Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 26

Episode 26 / Episodul 26

Yu Ming Ye said that even if he was an enemy of the entire Dark Night Youting, he would save Feng Wu. Yu Mingye wanted to save Feng Wu, but the surrounding thunder was too powerful, Yu Mingye vomited blood, the devil could not stand it anymore, and wanted to help him, but he couldn’t help.

Yu Mingye stood up and continued to walk towards Feng Wu. His body was glowing with thunder. He walked towards Feng Wu with difficulty step by step, trying to save Feng Wu, but his arm was broken by thunder.

At this time Jun Linyuan came, he used his sword to attract Thunder, Feng Wu told him not to make any sacrifices, Jun Linyuan was also injured and fainted.

Feng Wu saw Mu Jiuzhou appearing in front of her, and Mu Jiuzhou asked her if her heart hurts. Feng Wu said it was very painful. If she was not there, would it be that Jun Linyuan would not suffer these things. Mu Jiuzhou disappeared again, and Feng Wu remembered how she worshipped Mu Jiuzhou as a teacher when she was a child. She saw another phoenix dance, and the man said that they were doing this because of you, don’t run away, it was your own life, another phoenix dance gave her a sword and then disappeared.

Feng Wu woke up, a phoenix condensed behind her, and then broke through the roof.

Zuo Qingluan and the others surrounded the wolf girl, and the Phoenix real blood in the ice bracelet on Zuo Qingluan’s wrist reacted. She didn’t know what was going on.

Feng Wu overcame the Thunder Tribulation of the Tongtiantai and was promoted to the Spirit Sect, greatly increasing in strength. Mozun said to Yu Mingye that he was already a useless person. From then on, Dark Ye You Ting had nothing to do with him, let him do it for himself. Xuan Yi and the others went to check the situation of Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu.

Fortunately, they had nothing to do. Yu Mingye got up and wanted to leave. Feng Wu stopped him. She blamed Yu Mingye very much. Yu Mingye said to do it again. He will do this now. Jun Linyuan asked him where he was going, Yu Mingye said that he didn’t have a home either, and it was the same wherever he went. Yu Mingye left them alone, and Jun Linyuan said to let him retain his last dignity as a spiritualist.

Zuo Qingluan and the others were still dealing with the wolf girl. Zuo Qingluan injured the wolf girl with the magic attack of Dark Night Youting, but she couldn’t help her body, so Mu Yao took her to a cave for healing. The wolf girl also took the opportunity to escape their encirclement. Mu Yao opened the door and discovered Zuo Qingluan’s secret. Zuo Qingluan said that everything she did was for Biluo Palace. Mu Yao wanted to persuade Zuo Qingluan, but Zuo Qingluan did not listen. Mu Yao said that she would return to Biluo Palace now and tell Master that she would definitely have a solution. Zuo Qingluan pierced Mu Yao’s chest with a sword, and Mu Yao fell to the ground. She remembered how she had been with Zuo Qingluan before, and Mu Yao couldn’t hold on to her death. Zuo Qingluan began to practice magic skills.

The wolf girl returned to the Baidingshan cave. There were still people surrounding them, and Feng Wu stopped them. Feng Wu asked them to think about the people who Jun Linyuan said would murder the Saint Queen and Saint Monarch. Those people didn’t believe it unless Feng Wu killed the wolf girl. Girl wolf deliberately let Feng Wu kill her, and she was finally free. The wolf girl slowly crawled to her child and died with her child.

The wolf girl turned into star fragments and flew to Feng Wu’s side. Only then did Feng Wu understand what the wolf girl meant. Feng Wu said that she can awaken the soul of Mu Jiuzhou. As long as my master speaks out, you will definitely believe it. Huang Li stood up and said that she believed what Feng Wu said. More and more people believed what Feng Wu said, but Zuo Qingluan listened to what they said in the bamboo forest behind them, not knowing what he was thinking.