Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 25 – Recap

Yin Xinyue thinks she’s meeting with her daddy who has come to reprimand her, but it’s her hot uncle. Uncle and her father try to get her back to Bei Ping. Our Miss however has eyes for only one man, Zhang Qi Shan. And it seems the the Xie men expect that answer, because Uncle brings clothes and other things for her. They also approve of Fo Ye. Uncle parts with a warning: A jade buddha statue has been stolen from them. They found the thief in Changsha – but he killed himself before they could get more information.

Miss goes straight to Xie Jiu / Jiu Ye, who at first does not see the value of this information for the Nine Gate affairs. You should trust the Miss. She also has pictures of the statue with her. Xie Jiu is lost in thought when he plays Go with his lady a bit later.

Chen Pi brings Xie Jiu the Buddha statue. He says it’s a fake and because that’s totally against the rules, Chen Pi declares that Xin Yue hotel’s reputation is forever damaged now. He threatens to spread this news, in the process also trampling on Miss Yin’s dignity. But here is the rub: Xie Jiu also has a jade Buddha. The real one. He got it directly from someone at the Xin Xue hotel. Chen Pi thinks he lost this round and when he storms out, he smashes the Buddha. The „fake” one. Which was not fake but real it was Chen Pi who made it look fake. But I guess Xie Jiu is right: stopping Chen Pi is worth ten expensive Buddhas if not more. Xie Jiu is now acutely aware of a „devil in the city of Changsha”.Xie Jiu is hot as hell. So smart and so powerful. Hendry has some evil plan to get Xie Jiu a criminal charge. Once he’s removed temporarily, he thinks he can topple Zhang Qi Shan.

Down in the mines is Visual Zhan. Him and his men feel super anxious: Fo Ye  are gone for too long. Lt. Zhang sends four of his men in. They get lost almost immediately. In the meantime, Fo Ye and Ba Ye wait for Er Ye. Four hours and more have passed and he’s not back. After Fo Ye wants to go in after him several times and is held back by Ba Ye, Er Ye comes stumbling out. He is gravely hurt.

They find back to the room where Visual Zhang is. Fo Ye screams at everyone to hurry up, they need to leave. And nobody is allowed to go in anymore. Ba Ye thinks Er Ye’s „muscles and bones” were injured.  Er Ye wakes up temporarily and manages to hand Fo Ye a fragment of something. And then, Er Ye tells them to blow everything up. There are explosives ready there too.

Fo Ye is home. Bleeding, but apparently writing up a report. The man is in pain. And exhausted. Of course, he claims „it’s nothing”.  He is concerned about the others, the dead ones and the alive ones and their potentially lose tongues. They can’t have anyone tattle about this.

Miss Yin comes in and scolds him for being injured again. She got her cousin Mo Ce, a doctor, to come. Mo Ce admits she was very curious to see this man who snatched her cousin away. Fo Ye gets up and steps away. He is also still very concerned about Er Ye and Xin Yue sends her cousin there as well.

Later, Fo Ye is alone in his room. When he wants to take his pants off he remembers that thing Er Ye gave him. He starts to wash carefully and that activates the tattoo. He stares at the beast on his body and on the  thing in his hand. That thing in the tomb, it’s a Qilin.

Er Ye  has a horrible nightmare about hair. Before that, he dreams of Yatou, who is assailed by hair too. He wakes up and there is hair everywhere, tying him to his chair.