Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 21 Recap

Holding the lotus stamens that Fu Rong bought, Xu Jin felt very sad when he recalled the moments between him and Fu Rong. In order not to worry about his parents, Fu Rong took Lan Xiang and A Yuan to Ruyi Tower.

In the Ruyi building, Fu Rong opened Liu Ruyi’s secret room and found a letter Liu Ruyi left for her. Knowing that Liu Ruyi had committed suicide, Fu Rong realized that he had misunderstood Xu Jin, and hurried back to the Su Palace and burned the letter of divorce.

Looking at Xu Jin, who was drunk and unconscious, Fu Rong wanted to wake him up. Xu Jin hugged Fu Rong in his sleep, asked her why she didn’t believe in herself, and murmured to herself that she had always treated her sincerely, why she was so cruel to abandon herself. Listening to Xu Jin’s complaining about sex, Fu Rong regretted what he had done before and warmly wiped his face.

Early the next morning, Fu Rong took Liu Ruyi’s letter to Xu Jin and apologized to him, but Xu Jin did not extinguish the fire.

To express his sincerity, Fu Rong personally cooks and cooks for Xu Jin. Seeing Fu Rong’s hand scalded because of cooking, Xu Jin felt distressed. On the surface, he said coldly that it would be better to leave the cooking to the next person. Seeing that Xu Jin was about to taste his own cooking, someone from the palace called him away.

Wu Bai got up and went to the palace to find Concubine Duan, but Concubine Duan refused to see him for inconvenience.

Qiu Nan told Xihe County lord of Xu Jin and Fu Rong’s current situation, and learned that Xu Jin and Fu Rong had a quarrel, and Xu Jin proposed to choose the concubine, Xihe County lord was very excited. Xu Jin knelt down for Fu Rong before, and after marrying in, he left her in the cold. Thinking of this, Xihe County Lord guessed something happened between Xu Jin and Fu Rong, and hurriedly asked Qiu Nan to help him investigate. Although Qiu Nan was unwilling, she had to agree in order for Xihe Princess to help her brother gain fame.

Fu Rong went up to the tree to play, Xu Jin hurriedly hugged her down, but accidentally stretched the wound. When Fu Rong helped Xu Jin deal with the wound, he saw the scars on his body and felt very self-blame.

Wu Bai got up to find Fu Xuan, and wanted her to drink with him. Faced with Fu Xuan’s question, Wu Baiqi expressed disappointment that he once thought that there was a real relative by his side in this world, but he did not expect that in the face of interests, everything was nothingness, even his aunt deceived himself. Hearing this, Fu Xuan comforted him. She thought that Wu Baiqi should not escape, but should think about whether to continue this family relationship or cut the mess quickly and sort out everything. Wu Baiqi gave Fu Xuan a glass of wine, and when he wanted to kiss Fu Xuan, Bao Zhu interrupted them with a sudden call.

Hearing the conversation between Fu Rong and Xu Jin, Qiu Nan hurriedly told the Lord Xihe about Fu Rong’s assassination of Xu Jin, and the Lord Xihe told the emperor about the matter. The emperor wanted Xu Jin to marry the imperial concubine, Xu Jin happily agreed, but he offered to choose it himself.

Fu Rong was very angry when he learned that Xu Jin was choosing the concubine. She brought the soup to Xu Jin and deliberately sprinkled the soup on the portrait. Seeing the jealous Fu Rong, Xu Jin was very happy, but still deliberately said that his concubine was chosen to piss her off.

At night, when Xu Jin gave Fu Rong a quilt, he saw the mandarin duck embroidered by her and took it away happily.

Wu Bai got up and looked for Fu Xuan. Fu Xuan asked King Su if he really wanted to marry the concubine. Wu Baiqi didn’t say much, but made her believe that King Su had only Fu Rong in his heart.

Knowing that Xu Jin was going to marry a girl from the He family as a concubine, Fu Rong hurried to inquire about the situation, and unexpectedly found that someone in their family had tuberculosis. Fu Rong told Xu Jin about this, and Xu Jin found Master He and asked him to help withdraw the engagement.

After He’s daughter retired from his marriage, the emperor chose Yao Yushi’s daughter for him. Fu Rong was very depressed when he learned of this. At night, Xu Jin rushed to Yao Mansion, Fu Rong quietly followed, but Xu Jin found out. Yao Yushi’s prostitute wanted to elope with the common people, and Xu Jin personally wrote him a letter of recommendation. Fu Rong was very happy when he heard this, because Xu Jin finally didn’t have to marry a concubine.