Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 26 – Recap

Ba Ye has accompanied doctor Mo Ce over to the Hong mansion. Mo Ce gives him some medicine and he wakes up, thinking she’s Yatou in his muddled state.  She goes out to fix some warm towels. Ba Ye thinks it’s time Er Ye told him a bit more about what happened to him in the tomb, but he won’t. He just tells Ba Ye to go to his secret room and burn it to the ground. Ba Ye studies the model of the tomb, wondering about the size of it. It’s  far bigger than they thought. He douses everything in gasoline and lights it up. However, one notebook falls to the floor.

At the bordello, that soldier they are targeting Chen Ye finally makes an appearance. Sure, cause he got paid by Fo Ye for keeping quiet. It doesn’t take long and he starts telling them about a huge treasure in the mines outside Changsha and how not even Fo Ye and Er Ye made it out unscathed. It’s soon the talk on the streets, that there is a huge treasure. Chen Pi made sure that people think that Zhang Da Fo Ye wants to keep it all for himself. That’s clever, it’s probably Hendry’s plan. Chen Pi goes to the mine himself, but can’t find an entrance.

At the Zhang mansion,  Fo Ye hears strange things and has weird seizures.

Chief Lu finds it highly amusing that the whole of Changsha now speaks badly of Fo Ye and Madame Huo thinks it’s time for the next step, which involves her visiting Fo Ye. But when she gets increasingly rude, accusing him of trespassing on her territory, thus breaking the rules of the Nine Gates and then demands to be handed all the information about the mines, he loses it. He definitely made a mistake. Madame Huo flees, furious, but I got to tell you, Fo Ye really isn’t himself these days.

He goes to see Ba Ye. But Ba Ye isn’t affected like Fo Ye is. Fo Ye feels he is losing control over his own body. Luckily, Ba Ye has a „protective copper mirror” from his very talented ancestors, who can drive away evil and darkness. It can reflect ferocious ghosts and make them show their true forms. And all of a sudden, his mirror image changes into the face of his father.

Fo Ye is assaulted by horrible memories, of him running away from the Japanese in the forest, with people from his family. His father is shot multiple times in front of him. He takes one last, sad look at his dead father when all of a sudden, a Qilin appears. This is the „monster” the people in the mines were so afraid of. The other monster, not the hair monster. Ba Ye finds him in a trance and really has to shake him out of it.

Chief Lu pays Fo Ye a visit, super friendly, as always, but he talks about the „higher-ups” and how they have heard about that evil rumor about Fo Ye and the mines. Visual Zhang puts two and two together: Lu and Madame Huo are now working together. Right, now it also makes sense to them that Xie Jiu Ye’s business abroad run into troubles.

Chief Lu moves against Er Ye next. They tear him out of bed and arrest him at gunpoint.  Chen Pi is quite outraged, but that sentiment doesn’t last long. After all, Er Ye let the Mistress die like that.

Fo Ye hears about this immediately and goes over to Lu’s house. He demands that Er Ye is let go, but Lu claims he had to capture him because he has info on the ancient tomb. They have a witness. He basically tells Fo Ye to admit he went into the tombs, which Fo Ye does not want to do. He threatens Lu if he harms Er Ye, but he just laughs at him.