Recap, The lost tomb S1

The lost tomb S1 episode 10 – Recap

Pan Zi talks a lot and causes quite a stir. He doesn’t help the situation much , but he is a greater defender. He fights off all those bad guys. Granny Hou is demanding that Wu Xie and his friends leave , but Wu Xie continues to sit on the seat next to Granny. Granny then says I will tell you the answers if you stay in that seat until 4:30. It is such a weird request and we find out why in a few minutes.

Wu Xie, Chen Cheng Cheng, and High Shao realize that the seat Wu Xie is sitting in is the most dangerous seat in the auction house. Whoever sits on the seat has to purchase the antique no matter the cost and if the person does not have enough money to purchase it he will ruin not only ruin his life , but also that of his family.

Granny is not going to make it easy for Wu Xie to sit on that chair because she gets her hench men to beat up Chen Cheng Cheng, Pan Zi , and High Shao. They also try to pull Wu Xie from his seat , but he is holding tight. Meanwhile Poker Face is watching everything unfold from behind a pillar. When it’s 4:30 the 4 of them make a run for it. Wu Xie tells Granny that she’ll tell him when they meet again.

They escape the hotel and Pan Zi stays to fight off the remaining bad guys. Chen Cheng Cheng  , High Shao and Wu Xie end up in an alleyway.

Suddenly Cheng says that she left her phone . Wu Xie says he will go and get it for her. Suddenly , Cheng sticks a needle in High Shao’s neck and makes Wu Xie unconscious by holding a napkin over his mouth.

When Wu Xie wakes up he is tied up alongside High Shao and sees Cheng standing in front of him. Cheng explains to him that she works for the same boss as A Ning and is going to kill them once third uncle gets her the emerald fish.

Suddenly Granny Hou’s henchmen arrive and Cheng gets worried. She hides them while she pretends that she is unconscious. While she wards off the bad guys and uses some super cool ninja moves , Wu Xie and High Shao escape from their bonds with the help of some nearby shards of glass. Cheng doesn’t seem to be very smart. Cheng realizes that they escaped and calls her boss and tells him that the plan may not begin.

Uncle Three is annoyed at himself for not verifying Cheng’s identity. I’m annoyed with you for not doing that too, Uncle Three. We had to suffer because of your lapse. Wu Xie explains Cheng worked for Ning’s boss, and that’s who actually owned the Warring States Silk manuscript. Turns out the boss’s name is Qiu Dekao.

Wu Xie takes it to Uncle Three and asks him who one person in particular is. Uncle Three names Little Master as Qilin Zhang and says the person in the photo looks just like him. Actually, it looks like him.

Anyway, Fatty and Wu Xie decide to find out about all of this. Wu Xie decides to return to Uncle Three’s house the next day. When he enters with his own key, he finds the shoes at the doorway all messed up, the house a mess, and Uncle Three gone.