Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 29

Episode 29 / Episodul 29

Jun Linyuan stood downstairsin Feng Wu for a long time, thinking that no matter how unwilling she was, she would be fine as long as she was safe. Jun Linyuan was watching Feng Wu go to sleep, Feng Wu woke up, and Jun Linyuan took her to a place. Jun Linyuan said that he already knew that Feng Wu was leaving, and now he was happy to be an ordinary person. Feng Wu said how he knew that she would not come back, and that he could come back when the matter was resolved. Jun Linyuan took a phoenix dance to play on the street, and Jun Linyuan remembered to ask Mu Jiuzhou what that power is. Mu Jiuzhou told him that there was actually no power, just to get her out of here. Feng Xun and Chao Ge returned to their respective schools to find a solution.

Jun Linyuan secretly returned to the Temple of Junwu. He found the Phoenix Real Blood of Feng Wu in the treasure house. Someone found that Jun Linyuan had broken in. Jun Linyuan wanted to escape, but was pierced into the chest by the sword. The lord of the Biluo Palace came to see the Empress and got in the same car as the Empress.

Feng Wu woke up and asked where Mu Jiuzhou had gone, and Mu Jiuzhou said that he had gone to retreat. Feng Wu wanted to find him, but Mu Jiuzhou said that she had to go back now. The Queen and the Palace Master were drinking tea, and they recalled the past together.

The palace owner said that she would not be an enemy of the Holy Empress and would restrain the disciples of Bi Luo Palace. The holy queen said that was good, after all, Jun Linyuan was dead, and she didn’t want other children to go their own way. The palace lord led people to leave, Chaoge found the palace lord. The palace lord said that if you want to speak to Feng Wu for Jun Linyuan, you don’t have to. Chaoge said that Jun Linyuan is innocent and he is the future of Jun Wu clan. The palace owner said that their Biluo Palace should not intervene, and their disciples are not as good as the Junwu clan and Dark Ye Youting. Chaoge said she understood, but begged her not to participate in it. The palace lord told Chaoge that Jun Linyuan was dead.

Chao Ge rushed to Feng Wu’s side and said that Jun Linyuan had been killed by the Queen Gao Sheng, and Feng Wu heard blood spewing out.

Gaowei brought people to Junwu Academy and wanted to arrest them. They fought together, and many people died in Junwu Academy. At this time, the Shadow Swordsman appeared to kill those people, and then led the disciples away. Xuan Yi asked Chaoge Phoenix Dance and Mu Jiuzhou, Chaoge said that they were upstairs, and Xuan Yi asked them to leave the secret road. Xuan Yi was about to coexist and die with Junwu Academy, he comforted Chaoge and left.

The remaining disciples of Junwu Academy were surrounded by Demon Lord and they began to fight together again. Mozun took action, and wanted to suppress them, many disciples had already fallen. There were only a few people who were still insisting. Suddenly, Demon Venerable’s tricks were broken, and Mu Jiuzhou shot.

Mu Kyushu cast a spell to send away the people from Junwu Academy, but Mu Kyushu was seriously injured, and Mozun asked Mu Kyushu to take him away.

Feng Wu and the others are in a cave, and the phoenix dance spirit is not guarding the house, Chao Ge said to let her be alone. The shadow knife men went out to check the situation and came back, saying that they would be discovered sooner or later.

The master said there was no place they couldn’t find, Feng Wu said yes, and took them to the place Jun Linyuan once brought her. The Queen was very angry that they couldn’t find Feng Wu and them. The Demon Lord said that it was not a way to find them, and she could use Mu Jiuzhou to lead them.

The Queen thought for a while, let people speak out, and executed Mu Kyushu on the Tiantai three days later.

The queen went to see Mu Jiuzhou and told him that he would be executed in three days. Mu Jiuzhou said that her plans for many years were not because of her, and the Queen said that everything she did was to get the love of her sweetheart. The Queen said that only Mu Jiuzhou had died and everything could be done. The Queen left the cell.