Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 17 Recap

Fu Rong was escorted, stunned without saying a word, tears falling from his eyes. Fu Xuan watched Ding Peng want to take her away, and went straight to stop him, so that it would be unjust to convict people and imprison them without evidence. As soon as the words fell, Xu Jin and Wu Bai got off their horses and walked into the crowd. Fu Xuan was right. Since there was no evidence, he convicted himself, and planned to take Fu Rong to the censorship division instead of detaining the suspect. Is the law of Dayu State a child’s play? Ding Peng couldn’t, so he could only retreat and bet Fu Rong to the post.

Wu Baiqi sent Fu Xuan back to the mansion, admiring Fu Xuan just now. Just because one person stopped the mentoring division and moved out of the Dayu Law, it was really a woman who would not give up. Unexpectedly, after two steps, Fu Xuan’s legs were soft and trembling, and she leaned on the side of the road. She was really frightened by the situation just now, and she stood firm for Fu Rong. Now it’s hard to walk, Wu Baiqi put the robe she brought to Fu Rong on her, and carried her all the way to Fu Mansion.

Xu Jin inspected the scene again, but the original Hao Zuo Hu Ming went home because of something at home, and now Jiang Hao Zuo came, Xu Jin felt a little strange. On the other side, Jianshui Xiaozhu heard that Fu Rong had been sent to the prison, and he left a sentence to continue tracking the token, and Wang An hurried out.

Ding Peng paid homage to King Xu Mao and reported Liu Ruyi’s death. He happened to run into Fu Rong and framed him, but King Su suddenly came out to obstruct him. So Xu Mao ordered people to spread the news, saying that King Su had sheltered the prisoner and poured all the dirty water on him.

Xu Jin was outside the Criminal Division and saw Fu Pinyan bringing Fu Xuan to visit Fu Rong. At this time, they should avoid suspicion. What’s more, Fu Ronggang discovered that Liu Ruyi had died in the last second, and the next moment the criminal secretary arrived. It was really strange, so let’s not let the truth go. Xu Jin asked the two of them to return home and wait patiently. Fu Pinyan saluted Xu Jin deeply, and Fu Rong offered to help in times of crisis, and he was grateful.

King Su defended Fu Rong on the street, and the matter reached the emperor’s ears. Xu Jin only said that he would check the evidence by himself, and would never interfere otherwise.

He came to Yusuo again to bring food and clothing for Fu Rong. Fu Rong was trapped in a dream and called to Master. He couldn’t bear to disturb, and quietly accompanied him to comfort him for a while and then left. Before leaving, I asked Ding Peng to confirm that the trial was three days later.

Wang An also rushed to visit Fu Rong, pushed aside the things Xu Jin had sent, and put the things he had brought, waking up Fu Rong to talk to him. Fu Rong thought it was Wang An who was comforting her just now, but Wang didn’t admit or deny this. He only asked Fu Rong to be wronged for a few days, and he would surely rescue her. She didn’t ask her about the token. After all, Liu Ruyi had protected Fu Rong very well, and she didn’t know anything.

Xu Jin went to Ruyilou to investigate again, and noticed that Wu Zuo Hu Ming was a novice examiner, and the autopsy time was early, but Jiang Ya Zuo came later. The time difference between Youshisi and Youshisi was enough to clarify Fu Rong’s innocence. She was still in Fu Mansion. But Hu Ming suddenly disappeared, and there really is something weird in it. The key thing now is to find Hu Ming and get his initial testimony. Xu Jin ordered Xu Jia to take people to Hujiacun to find Hu Ming. As for the criminal secretary who just left, there shouldn’t be anyone embarrassing Fu Rong.

In the middle of the night, Ding Peng submitted a paper confession, as long as Fu Rong signed it to protect her from worry. She is not a three-year-old child, and she is afraid that her head will fall after signing. Seeing that she refused to cooperate, Ding Peng found a reason for Fu Rong to escape from prison, and was to be executed when he was dragged to the field.

When the executioner was ordered to spray wine and raise the knife, the white blade was about to hit Fu Rong’s neck, and a white fan hit the flying blade, and Xu Jin flew from the sky and landed on Fu Rong’s side. He wanted to rob the court, and Ding Peng’s threat was useless. Xu Jin pulled Fu Rong’s hand up and gave Ding Peng a palm. Ding Peng flew out a few meters, and the guards immediately stepped forward and surrounded the two. Jin Bai’s fan turned sideways and turned out a circle, and these people fell to the ground. Ge Chuan Xu Jia came on horseback, and Xu Jin took Fu Rong’s horse and escaped from the capital.

The news reached the emperor the next day, Xu Jin was removed from all positions, and the city gates were sealed off, and Xu Jin and fugitive Fu Rong were arrested.

At this time, Xu Jin and Fu Rong were hiding in the ice cart carrying fruit, and left Beijing hastily before the city gate was blocked. Ge Chuan and Xu Jia also went out in disguise, and they were temporarily safe.

Concubine Shu brought Xu Hao to intercede for Xu Jin. Although the emperor had a doubt in his heart, he did not change any decision.

King An was summoned, and because he was disappointed with what Xu Jin had done, he put Jin Yiwei in his custody. There was a gap between the father and the son. King An was too happy to take the burden, pretending to refuse.

Everyone in Fu’s mansion was not in the mood to eat, and Fu Guan was also curious, why the second sister went out to play for so many days and didn’t come back.

Suddenly, Wu Baiqi led a man to search Fu’s mansion, with a high-sounding face, even coldly facing Fu Xuan. His subordinate Guo Rui accidentally ran into Fu Guan with his sword hilt, and the child’s forehead was red. Fu Xuan was also annoyed. After ordering Fu Guan in to apply the medicine, he was about to ask Wu Baiqi what was going on.

Ding Peng also rushed to Fu’s house with someone to arrest the Fu family. Wu Baiqi argued with him, and he was unfamiliar with Xu Jin’s Fu’s family. The Fu family did not know about the escape, and his men were not there. The whereabouts of Xu Jin and Fu Rong were found in the mansion, but he couldn’t catch him. And in order to avoid suspicion that Wu Baiqi can’t search outside the city, it’s okay to find an unfamiliar Guo Rui, and turn around with a look Guo Rui understands.