Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 24 Recap

Martial arts emphasizes riding and shooting, and it has only been better than archery. This round of riding is better than riding. The rule is that after passing through many barriers, the first person to reach the end and win the flag wins. As soon as the order was sounded, the horses galloped out, and all kinds of flying sand and rocks followed deep into the mountains and forests.

Fu Rong happened to see the good sister go out with King Cheng, and quietly followed. He found that Qi Zhu had disappeared. One of them accidentally broke the secret of King Cheng. King Cheng moved to kill, and Fu Rong kicked a bunch of fallen leaves and turned around. Just run. Xu Jin in the hunting camp found the clues and hurriedly followed Lan Xiang’s guidance. Fu Rong couldn’t choose his way for a while and crashed into someone’s arms. It turned out to be Wang An.

She hurriedly hid behind him, both the prince, and she stayed under the eyes of the king Without Fu Rong, Wang An took her back to the camp.

Xu Jin just rushed over and saw Wang An holding Fu Rong’s hand and he just grabbed it. He didn’t know that Fu Rong’s hand was hurt because of the bump. Now that he knew it, he just picked up Fu Rong and left. Xu Jin was jealous. He didn’t want Fu Rong to repay his gratitude. He wanted Fu Rong to hug him. Fu Rong would not leave if he didn’t hug him. Finally, Xu Jin looked extremely satisfied when he was hugged.

Many people were dismounted. Wu Baiqi was able to overcome obstacles and thorns all the way. He took the flag and rode his horse to the camp.

When the arrow stabbed, Xu Jin shot a dark mark and only had time to break the arrow. Wu Baiqi was still stabbed. He picked up the banner with his injuries, this brave general was none other than him.

The emperor ordered King An to find out who did the secret arrow in the hunting ground.

King Cheng here pointed at his subordinates and cursed at waste. There was nowhere to vent his suffocation. After this, Wu Baiqi and Xu Jin couldn’t easily calculate it. If they can’t afford it, they can find someone who can afford it. King Cheng is determined to calculate. Calculate Fu Rong.

The arrow that stabbed Wu Baiqi was non-toxic. It seemed that this man didn’t want to kill him, but just wanted him to lose the election. Xu Jin relaxed, planning to find Fu Rong, but when he went out, he met Fu Xuan in Fu Rong’s clothes. It turned out that Fu Rong’s clothes were dirty, so he changed with Fu Xuan to attend a later banquet.

Wu Baiqi was bored in the tent. When he heard Fu Xuan’s voice outside, he immediately screamed and deliberately attracted Fu Xuan to visit. He was very excited when he saw Fu Xuan. After less than half a moment of the pain, he started to jump around and talked to Fu Xuan about his bravery when he captured the flag.

My own heroic story has not been finished yet, and the dark arrow outside the window is hard to guard against. The feather of the arrow flew towards Fu Xuan. Wu Bai couldn’t think about subconsciously protecting Fu Xuan from the inside, and he abruptly took the arrow. An arrow was stuck in his back, blood and blood. Wu Baiqi gritted his teeth when Ge Chuan pulled the arrow for him. Fu Xuan watched his tears unknowingly stay. This beauty’s tears were very useful to Wu Bai. It hurts, and even in the mood to say some love words, Fu Xuan really makes him feel bad.

Xu Jin and Fu Rong went to the lake. He wiped the corners of Fu Rong’s mouth with a handkerchief, making fun of her and stealing food. Fu Rong’s concern was that the handkerchief had been taken by Xu Jin long ago. Tonight shrouded in stars, and the Big Dipper was extremely bright. Talking about these Xu Jin like endorsements, Fu Rong covered his mouth as early as possible. In the evening, Xu Jin learned that Wu Baiqi had been injured and went to see him. When he returned, Fu Rong was drawing some patterns. The arrow shot this time was poisoned, Xu Jin whispered that Wu Baiqi really hit the arrow this time. He suddenly asked whether Fu Rong’s destiny could be changed. How could he suddenly ask, Fu Rong felt that he was weird, and he wanted to tell him in detail, Xu Jin went to the study without answering.

The next day Xu Jin asked Fu Rong about the whereabouts of Xiaoqi Xiaoba. The two of them were well informed and had extensive contacts. Xu Jin wanted to ask them about something, but Fu Rong hadn’t seen them much on the street recently. Suddenly Xu Jin hugged Fu Rong, saying that they would not be separated, like praying, like wishing.

Fu Xuan was actually very worried about Wu Baiqi, so he went to the barracks to take a look. Wu Baiqi was naturally happy, and was about to send Fu Xuan back, but his deputy Li Wei was very dumbfounded and rushed to rush him.

Military training. To bother him to live with the beautiful woman, Wu Bai ordered the soldiers to replace all the new weapons, and when he and Li Wei competed, the new weapon was cut off by a single blow. Then he checked the weapons in the armory as well. It seems that someone has been thinking about weapons. According to Wu Baiqi’s continued inspection, one-sixth of the weapons had already been shoddy, and he had to hurry up to find the stronghold of this group in Beijing.

Xu Jin returned late at night. Seeing Fu Rong asleep at the table, she woke up again when she hugged him to the bed. After hearing Xu Jin talk about the stars that day, Fu Rong wanted to launch a series of jewelry with this theme. There are many sketches on the gallery, but none of them are satisfactory, because she has a little knowledge of the stars. So after Fu Rong was asleep, Xu Jin quietly wrote a detailed note of the stars and placed it next to her, stroked her face, and waited until he determined his life and death before going to the love of his children.

A new batch of weapons was transported to the camp, Wu Baiqi and Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the eyes behind him, and then put the weapons into the warehouse. The soldiers in charge of the rhyming weapons entered the warehouse to replace the so-called broken swords and spears, replaced the swords they had brought, and transported them to a copper shop, pressed some sickles and hoes as a cover, and transported the carts out of the city. The whole process of punishment has been secretly observed.

King An made an appointment to come to Wu Baiqi to inform him about the man in black and Xinduhou in the hunting ground, and use a knife to kill. According to the news given by the care of Yuan, Xinduhou’s foothold in the capital is the copper shop. When the time comes, the copper shop will be handed over to Xu Jin. Xinduhou will inevitably jump over the wall, and Xu Jin will not let go. The opportunity to live in Xinduhou, and King An only needs to reap the benefits of the fisherman.