Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 15 Recap

There were many people in Jichang City, and the carriage was lost when it entered the city. With Liu Ruyi, Fu Rong met someone who was catching a girl to King Su in the shop. He heard that King Su had just replaced this woman. Anyway, he and King Su were old acquaintances.

Xu Jin followed Shang Kaiyang to the ten-mile long pavilion, where the Yuhua Pavilion was half-built and was blown up. He found that there was still residual sulfur there. Shang Kaiyang said that the Yuhua Pavilion was built with white jade, but he didn’t think it was necessary, and the accounts were too passive. Obviously, he didn’t want him to find out anything, but the more he tried to cover it, the more problems it became.

Wu Baiqi and Fu Xuan didn’t see Fu Rong when they came to Yunluo Temple. Seeing that it was going to rain, they hurried back in a carriage. But the heavy rain fell halfway along the road, and the wheels got stuck in a big hole. Wu Baiqi pushed the carriage wetly, and Fu Xuan also came down and pushed the carriage out of the pit under the rain. Under the inertia, the carriage slipped out, and both of them were staggered and fell to the ground. Fu Xuan fell on Wu Baiqi. He had never seen Fu Xuan in such an embarrassed appearance.

In the evening Xu Jin returned to Jichang Mansion, Fu Rong was tied up with his hands and feet and thrown on the bed. Someone locked the door and blew smoke after Xu Jin entered. Xu Jin’s eyes became more and more blurred, and Fu Rong took the opportunity to grab her bladed fan and cut the rope, and saw that Xu Jin was unconscious of being drugged.

Xu Jin turned to kiss her, Fu Rong’s eyes widened, and he tickles him quickly. I really don’t know who wanted to use the next three abuse methods to harm Xu Jin.

Liu Ruyi sneaked into Jichang Mansion all in black, and found that Fu Rong was here. At this time, Wang An rushed to him and he was surprised at first sight. No one could harm Fu Rong. Even if Xu Jin could be ruined, he could not use Fu Rong. So I took Fu Rong out, just walking in a hurry. I forgot to wear the shoes I had struggled with on the bed just now. They were embroidered by mother Han Su Niang. Thinking of the kiss made by Xu Jin just now, Fu Rong had another headache.

The horse was frightened, so there were only carts and no horses. In order to avoid the heavy rain, Wu Baiqi and Fu Xuan had to take shelter in a nearby ruined temple. A bonfire started, and his clothes were wet. Both of them felt uncomfortable. Wu Baiqi didn’t eat people, so why did Fu Xuan sit so far? Called her to have a bonfire together, and talked about the grievances between Wu Baiqi and Xinduhou.

Feng Laiyi was originally his mother’s dowry. Her mother worked hard for the family. Wu Baiqi helped her mother to manage business and expand the store very early. When he went out again, Xin Duhou forced his mother to death, and when he returned, he blamed all these sins on him. Then he asked him for a land deed to Feng Laiyi, and brought Zhang Yan mother and son into the Lord’s Mansion. Such a person is not worthy of being a father. Since then, he has named Wu Bai with his mother’s name.

Fu Xuan felt that he had misunderstood him last time in Xinduhou, and sincerely apologized. Wu Baiqi baked her coat and put it on her, and fell asleep in the corner with arms folded.

The lord of Xihe County rushed to Xichang Mansion overnight to see King Su and saw the embroidered shoes by the bed. It must be a woman who wanted to climb Gaozhi. Xu Jin was half awake, dreaming of a red-robed wedding wife wearing pink hibiscus embroidered shoes. He was about to lift his hijab. At this time, the lord of Xihe County rushed in with a roar, and he stopped his dream. Looking up, it was Princess Xihe who was holding these embroidered shoes. In his dream, she was the bride who raised the hijab? The talented woman was also missing, and he couldn’t remember the impression.

The hostess of Xihe County ordered the maid to burn the pair of repair shoes. Xu Jin didn’t seem to remember who it was. This matter was not beautiful, it was better to burn it.

Liu Ruyi continued to eavesdrop and learned that the real ledger was in the cellar, but even if he found it, it would hide mystery, and most people couldn’t understand it.

So after a lot of scrutiny, she found her account book, and was about to leave, Xu Jia surrounded her with guards. The silver needle flew out in a hurry, and even the vine silver needle she was carrying with her flew out as a weapon. But when the ledger was let go, she had to flee first.

King Cheng came to catch Xu Jin’s traitor early in the morning, but Xu Jin had a good night’s sleep, but he would be punished for leaving the imperial tomb without permission. The strange thing is that Shang Kaiyang was also very surprised to see Cheng Wang, he should not be a group.

The hidden account book is now in Xu Jin’s hands, but he can’t see any problem. He read it again. The number of the account book is correct, but the text seems suspicious.

A thatched cart transported Fu Xuan to the Fu Mansion. When he bid farewell to Wu Baiqi, Wu Baiqi said in a whisper to ask him to go to Fenglaiyi to take care of the account, but this time Fu Xuan agreed. They swear by hooks that they are not allowed to fall behind.