Recap, The lost tomb: The mystic nine

The lost tomb: The Mystic Nine episode 18 – Recap

There are a lot of traps in the mine and something sinister lurks. Two of the Chinese explorers under the grand uncle finally got out of a trap 27 days later but found all their companions dead. To prevent the Japanese from discovering the secret of the tomb, the grand uncle and his companions created a maze to prevent them from entering.

Half-dead Chen Pi walks around town with blood still on his hands. Mr Qiu pops out and points a gun to his head, which Chen Pi just rolls his eyes at. Mr Qiu is just kidding, of course he is, and he dangles a carrot over Chen Pi to get him interested: the truth behind Ya Tou’s death. Mr Qiu reveals that Ya Tou didn’t die of her disease, someone else was at fault. Basically recycling the same conversation. He tells him it’s his master’s most trusted friend Qi Shan’s fault. Chen Pi refuses to be a fool this time and warns him he will investigate this.

Xin Yue is out thinking about Ya Tou. Without her only friend here, Changsha is becoming less and less meaningful. The servant encourages her, saying she has never seen Qi Shan being so considerate to anyone before.

She lurks around the mansion, heading somewhere when she runs into Qi Shan. He tells her he has already asked Jiu Ye to send her back. The mission this time is very dangerous, so he needs to make all preparations. Xin Yue gives him an ultimatum: either she goes with him or he let her wait at home. Or she will just secretly follow him into the mine. He finally relents.

Qi Shan and Ba Ye gets ready to go out tomb-raiding, prepared with men and armed this time, when they learn Er Ye wants to see them. Er Ye explains that he has already found out what has happened with Ya Tou, though he looks no less upset about it. But he has news about the mine and shares his ancestor’s journal.

Er Ye agrees to go with them, since it is his family’s will after all. After he leaves, Ba Ye notes that Er Ye is still awkward with them. Qi Shan accepts his responsibility in causing Ya Tou’s death but Ba Ye is more hopeful. Qi Shan says he must protect Ba Ye.

Expedition begins and they finally enter the mine.