My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 17 – Recap

Sang Tian and the others saw their new jerseys in the locker room. Sang Tian asked Wen Bing to speak. Wen Bing said that he hopes everyone will stick to their love for ice hockey. Even if there is no one on the stage to support them, they will cheer together. Sang Tian and the others came to the ice rink to prepare for the game. There were parents of many players sitting on the stage. Wen Bing looked around for a week and did not find his mother, only his uncle cheered him on.

After Meng Qi seniors and the others played, Wen Bing and Sang Tian discovered that their jerseys were exactly the same. Coach Ma called Mengqi to ask him what was going on. Meng Qi said that he accidentally soiled his jerseys, so he just had to give them spare jerseys. Coach Ma asked him to find a way to make the audience recognize the players on both sides, so Meng Qi decided to make red and black on the back to distinguish them.

Wen Bing’s mother looked at the photos of Wen Bing playing ice hockey in the office, thinking of what Wen Bing and Sang Tian said. The secretary came in and told her that there was still an hour left before the charity party, so that she could set off.

After seeing the black and red logo, Sang Tian felt that although it was distinguishable for them, she couldn’t see the face clearly because of the logo behind it. So I am very worried that it will affect Wenbing’s game. At the beginning of the game, I heard that the ice was in possession of the ball, but because I couldn’t see the face, I made an own own and passed it to the senior team.

At this time, Wen Bing’s mother dressed up and came to the ice hockey arena. Cheng Minjun saw that this was her sister, so she asked her sister how to watch the game. My sister said that she came to inspect and research on behalf of the school today. Cheng Minjun kept talking next to her sister. My sister asked him to be quiet. At this time, the senior team won a goal under the leadership of Meng Qi. Cheng Minjun cheered on Wen Bing. When Sang Tian saw Wen Bing’s mother coming, she told Wen Bing that his mother was sitting next to his uncle. Only then did Wen Bing know that she was coming. Watch him play.

At the beginning of the second game, he was knocked down by the senior when he heard the ice possession. Both the uncle and mother were worried about Wen Bing. The uncle also said that the referee was unfair and would not judge anyone who fouled. Sang Tian comforted Wen Bing and told him not to worry that they still had time. Coach Ma saw that Wen Bing’s condition was not good, so he decided to let Wen Bing go off the court, and Wen Bing thought about it and left. Sang Tian looked at Wen Bing’s lost back, so he pledged to coach Ma and said that he hoped not to change Wenbing off the court. Coach Ma agreed.

Sang Tian found Wen Bing in the corridor, and Sang Tian comforted Wen Bing, hoping that he would not give up. Wen Bing said that he did not want his mother to see him fail, and that he was really not suitable for playing ice hockey as his mother said. Sang Tian suddenly went to Wenbing and said that Wen Bin was very suitable for ice hockey. And it was the most talented hockey player she had ever seen, so that he would not let his mother down.

When Wen Bing returned to the ice hockey rink, he found that he could see the face clearly and his mother’s appearance. Wen Bing was immediately full of confidence and led everyone to win the first goal. Finally, in a short time, Wen Bing led everyone to win the second goal and tied with the senior team.

At the beginning of the third round of the game, Wen Bing found that he could not see the face again. But with the tacit cooperation of Sang Tian and Wen Bing, they finally won the game. Sang Tian and Wen Bing were sitting alone in the locker room, and Sang Tianxin wondered how to explain the kiss to Wen Bing. Wen Bing took the initiative to raise this matter, and Sang Tian explained that she wanted to get revenge on Wen Bing.

Sang Tian said that she seemed to be in a bad mood when she saw Xiao Xiao during the game, and she wanted Wen Bing to ask questions. The two saw their mother and uncle in the locker room. Their mother said that their ice hockey department was not good at teaching, and hired foreign experts to teach them. Sang Tian inserted the gift he prepared for Wen Bing. Sang Tian and Cheng Minjun said they had something to go out, leaving Wen Bing and mother alone time.

Xiao Xiao was sad sitting alone, Huang Haoran and Li He comforted Xiao Xiao, saying that they were a team, and Xiao Xiao recovered.

His mother asked Wen Bing why he likes hockey. Wen Bing said that he felt very happy and motivated when he played ice hockey. His mother kept him with this idea. Wen Bing also learned that his mother knew about his face blindness, so she kept wearing the red silk scarf. Wen Bing and her mother reconciled on this, and her mother said that she wanted to invite them to dinner and celebrate. Wen Bing said that they had made an appointment and refused.

After Wen Bing and uncle sent away their mother, Wen Bing told his uncle Sang Tian about kissing him. Uncle felt that Sang Tian must have liked Wen Bing. Wen Bing was very happy after hearing it.

My uncle saw Coach Horse and wanted to ask Coach Horse for forgiveness, but Coach Horse refused. Coach Xue told Cheng Minjun that he must be patient if he wants to be forgiven.

When Wen Bing returned to the dormitory, Sang Tian saw Wen Bing tied the triangle scarf again. Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to wash his hair. Wen Bing wanted to fix Sang Tian, ​​but Sang Tian found out that she rectified Wen Bing. Then Sang Tian saw Wen Bing’s student ID.