My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 18 – Recap

Sang Tian saw Wen Bing’s student ID and found that tomorrow was Wen Bing’s birthday. In class the next morning, Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to turn over the book and twist water for him. Sang Tian looked at him because he was a birthday star. Sang Tian sent a message to William and asked him to gather together at the milk tea shop after class to tell him something and tell him not to tell Wen Bing. William thought he was very happy if he wanted to date him alone.

Cheng Minjun received a call from Coach Xue, saying that Coach Ma is going on a blind date today. So Cheng Minjun immediately packed up and went to the restaurant to wait for the horse coach. After getting dressed up, the horse coach went to the designated restaurant for a blind date, only to find that the other party was Cheng Minjun, so he quarreled with Cheng Minjun and left.

After class, William and Sang Tian came to the milk tea shop together, and William found that Xiao Xiao and them were all there. Sang Tian told William that it was Wen Bing’s birthday today, so she wanted to plan a birthday party for Wen Bing with everyone. Sang Tian prepared a signal for Xiao Xiao and each of them, and Sang Tian also assigned tasks to each of them.

Wen Bing saw that Sang Tian’s WeChat steps didn’t take many steps, and he wondered what she was doing, so he called Sang Tian. Sang Tian didn’t answer, so Wen Bing went to find her by herself.

Wen Bing was about to go to the locker room, Xiao Xiao immediately informed everyone. Sang Tian calmed everyone down, she was responsible for leading Wen Bing away, and they continued to prepare the rest. Sang Tian and Wen Bing met at the door. Wen Bing said he wanted Sang Tian to help him with medicine, so Sang Tian took Wen Bing back to the dormitory to help him with medicine. Sang Tian cooperated with Wen Bing very well. After helping Wen Bing put some good medicine, she lied to Wen Bing that she was going to take a nap, so she lay on the bed.

Sang Tian sneaked out to buy Wen Bing what he needed to prepare for the birthday party. Sang Tian saw the Erha doll in the gift shop, so she remembered the Erha doll that William gave them last time, so she wanted to buy it too. Came to give one to William, but the customer took the wrong gift, and Sang Tian did not find it.

Wen Bing found something was wrong with Sang Tian, ​​so she went to bed to wake Sang Tian. Wen Bing found Sang Zhan lying on the bed, so he felt very angry.

Wen Bing sat alone in the cafeteria, and Meng Na came to Wen Bing with a gift. Meng Na and Wen Bing chatted for a while and found Sang Tian, ​​and Wen Bing became even more angry when she discovered the gift Sang Tian had prepared for William. Sang Tian gave the gift to William. Sang Tian pretended that she didn’t prepare a gift for Wen Bing and said that she would prepare it for him after he recovers.

Cheng Minjun found Wen Bing and suddenly realized that he had forgotten Wen Bing’s birthday, so he gave him a card to buy a pet dog.

William opened the gift alone and found that it was a pink scarf and a card of I love written in Italian, so he mistakenly thought that Sang Tian liked him. William was very happy wearing a scarf. William and Wen Bing met. Wen Bing found the card and thought that Sang Tian liked William.

William came to the milk tea shop to make cakes with Sang Tian. William looked at Sang Tian affectionately. He was very angry when Wen Bing saw this scene. Wen Bing returned to the dormitory to vent, pretending that Sang Tian wanted to avenge her.

Suddenly Wen Bing heard someone knocking on the door, so he followed the car to the ice rink. Sang Tian and her classmates showed up to celebrate Wen Bing’s birthday, and Wen Bing was moved by this scene.

William thanked Sang Tian for the scarf she gave him. Sang Tian said she didn’t give him a scarf, saying that she might have got it wrong with others, and Wen Bing happened to hear it. Wen Bing deceived Sang Tian’s card that the word means pig’s head, so Sang Tian read it many times.

Cheng Minjun and Coach Ma met in a convenience store. Coach Ma happened to have a dead phone, so the clerk helped him pay and asked Coach Ma to add him to WeChat if he wanted to pay him back. Cheng Minjun wanted to continue to catch up, but was threatened by the clerk that he would harass Coach Horse and call the police.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing returned to the dormitory, and Sang Tian gave Wen Bing the sweater she knitted. Wen Bing said that this gift was returned to him, not a gift, and asked her to make up a gift. Wen Bing forced Sang Tian to the door, Wen Bing thanked Sang Tian, ​​and Sang Tian said that Wen Bing liked it. At this time, William just opened the door and came in, so Sang Tian and Wen Bing kissed again.