Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 16 Recap

Fu Xuan remembered that in the rain yesterday, he ordered some wind-cold medicine to Wu Baiqi.

Fu Pinyan was worried about Fu Rong. He hadn’t seen this girl for a few days, and Fu Xuan couldn’t keep it secret. Suddenly remembering the news that Wu Baiqi had brought, he decided to hide something from his father. Unexpectedly, the next moment King An will send Fu Rong back to the mansion, Fu Pinyan respectfully thanked King An, who is very distant and respectful.

Without his father by the side, Fu Xuan angrily ignored Fu Rong. Fu Rong was also very anxious, and ran to Jichang City specially for her master’s affairs. In the end, she was missing for several days without finding anything, but she couldn’t say anything before the matter came to light.

Xu Jin left Jichang City to return to Beijing, and reported the Jichang City sulfur explosives. At the court, Wang Cheng left the imperial tomb without coming to think about whether he came, only Wang An, Wang Huai and Xu Jin. Speaking of the explosives, the ledger is indeed the evidence, the numbers are correct, but the writing of the recording materials is wrong, some people use white stone instead of white jade, which is a quarter of the original cost.

Wang An didn’t panic at all. The emperor said that Shang Kaiyang had pleaded guilty and committed suicide, which was exactly the same as Xu Jin’s investigation. After this incident, everything went as usual. After all, the emperor wanted to protect Xu Jin’s son. Wang An only asked for an apology, but now it seems that it is unnecessary. They can only make their father and son pay the debt.

Xu Jin came back to look at the hidden weapon left by the assassin at the time. A silver needle with a delicate design that could be bent at will was indeed a smart little object.

The two people who arrested the singing girl reported to Wang Cheng, and Wang Cheng speculated that this person’s eight achievements were Fu Rong, and it would have been done if she didn’t make trouble. It was Fu Rong’s fault every time, and she ordered someone to teach the girl who didn’t know the height of the sky.

Fu Xuan came out today, before taking a few steps, even the maid hugging Zhu and herself were knocked out by a sap. They only grabbed Fu Xuan and left Huozhu in the corner. Wu Baiqi saw that Baozhu was unconscious and immediately realized that Fu Xuan was in an accident.

There was a problem with the Mongolian carriage that had passed by, so it came to a house in the desert. Cheng Wang’s entourage saw that it was Wu Baiqi, and hurriedly ordered the two of them to hand Fu Xuan out, and dragged Wu Baiqi away by himself. The two made up casually that they were traffickers and sold Fu Xuanshun to Wu Baiqi.

Fu Xuan woke up to find that he was sold to Wu Baiqi, and hurriedly took out his purse to buy himself back. Who knew Wu Baiqi would not sell it? Then she bought Wu Baiqi for five hundred and seven silver.

When Wang Cheng came back to report to his work, he did not catch Fu Rong but accidentally arrested Fu Xuan. If his subordinates do not work well, it will really kill him to become a king. Is it possible that the whole world will have to become a king and be a person who privately arrests the minister’s daughter? The attendant also knew that he was not doing well, and learned that Liu Ruyi, the treasurer of Ruyi Yinlou, was Master Fu Rong. If you find trouble, you can detour and look for it in another direction.

Fu Rong came to Ruyi Tower to look for Liu Ruyi, but Liu Ruyi still didn’t say anything. Liu Ruyi went to Hongcun and Jichang City. These things didn’t tell Fu Rong, he just said that he should not get close to Wang An, but listen to her. But they became increasingly distrustful. Liu Ruyi stepped through the wrong step, and did not want to involve Fu Rong. She was dead and could not be told to Fu Rong. Xu Jin met Fu Rong. It’s been a long time since the last solar eclipse. Fu Rong wondered, doesn’t he remember about Ji Changcheng?

Xu Jin took Fu Rong to the highest observatory, sitting on the edge, swinging his legs. Every time he was in a bad mood, he would sit here, and now Fu Rong was not happy, so he brought her here. In addition to the bracelet, Fu Rong’s concealment from close people is even more uncomfortable. She didn’t know what to do. Xu Jin looked at Fu Rong who was so sad, and remembered what his mother had said, he could feel the depression of Fu Rong, he liked this person.

Fu Rong finally said that the bracelet was from Master Liu Ruyi. Xu Jinshun asked about the vine and silver needle, and it was Liu Ruyi. He promised that Fu Rong would treat Liu Ruyi with courtesy even if the matter involved Liu Ruyi.

Wang An suddenly visited Ruyi Tower and used Fu Rong to threaten Liu Ruyi to give Ruyi Tower to him. At this time Xu Jin also came to Ruyi Tower and saw Liu Ruyi on the Lang Pavilion on the second floor.

The next morning, Fu Rong came to Ruyi Tower, only to find that it was lifeless, and Liu Ruyi was lying on the ground with a dagger stuck in his abdomen. The criminal secretary Ding Peng surrounded the Ruyi Tower, but the blood he had touched in a panic caused him to frame Fu Rong as a murderer. I met Wu Baiqi on the Xujin Road and learned that the person who had referred the Criminal Division was heading towards Ruyi Tower. He felt bad at once, so he turned his horse and ran to Ruyi Tower.

It was cold. Fu Xuan who came to deliver Fu Rong’s clothes happened to see a group of people holding Fu Rong. What heinous crime did Fu Rong commit? The person who referred the Criminal Division said that Fu Rong killed Liu Ruyi.