Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 9 – Recap

High Shao is wandering the streets of Beijing looking for antiques. The trio are looking for Pan Zi. Wu Xie finds Pan Zi in his antique shop. Wu Xie tells Pan Zi that he needs to speak with elderly Mrs . Hou. Pan Zi tells him that is not going to be easy , but he will find a way.

Pan Zi manages to find out the location where Mrs. Hou is going to be, but he didn’t get tickets to the event. High Shao made a copy of the tickets last night.

Security guards show up and realize that their tickets are fake. The group is about to get escorted out when suddenly someone comes to inform them that Granny Hou wants to see them.

They are lead to this really fancy restaurant and Pan Zi orders a really expensive tea.

Wu Xie meets Mrs. Hou and she is really rude to him. She tells him she won’t tell him anything unless he brings his grandma.

She also talks about how the tomb families were connected in ways , but that doesn’t make them close.  Wu Xie leaves and he meets the grandson of Mrs.Hou and his fiance.