Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 6 – Recap

Ryoko straight-up tells him no, which angers Chen Pi. A fight ensues between Chen Pi and Ryoko’s men. Ryoko defends herself but it looks like Chen Pi has the upper hand. She threatens him about the medicine and warns him that if anything happens to her, he gets nothing. But if he persuades his master, they can still cooperate.

Er Ye and Ya Tou goes out for a walk under the rain and walking past a studio, she asks if they can take a photo next time. He says why not now and drags her inside.

In yet another part of the mine, the trio finds human skeleton and bones everywhere. A wider shot shows signs of coffins being dug up. They find digging tools and they’re of good quality. Qi Shan deduces that their Old Nine Gates ancestors must have been here before, even conducting a large operation. They are alert to a hissing sound, and when it fades, an opera plays. It’s Er Ye’s debut song on stage but the opera now isn’t his. Then it stops. Qi Shan heads alone toward the source of the noise after Ba Ye complains. Fu Guan is ordered to protect Ba Ye. Qi Shan finds a room, entirely covered with hair in webs. There’s an empty altar, where the coffin they found on the 706 train once sits. After some bickering, the two enter as well. Ba Ye listens around and points that the music seem to have come from the other side of the wall.

He leans in and the webs fall at his touch. Moths appear, swarming him. Qi Shan slides over, gun in hand, to save Ba Ye. Fu Guan gets bit. Qi Shan makes them leave, as he battles the moths. When he finally wins, he looks alright – but by the time he comes out, he’s delirious.

They carry an unconscious Qi Shan out from the mine and sees the old man’s dead body outside. Japanese men begin shooting at them but Fu Guan expertly outmaneuvers them. From afar, an American scholar, Qiu De Kou, watches them. His public identity is the president of USA Chamber of Commerce but he’s also an advisor to the Japanese. His servant asks if he should send more men to kill the trio but he says no. He says they might be useful in the future. Half-conscious Qi Shan thinks about the pendant he found in the cobweb of hair. He tells Fu Guan and Ba Ye to send him to Er Ye’s manor instead of the hospital.

When Er Ye checks on a delirious Qi Shan, he removes his gloves. What they see horrify Fu Guan and Ba Ye, but Er Ye understands immediately that they have went to the mine. He chides them for going despite his warnings. Later Er Ye remove a strand of hair and burns it.

Er Ye later explains that he knows they have found the ancient tomb and his granduncle has too found the exact same ring there. His granduncle is with the same Japanese man from the old man’s story at the mine. His granduncle doesn’t survive. When his family searches for him, they find all his blood vessels clogged with hair – even his brain.

Ryoko meets Chen Pi and tells him he can have the medicine. She heard that Qi Shan is heavily injured and she wants him to investigate the full story.