My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 19 – Recap

Sang Tian and Wen Bing leaned against the door, and William came to their room to return the towels and opened the door without knocking. Sang Tian and Wen Bing accidentally kissed again, Wen Bing immediately pushed the door back hard, and William’s nose was knocked out of blood by the door. Wen Bing and Sang Tian immediately opened the door. William said that they had a sweet towel. Sang Tian said that he would be replenished with a husky doll next time.

William was very nervous when he saw Sang Tian, ​​and hurried away. Sang Tian blamed Wen Bing for being too strong, and Wen Bing said that William deserved not to knock on the door every time. Wen Bing also asked Sang Tian to wash and sleep earlier, Sang Tian wanted to make the kiss awkward but a little excited.

When William came to the milk tea shop, William asked Xiao Rou why she had misunderstood the girl like him. Xiao Rou said that William liked him. William immediately denied that he did not like the opponent.

The next day Sang Tian waited for Wen Bing at the entrance of the teaching building, and found that Wen Bing changed her hairstyle and became more handsome. Sang Tian became a sudden idiot in an instant. Sang Tian and Wen Bing were sitting in the locker room, while Sang Tian was holding a book and worried about making up the exam. William and his classmates all came to the locker room. William watched Sang Tian’s heart beat faster and felt that he liked Sang Tian, ​​so he decided to confess to Sang Tian. In order not to reveal her identity as a girl, William chose to secretly hint at Sang Tian.

Coach Ma came to the locker room to inform them of the make-up exam and the people, saying that if the make-up exam failed, they would not be allowed to participate in the assessment. So they came to Uncle Wen Bing’s studio for a better review. Wen Bing said that this was his uncle’s studio. He rented it for a day today for them to review. William wants to decide the grouping by turning the bottle, but they have already decided the grouping. William again wanted to suggest Sang Tian by delivering coffee, but Wen Bing found out that he broke his plan.

Sang Tian made an excuse to go to the bathroom and met William when she returned. Wen Bing immediately pulled Sang Tian into a studio to help Sang Tian avoid William. Sang Tian asked Wen Bing why William was weird. Wen Bing said that William had misunderstood him because Sang Tian gave him a gift, so he wanted to respond positively to her. Sang Tian accidentally knocked down the drawing board, and Sang Tian’s portrait was exposed. Wen Bing took Sang Tian to prevent him from discovering it. So she left the studio.

Xiao Xiao felt that Li He talked too much and left angrily. Huang Haoran saw the situation and immediately went to understand the situation. Li He and Huang Haoran talked about him and Xiao Xiao in high school. So Huang Haoran gave Li He an idea and asked him to faint with hypoglycemia. Huang Haoran went to inform Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao rushed over to give Li He medicine when he heard that he was very nervous, and cried out in fear. Xiao Xiao saw that Li He was acting. Li He said that he knew that Xiao Xiao was still upset because of the last game. Huang Haoran and Li He comforted and encouraged Xiao Xiao together, and Xiao Xiao regained confidence.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing were studying outdoors, and Sang Tian yawned sleepily as Wen Bing spoke. When Wen Bing suddenly pulled Sang Tian’s bench, she and Sang Tian looked at each other closely. Sang Tian said that the place Wen Bing chose was too suitable for sleeping, and Wen Bing said to get things and left. Sang Tian fell asleep on the table while she was reading. When Wenbing came back, she saw Sang Tian’s sleeping face, so she used her hand to block the light. This scene happened to be seen by William. William felt that Sang Tian must be tired, so he wanted to say that he and Sang Tian went to relax together. Wen Bing dismissed Sang Tian, ​​leaving William to help him with tuition. Sang Tian came to a studio and found that Wen Bing was her black umbrella rider.

Cheng Minjun was shopping at a convenience store and accidentally ran into the clerk who collected money at the convenience store last time. Cheng Minjun deliberately said that he had broken his watch to make him pay, but it happened to be broken by Coach Horse, and in front of Cheng Minjun, he said that he would go on a date with the clerk. Wen Bing told William Sang Tian that he already had someone he liked, and William was just a pretense to cheer Xiao Rou in his heart. Cheng Minjun received a call from Coach Xue and the two came to the roadside stall to drink together and complain that they broke up on the same day.

Sang Tian told Xiao Rou about the umbrella, Xiao Rou felt that Sang Tian was dangerous, because Wen Bing liked her.

William came to Sang Tian’s room and wanted to find Sang Tian to watch a movie with her. But it was destroyed by Wenbing again. William came to the milk tea shop and rescued Xiaorou who was about to fall while repairing the light bulb. Xiaorou gave him an idea and finally wished him success in the exam.

Sang Tian was a little bit disappointed when she heard that Wen Bing liked someone. During the exam, she kept wondering who Wen Bing liked.

In the end, all of them passed the make-up exam. Coach Ma informed Wen Bing to let him take a promotional photo with Meng Na tomorrow. Sang Tian thought that Wen Bing liked Meng Na.

Meng Na is shopping with her senior sister and wants to be more prettier to take promotional photos. Meng Na also told Sang Zhan during the game that they were going to the amusement park tomorrow, and Sang Zhan felt very angry. Sang Tian looked at the necklace at the jewelry stand, Wenbing came to Sang Tian.