Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 20 Recap

The plan was as usual, and Wang An wanted to rob Fu Rong and leave, and he felt tormented for Fu Rong to stay here for a while. The masked black kicked Lan Xiang and Gu Yuan faint.

The knife rests on Fu Rong’s neck and takes her to the courtyard. Suddenly, a hidden mark flies out to knock down the assassin, and Xu Jin stands in front of Fu Rong. The swordsmen faced each other, and everyone in the main hall heard the sound and rushed. King An found that Fu Rong and Xu Jin were all right. At this time, thick smoke exploded in the air. Someone took advantage of the chaos to kill Xu Jin. Wu Baiqi and King An flew darts at the same time. The dart collided with the assassin to escape, but An Wang only said that he had missed.

Wang An stepped forward and took Fu Rong’s hand. Xu Jin was beside him, and Fu Rong broke free uncomfortably. The Lord Xihe hurried over to care about his brother Su Wang, and Xu Jin also broke away fiercely.

The Lord Xihe and the Lord of Anping went together and met Qiu Nan who was going to deliver hot water. Since it was given to King Su, the Lord Xihe was very willing to do it for him. The Lord Anping also helped the Lord Xihe put on airs and ordered Qiu Nan If you have anything, you must tell the princess as soon as possible. When he left Suwang’s Mansion, he first pleaded guilty for punishment. Today, he was unsatisfactory. He took Fu Rong and was almost killed. The Ruyi token was not found. Wang An warned him that he should not miss any more.

When Wang An was chased and killed when he was a child, he hurriedly ran into the wilderness and met Fu Rong who was beating jujube. At that time, Fu Rong was clever and bold. He saved him and made him happy, which was rare in his childhood. Precious memories. It’s all because of his luck that he thought that Fu Rong was able to assassinate Xu Jin, but now he has trapped Fu Rong in the Suwang Mansion instead of succeeding. The token was fruitless, and Fu Rong couldn’t. Wang An rarely lost his temper.

The next day Xu Jin and Fu Rong saw the emperor and Concubine Shu in the palace. Concubine Shu heard about the assassination yesterday, and saw the white cloth wrapped around Xu Jin’s arm. I ordered Fu Rong and went to the Royal Garden for a walk. The jewelry she wore was also the set of sunshine and goodness that Fu Rong gave back. She should have seen Xu Jin’s thoughts on Fu Rong. Xu Jin always said less and thought more. With the beloved, mothers only hope that they will be happy and peaceful.

Emperor Nian suffered injuries in Xu Jin and made him live and recuperate. After that, he had important arrangements for him. General Situ of Huxiao Camp is very old. They plan to hold the next martial arts conference and Qiu Xun together. At that time, a general will be elected to replace Huxiao Camp. This matter is presided over by King An. Now Xu Jin only needs a good life. Recuperate. Xu Jin Fu Rong went out of the palace gate and met Wang An, who secretly stuffed the note to Fu Rong and asked her to come out to see him.

On this day, Ji Qingting and Mr. Zhang of the chanting band were discussing business in the teahouse. During the joyous period, Wu Baiqi suddenly came out, frightened both of them at a loss. He sent away Boss Zhang and asked Ji Qingting, and learned that Duan Fei was pressing hard, Wu Baiqi still didn’t believe it until he saw Duan Fei’s seal. In addition to Wu Baiqi’s seal, Feng Laiyi can sign orders, and only Duan Fei has this ability.

Xu Jin sent Fu Rong a hawthorn five-ren cake with peanuts in it, and Fu Rong gave it to Lanxiang and Gu Yuan if he couldn’t eat it. Since Xu Jin gave the gift, Fu Rong had to purchase something as a gift in return. He ordered Lan Xiang to prepare men’s clothing, and then sneaked out the next day. Qiu Nan happened to return to the house and recognized Fu Rong but did not reveal it on the spot. . There were too many people in front of the wine shop, and Fu Rong let Lan Xiang line up and quietly went to the King of Hoi An.

Xu Jin returned to the mansion and learned from Qiu Nan that Fu Rong was ill from heatstroke.

Fu Rong now sinks his heart to think about Liu Ruyi’s death. There are many doubts about this matter and Xu Jin. First of all, Xu Jin will definitely not let Gu Yuan follow Fu Rong, and secondly, there is no need to let her just turn her head after killing Liu Ruyi. Seeing myself injured. Although the anti-Mi workers saw blood in white clothes, it was coincidence that it was not Xu Jin. Wang An listened to Fu Rong’s speculation, and remembered that he passed by in front of the anti-Mi workers that day, it seems that Fu Rong no longer doubted Xu Jin.

When he went to the house, he was gone. Xu Jia was instructed to take the guards out, and all the guards and servants on duty today were punished. Until Fu Rong returned to the mansion, the family members were still kneeling outside the palace because she left the palace privately.

She confessed to kneeling, Xu Jin raised her with one arm and entered the back room. Fu Rong hurriedly admitted his mistake, but did not say what Xu Jin wanted to hear. Ge Chuan outside the hall explained aloud that Xu Jin was angry because she was worried that she would be in danger when she went out, for fear that the two in the hall would not hear.

Xu Jin was angry and left, and Lan Xiang hurried forward to explain to Fu Rong that he was not going out willful today, but thinking of returning a gift for Xu Jin, and handing two bottles of fine wine.

In the evening, Lan Xiang inquired about what happened today. Xu Jin thought she liked Wuren cake and went out and bought another dish. The delivery was just to find Gu Yuan was eating. Xu Jin was so angry that Gu Yuan did not have time to tell him. Fu Rong is allergic to peanuts.

Xu Jin and Ge Chuan Xu Jia were discussing about Fu Rong. Fu Rong couldn’t hear him outside the hall, so Qiu Nan was asked to pass it on. Qiu Nan intentionally or unintentionally told him that Xu Jin would consider the imperial concubine, but Fu Rong didn’t know why. Have fun.

At night Xu Jin didn’t go to the study room to sleep, and ran to the bedroom to see Fu Rong. Fu Rong knew that he was a person who always caused trouble to make Xu Jin unhappy, so it was better to join and leave.