Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 30

Episode 30 / Episodul 30

Feng Wu was under the peach blossom tree, remembering the bit by bit of getting along with Jun Linyuan, Jun Linyuan drew her eyebrows to tease her, and took her to stroll on the street. Chao Ge came behind Feng Wu, and then sat beside her. Feng Wu said that she could feel Jun Linyuan alive. Chao Ge said that we need to work hard to rescue them.

Feng Wu wanted to speak to them, but your disciples said they weren’t their opponents at all. Feng Wu made them quiet. Feng Wu said that she was indeed not here, but when she met them, everything changed. She had friends. Because she liked it, she would resist. After hearing Feng Wu’s words, the disciples decided to join her, and Feng Xun also came.

Feng Xun pulled Xuan Yi aside and told him that he had heard about something in the Penglai Pavilion. There was a treasure in Chao Ge’s body, but if the treasure was removed, Chao Ge would be wiped out. Xuan Yi told Feng Xun not to tell Chaoge, but he didn’t expect Chaoge to have heard it.

Feng Wu and the others took people to the Junwu Hall to fight to the death with the Saint Queen.

Yu Mingye found the trapped Junlinyuan, and Junlinyuan was not dead. Jun Linyuan told him the place of Phoenix’s true blood and asked him to give it to Feng Wu.

Yu Mingye hid Jun Linyuan, Yu Mingye went to fetch Phoenix’s true blood, and was discovered by Demon Venerable. Demon Venerable asked him to keep things. Yu Mingye would not give it. Demon Venerable would not let him go. Up.

Feng Wu and the others fought with the Queen’s people, and Gao Wei reported to the Queen, who was going to take a look. After Feng Wu found the Sage with Fengming Sword, Mozun also appeared, and said to Feng Wu that it was because of her, that Yu Mingye would do this.

Feng Wu used the Fengming Sword to fight the Demon Venerable. Feng Wu had been in Xiafeng, and it was very difficult to deal with the Demon Venerable. Feng Wu was defeated, Feng Xun and the others arrived, and Yu Mingye gave Feng Wu the true blood of Phoenix.

Jun Linyuan went to find Mu Jiuzhou, and Mu Jiuzhou asked him to help Feng Wu. He passed the spiritual power in his body to Jun Linyuan.

Chaoge and they couldn’t hold it anymore, Chaoge was going to do something for them, and wanted to take out the treasure from his body. Xuan Yi took Chao Ge’s hand and disappeared with her.

Feng Wu was still refining Phoenix’s true blood, and Demon Venerable wanted to attack her. Feng Wu picked up Fengming Sword and fought with Demon Venerable. Demon Venerable was no longer her opponent. Stopped.

Gao Wei took Feng Wu’s mother to threaten him, and was killed by Feng Xun.

Jun Linyuan also rushed over, and Demon Venerable found that Mu Jiuzhou had given him all his spiritual power, and Demon Venerable fell to the ground.

The queen said that this time that Jun Linyuan had won, he was indeed the man of fate. The holy empress looked at the devil’s dead, saying that she hadn’t promised him for so many years, the holy queen committed suicide by herself, and then took the devil’s hand and died together. Yu Mingye knelt beside Mozun and said that he would take him home.

Jun Linyuan was dressed in red, and he married Feng Wu. Feng Wu’s mother is dressing up Feng Wu, Chao Ge and Xuan Yi are also there, they are resurrected because of the spiritual ring. Fengwu’s mother was reluctant to marry the phoenix dance, saying that she was reluctant to bear the phoenix dance. They put a hijab on Feng Wu and left the room.

Feng Wu felt a little strange around her, opened her hijab and walked out. Mu Jiuzhou appeared behind her. Feng Wu asked him why he was here, and if he wanted to go in and sit down, the people who would meet him were coming. Mu Jiuzhou told Feng Wu that he had come to pick up Feng Wu and left. Feng Wu looked at the sun above her head, not knowing what she was thinking in her heart.

Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 29

Episode 29 / Episodul 29

Jun Linyuan stood downstairsin Feng Wu for a long time, thinking that no matter how unwilling she was, she would be fine as long as she was safe. Jun Linyuan was watching Feng Wu go to sleep, Feng Wu woke up, and Jun Linyuan took her to a place. Jun Linyuan said that he already knew that Feng Wu was leaving, and now he was happy to be an ordinary person. Feng Wu said how he knew that she would not come back, and that he could come back when the matter was resolved. Jun Linyuan took a phoenix dance to play on the street, and Jun Linyuan remembered to ask Mu Jiuzhou what that power is. Mu Jiuzhou told him that there was actually no power, just to get her out of here. Feng Xun and Chao Ge returned to their respective schools to find a solution.

Jun Linyuan secretly returned to the Temple of Junwu. He found the Phoenix Real Blood of Feng Wu in the treasure house. Someone found that Jun Linyuan had broken in. Jun Linyuan wanted to escape, but was pierced into the chest by the sword. The lord of the Biluo Palace came to see the Empress and got in the same car as the Empress.

Feng Wu woke up and asked where Mu Jiuzhou had gone, and Mu Jiuzhou said that he had gone to retreat. Feng Wu wanted to find him, but Mu Jiuzhou said that she had to go back now. The Queen and the Palace Master were drinking tea, and they recalled the past together.

The palace owner said that she would not be an enemy of the Holy Empress and would restrain the disciples of Bi Luo Palace. The holy queen said that was good, after all, Jun Linyuan was dead, and she didn’t want other children to go their own way. The palace lord led people to leave, Chaoge found the palace lord. The palace lord said that if you want to speak to Feng Wu for Jun Linyuan, you don’t have to. Chaoge said that Jun Linyuan is innocent and he is the future of Jun Wu clan. The palace owner said that their Biluo Palace should not intervene, and their disciples are not as good as the Junwu clan and Dark Ye Youting. Chaoge said she understood, but begged her not to participate in it. The palace lord told Chaoge that Jun Linyuan was dead.

Chao Ge rushed to Feng Wu’s side and said that Jun Linyuan had been killed by the Queen Gao Sheng, and Feng Wu heard blood spewing out.

Gaowei brought people to Junwu Academy and wanted to arrest them. They fought together, and many people died in Junwu Academy. At this time, the Shadow Swordsman appeared to kill those people, and then led the disciples away. Xuan Yi asked Chaoge Phoenix Dance and Mu Jiuzhou, Chaoge said that they were upstairs, and Xuan Yi asked them to leave the secret road. Xuan Yi was about to coexist and die with Junwu Academy, he comforted Chaoge and left.

The remaining disciples of Junwu Academy were surrounded by Demon Lord and they began to fight together again. Mozun took action, and wanted to suppress them, many disciples had already fallen. There were only a few people who were still insisting. Suddenly, Demon Venerable’s tricks were broken, and Mu Jiuzhou shot.

Mu Kyushu cast a spell to send away the people from Junwu Academy, but Mu Kyushu was seriously injured, and Mozun asked Mu Kyushu to take him away.

Feng Wu and the others are in a cave, and the phoenix dance spirit is not guarding the house, Chao Ge said to let her be alone. The shadow knife men went out to check the situation and came back, saying that they would be discovered sooner or later.

The master said there was no place they couldn’t find, Feng Wu said yes, and took them to the place Jun Linyuan once brought her. The Queen was very angry that they couldn’t find Feng Wu and them. The Demon Lord said that it was not a way to find them, and she could use Mu Jiuzhou to lead them.

The Queen thought for a while, let people speak out, and executed Mu Kyushu on the Tiantai three days later.

The queen went to see Mu Jiuzhou and told him that he would be executed in three days. Mu Jiuzhou said that her plans for many years were not because of her, and the Queen said that everything she did was to get the love of her sweetheart. The Queen said that only Mu Jiuzhou had died and everything could be done. The Queen left the cell.

Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 28

Episode 28 / Episodul 28

Feng Wu went to the room to find her mother, and she walked over slowly. Mother said that she had never had the opportunity to come to the college to where you live, and finally she has a chance today. Feng Wu told her mother that she was already a spiritualist. Feng Wu took out the Fengming sword and told her mother that she didn’t know why she became her daughter, enjoying her mother’s love. This Fengming sword belongs to the Feng family and should be held by the Feng family. The mother took Feng Mingjian and put it on her lap and said that she had always known that she was not Feng Wu. After all, she was pregnant in October, how could she not tell that she was not Feng Wu. But how could she bear to shut her out, so she got used to it. Feng Wu said she cherishes them, but she has no face to see them in the future. My mother said that the previous phoenix dance was too stressful, and she never laughed when she grew up. The mother gave Fengming the sword to Feng Wu, saying that she was her, without thinking about who she was. Feng Wu took Feng Mingjian, and her mother said that she was leaving. She sewed new clothes for Feng Wu and sent it to her the next day. Feng Wu hugged her mother and said that she had dreamed that Feng Wu asked her to add more meals and cover her quilt. My mother remembered how Feng Wu told her before.

Chao Ge was still thinking about things, and Xuan Yi was by her side. Xuan Yi asked if she was still sad about the senior sister. Chao Ge said she was okay, maybe this would be a relief to Zuo Qingluan. Xuan Yi asked her and Feng Wu what to do again, Chao Ge said that the senior sister was gone, and the best friend before was not the same, she didn’t know what to do. Xuan Yi said that people always have to go through something to grow up. Since she doesn’t blame Feng Wu, go find her. Sitting on the stone bench, Chao Ge said that she knew that Feng Wu was also involuntarily, but when she thought of her to Feng Wu like this, she felt sorry for the previous Feng Wu. Xuan Yi enlightened her, and Chao Ge said that she wanted to cook Feng Wu, so she would forgive her.

Feng Wu went to see Mu Jiuzhou. Mu Jiuzhou was meditating. Feng Wu called out Caifeng Bird, wanting to know who she was. Cai Fengniao didn’t know, so Feng Wu asked herself. Mu Jiuzhou woke up and wanted to go for a walk. Feng Wu asked Mu Jiuzhou what to do with this situation. Mu Jiuzhou said that all this happened because of him and should end because of him. Feng Wu didn’t know what it meant, but Mu Jiuzhou asked her not to think too much, and she would be sent back when the time was right.

Xuan Yi is helping Chaoge make instant noodles, Chaoge made instant noodles, and brought them to Fengwu.

 Feng Wu sent away the other disciples, and then asked Chao Ge to eat noodles together, and the two of them ate happily. Chao Ge was watching Xuan Yi sleeping, and wanted to get in. Xuan Yi woke up suddenly, Chao Ge said that she had come to thank him. Xuan Yi grabbed Chaoge who wanted to leave, then kissed her and said that it was hawthorn cake. Xuan Yi said that no matter what happens, she will protect her.

The queen used the holy king to get rid of all the people who destroyed the Junwu clan. Fang Lao Lingzong knew that the holy king was controlled by them, and wanted to resist them, but was injured by the demon lord, who wanted to kill him. The Queen said that he was more of a contribution to Qianyuan Continent, and asked him to be detained. When other people saw this, they didn’t dare to speak up. Yan Lingzun left the Temple of Junwu and asked him to give a letter to Feng Wu.

Jun Linyuan and the others are discussing to leave here.

Mu Jiuzhou handed a purse to the Empress, and the Empress saw that the pouch soul did not keep the house. The Demon Venerable said the past in her ear, and the Queen said that until now, no one can stop her plan.

Mozun picked up his purse and went to see Mu Jiuzhou, and threw it to Mu Jiuzhou to let him leave. Mozun said that Mu Jiuzhou was no longer his opponent, and would send him on the road in a few days.

The Master gathered the disciples of Junwu Academy, but those disciples were afraid, but resisted. Mu Jiuzhou came out and gave them a lesson so that they could leave if they didn’t want to stay.

Mu Jiuzhou said that now he can only rely on Feng Wu’s power to make a game. Feng Wu said what to do when there are variables. Mu Jiuzhou asked Feng Wu to prepare, and then let Jun Linyuan out. Jun Linyuan asked him what power he asked Feng Wu to search for.

Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 27

Episode 27 / Episodul 27

The holy queen was very dissatisfied that Mozun did not kill Feng Wu, Mozun said that the girl was the person Yu Mingye desperately protected. The Queen said that if it is true that, as Feng Wu said, gathering all the star fragments can awaken Mu Jiuzhou, then their plan for so many years has failed. Gao Wei said that with the spirit ring in their hands, Feng Wu might have difficulty awakening Mu Jiuzhou. Mozun said that even if he was awakened and experienced the failure of the Tribulation, he would not have much strength left. He was confident to defeat Mu Jiuzhou. The Empress did not agree, and she asked Zuo Qingluan to bring Fengwu’s family back. Zuo Qingluan had no choice but to obey. The queen took away the ice bracelet from Zuo Qingluan, and the queen asked Galway to implement the plan. The Queen asked the Demon Lord to bring the people from Dark Night Youting to Yuandu, and if Zuo Qingluan did not succeed, he would eradicate Fengwu.

Feng Wu and the others returned to Junwu Academy, Zuo Qingluan was already waiting for them. Feng Wu asked Zuo Qingluan to return her spiritual ring, and Zuo Qingluan said that Fengwu had colluded with the demon.

Zuo Qingluan asked Feng Wu’s mother to be brought up, and Feng Wu was very anxious. Zuo Qingluan asked his wife if there were many differences in Fengwu. The lady said that the phoenix dance is not the phoenix dance, who is it? Zuo Qingluan was furious, because they didn’t believe what she said.

Feng Wu was taken into the Mirror Mirror by Zuo Qingluan for spiritual precepts. Chao Ge knew about this mirror, and said that if he wanted to come out, he had to challenge his own demons, otherwise he would lose his soul.

Jun Linyuan was about to go in, and Zuo Qingluan also went in to destroy Feng Wu. Feng Wu saw many mirrors in the mirror, and Jun Linyuan woke up and saw his mother. Jun Linyuan knew this was an illusion, saying that his mother was dead when she gave birth to him, and his mother quickly disappeared.

Outside, Xuan Yi and the others are casting spells to stabilize the mirror.

Feng Wu woke up, Qiu Ling and Chao Ge called her, saying that her parents told her to eat. Mu Jiuzhou could see Jun Linyuan and reminded him. Feng Wu saw her father. Feng Wu was a little confused and didn’t know what was going on. In it, Feng Wu is the spiritual concubine of Jun Linyuan, the goddess of Biluo Palace, and the apprentice of Mu Jiuzhou. The more Feng Wu thought about it, the more strange it became. This was completely different from her memory. Jun Linyuan reminded Feng Wu, but Feng Wu couldn’t see her. Feng Wu finally broke her demons and was not confused by the illusion.

Zuo Qingluan said that Tang was still defeated by Feng Wu, but Ling Jie would disappear with the fan mirror.

Zuo Qingluan said that she was really tired and died beside Chao Ge. The shadow mirror was broken, and a figure reappeared. It was Feng Wu’s master Mu Jiuzhou.

The bell of Junwu College rang, and the students inside were thriving. Gao Wei reported the resurrection of Mu Jiuzhou to the Queen, saying that everyone at Junwu Academy had seen him. The Queen told Galway to go down and let him send someone to stare at Mu Jiuzhou. The Demon Lord asked her what she needed to do next, and the queen said she needed to wait. They had to figure out whether Mu Jiuzhou’s spiritual power was unmatched before. Mozun said that his true spiritual power would probably not be revealed to outsiders, and their plan could not wait. The Queen said that it will proceed as originally planned, and it will be clear by seeing his reaction at that time. Mu Jiuzhou had already rested, Feng Wu said that there was one thing to tell them, I believe they had guessed, she was not Feng Wu. Chao Ge said that she has been lying to them, because she trusted her like this. Chaoge said she was not her little dance, and Chaoge ran away alone. Jun Linyuan said to Feng Wu, give her some time, she will understand you. Qiu Ling believed she was the young lady, no matter what others said. Feng Wu went to see her mother, leaving Jun Linyuan with them.

Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 26

Episode 26 / Episodul 26

Yu Ming Ye said that even if he was an enemy of the entire Dark Night Youting, he would save Feng Wu. Yu Mingye wanted to save Feng Wu, but the surrounding thunder was too powerful, Yu Mingye vomited blood, the devil could not stand it anymore, and wanted to help him, but he couldn’t help.

Yu Mingye stood up and continued to walk towards Feng Wu. His body was glowing with thunder. He walked towards Feng Wu with difficulty step by step, trying to save Feng Wu, but his arm was broken by thunder.

At this time Jun Linyuan came, he used his sword to attract Thunder, Feng Wu told him not to make any sacrifices, Jun Linyuan was also injured and fainted.

Feng Wu saw Mu Jiuzhou appearing in front of her, and Mu Jiuzhou asked her if her heart hurts. Feng Wu said it was very painful. If she was not there, would it be that Jun Linyuan would not suffer these things. Mu Jiuzhou disappeared again, and Feng Wu remembered how she worshipped Mu Jiuzhou as a teacher when she was a child. She saw another phoenix dance, and the man said that they were doing this because of you, don’t run away, it was your own life, another phoenix dance gave her a sword and then disappeared.

Feng Wu woke up, a phoenix condensed behind her, and then broke through the roof.

Zuo Qingluan and the others surrounded the wolf girl, and the Phoenix real blood in the ice bracelet on Zuo Qingluan’s wrist reacted. She didn’t know what was going on.

Feng Wu overcame the Thunder Tribulation of the Tongtiantai and was promoted to the Spirit Sect, greatly increasing in strength. Mozun said to Yu Mingye that he was already a useless person. From then on, Dark Ye You Ting had nothing to do with him, let him do it for himself. Xuan Yi and the others went to check the situation of Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu.

Fortunately, they had nothing to do. Yu Mingye got up and wanted to leave. Feng Wu stopped him. She blamed Yu Mingye very much. Yu Mingye said to do it again. He will do this now. Jun Linyuan asked him where he was going, Yu Mingye said that he didn’t have a home either, and it was the same wherever he went. Yu Mingye left them alone, and Jun Linyuan said to let him retain his last dignity as a spiritualist.

Zuo Qingluan and the others were still dealing with the wolf girl. Zuo Qingluan injured the wolf girl with the magic attack of Dark Night Youting, but she couldn’t help her body, so Mu Yao took her to a cave for healing. The wolf girl also took the opportunity to escape their encirclement. Mu Yao opened the door and discovered Zuo Qingluan’s secret. Zuo Qingluan said that everything she did was for Biluo Palace. Mu Yao wanted to persuade Zuo Qingluan, but Zuo Qingluan did not listen. Mu Yao said that she would return to Biluo Palace now and tell Master that she would definitely have a solution. Zuo Qingluan pierced Mu Yao’s chest with a sword, and Mu Yao fell to the ground. She remembered how she had been with Zuo Qingluan before, and Mu Yao couldn’t hold on to her death. Zuo Qingluan began to practice magic skills.

The wolf girl returned to the Baidingshan cave. There were still people surrounding them, and Feng Wu stopped them. Feng Wu asked them to think about the people who Jun Linyuan said would murder the Saint Queen and Saint Monarch. Those people didn’t believe it unless Feng Wu killed the wolf girl. Girl wolf deliberately let Feng Wu kill her, and she was finally free. The wolf girl slowly crawled to her child and died with her child.

The wolf girl turned into star fragments and flew to Feng Wu’s side. Only then did Feng Wu understand what the wolf girl meant. Feng Wu said that she can awaken the soul of Mu Jiuzhou. As long as my master speaks out, you will definitely believe it. Huang Li stood up and said that she believed what Feng Wu said. More and more people believed what Feng Wu said, but Zuo Qingluan listened to what they said in the bamboo forest behind them, not knowing what he was thinking.

Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 22

Episode 22 / Episodul 22

Feng Wu and the others opened the mechanism and walked out of the secret road.

Wu Youdao took Ling Pill, which could greatly increase his skill, but he would die after the effect of the medicine. After Wu Youdao took the medicine, he injured Dean Fang and the others. Dean Fang wanted to persuade Wu Youdao, but Wu Youdao choked his neck. Xuan Yi arrived and rescued Dean Fang.

Xuan Yi struggled with Wu Youdao. Jun Linyuan and the others were still in the secret road. They walked to a woman who lived here. They guessed that this was Sima Yunniang’s room. Feng Wu knew that Sima Yunniang left Wu Youdao’s letter.

The people in Junwu Academy were fighting with Wu Youdao, but Wu Youdao ate the spirit pill. They were not opponents, and they were all injured.

Yu Mingye also shot, but he was not an opponent either, and Wu Youdao was choking his neck. Feng Wu arrived and told him to stop, saying that she had brought Sima Yunniang’s letter, Wu Youdao was unconscious, Feng Wu and the others risked sending Sima Yunniang’s letter to Wu Youdao.

Wu Youdao didn’t continue to go crazy, he vomited blood and fell to the ground, reading Sima Yunniang’s letter. Wu Youdao was dying. He said he knew where Feng Wu was looking for, and he quietly told Feng Wu. Wu Youdao died after speaking. Feng Wu was very sad and said that she would definitely save him. Old man Bar came and said that Wu Youdao was out of help.

This was Wu Youdao’s wish. Let him go safely. Feng Wu said that she had something to say to Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu said I’m sorry, she was not the real Feng Wu, she did not belong here, she appeared here inexplicably. Jun Linyuan said that he also felt that Feng Wu was different from before, but he was very happy for Feng Wu to tell him this and could face it with her. Jun Linyuan said that the person he likes is the phoenix dance in the frozen forest, the phoenix dance that turns them around.

The old man ate the pill for the sage and said that he would get better if he took a good rest. The Queen asked Old Man Ba ​​to teach students at Junwu College, but Old Man Ba ​​refused, saying that he was going to go back after a meeting with his little friends. Shengjun asked who Old Man Bar was, and Old Man Bar said it was the little girl Feng Wu. The old man bid farewell to the sage, and the queen asked the sage to rest early.

Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan followed Old Man Ba ​​to pay homage to Wu Youdao and the others, and Dean Fang also came. Dean Fang asked Old Man Ba ​​Shengjun how was he, and Old Man Ba ​​persuaded that the pill was no problem. The old man asked someone about the rumor that someone had murdered the holy monarch. He didn’t know if it was true or not. Dean Fang said there was no conclusion. Old man Bar said that he should return to the border early so that Feng Wu had time to go back and see him.

Zuo Qingluan told the Empress what she had overheard, and Feng Wu had become the biggest variable when she said that. And Feng Wu knew that Zuo Qingluan had robbed her of her Phoenix blood, so she had to get rid of Feng Wu as soon as possible. Zuo Qingluan said that Feng Wu is protected by Jun Linyuan, and her spiritual power is growing day by day, it is not easy to kill her. The Holy Queen said that she wanted more powerful power, so that Phoenix’s true blood could blend with her, and she could defeat Feng Wu.

Demon Venerable appeared beside them, and the Saint Queen said that Zuo Qingluan could ask Demon Venerable to give her what he wanted, but it was up to her to accept it. According to Wu Youdao’s statement, Feng Wu went to find the star fragments, and they were only one piece of star fragments to awaken Mu Jiuzhou.

Zuo Qingluan was accepting the power that Demon Venerable gave her, and Demon Venerable came in and said that the person would let her pass.

Huang Li was waiting for Feng Wu and told Feng Wu that she was imprisoned because of her testimony. She was sorry. Feng Wu said that she might have read it wrong. Huang Li said that she really didn’t read it wrong, and called her name at the time, and Feng Wu responded to her. Feng Wu thought this matter was a bit strange.

Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 20

Episode 20 / Episodul 20

Master Zuo Qingluan was very disappointed in her and left without looking back. Zuo Qingluan remembered the previous Biluo Palace Master’s teaching on obedient, and Chaoge would comfort her before.

Zuo Qingluan was about to leave, when someone told her, the Queen asked her to go over. Zuo Qingluan went to Saint Empress’s place and asked her how she felt . It was nothing compared to Feng Wu being taken away from Phoenix’s true blood. The Empress came to her and said that they were all the same. Zuo Qingluan said that she was willing to serve the Empress.

When Jun Linyuan returned to the room, Feng Xun coughed beside him. Jun Linyuan asked him what was going on, Feng Xun said that he and Feng Wu danced swords, frowning, what can he do. Feng Xun said that he should be careful not to be dug into the corner by Yu Mingye.

Chao Ge didn’t understand what the Master said, and asked Feng Wu if there was any good way. Feng Wu said that there was no problem and gave it to her. The colorful phoenix bird in the Feng Wu Ling Ring kept urging her, Feng Wu pretended to have a stomachache and left. When there is no one, then enter the spiritual ring space. Caifengniao said that it felt the second piece of star fragments, and it could also feel that something big was happening in the college.

Zuo Qingluan was practicing sword, Yu Mingye told her not to let her hurt Feng Wu, otherwise he would not let her go.

When Chao Ge saw Xuan Yi, he made some cakes for him and let him eat some, Xuan Yi took the pastry.

Chao Ge finds Feng Wu to show that the sky is Qixi Festival, so that she can write to Jun Linyuan. After Chao Ge told her, he began to write to Xuan Yi.

Yu Mingye was drinking outside alone, Mozun appeared, Yu Mingye said that he had checked the academy, and found nothing, Yu Mingye said he would beg him another day. The Demon Lord took his wine and drank a few sips, telling him that only real power can block their mouths.

Many female disciples wrote letters to Jun Linyuan, but Feng Wu saw so many people writing letters to him, so she did not write them to him.

Feng Xun thought that Chaoge was for him, so he planned to meet Chaoge. Jun Linyuan was also depressed that Feng Wu had not written to him. Chao Ge is going to see brother Xuan Yi.

Shengjun was reading in the room and suddenly fainted. Zuo Qingluan found Jun Linyuan and said that there was something wrong with Shengjun, and Jun Linyuan hurried back.

Chao Ge was waiting for Xuan Yi, Feng Xun came, and Xuan Yi was behind her. When Xuan Yi and Chao Ge walked together, Feng Xun saw interesting things and ran away.

Qiu Ling brought clothes to Feng Wu and asked her to go out with her. Qiu Ling knew she was waiting for Jun Linyuan, and asked her that it had been a long time before Jun Linyuan came.

After Dean Ning inspected Shengjun, he said that his body was not in a serious condition, perhaps because he was too tired recently. Jun Linyuan went back and sent Dean Ning out. Dean Ning told Jun Linyuan that there was weird spiritual power in the saint king, so that the spiritual power in the saint king could not condense. Dean Ning said that as far as he knows, there is a kind of spiritual grass called San Lingcao in the Western Regions. If the spiritualist accidentally takes it, this will happen. Dean Ning said that there is no evidence now, so he can’t talk nonsense, he needs to go to the library to check the classics, and let Jun Linyuan stay by the side of the holy monarch, in case someone is against him.

The holy queen brought the slave and maid beside the holy monarch over and said that she had caused the poison in the body of the holy monarch to break out early, and the holy queen killed the slave and maid. The Saint Queen’s men told Jun Linyuan that the servant was the one who harmed the Saint, and Jun Linyuan did not believe it. The Saint Queen asked the people of the college to gather together, and the Saint Queen asked Jun Linyuan to take care of the Saint.

Zuo Qingluan put the medicine on the table and left. Jun Linyuan also understood that what Zuo Qingluan really wanted was not a concubine.

Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 18

Episode 18 / Episodul 18

Wu Youdao called Feng Wu to the library, and Wu Youdao told Feng Wu that the second floor of the library was free for disciples to access and read classics. Wu Youdao said that you have paid attention to the phoenix dance for a long time. Even if it is inconvenient to say clearly, there must be some kind of relationship between them. Wu Youdao also said that Feng Wu was looking for something, but he couldn’t tell Feng Wu the answer. Wu Youdao gave the key to Fengwu Library and told her not to tell others, Feng Wu agreed. Wu Youdao told Feng Wu that if she and Jun Linyuan were together, it would inevitably bring endless disasters. Feng Wu said she didn’t understand. Wu Youdao said: You are not you, he is like him. The universe of stars has long established a certain number. You must think clearly about what you want, and don’t forget the original purpose because of your children’s personal love. Feng Wu still wanted to ask, Wu Youdao had already left.

Jun Linyuan was looking for the phoenix dance everywhere, and he watched Yu Mingye drag the phoenix dance away.

Feng Wu returned home and woke Chao Ge. Chao Ge told her that Jun Linyuan had been looking for her and asked Feng Wu to explain it to Jun Linyuan tomorrow. Feng Wu returned to the spiritual consciousness space and asked Caifengniao what happened. Caifengniao told her not to forget her purpose. Feng Xun found Feng Wu and wanted her to see the Queen. He also told the Queen that she would choose a man and a woman to perform double swordsmanship so that Feng Wu could compete, but Feng Wu was not interested.

After the Saint Queen came out, they were going to choose two disciples, and the male disciple was naturally Jun Linyuan. Mu Yao said that this female disciple is of course Zuo Qingluan, she has both ability and political integrity. The Queen said that Zuo Qingluan is an excellent child. If she matches Jun Linyuan, Sheng Jun will be very happy to see it. Jun Linyuan said that he had a proposal to set up a ring, and the female disciples of the academy challenged each other, and the final winner was the performer. After the Saints, they felt that what Jun Linyuan said was reasonable, so they agreed to follow the method of Jun Linyuan.

Master Zhao filed a complaint with Wu Youdao that Feng Wu was so stubborn that he must report to Dean Ning and remove her from Junwu Academy. Wu Youdao told him not to rush, talking about the test paper results of this exam. Wu Youdao took out an examination paper for Master Zhao to take a look at. Master Zhao took it and said that this examination paper was the most insightful among the disciples, but he did not know who wrote it. Wu Youdao said that this was the stubborn phoenix dance he just mentioned, Master Zhao couldn’t believe it.

Jun Linyuan was absent-minded, Xuan Yi asked him what was going on. Jun Linyuan said that he hoped that Feng Wu could be selected as a performer, so that she could be a little more relaxed about Lingfei, but recently, Feng Wu has been inexplicably alienated from her. Xuan Yi asked Jun Linyuan to ask directly, but the girl’s mind was uncertain.

Chao Ge asked Feng Wu what she thought about the performance, and Feng Wu said he had no ideas. Chao Ge said that the phoenix dance should still be fought, so that it can be worthy of Jun Linyuan. Feng Wu let her go to sleep, and Jun Linyuan was listening outside the room.

Mu Yao looked for Chaoge’s trouble again and said a lot of bad things to Chaoge and Fengwu. Chaoge was irritated by her and slapped her, but Mu Yao fainted. Xuan Yi rushed over to hold Chaoge and was very angry at Mu Yao’s behavior. Xuan Yi said that if Chaoge had three long and two shortcomings, she would definitely not let her go.

Feng Xun told Feng Wu that there was something wrong with Chaoge, and Mu Yao was questioned by several teachers from Junwu College. Mu Yao was fined to face the wall for seven days.

Feng Wu said that she couldn’t let her disciple off easily this time, and she decided to take part in the competition and compete with Zuo Qingluan. Jun Linyuan took Feng Wu to a place, and Jun Linyuan gave Feng Wu a sword, and wanted Feng Wu to fight Zuo Qingluan.

Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 17

Episode 17 / Episodul 17

Jun Linyuan brought Feng Xun and Xuan Yi to Junwu Academy, and the female disciples around were attracted by them. Feng Xun and the others saw a group of people in front of them. They didn’t know what happened, and they walked over to Jun Linyuan.

Feng Wu said to Mu Yao: You said it at the beginning. When I was admitted to Junwu Academy, you called me something. Wouldn’t you deny it? Zuo Qingluan came over to speak for Mu Yao, or else Just forget about it, it’s a joke, why take it seriously. Feng Wu said that Zuo Qingluan had helped her in Border City. Since she had said this, she shouldn’t have refused. But today it’s useless for anyone to intercede for Mu Yao, everyone is responsible for what they do, and Mu Yao wants to murder her when she tries. Zuo Qingluan said that Mu Yao had done something wrong before. I apologized for her. Now everyone is enrolling together, why bother to be aggressive. Zuo Qingluan saw Jun Linyuan coming, and asked her if it was appropriate to do so. Jun Linyuan said that he is not a party, but since there is an appointment, he should fulfill it. If Feng Wu loses today, I guess you won’t let her off easily.

Yu Mingye also came out, and attacked Zuo Qingluan, saying a few words made herself feel wronged. Mu Yao had no choice but to bow her head to Feng Wu and call her father to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu and the others started to teach, and Master Zhao started to give them general lessons. After class was over, Jun Linyuan handed her the Bishui Jingtian bottle, but he also told her not to doze off in class.

Jun Linyuan brought osmanthus cake to Feng Wu, and Feng Wu ate it with satisfaction.

The bell rang, and the lunch class started, Mozun was telling Yu Mingye that Mu Jiuzhou might be awakened, and let Yu Mingye investigate at Junwu Academy.

The master was giving a lecture and found that his ruler was missing. He asked the students if he saw the ruler. Feng Wu saw the ruler next to her seat and told the master, but the master asked her why she took the ruler. Feng Wu explained that she didn’t take it, and the old master said that she should be disciplined. Master Zhao asked Feng Wu to use spiritual power to turn the ice into the class.

Wu Youdao was sweeping the floor in the library, Yu Mingye was on the roof, Wu Youdao found out, Yu Mingye left.

Chao Ge was beating Feng Wu on the back, and Feng Wu said that she must let Mu Yao know how good she is, and dare not cause trouble.

Chao Ge brought the food box to Xuan Yi and the others, and took out the cakes Feng Wu taught her to make. Xuan Yi ate a piece, and Feng Xun said it was late, and left with Xuan Yi.

Jun Linyuan went to Shengjun, and the Queen asked him how he was at Junwu Academy, there is a Xinyi girl. Jun Linyuan said that this matter would not bother the holy queen, but the holy queen said that Jun Linyuan thought she was not worthy to choose the concubine for the son. Shengjun put down the book and said: What is unworthy of this, this gentleman feels that the Queen’s handling of everything for so many years is meticulous. This matter is left to the Saint Empress. Jun Linyuan is not too young, so it’s better to decide on the selection of Ling Fei as soon as possible. Jun Linyuan knelt down and said no, the holy monarch asked Jun Linyuan to punish him for an hour, and Jun Linyuan went out.

Master Zhao is giving a lecture, Feng Wu and Mu Yao are eyeing, the master asks Mu Yao to answer questions, but Mu Yao doesn’t know what the problem is and is called out by Master Zhao to receive the punishment.

Jun Linyuan was taken to Tongtiantai and was punished. Tongtiantai flashed and thundered. Jun Linyuan walked up with difficulty step by step, and then knelt on Tongtiantai.

Feng Wu finished class, Wu Youdao stopped her.

Yu Mingye reported to Mozun that he had gone to the library, but was discovered by Wu Youdao. Yu Mingye said that if he finds Mu Jiuzhou, he must be killed. Demon Lord said that if he is still alive, you are not his opponent, and Mu Jiuzhou is the only person who is convinced by Demon Lord.

Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 16

Episode 16 / Episodul 16

When Mu Yao saw Feng Wu also came to the Junwu Academy, she spoke ill of her behind her back. Feng Wu said that fortunately, the Junwu Academy has no kind of teaching, otherwise how could you appear here. Mu Yao said that Fengwu was once one of the two phoenixes of Yuandu, but now it is not at the same level as Zuo Qingluan, so naturally she is unwilling to do so, so she can only die. Feng Wu said to Mu Yao whether she would dare to bet her, and bet whether Feng Wu could be admitted to Junwu Academy. If Feng Wu was admitted to Mu Yao and joined her at Junwu Academy, she would call her father. Mu Yao didn’t know what father meant, Mu Yao agreed, and Feng Wu left with Chao Ge.

Wu Youdao began to announce the exam. Feng Wu and Chao Ge were answering the questions seriously. When the time came, Wu Youdao let the candidates leave.

Feng Xun was eating what Qiuling had prepared, Xuan Yi was reading a book, Feng Xun Wan Feng Wu, Chao Ge said that Jun Linyuan called Feng Wu to train before the exam. In the afternoon, after a lottery exam, Mu Yao got Feng Wu, and the two of them would compete.

Yu Mingye played the first game and defeated his opponent with one move.

Chao Ge is on the stage, and Feng Wu will definitely be able to comfort her. Chaoge went to the ring, did not use a sword, took out a slingshot against the enemy. Chaoge used a slingshot to make the opponent unable to enter, and then used the pollen to win the opponent’s bell.

Finally it was Feng Wu’s turn to take the stage. Mu Yao told Feng Wu to surrender. Feng Wu said she still heard Mu Yao call her father. Mu Yao knew how powerful Feng Mingjian was, so she told Feng Wu whether she should use weapons, and Feng Wu agreed. Feng Wu got ready and started fighting with Mu Yao.

Feng Wu was at a disadvantage and was injured. Feng Wu was knocked to the ground. Feng Wu staggered and stood up. Feng Wu fainted, and the referee was about to declare Mu Yao victory. Feng Wu floated in the air, with powerful spiritual power exuding around her body, and made a move on Mu Yao, but Wu Youdao blocked him for Mu Yao.

Feng Wu fainted and woke up again in bed. Feng Wu knew that she had been asleep for three days, and quickly went to watch the list.

When Feng Wu went to the top of the list, everyone around her called her the Great Demon. Feng Wu hurried to find her name. She was in the 50th place and entered the Junwu Academy.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were strolling in the street. Xuan Yi looked at the books on the booth and became interested. Feng Xun said that there are so many books in Xuan Yi’s house, why is he interested in them. Xuan Yi said that although Chaoge was lucky enough to enroll in school, she couldn’t relax easily. She found a few classics for her to learn from the past. Feng Xun asked him why he was so caring about the Chaoge girl, and he would continue to teach if he wouldn’t go to Junwu Academy. Xuan Yi said that Chaoge girl has been devoting herself to practice, but there is no good way. If I can help her, it should be. Xuan Yi was going to the bookstore, leaving Feng Xun alone.

Xuan Yi met Chao Ge on the road, Chao Ge said that he could take a step to speak, and Chao Ge asked if he had forgotten that she would grant her a request if she was admitted to Junwu Academy. Xuan Yi said yes, and asked her what her request was. Chaoge said shyly, could he be called Brother Tian Xiaoyi. Xuan Yi agreed, and Chao Ge said that she should not let other girls call him the same way. After all, she had experienced a lot to get this reward, and she couldn’t let other people call him so easily. Xuan Yi agreed to not let other girls call him that way in the future.

Saint Empress’s men went back to report to Saint Empress that Feng Wu was still on the list, and Wu Youdao personally added it. The Queen didn’t want to see Zuo Qingluan for Wu Youdao, but she didn’t understand how she liked Fengwu. The Queen suspected that Feng Wu was related to Mu Jiuzhou, and asked her to investigate Feng Wu.

At Junwu Academy, Wu Youdao was speaking to his disciples, asking them to recite 134 door rules, and then some disciples distributed clothes.