Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 22 Recap

When the imperial palace learned about Yao’s affairs, the Yao family had already begun to do nothing. The two families of He and Yao died of illness and death. Xu Jinke’s wife’s story spread to Kyoto. The ministers became ill and refused to get married, but the Lord Xihe didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything, she just wanted to marry King Su. But Xu Jin had someone in his mind long ago, and it will not be too late to talk about it tomorrow.

Fu Rongle was at ease, hiding in Xu Jinke’s wife’s rumors and reading the scripts comfortably, witnessing a pair of lovers eloped, and the scripts became much more beautiful. When Fu Rong went to see Xu Jin, he was still discussing the imperial concubine. The final decision was the same as in his dream. She will still be the future imperial concubine when the lord of Xihe enters the palace tomorrow.

Qiu Nan sneaked out of the mansion and told Xihe County Lord that she was the imperial concubine, Xihe County Lord had not cheered for a few times, and the dyed cloth behind him was torn apart by a sharp blade. The person here was Xu Jin. He had long discovered that Qiu Nan was wrong. I don’t like Princess Xihe either, and today is the day to make a complete break.

When Fu Rong walked to the street, he met Wen Xing driving a carriage. Wang An asked her to meet him. Lan Xiang didn’t catch up after half a step, only to see Fu Rong getting into the car of Shushui Xiaozhu. When he arrived in a deserted suburb, An Wang was grilling fish. When he was a child, they went fishing together in Pinghu. Nowadays, he still goes to Pinghu to catch fish and share it with those who he cared about when he was a child. Suddenly a gust of wind blows out the surrounding lamps, and the surrounding area is half dark. Fu Rong stepped on a stone to light the lamp. The stone was unstable and about to fall, but Xu Jin caught her. He only needs to go back to the house and see Lan Xiang’s expression to know that Fu Rong must have slipped out.

Wang An’s interest was disturbed, and Xu Jin wanted to take Fu Rong back. She refused, and Wang refused even more. She stopped a few words and Xu Jin directly carried Fu Rong to his shoulder and raised his leg and left.

When he returned to the palace, Xu Jin was waiting for Fu Rong to explain, but she didn’t even ask if Xu Jin would marry Zhengfei tomorrow. Since she was so anxious to know the answer, Xu Jin stepped forward and couldn’t help but said that she had kissed her. This matter will come to light tomorrow.

The next day in the palace, the emperor heard that the lord of Xihe was also ill, and the three marriages were dying. The emperor was so overwhelmed by this incident that he had to give up, and only ordered Xu Jin to discipline Fu Rong.

Concubine Shu had an idea in his heart, and after he reported to Emperor Ming, Fu Rong was called to the palace by Concubine Shu, saying that she was accompanied by Concubine Shu to learn the rules.

When Fu Rong went to the palace of Concubine Shu, she saw Concubine Shu weeping again and again, and Xu Jin was afraid that his health was not good. During the wedding, Xu Jin suffered a recurrence of cold and toxin. He was already cold, and he was injured when his body was not well-trained. The cold and toxin were violent. Xu Jin still had one month at most. Fu Rong remembered the little memories in his dream. Xu Jin’s coffin and spiritual position appeared in front of him. In that dream, Xu Jin probably died because of her.

She admitted without concealment that she was the one who stabbed Xu Jin during the newly-married marriage. Concubine Shu thought she was worried that Xu Jin never blamed him, and sent a maid to go back to the Suwang Mansion with her. She clearly taught Fu Rong etiquette, but actually took care of her. Xu Jin lives.

Fu Rong hurriedly left, and Concubine Shu hurriedly rinsed her mouth and vomited all the lies she had just told her. Ge Chuan stabbed Xu Jin with acupuncture today, knowingly or unconsciously, and stabbed him in the acupuncture point. Xu Jin couldn’t hold the pen when he was writing. Fu Rong happened to see, and immediately remembered what Shu Fei said in his heart. Xu Jin really only had one month’s life.

After asking Ge Chuan, Fu Rong learned that the cold toxin is very dangerous. At first, he only got cold hands and feet. In the end, the whole body became exhausted and there was no cure. Fu Rong was anxious, and borrowed a medical book to help Ge Chuan find cold toxin therapy.

In the evening, she boiled nourishing soup for Xu Jin again. Ge Chuan once again became the most eye-catching person, pulling Xu Jia and shouting Lan Xiang to withdraw from the hall, Fu Rong grabbed Xu Jin’s paperwork and asked him to rest earlier, she would Waiting for Xu Jin in the room, she would not sleep unless Xu Jin came. This sudden enthusiasm made Xu Jin puzzled and at a loss.

Fu Xuan feeds the fish in the backyard, and the water in the fish tank reflects Wu Baiqi on the wall. The previous bet Fu Xuan lost. Xu Jin did not marry the concubine, so the former He Yao family girl and Xihe County lord were Xu Jin. Deliberately, he really took pains for Fu Rong. Wu Baiqi was probably injured. Otherwise, why didn’t he come in today? Fu Xuan asked, it was true, but in order to make sure that Fu Xuan would not repent, Wu Baiqi could come even if he limped. In fact, outside the wall that Fu Xuan could not see, Guo Rui had been supporting him for a long time, his face flushed, just so that he could chat with the beautiful woman.

Xu Jin returned to the room, Fu Rong threw down the medical book, and personally lifted his waistband. Today’s Fu Rong is too enthusiastic. Xu Jin has been in the clouds and mist until now. I don’t know what happened to her. The couch was spilled with water, forcing Xu Jin to go to bed with her. As soon as he went to bed, Fu Rong touched his feet. It was very cold. This is because the body is cold. Keep warm. Fu Rong put on a blanket for him. Thick layers of cotton socks.

Xu Jin couldn’t hold back the question, and asked her what was wrong, Fu Rong was also surprised, caring eagerly and reluctantly, could it be that she wanted her to harm him? Xu Jin only said that even if Fu Rong harmed him, he was willing. After covering the quilt, Xu Jin suddenly rolled over and pressed herself on Fu Rong, and asked her if she knew what is so expensive. Fu Rong pushed her back with a palm. Xu Jin was not as discouraged as a child who had successfully teased her.

When Xu Jin fell asleep, Fu Rong stood up quietly and continued to study medical books until the sun went three poles. She was still reading when Ge Chuan came, and finally found a way to treat Xu Jin’s cold poison.

Fu Rong went back to the Fu Mansion and gave many gifts to the family. Almost everything that could be prepared was prepared for them. When asked, she only said that she was married to the palace and now she is very rich. Please rest assured, this time she When I return to my family alone, I will definitely bring Xu Jin with him next time.

It was the night after returning to the palace. Fu Rong and Xu Jin had another drink under the moon. I still remember the last time they were in Hongcun when they met Mingyue, and Xu Jin saw her crazy drunk. Actually otherwise, the first time Xu Jin saw her drunk was in Zuichun Pavilion. It was Xu Jin who sent Fu Rong back that day, but Fu Rong didn’t know it. As for Fu Rong and Wang An’s acquaintance with Xu Jin, he didn’t expect it, but Fu Rong only said that he had rescued him when he was young. Xu Jin’s prudent eyes should have been more tolerant to her now. Xu Jin knew that Fu Rong wanted to get him drunk and let her make trouble, but he didn’t know that there was medicine in the wine. Fu Rong said that if he came again, he would tell his fortune and tell him that he would live a hundred years old. After kissing him gently Xu Jin’s eyes closed heavily and fell asleep. At this time Ge Chuan came, Fu Rong picked up the dagger he had prepared, white light appeared, and Fu Rong asked him to take care of Xu Jin.