My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 8 – Recap

Sang Tian sat alone in the playground, regretting the angry words she said at the time. She said she had to say goodbye to Wen Bing, but in the end it became like this. Seeing Sang Tian’s distressed look, Senior Sister Miao Miao asked her to write to him to say goodbye, so that she could sincerely express what she couldn’t say.

Coach Xue and Wen Bing’s uncle ate together. During the ordering process, Coach Ma met Coach Ma. Coach Ma sat at a table next to them. Coach Xue ordered a lot of cauliflower for 1888. When he was about to check out, his uncle’s card was frozen and unable to be used, so his uncle asked Coach Ma to lend him some money.

Coach Ma did not agree at first, but later I saw that both Coach Xue and Uncle had no money to pay the bill, so they took the initiative to hand over her card. Coach Ma sent a message to Coach Xue to tell her not to be deceived anymore in the future. So Coach Xue thought that her uncle was deliberately deceiving her not to pay, so he said that there was something going on at school and left. Uncle immediately chased him up, but forgot the briefcase containing Wenbing’s case, and Coach Ma took the briefcase back.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory and found that Wen Bing had left her a post-it note, saying that she had given her the shirt so that she could embroider whatever she wanted in the future. I hope she won’t get angry. Sang Tian felt that writing a letter was indeed a good way, so she wrote a letter to Wen Bing. Wen Bing called his uncle and asked when his case was given to him.

The uncle found out that the briefcase was missing. Later, he called the restaurant and the clerk told him that the briefcase had been taken by the horse coach. So my uncle rushed to school immediately, wanting to retrieve the briefcase.

At this moment, she just saw Sang Tian, ​​so she asked Sang Tian to help him steal the bag. It is said that this package contains Wen Bing’s secret. If it is discovered by Coach Ma, Wen Bing will no longer be able to stay in Liuye. When Sang Tian heard that it was serious, she promised to help him steal the bag.

Sang Tian came to Coach Ma’s office and just wanted to go out after finding the briefcase. Unexpectedly, a senior came in, so she had to hide under the desk. After Sang Tian waited for the seniors and them to leave, they immediately ran out of the office. Suddenly someone accidentally ran into Sang Tian, ​​so the information in the briefcase was spilled. Sang Tian glanced at the information and found that Wen Bing had face blindness, so she handed the bag back to Wen Bing’s uncle. Sang Tian thought about this in the playground alone, recalling why Wenbing chose her when they were playing ice hockey, because he could only see her clearly. Sang Tian was very worried that if she left, Wen Bing would not be able to see it clearly. This would affect his assessment results.

Wen Bing returned to the dormitory and secretly put the materials in the drawer. The uncle told him that the doctor’s diagnosis was that he could only have more contact with Sang Tian and try to find a new breakthrough. Wen Bing found the letter to him on the table. Sang Tian apologized to Wen Bing sincerely in the letter, and recalled what happened between them. Sang Tian said she was leaving but she said she would always support Wen Bing. , And left him a secret book for being a monitor.

Wen Bing gave the cheat sheet to Coach Ma and said that Sang Tian is not only a good ice hockey player, but also a very responsible squad leader, so I hope she can keep Sang Tian. But coach Ma was determined, so he asked Wen Bing to go back to training. Sang Tian flipped through her mobile phone and took a group photo with her classmates, thinking she hadn’t taken a photo with Wen Bing alone. Coach Ma looked at Sang Tian sad and disappointed. He recalled how she was looked down upon when she was playing ice hockey. He thought that Sang Tian might love ice hockey as much as she did. So Coach Ma called Principal Hong and asked him when the school could open a women’s ice hockey department. Principal Hong said that he would talk about it later.

The classmates and Coach Ma were waiting for Sang Tian. After Sang Tian came, she asked Coach Ma that she was not allowed to train. Coach Ma said that she just won’t let her play, but she still needs training. Even if she wants to rest, she must rest in the waiting area. Coach Ma informed them that if any team wins this 3v3 match, they can agree to any of their team’s conditions. She also said that she forgot to comment on Sang Tian last time, so this time she added that she hoped to see her shooting skills improved in the next game. Sang Tian was very happy and said she would work hard, so Sang Tian and William Wenbing formed a group of three.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing returned to the dormitory. Sang Tian thought that Wen Bing had not seen the letter, so she hurriedly hid the letter. In order to let Sang Tian speak, Wen Bing stamped her with her.

Sang Tian wants Wen Bing to teach her shooting skills. So Wen Bing asked her to walk the dog.

When Sang Tian was practicing on the ice rink alone, she found that her shooting skills had improved. Only then realized that Wen Bing asked her to walk the dog to train her lack of wrist strength.

Wen Bing came to the ice rink and taught Sang Tian to shoot. Sang Tian looked at Wen Bing’s face and felt very shy.