Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 28

Episode 28 / Episodul 28

Feng Wu went to the room to find her mother, and she walked over slowly. Mother said that she had never had the opportunity to come to the college to where you live, and finally she has a chance today. Feng Wu told her mother that she was already a spiritualist. Feng Wu took out the Fengming sword and told her mother that she didn’t know why she became her daughter, enjoying her mother’s love. This Fengming sword belongs to the Feng family and should be held by the Feng family. The mother took Feng Mingjian and put it on her lap and said that she had always known that she was not Feng Wu. After all, she was pregnant in October, how could she not tell that she was not Feng Wu. But how could she bear to shut her out, so she got used to it. Feng Wu said she cherishes them, but she has no face to see them in the future. My mother said that the previous phoenix dance was too stressful, and she never laughed when she grew up. The mother gave Fengming the sword to Feng Wu, saying that she was her, without thinking about who she was. Feng Wu took Feng Mingjian, and her mother said that she was leaving. She sewed new clothes for Feng Wu and sent it to her the next day. Feng Wu hugged her mother and said that she had dreamed that Feng Wu asked her to add more meals and cover her quilt. My mother remembered how Feng Wu told her before.

Chao Ge was still thinking about things, and Xuan Yi was by her side. Xuan Yi asked if she was still sad about the senior sister. Chao Ge said she was okay, maybe this would be a relief to Zuo Qingluan. Xuan Yi asked her and Feng Wu what to do again, Chao Ge said that the senior sister was gone, and the best friend before was not the same, she didn’t know what to do. Xuan Yi said that people always have to go through something to grow up. Since she doesn’t blame Feng Wu, go find her. Sitting on the stone bench, Chao Ge said that she knew that Feng Wu was also involuntarily, but when she thought of her to Feng Wu like this, she felt sorry for the previous Feng Wu. Xuan Yi enlightened her, and Chao Ge said that she wanted to cook Feng Wu, so she would forgive her.

Feng Wu went to see Mu Jiuzhou. Mu Jiuzhou was meditating. Feng Wu called out Caifeng Bird, wanting to know who she was. Cai Fengniao didn’t know, so Feng Wu asked herself. Mu Jiuzhou woke up and wanted to go for a walk. Feng Wu asked Mu Jiuzhou what to do with this situation. Mu Jiuzhou said that all this happened because of him and should end because of him. Feng Wu didn’t know what it meant, but Mu Jiuzhou asked her not to think too much, and she would be sent back when the time was right.

Xuan Yi is helping Chaoge make instant noodles, Chaoge made instant noodles, and brought them to Fengwu.

 Feng Wu sent away the other disciples, and then asked Chao Ge to eat noodles together, and the two of them ate happily. Chao Ge was watching Xuan Yi sleeping, and wanted to get in. Xuan Yi woke up suddenly, Chao Ge said that she had come to thank him. Xuan Yi grabbed Chaoge who wanted to leave, then kissed her and said that it was hawthorn cake. Xuan Yi said that no matter what happens, she will protect her.

The queen used the holy king to get rid of all the people who destroyed the Junwu clan. Fang Lao Lingzong knew that the holy king was controlled by them, and wanted to resist them, but was injured by the demon lord, who wanted to kill him. The Queen said that he was more of a contribution to Qianyuan Continent, and asked him to be detained. When other people saw this, they didn’t dare to speak up. Yan Lingzun left the Temple of Junwu and asked him to give a letter to Feng Wu.

Jun Linyuan and the others are discussing to leave here.

Mu Jiuzhou handed a purse to the Empress, and the Empress saw that the pouch soul did not keep the house. The Demon Venerable said the past in her ear, and the Queen said that until now, no one can stop her plan.

Mozun picked up his purse and went to see Mu Jiuzhou, and threw it to Mu Jiuzhou to let him leave. Mozun said that Mu Jiuzhou was no longer his opponent, and would send him on the road in a few days.

The Master gathered the disciples of Junwu Academy, but those disciples were afraid, but resisted. Mu Jiuzhou came out and gave them a lesson so that they could leave if they didn’t want to stay.

Mu Jiuzhou said that now he can only rely on Feng Wu’s power to make a game. Feng Wu said what to do when there are variables. Mu Jiuzhou asked Feng Wu to prepare, and then let Jun Linyuan out. Jun Linyuan asked him what power he asked Feng Wu to search for.