Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 30

Episode 30 / Episodul 30

Feng Wu was under the peach blossom tree, remembering the bit by bit of getting along with Jun Linyuan, Jun Linyuan drew her eyebrows to tease her, and took her to stroll on the street. Chao Ge came behind Feng Wu, and then sat beside her. Feng Wu said that she could feel Jun Linyuan alive. Chao Ge said that we need to work hard to rescue them.

Feng Wu wanted to speak to them, but your disciples said they weren’t their opponents at all. Feng Wu made them quiet. Feng Wu said that she was indeed not here, but when she met them, everything changed. She had friends. Because she liked it, she would resist. After hearing Feng Wu’s words, the disciples decided to join her, and Feng Xun also came.

Feng Xun pulled Xuan Yi aside and told him that he had heard about something in the Penglai Pavilion. There was a treasure in Chao Ge’s body, but if the treasure was removed, Chao Ge would be wiped out. Xuan Yi told Feng Xun not to tell Chaoge, but he didn’t expect Chaoge to have heard it.

Feng Wu and the others took people to the Junwu Hall to fight to the death with the Saint Queen.

Yu Mingye found the trapped Junlinyuan, and Junlinyuan was not dead. Jun Linyuan told him the place of Phoenix’s true blood and asked him to give it to Feng Wu.

Yu Mingye hid Jun Linyuan, Yu Mingye went to fetch Phoenix’s true blood, and was discovered by Demon Venerable. Demon Venerable asked him to keep things. Yu Mingye would not give it. Demon Venerable would not let him go. Up.

Feng Wu and the others fought with the Queen’s people, and Gao Wei reported to the Queen, who was going to take a look. After Feng Wu found the Sage with Fengming Sword, Mozun also appeared, and said to Feng Wu that it was because of her, that Yu Mingye would do this.

Feng Wu used the Fengming Sword to fight the Demon Venerable. Feng Wu had been in Xiafeng, and it was very difficult to deal with the Demon Venerable. Feng Wu was defeated, Feng Xun and the others arrived, and Yu Mingye gave Feng Wu the true blood of Phoenix.

Jun Linyuan went to find Mu Jiuzhou, and Mu Jiuzhou asked him to help Feng Wu. He passed the spiritual power in his body to Jun Linyuan.

Chaoge and they couldn’t hold it anymore, Chaoge was going to do something for them, and wanted to take out the treasure from his body. Xuan Yi took Chao Ge’s hand and disappeared with her.

Feng Wu was still refining Phoenix’s true blood, and Demon Venerable wanted to attack her. Feng Wu picked up Fengming Sword and fought with Demon Venerable. Demon Venerable was no longer her opponent. Stopped.

Gao Wei took Feng Wu’s mother to threaten him, and was killed by Feng Xun.

Jun Linyuan also rushed over, and Demon Venerable found that Mu Jiuzhou had given him all his spiritual power, and Demon Venerable fell to the ground.

The queen said that this time that Jun Linyuan had won, he was indeed the man of fate. The holy empress looked at the devil’s dead, saying that she hadn’t promised him for so many years, the holy queen committed suicide by herself, and then took the devil’s hand and died together. Yu Mingye knelt beside Mozun and said that he would take him home.

Jun Linyuan was dressed in red, and he married Feng Wu. Feng Wu’s mother is dressing up Feng Wu, Chao Ge and Xuan Yi are also there, they are resurrected because of the spiritual ring. Fengwu’s mother was reluctant to marry the phoenix dance, saying that she was reluctant to bear the phoenix dance. They put a hijab on Feng Wu and left the room.

Feng Wu felt a little strange around her, opened her hijab and walked out. Mu Jiuzhou appeared behind her. Feng Wu asked him why he was here, and if he wanted to go in and sit down, the people who would meet him were coming. Mu Jiuzhou told Feng Wu that he had come to pick up Feng Wu and left. Feng Wu looked at the sun above her head, not knowing what she was thinking in her heart.