My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 12 – Recap

Sang Tian picked a grape and asked Wen Bing whether this grape can make wine? Wen Bing said he didn’t want to answer such a stupid question. Sang Tian said that because he didn’t know, if he answered wrongly, he would shout three times that I am a pig. So Wen Bing deliberately told her that she didn’t hear clearly what she was calling, so Sang Tian called twice before I realized that Wen Bing was treating her, so Wen Bing smiled and left, leaving Sang Tian to mention it alone. With fruit basket.

William was thinking about the grouping with Sang Tian just now in the banana farm, and decided that he must be grouped with Sang Tian. At this time, his companion just gave him a bite of bananas. He didn’t know that William was allergic to bananas, so William fainted.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing were walking on the road when they suddenly met snow. So Wen Bing opened the umbrella to protect her from the snow, and Sang Tian found the W on the umbrella, so she asked where the sign of Wen Bing came from. So Wen Bing told Sang Tian that this is a logo designed by a Nordic designer. Sang Tian thought he was not the one who gave her the umbrella that day. Sang Tian wanted to take a closer look at the sign, but she almost fell when she accidentally got her ankle. Wen Bing just helped her, and Wen Bing helped Sang Tian to a nearby bus stop to help Sang Tian massage her ankle.

Sang Tian thanked her for helping her win the last 3v3 match. Wen Bing said that he did not win the match for her. So he told Sang Tian about his family when he was a child and his experience of playing ice hockey. Sang Tian told Wen Bing that she used to play ice hockey for money, but now she plays ice hockey for her mother, and she wants to stay in Liuye. So Wen Bing knows that Sang Tian does not really like to play ice hockey. Wen Bing comforted Sang Tian and said that 90% of the people in the world do not know what she really likes, so he hopes that Sang Tian can become one of the top 10 as soon as possible. % Of people. So the snow stopped, and the two of them left.

Sang Zhan returned to the place of the road sign. He found that the road sign was reversed, so he corrected it. At this time, Meng Na happened to see this scene, so she blamed Sang Zhan for deliberately turning the road signs upside down, so that she could not find the picking garden. The road sign fell down during the two quarrel and accidentally cut Meng Na’s skirt. Meng Na immediately burst into tears, saying that it was because of Sang Zhan that bad things would happen every time they met him. Sang Zhan watched Meng Na cry, so he took off his clothes and gave Meng Na a pair. Sang Zhan returned Meng Na’s wallet to her, so Meng Na said to thank him that she would take a taxi back to the city to pay for it.

Wen Bing and Sang Tian returned to the hotel and found everyone was barbecue. When William and Huang Haoran came back, Huang Haoran told everyone that William had accidentally eaten a banana allergy.

William said he was a little hungry, so the lunch Sang Tian gave to Wen Bing was accidentally discovered by everyone. So Wen Bing said that Sang Tian had a girlfriend and made a lunch for him to practice his hands. Sang Tian came to the kitchen to help chop vegetables and found that William was very skilled at knives.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing peeled the onion together, but only one core was left after the onion was peeled. William watched the two of them tearfully and let them go out. Sang Zhan and Meng Na returned to school. Meng Na and Sang Zhan agreed to return the clothes to him at 3 tomorrow afternoon. Meng Na also gave Sang Zhan her scarf. So Sang Zhan suddenly became interested in Meng Na and thought she was quite cute.

Sang Tian saw William cleaning the table alone, so she went to help. After accidentally breaking a bowl, William accidentally grasped Sang Tian’s wrist. William accidentally told her to go back to the room to wait for him, so the two came to the room awkwardly and found Wen Bing waiting for them on the bed.

So Sang Tian decided that the three of them would sleep in a bunk, which was like two people safe. Wenbing gave Sang Tian a sense of security and allowed Sang Tian to sleep well. In the morning, Sang Tian woke up and received a call from Coach Ma, asking them to return to school immediately.

Coach Ma blamed them for taking Wen Bing with them when they went out to play, so Wen Bing told the truth that he took the initiative to follow up.

Coach Ma didn’t blame them. Coach Ma told them that they would compete with Asakusa University. Everyone felt that their strength was very different. Meng Qi went to coach Ma and asked why they were not allowed to play. Coach Ma said that he wanted them to suffer and learn a lesson.

Sang Zhan and Meng Na were chatting in the game, and Sang Zhan discovered that the other party turned out to be Meng Na. And also helped Meng Na dig his sister’s corner together.

Sang Tian brought fruit to find Xiao Rou. Sang Tian said that she hoped that Xiao Rou could be her girlfriend, because now the whole school already knows the relationship between them, so I hope they will always pay attention to their personal settings.