Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 27

Episode 27 / Episodul 27

The holy queen was very dissatisfied that Mozun did not kill Feng Wu, Mozun said that the girl was the person Yu Mingye desperately protected. The Queen said that if it is true that, as Feng Wu said, gathering all the star fragments can awaken Mu Jiuzhou, then their plan for so many years has failed. Gao Wei said that with the spirit ring in their hands, Feng Wu might have difficulty awakening Mu Jiuzhou. Mozun said that even if he was awakened and experienced the failure of the Tribulation, he would not have much strength left. He was confident to defeat Mu Jiuzhou. The Empress did not agree, and she asked Zuo Qingluan to bring Fengwu’s family back. Zuo Qingluan had no choice but to obey. The queen took away the ice bracelet from Zuo Qingluan, and the queen asked Galway to implement the plan. The Queen asked the Demon Lord to bring the people from Dark Night Youting to Yuandu, and if Zuo Qingluan did not succeed, he would eradicate Fengwu.

Feng Wu and the others returned to Junwu Academy, Zuo Qingluan was already waiting for them. Feng Wu asked Zuo Qingluan to return her spiritual ring, and Zuo Qingluan said that Fengwu had colluded with the demon.

Zuo Qingluan asked Feng Wu’s mother to be brought up, and Feng Wu was very anxious. Zuo Qingluan asked his wife if there were many differences in Fengwu. The lady said that the phoenix dance is not the phoenix dance, who is it? Zuo Qingluan was furious, because they didn’t believe what she said.

Feng Wu was taken into the Mirror Mirror by Zuo Qingluan for spiritual precepts. Chao Ge knew about this mirror, and said that if he wanted to come out, he had to challenge his own demons, otherwise he would lose his soul.

Jun Linyuan was about to go in, and Zuo Qingluan also went in to destroy Feng Wu. Feng Wu saw many mirrors in the mirror, and Jun Linyuan woke up and saw his mother. Jun Linyuan knew this was an illusion, saying that his mother was dead when she gave birth to him, and his mother quickly disappeared.

Outside, Xuan Yi and the others are casting spells to stabilize the mirror.

Feng Wu woke up, Qiu Ling and Chao Ge called her, saying that her parents told her to eat. Mu Jiuzhou could see Jun Linyuan and reminded him. Feng Wu saw her father. Feng Wu was a little confused and didn’t know what was going on. In it, Feng Wu is the spiritual concubine of Jun Linyuan, the goddess of Biluo Palace, and the apprentice of Mu Jiuzhou. The more Feng Wu thought about it, the more strange it became. This was completely different from her memory. Jun Linyuan reminded Feng Wu, but Feng Wu couldn’t see her. Feng Wu finally broke her demons and was not confused by the illusion.

Zuo Qingluan said that Tang was still defeated by Feng Wu, but Ling Jie would disappear with the fan mirror.

Zuo Qingluan said that she was really tired and died beside Chao Ge. The shadow mirror was broken, and a figure reappeared. It was Feng Wu’s master Mu Jiuzhou.

The bell of Junwu College rang, and the students inside were thriving. Gao Wei reported the resurrection of Mu Jiuzhou to the Queen, saying that everyone at Junwu Academy had seen him. The Queen told Galway to go down and let him send someone to stare at Mu Jiuzhou. The Demon Lord asked her what she needed to do next, and the queen said she needed to wait. They had to figure out whether Mu Jiuzhou’s spiritual power was unmatched before. Mozun said that his true spiritual power would probably not be revealed to outsiders, and their plan could not wait. The Queen said that it will proceed as originally planned, and it will be clear by seeing his reaction at that time. Mu Jiuzhou had already rested, Feng Wu said that there was one thing to tell them, I believe they had guessed, she was not Feng Wu. Chao Ge said that she has been lying to them, because she trusted her like this. Chaoge said she was not her little dance, and Chaoge ran away alone. Jun Linyuan said to Feng Wu, give her some time, she will understand you. Qiu Ling believed she was the young lady, no matter what others said. Feng Wu went to see her mother, leaving Jun Linyuan with them.