously doesn’t have such a hot-blooded wrist, and his heart is softer than Ji Heng.

Many, but their tacit understanding on this matter, in fact, there is no difference. But without such means, I am afraid that Ji Heng would not know how many times he had died. At this time, they just lowered their mouths every time they were holy, only to trace the killer in January.

 On the other side of Jifu, Kant took his sister Kang Ning’er and his widow’s widow to sit in the pavilion for tea and chat.

Although Corning is wayward but straight-headed, Kant looks gentle and courteous on the surface, but his heart is actually arrogant and intelligent, and his heart is narrow due to leg problems.

He must compare the baht, and Mrs. Shu is calm and hypocritical. Such three people, each thinking about the death of Shuncheng County Lord, must be the result of unhappiness.

The Fireworks Festival, a folk festival, is celebrated every year and is bound to be filled with fireworks and flowers. Ji Heng looked at the fireworks that were drilled early for the festival, and a little sorrow and nostalgia rose in his heart.

Shen Qingyun has always been a medical officer working for the Ji family, so Ji Heng and Shen Zhaoer have known each other since childhood. Shen Zhaoer is the first and only. A man who dare to step on Ji Heng to climb the high platform.

 Two small figures sat side by side, watching the most beautiful fireworks in the night sky. Shen Qingyun’s death was tired because of Ji’s family.

 It was too late for Ji Heng to save people, which was a pain in his life. Every time I dreamed at midnight, I was always awakened by the blood-stained Shen Zhaoer.  With this in mind, not feeling hard on the hand, Ji Heng’s fast wound was cracking again. Shen Zhaoer was ordered to bandage, Ji Heng looked at her, as if she saw the childhood Zhaoer bandaging her wounds. It’s a pity that the two were separated at an early age. Even if this person was Shen Zhaoer who was dreaming about himself, Ji Heng couldn’t recognize it.

The next day, Shen Zhaoer climbed out of the dog hole to recover the women’s clothing and came to Wanhonglou in order to get out of Jifu.

Xu Jin, who happened to pass by, recognized at a glance that she was the woman in the painting of her own master. After learning that the woman she was thinking of was born in a blue house, Ji Zheng felt sad for a while, and dragged the silk scarf back for him.

 At this moment, Aunt Wan Hong, who was sitting opposite Shen Zhaoer, soon smelled something strange. After looking at them, they found the inch hidden in Shen Zhaoer’s belt.

In Jifu, Ji Heng and Ji Zheng are also discussing the discontinuity. This prescription is unknown to anyone except the Shen family. The two did not know who would know the prescription, Ji Zheng even suspected for a moment that Shen Zhaoer might have survived.

 Ji Heng heard it, but he flatly disbelieved. Want to come, the inch is owned by the Shen family, it is owned by the Ji family, this inch is broken. The best means of the stolen family. At the time of the discussion between the two, Ji Heng’s official document was presented by the subordinates, and the first page of the first book contained an informative cloth strip, pointing directly to the murderer, Shen Zhaoer.

To hurt people with Shen Qingyun’s medicine to save people, he has already touched Ji Heng’s inverse scale. Now that the fish who has waited so long is finally hooked, Ji Heng will catch this big fish anyway.

Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 2

Episode 2 / Episodul 2

A light rain in the town, a handsome man on a boat tour of the lake, do not have a taste. This person is Ji Zheng , Ji Heng ‘s younger brother .

Ji Zheng rushed back for the night of his brother’s big wedding, but now he is leisurely and elegant walking in the light rain. A bridge, one on the left, one on the right, and two passing by. Shen Zhao’er, who restored the women’s clothing, made Ji Zheng’s eyes no longer look away.

The breeze blew, and a white silk scarf fell on Ji Zheng’s hand, and he quickly grabbed it. Pedestrians clamored for wind and sand, and the princess pipa was full of grievances. When Ji Zheng looked back, the beauty was no longer. He looked at the embroidered words on the silk scarf, and was curious that a boudoir woman had such a heart. Many feelings in the world are deepened by this uncontrollable curiosity.

The rain stopped, and the promenade leaned on the door to make fun of them, courting the customers. Shen Zhaoer stepped in the door, and saw the mansion owner Wan Hong and Lin Qian immediately rejoicing and calling “Miss” to lead her into the guest room.

 Shen Zhaoer is doing what they know. Wan Hong’s anxiety became apparent, and she wanted to persuade Shen Zhaoer to simply give up the investigation of the real murderer, and her life was always important.

But Shen Zhaoer remembered her tragic father and mother. At first, she deliberately took a bite of the man in black and left this person’s arm with teeth marks, in order to seek revenge in the future.

Today, I learned that Sister Jill had once entertained a man who gave her the beads. This string of beads is exactly the same as that of the murderer, and the man is holding the token for entering and leaving the Jifu. With clues, Shen Zhaoer is even more unlikely to give up lightly.

Inside the Jifu, Ji Heng tried Ding Zhi angrily, and learned that the county’s master had died of an inch of poison. Insomnia is a drug developed by Shen Qingyun for the treatment of plagues, which can be fatal with a little carelessness. However, this medicine is not poisonous, and the silver needle cannot be tested.

Late at night, a dark shadow came and went freely in the heavily guarded Jifu. At this moment, Shen Zhao’er’s horoscope also passed to Ji Heng’s ear, and he was born unfaithful. At first, a fortune teller asserted that Ji Heng’s life was lonely and that his father would rebel. Now it seems that everyone thinks this is nonsense. Ji Heng believes that Shen Zhao’er was helpful to the death of the county master, so she was left in the house.

 At this moment, the man in black shuttled through the house opened the door of the study and jumped up to the roof again. Ji Heng calmly, looked forward, and saw that the man in black suddenly attacked with a sword from behind him.

After a few tricks, the unarmed Ji Heng actually tried to suppress each other. In the end, the man in black was revealed, revealing Ji Zheng’s face, and Ji Heng apparently had already guessed the identity of the other party.

The next day, Ji Heng recalled the dialogue with Ji Zheng, and clarified that the black hands behind this scene were intended for the county master, not assassination.

In this way, if the holy sin is sacred, Ji can be uprooted up and down, and if this is done, there must be an internal response. Ji Heng soon had a candidate in his mind, but he took someone to search in Shen Zhaoer’s house. Instead of getting nothing, he was splashed with bath water.

 I do n’t know if it ’s a public grudge, Ji Heng’s arrogance was manipulated, and Shen Zhaoer’s buttocks bloomed, and he also helped investigate the murderer for self-certification.

The person who Ji Ji went out to investigate also found nothing, but he was never an impatient person and was not in a hurry.

Ji Zheng thought back to Qiaotou when he first met, and looked at the portrait he drew, and regarded it as treasure. He ordered his subordinates to look around for the woman’s identity, but did not know that the beauties were on the same roof as him.